Title: Resurrection

Author: pgrabia

Disclaimer: House M.D., its character's, locations, and storyline are the property of David Shore, Bad Hat Harry Productions and Fox Television. All Rights Reserved.

A/N: This story runs AU, Genres: drama, angst, romance, sick!House and sick!Wilson. It involves House/Wilson pre-slash and slash with also elements of H/OMC, W/S, W/OMC as well as H/OFC friendship and other original characters developed by the author.

Spoiler Alert: This story involves spoilers for all seasons of House M.D. up to and including Season Six, Episode 22 "Help Me".

Word Count:

Rating: M (NC-17) for Adult subject matter, coarse language, violence and explicit sexuality. Involves concepts like suicidal ideation, suicide attempts, alcoholism and drug use. Reader discretion is strongly advised.


April the following year brought the death of Linda Bonnar, and May brought the engagement announcement of Hutton and Anderson, which had been no surprise to anyone. May also brought the one-year anniversary of the beginning of House's life anew. As time passed, the grief House felt for Justin Clee waned, but never really disappeared and Wilson was okay with that.

In June, House moved in with Wilson in the apartment that Wilson had leased for himself, and they both began to look for a home that belonged to both of them. Summer brought the annual BBQ and talent show. Wilson had surprised House but playing the acoustic guitar and singing an old folk song; apparently it was a skill he'd always had but had shelved for a long time, longer than House had ever known him.

Numerous patients were saved by House's department, most by him personally though Chase and his team proved they were no slouches. Word came that PPTH had been bought by a giant medical conglomerate which was turning it into a strictly corporate, for profit hospital, ending it's teaching function for good. Foreman found a job in Chicago as the department head of Neurology at Clark County. He and Chase had made amends and were once again friends.

Life was busy and fulfilling. House and Wilson both remained in counseling individually as well as a couple (which they didn't advertise widely, mostly due to House's discomfort with too many people knowing). The Oncology department at St. Luke's prospered under Wilson's leadership and both House and Wilson maintained their sobriety. In late September Lucas Douglas was shot and wounded by police in the attempt to escape arrest for the murder of Dr. Remy Hadley. He would survive and following his recuperation from his injuries would be kept in custody without bail to await trial.

October brought a fall wedding for Hutton and Anderson and a honeymoon in Tahiti. Stephania studied hard at her senior level subjects, wanting to be well prepared for her SATs come the following spring. For the hospital Halloween fundraiser gala House and Wilson came dressed as Tweedledee and Tweedledum, and they argued lightly all evening over which was one of them was which.

House spent Hannukah with Wilson and Wilson's family which included both of his brothers this time, and Christmas was spent, in part, with the Hutton/Anderson clan and in part just the two of them alone in the house they had bought together, both names on the deed.

On New Year's Day, 2012, House found himself staring at himself in a full-length mirror, trying to tie the bow tie that matched the monkey suit Wilson had insisted that he wear.

"Here, let me help," Hutton (she'd kept her own name after the marriage) told him, coming to stand in front of him and taking the two ends of the bow tie in her hands. "You're hands are shaking so much it's no wonder you can't tie this thing."

"They are not shaking," House objected, glaring down at her but allowing her to tie it for him anyway. Hutton herself was dressed in an elegant black evening gown and heels. "I am not nervous."

"Whatever you say," Hutton replied, humoring him. She gave one final tug on the tie then stepped back to appraise her work; the tie was perfect. "But if you were nervous, it would be completely understandable. I was nervous both times."

"That's because you're a girl," House responded stubbornly. He was nervous, but he wasn't about to admit to it."

"Oh, right, gee, I forgot," Hutton said drily. "It's time. Flee now or never."

House shook his head. He wasn't about to run away; from the moment he had agreed to this he knew this would be his first and last time.

"I'm ready," he told her with certainty. She met his gaze and nodded.

"You are, aren't you? Good, 'cause it's time to get this show on the road." She led the way to the door leading into the hotel banquet hall and opened it a crack to peer into the hall. She nodded once to someone within and then opened the door all the way and marched in.

Tables decorated for a celebration had been set up around the ballroom, but a small section had been roped off and chairs set up. On either side of the rows of chairs was an aisle. As Hutton emerged from one set of doors, Chase emerged from another on the other side of the seating area, where the guests were now standing for the processional. Hutton and Chase reached the front and stood on either side of a small podium where a Justice of the Peace waited to perform his duty. House took a deep breath, silently cursed Wilson for insisting that they couldn't just elope, and stepped into the ballroom through his doors as Wilson did the same on his side. They walked converging lines past family and friends until both men met up in front of the podium. House glanced sideways at Wilson in time to catch his partner doing the same thing and then blushing at being caught. Wilson looked absolutely incredible, so debonair, in his perfectly fitting tuxedo; soft brown eyes gazed into House's blues and House allowed himself to give Wilson a private little smile. Wilson's perfect lips smiled back.

"Family and friends," the Justice began once the music (which most certainly hadn't been the wedding march) faded away, "we are gathered here to share in the joining of Dr. James Wilson and Dr. Gregory House in matrimony…."