They execute traitors...

Abe's words rang load and clear in my head. Why the hell can't the guardians see that I was set up? Seriously- im not that stupid. Might as well have 'I killed the queen' stamped across my forehead. Sighing I turned around on my not-so-comfortable cot in my cell. Id spent the last three hours spying on lissa- its not like im missing out on anything interesting here. Despite my little speech about this all being to suspicious, im going to trial anyway in three weeks time. Woop-de-fucking-doo.

Stop rose, I said to myself, don't think about the fact that you might die in three weeks time...

easier said than done. Ok think of something else...

As always, oughts lingered to dimitri. He was back- he was really here, and he didnt want me. Just thinking it made my heart break. I remembered those words 'love fades, mine has.' but he still protected me when the guardians came- and his eyes said he wouldnt hesitate to do so again. He still has feelings for me, no matter how much he tries to hide it. Some things never change...

I heard footsteps outside my cell. Turning around I saw- speak of the devil- dimitri standing there in his duster. I smelt his aftershave that id missed so much. His endless eyes held mine, worry in them.

''roza, are you alright?'' he spoke. God id missed my nickname.

I gave him a sad smile, ''hey comrade. Yeah im just peachy- all cozy in my little cell prepared to die.''

his expression hardened. ''don't think like that. They won't kill you- I won't let them.''

that moment-that little moment- confirmed it. He loved me. I could see it in his eyes- he meant what he'd said.

'' comrade you can't stop them- when the council sets their minds to something its pretty damn hard to change it. Queen tatiana taught them well,' I told him, walking up to the bars. ''thats why I need to get lissa on-'' I realised i'd slipped.

Unfortunately dimitri knew I was hiding something- as always.

''what do you mean get lissa on the council? By law, for a moroi family to have a council vote, they must have a family.''

trust dimitri to remember a rule centuries old of by heart.

Could I tell him? He was the love of my life. But could I trust him with this bit of information?

Yes I realised. I trust him with my life.

I took a deep breath. I was so close to him I could just lean forward through the bars and ki- stop it! Stay on not together anymore!

I took the crumbled note out of my pocket, and slipped it through the bars to dimitri. He read it quickly, and I watched his expression turn from confusion to amazement.

I spoke slowly, ''dimitri, I need you to help me. We have to find this new family member- but to do so I have to get out of here.''

I hoped he caught on.

'' rose I trust you and I promise to help you. Does lissa know?'' he said.

'' thank you. No she doesnt- but im gonna need her help on this so I will have to tell her. And fire boys probably gonna tag along too.'' I replied, thankful he will be by my side.

Thats when it happened.

One moment I was talking to dimitri- the next I was running across the court yard looking for... me? I never will get used to that. Panic and fear shot through me/ lissa as I realised her terror. There were strigoi in court.

I was pulled back into my own head by dimitri calling my name.

'' lissa! Shes in trouble!''