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Chapter 19

We were getting into vans, to where we were heading. We've had sightings of Strigoi and someone who matches Victor's description, in a huge isolated house hours away, so we were getting ready for a VERY long drive. Dimitri, Lissa, Christian and I were going in the same vehicle. I was wearing all back, with my hair tied up in a high bun. Lissa and Christian were in the middle row, whilst me and Dimitri were at the back. At the front was another guardian I didn't know, driving. I sat down and got comfortable- and by that I meant lying on Dimitri's shoulder, with his arm around me.

He kissed my forehead.

"Go to sleep my love, I will wake you when we're closer." He whispered to me.

I nodded, and closed my eyes.

I was prepared- tonight could end in so many ways. I made a silent vow to myself that I would protect Dimitri- I couldn't lose him again...

"Roza? Roza wake up, we're here." I heard Dimitri say.

I slowly opened my eyes. Weird- didn't realise I'd fallen asleep. Huh.

I remembered what we were going to do, and instantly went into guardian mode. I got out of the car, and saw we were going to have to walk to the house- understandable seeing as Strigoi have damn good hearing and sight. I was the head guardian for this mission, so everyone came out of their cars and came to me. We had over 20 guardians, and the 9 Moroi- Lissa, Christian, Mia, and lord Szelsky would help with Adrian, the rest were fire users, wanting to help.

"Ok guys, here's the plan. 9 guardians are going to go and cause a commotion in the yard, bring two fire users with you. 8 inside, on the first floor, draw as many as you can to you to distract them. You guys have two fire users. Alberta I want you with me," she nodded. "Dimitri you too, you guys, "I looked pointedly at last five Moroi, "Are with me. We'll find Adrian and..." I didn't finish.

I took a deep breath. "Do we know the plan?"

Everyone nodded. We were ready.

Slowly and discreetly, we approached the house. It was dark now, sometime around 3am. This was good- sunrise was around 6, so if we got the Strigoi outside, they would burn. I walked up to Liss.

Are you ready? I asked her through the bond, concerned.

A small smile lit her face. I'm fine. We're going to do this.

I nodded, and slowed my pace to Dimitri's.

I smiled sadly at him. I couldn't lose him again, but tonight, I just might.

He squeezed my hand, and returned the smile.

We were near the house now. We were going to attack on my word. But other words needed to be said first. I turned to Dimitri.

"I love you." I said, looking into his warm brown eyes.

His hand brushed across my cheek. "I love you too, Roza."

I gripped my stake In my hand, and turned to the house.

"Now." Was all I said.

We attacked. Just like we planned, the first team went out onto the yard, and caused a distraction- which worked pretty damn well. Over 10 Strigoi came out, and started fighting. As soon as they did, the rest of us entered the house. Inside, the second team attacked, and more Strigoi were here- around 14. I had a feeling Adrian or victor would be upstairs, so we had to fight our way through. My team started heading towards the stairs, killing whenever necessary. A male around 6 foot blocked my path. Damn, I feel sorry for him. I stepped back then kicked him in the stomach, sending him stumbling backwards a bit. He tried to punch me, but I ducked, and then hit him in the face. I kept looking for an opening- which was hard to find. He blocked me again, and with that I was able to quickly stake him. I pulled my stake out, and looked at the others, who were fighting.

Dimitri and Alberta were doing theire best to help protect the Moroi- both were fighting off two Strigoi. Alberta looked like she was handling herself well, so I went over to Dimitri and fought with him. I managed to stake the female I was fighting, and helped him fight off his. I looked over at Alberta.

My eyes widened. The Strigoi were getting the better of her, and she looked worn out. she staked one of them, which definitely got the other pissed. He went for her neck, and she shoved her stake up to his heart.

But he stopped it. He grabbed her had at the last second before it could touch him, and turned it back on her. I ran forward, trying to help, but I was too late.

The stake pierced her heart.

I heard a strangled scream, faintly recognising it as my own. I ran up to her and staked the son of a bitch that killed her, and dropped to my knees beside her.

"...Rose..." her voice came out, weak.

"I'm here, Alberta." I couldn't stop the tears falling from my eyes.

"..goodluck.." and she died.

I closed my eyes, not being able to believe it.

"Rose we have to go." I felt his arm go around me, pulling me up.

He was right- I could morn for Alberta after this, but right now we had to finish what we came here for. I got up, and turned to the stairs. Gesturing for the others to follow me, I ran to the stairs. Going up them, I saw something go into a room. I went up to the door, and kicked it down (I've always wanted to do that...). Inside were five Strigoi. Christian lit them up, and Dimitri and I staked them. One by one, they all died.

"Well done Rosemarie. Really- you have come a long way haven't you?" said a shrewd voice in the corner.


I walked up to him, slowly, hatred in my eyes.

"You know victor I thought you were evil when you were Moroi- now you sick, twisted, and evil. Congrats." I told him, stake in hand.

He smiled, and came at me. Dimitri was guarding the Moroi from any Strigoi that may come in, but I had my eyes on Victor. I snapped my fist forward, and he caught it. He kicked me, and I stumbled back. It went like that for a bit- he'd hit, I'd block, or vice versa. Finally I saw an opening, and shoved my stake into his heart. I thought about all the things he'd done- when he tortured Lissa, had Emily turn Strigoi, and turn Adrian. I saw the life fade from his eyes, the shock on his face. I pulled the stake out, and staked him again. He'd hurt Liss... Adrian...

"Rose stop he's dead." Dimitri caught my wrist, and I stopped, the tears blurring my eyes.

"Where's Adrian?" I asked, my voice shaking slightly.

"He isn't in the house." He said.

"Dammit!" I said.

I ran out of the room, down the stairs, outside. I went around to the back of the house. I was distinctly aware of the others following me. I ran out onto the big field outside, and saw Adrian there. He was standing there, like he'd been waiting for me. He looked...cold. Hard. His face... his skin was paler. His eyes, the green eyes were gone. In its place were blood red ones. I was frozen in place, staring into his eyes. The others caught up to me. they stood beside me. this was it.

"Ah Rose. Lovely to see you. I have been waiting for you. I would've preferred without the fan club though."

"Cut the crap. You're not him. But you will be." I said.

He laughed.

"You can't stake me Rose. The sun doesn't burn me. I can't die." He said.

"Oh I know I can't stake you." I told him, smiling slightly.

Confusion covered his cold features.

"There is a way to bring you back Adrian. Or kill you." I told him strongly.

He frowned slightly. "Wha-"

I smiled to him, and said "Now."

Christian used fire, mia used water, Rhonda used air, lord Szelsky used earth, and finally, Lissa used spirit. It all went at Adrian at full force.

There was a bright light- a blinding one I might add.

I knew something was happening- because the last time this happened, Dimitri came back. Adrian screamed, and when the light was over, I ran up to him. He was lying on the ground, his eyes closed.

"Adrian?" I asked quietly, dropping next to him.

He opened one eye. It was green.

He sat up slowly, and I hugged him hard. He was alive- it worked.

"Thank you. Thank you so, so much Rose." He whispered into my hair.

It was one of those rare moments where he would call me rose, and he was being serious.

I nodded, not trusting my voice. I was crying again- hopefully that would stop now...

We stood up and turned to the others, who tackled him into hugs as well.

Looked at a new figure approaching the field. It was Sydney. I smiled, and gestured to the others to give them some privacy. I walked hand in hand with Dimitri.

The sun was rising now.

I looked at Dimitri, and kissed him.

No words were needed- this was finished, it was all over. We could do what we planned all those months ago, at the edge of the forest, after the night in the cabin. I would be Lissa's guardian, Dimitri would get a job at court, and it'll be alright. This time round, it'll all work out.

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