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(A/N) So yeah, I think I'm done with Aftermath, wow, I actually finished a story? lol. Now I'm starting a new one! hahaha, its guna be slight AU, where Simon and Kable are actors in Society and his sister is the receptions. I went looking around the internet and saw that Simon's sister's online ID was Sissypuss Shelly, so I figured her name must be Shelly since I couldn't name her sissy or puss, lol. So Shelly is Simon's sister just so ya know. I hope I captured life in Society well and that's all I'm going to give you right now, enjoy this first chapter and let me know what you think!

Jogging down the stairs Simon practically inhaled the piece of bread sticking from his mouth slavered in pistachio spread. He looked at his cell phone and panicked at the time and almost ran into the street as he waved to a taxi. The speeding yellow car swerved around to the curb and the chocolate haired male dashed in.

"To the Society Headquarters, East side and fast!" He gasped out and jerked back as the car speed from the side.

Devouring his breakfast his licked his fingers clean and wiped them on his dark jeans. His heart didn't slow from it's a gallop of a pace though, locking at the clock he grimaced at the time reading, 6:53. There was no way he was going to miss his appointment, and there was definitely no way he was going to miss a paycheck. The morning traffic was beginning to thicken and it took all Simon had to not jump out of the car and run like a madman. It took another five minutes and Simon threw money over the seat and sprinted from the cab to the towering building they had stopped at. Stuffing his wallet back into his pocket he burst into the main lobby and yanked the chain from around his neck and held it up in the hopes the man at the main desk would see it.

"It's me Al!," he shouted as he didn't wait to run past the main desk, on hearing the traces of the security guard's words welcoming him.

Dashing around employees he came to another desk and slammed his ID down on the counter, his chest heaving for breath. The woman at the desk stared at him and Simon sneered.

"Check me in!" He demanded.

The woman had dark brown hair with streaks and subtle makeup on her face, "What's the magic word?"

Simon growled, "Please!"

She grabbed the ID and scanned it through a small reader on the desk and threw it at him. Simon snatched it up and hopped over the small door that lead behind the hallway encompassing desk. He hated seeing his sister everyday, she had acquired the job through prodding from his parents to help her out. So bing-bang, she was now the receptionist at the entrance to Society. Hurrying down the long hallway, lined with door after door he pushed his legs to hurrying him along, they burned and his chest hurt and turning sharply he practically barreled through one of the doors on his right.

Simon gasped quickly as the door closed and locked behind him as he slid his ID through a small card reader beside the door. The lights were out except for a bright blue screen in front of him, to his relief, his Player was still choosing an outfit. He watched as simulated images of himself flicked around the screen, back and forth, back and forth. Ripping his shirt off he stripped himself of his
clothes and hopped he wasn't having a heart attack as he tried to calm himself. There were mornings when he barely made it to work and some mornings her found himself waiting for what seemed like hours for his Player to sign in.

The blue screen before him paused and he grimaced at the outfit his picture was wearing. Aptly named The Sex Bomb, he knew it was going to be one of those days. There was no way of telling just who your Player was going to be, most of the selection was random, unless you wanted a certain kind of Player who stuck to certain things like just chatting or gaming. Simon had set himself as one of the people who didn't care, and, to his unfortunate discovery, was placed with a Player who had a knack for traversing the bars and sex scenes of Society.

He watched the player click on the outfit and Simon groaned aloud. Before him, just under the screen that read 'loading' as he pulled the outfit from the hangers. Slipping his boxers off her stuffed his clothes into the small closet and took the selected clothes from the hangers. Sighing heavily he pulled on the ridiculous outfit, black leather belts up and down his arms and around his torso. Slowly he pulled on the tight black short, shorts and took a moment to adjust himself in the revealing spankies. Shaking himself a little he turned to face the door opposite the one he had come in and places his hand on the scanner. Lighting up, he watched the device scan his hand and Simon felt chills run through his body as the Nanex swept over his body and he felt himself become a second thought. The door slid open and the bright, artificial light of Society greeted his eyes and his body moved on its own as the player took full control. For Simon, this was how his day began most of the week.


For another actor, things were less hectic. The alarm chimed softly and in an instant Kable was opening his eyes and awake. He slept lightly and rolled onto his back yawning and stretching. Rubbing a hand over his chest he hummed and sat up, running a hand through his short jet black hair. His skin was dark and tanned, his hands worn from years of labor as a young boy and was muscled from the work. Getting up he meandered from the bed and went through his mid day routine. His Player got up late and stayed up late, he didn't mind, it paid a little better because most actors wanted their sleep.

Leaving the shower he toweled off and got dressed in worn jeans and a black t-shirt, grabbing his leather jacket as he left. It was eleven forty five when he left his apartment , helmet under arm, he used the small elevator to get to the underground parking lot. Twirling his keys he hoped onto a sleek black motorcycle and pulled the jacket on, zipping it up. The machine roared to life and with precision he pulled himself from between two cars and exited the gate with his own personal code.

Weaving through mid-day traffic he sped past idle taxi cabs and people on the sidewalks, all of them moving so slow as he watched from behind his visor. Coming up to the East side Society Headquarters he drove around the side and down into another underground parking lot. Fishing his ID from his jacket he swiped it into the card reader by the gate and rumbled inside. Parking, he cut the engine and pulled off his helmet as he headed for yet another elevator. Walking past the main desk he reached the second desk and smiled at the woman sitting there.

"How's it going?"

The woman smiled and brushed her hair behind her ear, "Hi Kable, I'm almost done with my shift."

Giving her his ID replied, "Got anything planned?"

Handing the idea back she smiled, "No, not unless you want to take me somewhere."

Kable chuckled stashing the ID away, "Sorry Shelly, you're pretty, but not my type."

He walked past the desk when she replied with a pout in her voice, "How can a handsome guy like you play for the other team?"

Looking back he shrugged with a smile on his face and turned around quickly, coming chest to face another human being. Yelling both he and the other person went down to the marble floor in a heap. His helmet spun away and he caught himself with one arm. The heavy bulk on top of him groaned and he looked down at the chocolate haired lump. Looking up, the younger male cringed and quickly got up.

"I'm so sorry," he scrambled over to grab Kable's helmet.

"Simon! Stop being such a klutz," he heard his sister yell.

Growling on the inside Simon picked the helmet up and turned to see the man standing up, brushing his jeans off, and what a man. Simon stared, his hands felt slippery on the helmet and his body already felt hot from all the stuff his Player had been doing earlier. The man stood a few good inches taller than him and had an unforgettable face, strong and confident blue eyes stared him in the eye and Simon felt his mind go blank.

"Don't worry about it," Kable replied taking his helmet.

He smiled at Simon and walked away, ass looking good in those jeans and a part of Simon's heart with him. Staring, Simon could only thank whatever forces were on his side for his love of men, and that man, turning the corner, was a wet dream waiting to happen. Pulling himself from staring he turned and jogged over to his sister, almost coming face to face with her he spoke quietly.

"Who was that?"

Shelly looked up at him, raising a plucked eyebrow and smiled, "That's confidential."

Simon narrowed his eyes, "What do you want?"

"I don't want anything."

"There must be something. Come on, tell me his name."

The brunette leaned back in her chair and chuckled lightly, "When will you learn Simon? Say the magic word."

Growling he clenched his hand on the desk, "Please, tell me his name."

"Kable, Kable Tillman."

"Phone number?"

"You're pushing your luck," she hissed and turned back to her computer.

Sneering, Simon walked through the short door and left the Society Headquarters till he had to come back for his second session.


Kable shrugged out of his clothes and leaned against the wall, watching the blue screen and his Player's ridiculous clothes. He wasn't particularly fond of the person he had been paired with, the Player was a complete troll and an ass, he wouldn't doubt it was a guy who had nothing better to do but have people hate him. So it was no surprise the Player made crazy outfits, chicken costumes and clothes that had no rhythm or reason to be put together. Scratching at his chin, he missed his beard, the smooth texture of his face was odd to say the least. After sending a picture of himself to his Player, he had gotten an e-mail back telling him to shave. While he wasn't of the idea, it meant the Player was willing to use him and that meant money.

His Player finally stopped on an outfit and Kable shook his head, as he walked to the closet that opened up and pulled the leather jeans and bright orange fishnet shirt from the hangers. Sure, he admitted to liking how his package looked in the tight pants, but the fishnet was a bit much for him, but all embarrassment, all worries disappeared when the Nanex activated and took control. Pulling the final piece from the closet he slipped on large arm boots and walked to the door, placing his hand on the scanner and the sync was almost instantaneous. Chills went down his back as the invisible force of Nanex let his muscles go limp and take on the characteristics of whatever his Player commanded him to do.

Kable took a back seat to everything, he felt his body move and yet he felt numb at the same time, the Nanex dulled the senses since alcohol and other sinfully delightful pleasure were allowed in the controlled chaos. Bright greens, reds and yellows assaulted Kable's eyes, the enclosed world was a circus of colors and he was just another performer to be watched. As actors in Society, no one talked about what their Players did, no one met their Players and most everyone denied the fact of seeing another actor outside of Society. Whatever happened in Society stayed in Society and for some, stuck with them for some of the worst reasons. Actors knew who it was behind everyone's fa├žades, a faceless, nameless human being that only served to play through them in a way they themselves probably would never act. So when fights broke out or intimate situations initiated themselves, the actors did their best to just forget it and move on, it was the plain fact of Society. Do as you're told and keep you mouth shut and you'll get paid.

Barely feeling anything, Kable watched as his Player headed for the club, and instantly, he knew his controller was getting ready to troll through as many ladies as he could. Loud, thundering music and writhing bodies occupied every piece of conceivable space in the dark club. Kable himself had grown used to seeing the scene, but had never actually been to one outside of Society, it was on his to do list before he felt he got to old. Walking forward he shoved through the crowds to the back walls were people amassed in standstill groups to talk and down more then a few drinks. Apparently his Player had spotted a perfect target for he was heading straight for one of the fluorescent green couches and scooting himself between a few people, he turned to a beautiful red head in short shorts and a tube top.

"Hey," he called over the music.

She turned toward him and he glimpsed her bright purple tag hovering above her head, Lil'HipsterGirl, "Hi."

"You're ass looks huge in those," Kable watched as her smile, instead of disappearing, grew wider.

"Mmmm, you like that?" Lil'HipsterGirl purred.

"No, I just wanted to tell you, you're ass is bigger then an elephant," Kable chuckled, feeling the Nanex relay the emotions his Player was inputting into the system.

She frowned and her face turned angry, "What the hell did I ever do to you!"

Kable shrugged, "Nothing, I just spotted her huge butt from across the room."

Lil'HipsterGirl flipped him off and got up from the couch, disappearing into the dancing crowd. Kable didn't really care if she was mad at him, in fact, it wasn't even him she was mad at, it was his ass of a Player. So when his Player maneuvered him from the couch, he knew it was going to be a long session and he was going to have to mentally ready himself for wave of profanity he knew was heading his way.


Simon sat quietly at his breakfast counter, swiveling slowly in the barstool, as he ate the pistachio and jelly sandwich. He tried to erase the ridiculous amount of partners he had just spent the last 5 hours entertaining in his personal apartment in Society. Many times he came away from his sessions, mentally exhausted as he reminded himself every time that they weren't actually making love, it was just plain fucking, no matter how many times the other person and him kissed. In fact, Simon was now currently thinking about a new man, one he hoped was open for courtship. He mentally noted to ask Shelly if she knew since she apparently knew him well enough to remember his last name.

"Kable Tillman," Simon mumbled to his half-eaten sandwich.

It was such a unique name, there was no way he was going to forget it. Taking a few more mental notes, he reminded himself to ask Shelly what the man's schedule was and whether or not he could pry some more information from. Sighing he wiped a hand over his face and let his head fall to the deep green granite top of his counter. It was Monday, which meant his Player was horny enough to pay for two sessions in one day, he didn't mind it, it was extra money in his pocket and, maybe not willing, but fine with going through another 5 or so hour session of roaming Society for potential partners.

Getting up he wandered further into his apartment and fell into his bed, burying his face in the cool pillow, he exhaled deeply and let his body go limp. He couldn't say hated the sessions entirely, he got to see some nice eye every once in awhile, and even if he couldn't touch, he enjoyed the images for some later masturbation fun. Simon fumbled with the alarm clock on his dresser for a moment and set it for a good 45 minutes before he had to leave to get himself up and mentally ready. Sometimes he wished he could sleep the day away, but, that would mean he would have to ignore the fact that a man like Kable was walking around where he work and he just couldn't have that.

Slowly struggling to get his shirt off, Simon shimmied under the covers and took a moment to just feel the fabric on his skin, to enjoy the feeling of his nerves reacting. It reminded him he was still alive and that he wasn't just a Nanex controlled doll. Closing his tired eyes Simon tried not to think of what lay ahead for him and instead focused on the nothingness that was the phenomenon of sleep to him.