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Edward POV

I ran as fast as I could back home from Bella's house. I could hear everyone's thoughts from all over he house as I got closer. I slowed to a run and sank to the floor and I tried to form a plan.

This was the excuse I had been looking for. I cannot wait to get away from Bella. She is driving me crazy with her naive innocence and clumsiness. I could lie my way out of this, I just had to make sure that Alice could not see my reasoning or that Jasper could 'feel' my lie. I had to know what everyone was thinking before I could really come to a decision. So I concentrated on taking down my walls to let in their thoughts and immediately I was bombarded with my families voices.

Esme- I hope Bella doesn't get in trouble for getting hurt. I wish she could have slept here tonight. I cannot believe that I had to flee the house away from my own daughter…

Carlisle- Her arm didn't look that bad, should be better in a few days. I feel so terrible that her birthday was ruined. Jasper just feels terrible, I hope she forgives him….

Emmett- I wonder if I can go sneak Belly out so I can celebrate with her alone. I hope my lil sis isn't mad at me for having to get away from the blood…

Rose- Shit, Bella of course still thinks I hate her. UGH! If only I could just figure out a way to get her away from Edward. He is such a creep! I cannot let her get hurt because of him again!...

Alice- Edward is going to be back soon to call a family meeting, I should tell the others. I wonder if Jazz is ok. I should have seen the paper cut coming. Ugh I need to focus on my visions more when I know that she is going to come around…

Jasper- FUCK! How cod I have almost killed Bella. She doesn't deserve all this crap that keeps happening to her. I hope she's ok…

Ha! This is going to be easier than I thought. All I have to tell them is that we need to get away from Bella because she is just getting hurt around us. Which is technically true but who cares?

I smiled to myself then thought as hard as I could about having to stay with her for the rest of my eternity. My mood immediately went way down. Jasper won't suspect a thing.

I ran back to the house and jumped up the front steps and walked straight through the front door and into the dining room where everyone was waiting for me.

"We need to leave. Without Bella. All our family causes her is pain and fear! She deserves a normal life!" I said and looked at everyone to gauge their reactions.

"Fuck no! I am not leaving my baby sister! NO!" Emmett boomed and I glared at him.

"Emmett. Think about it! First James, then Jasper. Not to mention that we are pulling her away from her father and all her human friends. She will never be normal with us here." I stared him down but I could see that he wasn't wavering.

" We can protect her from whatever happens. We will make sure she sees Charlie more." He said and glared right back at me.

"Protecting her from James and other random Vampires is one thing. But what about when stuff like tonight happens, when we have to protect her from our own family. What if we have to protect her from you or me or Alice. Do you want that? For her to always be waiting for the next attack from her own family? From her own siblings?"

Emmett looked like I had just broken all of his video games. He was both angry and hurt because he knew that I was right. I let their thoughts flood my mind again to see how it was working.

Emmett- Are we really hurting Bella by staying with her? I cannot just leave, It will be too painful. I love my little sister…

Rosalie- What the FUCK are you trying to pull here Edward? What are you really after? I will agree to this only because it will get you away from My Bella. You wont be able to hurt her any more.

Alice- Its about time we move anyway. The malls here are seriously bad. I mean, I will miss Bella, but I really need better shopping options.

Jasper- The thought of leaving Bella hurts. I never would have thought that I could miss anyone like this. And what makes it worse is that it is all my fault…

Esme- I cant leave my daughter! I wont hurt her! I will practice more with containing my blood lust. I can't stand the thought of loosing one of my children…

Carlisle- Leaving Bella had the potential to tear this family apart. I wonder if Edward has really thought about what he is asking us to do….

It's working! It's working! It's working! Just a little more and I will have them all agreeing.

" Look everyone, I know it hurts to even entertain the thought of not having Bella. But we need to think of what is best for her." I said quietly and made sure my face was twisted in pain.

"Like you care!" Rosalie screamed at me in her thoughts. I had to fight back the smirk that I felt creeping up onto my face. The family had everything so backwards when it came to Bella. Everyone thought that Alice was her best friend when really Alice was indifferent towards the human. Rosalie on the other hand, loved Bella as if she were her own flesh and blood. In roses book Bella was top on the list right next to Emmett. Not to mention that everyone thought I loved her. Even Jasper. But really I only loved the silence that her head brought and the delicious smell of her blood.

" I don't think it is a good idea to leave Bella." Jasper murmured.

I growled low in my chest. He shouldn't care! She is just like any other human to him….. Isn't she?

"How could you say that after you were the one who attacked her for only cutting her finger!" I hissed at him. He would not ruin my plans.

" I agree with Jasper. I cannot abandon Bella." Esme said in defense of Jasper, who had dropped his head into his hands in shame.

" I refuse to stay here any longer. I will not hurt Bella anymore. I am leaving weather you want to come with me or not." I said knowing that Esme would come with me if she had to choose between us.

"What? You are not only going to abandon Bella, but you would abandon us too?" Carlisle asked in blatant shock.

"I'm going with Edward. We only bring trouble to Bella." Alice said looking sad. I burst into laughter inside. Apparently the shopping won out over the human.

"How could you leave your sister like that Alice?" Rosalie asked acidly.

"What do you care Rose, you hate Bella?" Alice said, matching her tone.

"You know damn well that, that is a lie. I love Bella just like the rest of you do. I just have problems concerning her and her humanity." Rose finished quietly.

"If Alice is going then, I kind of have to go too." Jasper said, his words muffled by his hands that he still had covering his face.

"I guess you leave us no choice then." I don't want the family to split so I guess we will be moving. When should we go?" Carlisle asked.

"Now. You all should go now. I am going to wait till tomorrow to say goodbye to Bella. None of you should say goodbye to her. I want her to have a clean break. And Alice, no checking her future anymore. No one is to contact her. She needs us to disappear all together from her so she can move on." I said and turned my back on the family and walked up to my room to start packing my stuff. I listened into their thoughts to see if they would listen to me.

Rosalie- That asshole. He knew that Carlisle wouldn't let the family tear apart. This is going to kill Bella! And now I will never have the chance to explain myself to her. I will never be able to tell her why I didn't like her being with Edward. And I can't contact her because that could cause fuckward to do something to her. UGHHH! I HATE HIM!...

Emmett- I cant even say goodbye. I can never see my little sister again. This hurts. I need my sister….

Alice- I wonder where we will move too. I hope its close to a bigger city….

Jasper- This family needs Bella. She makes us happy. Her emotions alone make me happy. The family is going to be depressed for a long time. Maybe I will go visit Charlotte and Peter for a while…

Esme- I cannot let this family be torn apart. I cannot let this family be torn apart. I cannot let this family be torn apart. Oh god I'm leaving Bella….

Carlisle- We are abandoning one of our children. We are monsters….

I felt a grin spread across my face. No one was going to go against me. Even Rose wont, she is too afraid that I will hurt Bella.

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