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"Emmett, I need you to stay here with the twins. I need to go back and help out. I'll send more people over to the house. Not everyone should be there for the interrogation."

"We could help with the interrogation!" Alec said instantly and I looked at him with a frown.

"Things will probably get messy. Can you blame me for not wanting you to have to see that, let alone be a part of it?" Jane wrapped me in a tight hug and I pressed my face into the top of her head.

"We have done it many times before." She said against me and I sighed. "But we'll stay here." I hugged her a little tighter.

I let go of Jane and pulled Alec into a hug as well and he nuzzled his face against my collar bone.

I nodded my goodbye to the others and turned towards then trees but felt a pull in my chest almost instantly.

I looked over my shoulder and saw Alec and Jane looking at me worriedly as they linked hands.

"Be careful." Alec said quietly and I turned back to them and kissed them both on the head before sprinting through the trees. I kept my ears open for any other sounds just in case some stragglers were still running around, but even with my enhanced hearing I couldn't hear anything other than the faint sounds of my family off in the distance.

I broke into the field in no time at all and I came to a stop beside Jasper and he instantly wrapped me in his arms.

"The twins?" He mumbled into my hair and I rested my head against his shoulder.

"I had them stay at the house. Emmett is with them and so are Carlisle and Esme." I felt a wave of understanding flow into me and I placed a kiss over my mark on his neck. I paused for only a fraction of a second before sinking my teeth into his skin and the groan the tore from his chest was enough to make me want to drag him off into the forest for some alone time. I purred at the comforting feeling of our bond expanding before I pulled my teeth back and sealed my new mark.

"Let's finish this." He nodded against me before we slowly pulled away from each other.

"Not all of us will stay here for the interrogation." Jasper called out to the others and I looked around at the faces of our friends. "Eleazar, why don't you take your family back to the house? Garrett and Felix will go with you.

"Chase and I need some time to ourselves." Rachel's voice floated through my mind and I looked to them both and nodded.

"Be careful." They both nodded and then they ran off into the trees.

"Laurent, Rose, Alistair-" Jasper started but Rose's growl interrupted him.

"We will stay, at the very least for Victoria." Laurent said and Rose nodded firmly.

I looked over to Alistair and he met my gaze instantly.

"If it is all the same to you Major, I would like to stay as well." He said and tore his gaze from mine and looked to Jasper.

"Of course."

"And don't you even question if we will stay." Peter said and walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. He pressed a kiss over his mark on my neck and I leaned back into him for a moment before reluctantly pulling myself from his arms. I turned around and stood on my toes to kiss his cheek and then moved around him to wrapped my arms tightly around Char who hugged me back just as fiercely.

"Alright! Let's get this done." I said and pulled away.

I made my way over to the bodies and I knelt next to Victoria's body and noticed that it was in absolute shambles. Her arms and legs were in several pieces, her torso was ripped in half and her head was in torn into thirds.

"You guys really went to town on her." I said to Peter and Jasper and heard both of their chuckles in my mind.

"She deserved it." They said as one and I rolled my eyes and began shoving the pieces of her head back together. As soon as they began to fuse her eyes gained a little bit of awareness in them and she glared at me.

"Hi Victoria. As you can probably tell, you can't talk right now. My boys tore out your throat, so it may take a minute for your vocal cords to repair themselves. Let me make myself perfectly clear. When they start working again, if I hear one thing pass your lips that I don't like, I won't just tear them out again, I will completely dismember your face. Starting with your pretty little eyes. Do you understand me?" She mouthed the word yes and I smiled. "Good."

I held her head to the top part of her torso and it began to mend rather quickly.

"Rose, can you grab me something that will taste horrible, but that will keep her coherent? Like a squirrel?" Peter asked from behind me and I listened as Rose ran off.

I knew as soon as her vocal cords repaired themselves because a low pained keening immediately erupted past her lips. I ignored her completely and made sure her limbs were all a safe distance away before I moved over to Edwards body and I pushed my foot into his chest and gripped both his wrists and pulled. The shrieking sound of his tearing skin echoed around the clearing until one of his arms ripped from its shoulder socket and the other came off right above the elbow.

"Will someone do Maria? She won't need her arms and legs attached to have a conversation."

"It would be my absolute pleasure." Char hissed delightedly and I grinned and shook my head.

I looked at Edwards's lower half in disgust and after a moment I knelt next to him and gripped him by his left hip and sank my nails through his skin and pulled. I noticed his head was soundlessly yelling at me as I tore his body in half. His torso separated from his legs in a nearly straight line underneath his waist and I stood and kicked his legs further away and tossed his arms in the other direction.

"Why did you not tear his legs off one at a time?" Alistair asked and I glanced at him with a sheepish smile.

"That would have torn his pants and we would have had to endure an entire conversation with him while his useless penis was staring at us. I thought this would be more pleasing for the senses." His lips stretched in a grin and his eyes flashed with amusement.

"Your mate is a spectacular creature, Major." He grinned over to Jasper who looked at me with his pitch black eyes.

"I know."

Rose came back into the clearing holding a skunk and three squirrels and she dropped them in between Vicky and Edward.

"The skunk is for him." She said and I smiled as she knelt in front of Victoria. "Open up."

"If you think I'm going to eat that you b-"

"Now Victoria I would think very carefully about the next words that leave your mouth." I said and even I was shocked by the venomous tone that I used.

"I'd do what my sister says." Peter snarled as Victoria didn't move.

She finally opened her mouth and as Rosalie stuck the dead animal in she clamped down and he face contorted in disgust, but I saw her throat move as she swallowed. She went through all three squirrels and when she was finished she watched us all warily.

"Why didn't you burn me with the others?" She asked and I could hear the pain lacing her tone. It couldn't be comfortable to have your body trying to put itself back together.

"Normally I would tell you that you were clearly not the one that should be asking question in this situation, but I actually want to answer your question." Jasper said and he crouched in front of her. She met his flat black eyes and Fear colored her features. "See, you built an army, to kill my true mate. Any act of violence against her is an attack on me." Jasper said and Peter smirked.

"You orchestrated an attack against the God of War. The Major of the Southern Wars. Did you really think that you would win?" Peter asked and she flicked her gaze to him then she looked at me for a long moment and it was then that I understood.

"She had no intention of walking away from this. She didn't plan on Edward winning either. She lost her mate. She was ready to die and she was going to take out all the parties responsible in one fell swoop. She wanted to die." I said quietly and Victoria looked away from me and her gaze met Jaspers once more.

"I will grant you your wish of death, if you answer the questions I have for you." Jasper said and she nodded slowly. "First, are there any more of you? Who have you told?"

"There were not many that I contacted. That was what Edward was doing. His connections were what I wanted him for. I'm not sure of all the people he told. Most would not come unless it was asked by the leader of the Cullen Coven directly. There are no more Newborns."

"Did you contact the Volturi?" Rose asked and Victoria shook her head.

"You were making a Newborn army, you knew that the Volturi would stop you before you reached your goal. They wouldn't have let you see Bella die." Charlotte guessed and Victoria looked up at the sky.

"I would have been fine with the Volturi killing me and everyone involved. It was Edward who didn't want them here. He wanted Bella for himself. Wanted to kill her and make you all suffer her loss as he gained the blood of his singer. He got in contact with Maria because he knew she wouldn't pass up a chance at Jasper."

"You shouldn't have gone after my sister." Peter growled and Victoria growled right back.

"She is the reason that James is dead!"

"Victoria!" Laurent yelled and I looked at him as he stalked over to her. "James is dead because he was a fool and he tried to murder a girl that was under the protection of the largest coven in the United States. The blame for James' death lies on his own shoulders." He hissed and she snarled at him.

"You should have died you traitor."

"You have outlived your use Victoria." Jasper said calmly and he stood away from her body. "Peter?"

"No." Rose and Char said at the same time and I looked at them curiously.

"Let us. She tried to kill our sister." Char said and I smiled proudly at her. She shot me a grin of her own and then she and Rose descended on Victoria. A loud scream tore from her throat though it was cut off in an instant as her head was wrenched from her shoulders once more.


"Eddie's next." I said stiffly and Bella reached over and grasped my hand. I saw Alistair track the movement out of the corner of my eye and I resisted the urge to growl at him. He had done nothing but shadow Bell's every move since the end of the battle. Before that, even. I had seen him watching her interaction with Edward while Esme was captured.

"I don't like how Alistair watches you." Bella turned to look at me curiously and she frowned.

"He isn't a threat." I rolled my eyes at her and her frown deepened.

"He has been shadowing your every move, Kitten. Even when he isn't looking straight at you he makes sure he has you in his peripherals." She lifted my arm and nipped at her mark and I immediately relaxed a little and I pulled her into my side.

"For now we have two more people to dispose of and then we can relax and deal with everything else." I smiled and pressed a kiss to her forehead. I felt a wave of curiosity from Jasper and I looked over her head at him and shot him a grin to let him know she was alright. He nodded firmly and then turned to look down at Edward whose head was slowly being fused back on.

"Bella love, you shouldn't let that filth touch you like that." Eddie croaked out and in less than a second I moved away from Bella and gripped Eddie by the neck and tore his head off and let it fall to the ground. I moved back to Bella and pulled her against me once more and she let out a deep sigh.

"This conversation is going to take a while."

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