Chapter 24 - What Now?
POV: Claire

I was so glad to be going home. Don't get me wrong I loved being here with just Shane. The past few months we hadn't had too many moments where it was just us two. Let alone have time to have sex. To which I might add that it had been out of this world. Aside from going out sight seeing, checking out some of the stores and a club or two, we had spent most of our time making up for lost time.

Right now through, as I took my seat on the plane, I started the count down. Count down to when I would be back in my own bed. But most importantly, when I would have my babies safe in my arms. I really had missed them while we were gone. Any mother knows the feeling I'm talking about.

- One Month Later -

Eve came bursting through the door with no warning. As usual. "Claire! Where are you?!"

Before she could make it to my bedroom, I hid the stick in the drawer by the bathroom sink. "In the bathroom!" I yelled out to her.

I could hear her loud foot steps coming down the hall. Getting closer and closer to my bedroom door. Cutting the light off, I walked out towards my bed. Just as Eve walked in.

"Claire do you remember what I had said in the limo after our wedding?"
"You told me and Shane no funny business. 'Cause we didn't need another baby. Is that what you're talking about?"
"Yes." She stated flopping down on the bed beside me.
"What about it?"

"I should have taken my own advice." Her head hanging low as she said it.
"What are you talking about Eve?"

Frustrated she looked at me. "I'm pregnant Claire, and I don't know what I'm going to do."

"Well you got me to go through it with."
"I knew you'd be there for me CB. But what about Michael? I don't know if he's ready for a kid."
"When I said I'd be there, I literally mean that Eve. I'll be going through everything too."
"I know you've already been through it, and I know you'll be there with me."

"Damn it Eve! I'm pregnant too you idiot. That's what I meant by I'd be going through it with you."

Her eyes widened when I said that.

"What the fuck Claire? You don't need another kid. The babies just turned one. Do you think that's a good idea?"

"I'd rather have them around the same age rather than apart. That way I can just go through all this crap with them around the same age."

"More power to you. Have you told Shane?"
"No. I was taking another test when you came barging in a few minutes ago."
"Sorry. We need to figure out a way to tell the boys."

Taking a few minutes we formed a plan to let our husbands know the news.

- Eight Months Later –

It was Jace and Alyssa's second birthday today. Once again I had a spring and part summer pregnancy. Having went into labor early this morning, when it was hot as hell outside. Being in Texas the last few days of July and as big as a blimp about to pop, they didn't go together very well.

Anyways I had gone into labor this morning and I'm pretty sure that I put Eve into labor as well. I mean we were supposed to have the babies around the same time. Mine being stubborn and putting me through it longer. Eve wasn't doe for another week or so.

So here we are me in one room at the hospital with Shane beside me. Eve is in the next room over with Michael beside her. Momma had argued with me and I sent her away. So she is with Eve helping her have her baby boy while daddy is here with me having my girl.

Natasha said she would take pictures wince Eve couldn't this time. Her older sister Tabatha, who had become close to Eve and Michael, was taking pictures for her.

A few hours later, after having Marissa Liann and feeding her, Shane sat with Alyssa and Jace in his lap beside me on the bed. A sleeping blonde headed, green eyed Marissa laying in their arms. Her head in Jace's lap and feet in Alyssa's.

I laid on my right side facing Shane and my babies. A smile on my face as Shane looked at me with the same smile planted on his. I leaned over giving him a kiss then laid back. Jace gave Marissa a kiss on the forehead then came to my lap when Shane moved her.

I looked down at him. "What sweetie?"

Patting my stomach while saying, "baby." He then looked up at me.

"No honey. Baby's not there." I held him then got closer to Marissa and pointed at her. "There's baby."

Pointing a small finger at her then looking at me said, "baby", while being more of a question than a statement.

I couldn't help but smile. Agreeing with him I pointed back to her. "Baby."

- Five Years Later –

"Momma! He keeps messing my hair up!"

I sat the plate of uncooked hamburger patties on the stove, and then turned to look down at one of my three babies. Alyssa, now seven, stood there with her arms crossed over her chest. The same pissed off face I had when I was little. The brightest blue eyes I've ever seen looking back at me, with her blonde hair strewn all over the place. When I knew that moments before it hadn't been like that.

I sighed. "Jace!"

A mop head of brown hair stuck his head around the corner from the living room, while bright green eyes looked back at me.

"Whhat?" the whining started.
"Why do you keep messing your sisters hair up?"
"She made me mad."

"That's no excuse. Keep this up and you won't be seeing any birthday or Christmas presents for the next ten years. Not to mention that little sleepover you and Jaden are suppose to have this weekend won't happen." I say pulling another plate out of the fridge.

"Mom! That's not fair!" His foot stomping in the process.
"I mean it Jace. Stop with this attitude as well. I've got too much going on right now. I could make this easy with just a phone call."

"What's that mean?"

The front door opened up and in walked Eve, Michael and Jaden. Eve started talking while walking over to me.

"Hey guys! Where's Alyssa and Marissa? I wanted to wish them a happy birthday."

"They're probably in their room. It's a good thing y'all came over that way I don't have to call you. I've got something to tell you."

"Mom! Don't!"

I just looked at him. "Are you going to listen and do as you're told? Without giving me any lip as well."

"Yes, damn."

With eyes wide I looked at him. "Jace Christopher Collins! Don't you dare use that word. Where did you hear that?"


Of course it would be. I was fuming now. "SHANE! GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!" My arms crossed over my chest and leaned back against the stove.

And older version of Jace walked in from the living room. One look at everyone standing around and the look on my face was a dead giveaway. Under his breath I heard him say, "shit."


Eve and Michael just laughed. He walked over to me. Standing in front of me he took hold of my hips. Looking me right in the eyes he spoke.

"What did I do this time?"
"Your son cussed."
"What did he say?"

"That's not the point." I said at the same time Jace, Michael and Eve said, "damn." I looked over to Jace. "What did I just tell you?"

His finger pointed to Shane. "But dad asked. I just answered his question."

"Alright smart butt. You're too much like your daddy. Take Jaden and go play a game or something. If I hear you cussing or making either one of your sisters mad you know what will happen."

"Fine. Come on Jaden."
"Oh and happy birthday Jaden."
"Thanks Aunt Claire." The dark brown, almost black, haired with blue eyed boy said.

When they were gone and it was just us grownups, Eve spoke up.

"What were you going to say?"
"I was gonna say that they sleep over was off. Jace wasn't listening. But that is to be expected considering who is father is."

"Hey that's messed up. I'm not that bad." Shane stated still holding my hips.

"Oh really? Baby you've almost gotten yourself killed. To which I had to save your ass. Not to mention all the times you've gotten Michael pissed off. Like when we first started dating and he found you on top of me on their couch.

The year you broke the kitchen table trying to put the star on the Christmas tree. How you managed to do that I still have no idea. The night we cooked out, you put too much lighter fluid on the grill and almost burned the tree in the backyard down. Food fight in the kitchen, and to mention the time when you somehow blew up a pot of chili.

Oh! Halloween the year we got engaged, you almost got in a fight with some guys because, how did you put it? Oh yeah, they were trying to 'eye fuck your wife.' Not to mention that night and the following one you got drunk as hell and table danced while doing a strip tease. I almost killed a few bitches for trying to dry fuck you on the table.

I think that's enough. Even though I know it's not all of them."

"Okay. So mayyybe I have done a lot of stuff. But I really haven't done anything lately. So that makes up for some of it."
"I will give you that. But just watch your mouth please? I know I let them fly too but usually no one's around unless it's one of you guys."
"Michael brought the other grill over here. So maybe we can get the stuff done quicker. "Eve said leaning back against Michael."
"Go help Michael move the grill and start them up. We've got about an hour until the party starts."

- Eight Years Later –

I was sitting on the bed reading when Marissa came to the door. She had really grown up. At fourteen her brown hair was straight and thick going down between her shoulders. She kept the same bright green eyes she had at birth. She was wearing a pair of black stretchy shorts and a green camisole shirt.

"Momma can I talk to you for a minute?"

I looked up after marking my page, "yeah." Setting the book on the bed I asked, "what's wrong?"

"Nothing really." She looked around the room. "Where's daddy?"
"At Uncle Michael and Aunt Eve's."

With that she walked over and sat on the left side of the bed, taking her dad's spot. Leaning against the headboard she started talking.

"Is Uncle Michael and Aunt Eve really our Aunt and Uncle? Like are they your blood family?"

"No. They're not blood. But I've known them since I moved here. They've taken up for me and really have become my family. Why are you asking?"

"So Jaden isn't related to us? By blood I mean."
"No. Now again, why are you asking?"
"Jaden gave me a present for my birthday yesterday."
"Oh?" That was a surprise. "What did he give you?"

A blush coming to her cheeks as she answered, "he kissed me."
"He what?" Did I hear her right?
"He kissed me." She looked to me from her hands. "And I kind of kissed him back."

"I should beat that boy. You better not tell you daddy."
"That's the other thing. How did you know you were in love with daddy?"
"Why? Do you feel something for Jaden? Or is it someone else?"

"Jaden. I don't know how to explain it. Every time I'm with him it's different than it is when Jace. Every time Jaden is around me there's like the hum that runs through my body and doesn't really go away."

"Every time you touch, whether it be to hand you something, holding your hand to help you up when you're down, or just a light brush of skin while walking past each other. Do you feel your stomach knot or feel like butterflies flutter around?"

"Yeah. Every time I'm around him he's always got a way to make me smile or laugh."

"That is what love feels like babe. I was the same way with your dad. We had our days that he would piss me off, but he always found a way to make it up to me."

"That's what I thought but I wasn't sure. Thanks momma." She threw herself at me in a hug. When she pulled back, she kissed my cheek.

- Ten Years Later –

My last baby, Marissa, was at the hospital having her first baby. This makes number six for grand-kids. Alyssa had married her high school sweetheart Dean Turner. Her first pregnancy was like mine, having twins as a boy and girl.

Jace got married after turning out too much like his daddy, a lady's man all through high school. In his last year he finally met someone that could deal with his cockiness and dish it right back at him. Clary was a red headed, green eyed girl that was sweet and brought out the best in Jace. After they got married a year later she found out she was pregnant with triplets. All of which were boys. I'm just hoping they don't have the same attitude as Jace.

Marissa ended up going out and later marrying Jaden. So now Michael and Eve were now officially family. She was supposed to be giving birth to a baby girl. Who ended up having sandy blonde hair and green eyes like her mother.

Michael and Eve ended up having another baby when Jaden was eight. Who of which was a girl and they named her Iris McKenzie. Then when Jaden was ten, they ended up having another boy. Who of which they made a junior by naming him after Michael.

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