Luna Lovegood is very weird.

That fact shouldn't intrigue Lisa as much as it does, but she can't help but wonder.

She wants to know wants to know why Luna's like that, so she decides to set herself a goal to find out.

"Oh, hi, Lisa," Luna greets dreamily, sending her a vague smile.

Lisa plays with the bracelet around her wrist for a second before she blurts out, "Luna, why do you wear that stuff? I mean, your necklace, why do you wear it?"

"To ward off the Nargles, of course."

A couple of weeks later, Lisa face burns as she sees Luna.

For some reason, she wants those beautiful silvery grey eyes staring into her own as she runs her fingers through Luna's straggly, long hair.

She wants to kiss her.

As Lisa sits in the library, she tries to concentrate on the magazine in front of her.

"Oh," Luna says pleasantly, as she slids into the seat opposite her, "you're reading Dad's magazine."

Lisa nods, biting her lip as her eyes go to Luna's lips. If she wanted to, she could probably kiss her. But she wasn't that brave.

"I think that's very nice of you," Luna goes on. "A lot of people in Ravenclaw don't like the idea of Crumple-Horned Snorkack's." She pauses before she simply stands up and presses a kiss against Lisa's lips. "I like you."

By the end of the year, Lisa still hasn't figured Luna Lovegood out. But that's okay because she plans on spending a lot more time with Luna until she does.

A/N: I'll be the first to admit that Luna is not a strong point of mine and this is the first time I've ever written femmeslash in a fic, but I tried it (and a simpler style while I was at it). Written for A Quiz and A Challenge given out by daysandweeks. Thoughts? :)