A/n: What do people think of me making these each separate one shots? It would be nice to be able to do them in the order that I want to, instead of Alphabetical. I'll still do the full number, but it would make it easier to do the crossovers that I have planned for later in the line up.

Looking Glass

The last ripples disappeared over the edge of the mirror, and Hatter was left staring at himself in the reflection warping over the surface before settling where Alice had stood just a moment ago.

He could almost see the unspoken words hanging in the air around his head.

He knew that he should have said something, many things, anything to get her to stay. He was always, always, always talking, but still he so very rarely said anything. Not even when it mattered

Especially when it mattered.

That was the Hatter with him.

In all his life, he had never needed anyone. Relying on someone only meant that they had the power to let you down, and he was loath to give anyone anything to use against him. He never let anyone in, no matter how hard they tried.

So how was it that one simple little girl - an Oyster, no less! – had wormed her way under all those years of carefully cultivated layers of armour without even making any effort to?

And more importantly why, after all those years of not needing anybody, did he let the only person he felt he couldn't live without slip though his fingers like the mercury he used so many years ago?

He turned away from the mirror, heading toward the revolving doors he had walked in through. The heaviness upon him had only multiplied in the short time since he had walked in to see Alice hugging Jack, and…

… Hugging Jack…

He paused, his hand on the glass of the door.

Alice had hugged Jack… and he knew a lot of things about the way people acted, he understood emotions better than most. He knew hugs.

He knew Alice's hugs best of all.

That hadn't been a "Reunited Lovers" hug, nor was it a "Yes I'll Marry You" hug, as one might expect from the flash of a ring that Hatter hadn't failed to notice.

That was a wholly different type of hug.

That was a "Sorry, I'm Leaving You" kinda hug.

A "I Want Something Else" kinda hug.

He was running

"Who are you?"

Oysters were shouting at him as he shoved his way past.

"A friend… I hope…"

Charlie was cheering him on somewhere in the background.

"I'm sorry I didn't trust you"

His feet left the ground.

"Do you trust me now?"

He was passing through the cool skin of the Looking Glass


Damnit, if he couldn't say it

"And other things…"

He would damn well make sure he said it with a hug.