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"You want me to talk into what?" – Kyuubi speaking, jutsus/digimon attacks

"Get that thing out of my face!" – Normal speaking

'What the hell was that thing?' – Thoughts/thinking

'Hello?' 'Hello?' – Thought-speak

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-Talks, decisions, flashbacks, and a new world-

As Naruto stared into the great beast's eyes, his mind was working on overdrive. Now, one thing you must understand about Naruto is that for a boy of five years he was abnormally perceptive. Of course, this is greatly due to his forced awareness of everything around him, lest he be attacked, but he also took it upon himself to know things about those around him, and thus listened in on many a conversation which the participants were not aware of him.

This being said, even though he lacked any kind of access to the library (the pink haired bitch in there made that clear last time), he was able to discern a few facts from the admittedly intimidating appearance before him. 1: Crimson fur the color of stained blood, not many being has such a color naturally, 2: Obviously some type of fox, though the longer than normal ears threw him off initially, 3: It talks...not many animals can do that, other than those summon animals he heard talked about, something about frogs?...anyways 4: It could stand in the village, and easily look over the hokage monument whilst doing so. These facts now listed in his mind, Naruto made his conclusion: gargantuan crimson-furred talking fox...this could only be the Kyuubi he's heard talked about only in whispers, as if speaking aloud about it would bring instant death. His conclusion made, Naruto then made his next decision on what to do with this information.

Meanwhile, the object of Naruto's intense scrutiny was feeling a bit bewildered, and (though he would deny it even under pain of death) somewhat uncomfortable. The reason? Well, he, the fabled nine-tailed fox, the Kyuubi no Kitsune himself, just revealed his face to a boy of five years...and the child in response just stared at him with oddly calculating eyes. Hell, even that bastard Yondaime flinched under his gaze, and yet this child stares?...his respect for the child went up a few notches, now to find out just why he was making that God-awful racket in the first place.

However, before he could ask, the child approached the cage even further, seemingly not afraid of what lurked within. Regardless of his respect for the child, such insolence can not be ignored, and so he decided to instill a bit of fear into the brat, and proceeded to launch one of his paws at Naruto, not enough to kill him, but certainly enough to make it hurt. However he was further surprised and stunned when not only did Naruto dive out of the way with reflexes no five year old should have, but upon righting himself walked towards the still outstretched paw, and proceeded to...shake it? Well, being that the paw was far larger than Naruto, it had a comical appearance, but nevertheless it was the action which stunned Kyuubi.

…..."Brat...what, exactly, do you think you're doing?" Kyuubi asked with a slight twitch in his right eye.

Naruto paused in his admittedly ridiculous hand-pawshake, looked straight into the Kyuubi's eyes once more, and said with a monotonous voice with just a slight hint of...gratitude? "Thank you, Kyuubi-sama"

Kyuubi was, once more caught flatfooted by this statement...thank you? 'Why in the nine hells is this child thanking me? Last I remembered I was trashing this shit-hole, and he's talking to the destroyer of his village amicably?...hmm... time for some answers' Composing himself (it wouldn't do to appear shocked my a mere mortal, and a child at that, now would it), Kyuubi presented his inquiry "Child, why do you thank me? It is because of my actions that your village was almost destroyed."

"That is the exact reason for why I thank you Kyuubi-sama, for you almost accomplished a task that I find very...enticing." Naruto said with a heavy taint of maliciousness at the end, once more stunning the fox, but before the could ask the reason for such hate towards his fellow villagers, Naruto once more spoke up "One thing I would like to know though, if you wouldn't mind...where exactly are we, and how did we get here? I've been the sewers of Konoha before, many times in fact, and never have they been this large, and I'm pretty certain I would have remembered a giant fox in them."

Now they were getting somewhere! But the child has been in sewers before, and several times at that?...the reasons behind the screams he heard were starting to become more disturbing in his mind, but he decided to answer the child's question.

"We are in you mind, Naruto, and this is called your mindscape, as to why are we here? I have called you here to talk...yet you act as if you did not expect me to be here inside your mind...why is this?"

As he asked the last part of his question, the shocked and profoundly confused look that appeared on the child's face gave him his answer. 'They did not tell him of his prisoner it would seem...this isn't good, why wouldn't they tell him of his noble sacrifice? Sure, he did not have a choice in the matter, but that does not take away the nobility of the act itself!' As these thoughts raced through his head, Kyuubi began to get a sickening feeling to the reasons as to just why they did not tell him.

Meanwhile, Naruto once more schooled his expression into an emotionless facade while his mind raced at the implications of the fox's statement. They were inside his mind...'I have a sewer for a 'mindscape'...its official, some deity, hell maybe all of them hate me!', where the Kyuubi no Kitsune himself 'Which should be dead last I checked!' wanted to speak to HIM, the village pariah, the nobody, and even more stunning yet, is the fact that the fox was genuinely surprised that Naruto wasn't expecting him! As he thought, his eyes roamed over the gate, and he was amused by how such small-looking bars apparently held this massive entity, yet as his eyes roamed over the gate, they fell upon the small tag holding them closed that read "Seal", and his mind abruptly halted.

However, just as fast as it stopped, it went into overdrive with this revelation. 'I'm in my mind...the Kyuubi no Kitsune is here as well, wanting to talk to ME...he's caged and held in with a tag which says "Seal"...October 10th, the Kyuubi festival...MY birthday...the names I've been called..."Demon brat!" … "Monster!" ... "Fox!" ...that can only mean...'

….."You're sealed in me..." was said in a whisper so small that even Kyuubi had to strain to hear it, but the tone in which it was said confirmed his suspicions.

"Yes child, I was sealed into you five years ago by the Yondaime of your village, with him sacrificing his own life to do so. What surprises me however is the fact that apparently you were not informed of such, and leads me to far more questions than I wish to ask at this time, so instead I will ask you one question: will you give me access to your mind? I swear upon my tails that I shall not harm you in any way from this access, be it mentally, physically or emotionally."

Naruto scrutinized the being before him, years of being back stabbed by those whom wanted to fool him forced Naruto to become quite adept at reading the intentions of those around him through their eyes, and as he peered into the crimson depths, he only found curiosity and confusion, so he decided to take a leap of faith and trust Kyuubi, after all, he was grateful for what the fox nearly accomplished, and more importantly in Naruto's eyes, Kyuubi wasn't human, and therefore his mistrust of everything human did not extend to Kyuubi. But before he gave his permission, the fact that he had to give it presented a question.

"Kyuubi-sama, why do you need my permission to do such? Being that you live in my mind, aren't you able to hear what I think, see what I see?"

"I need your permission Naruto, because the seal I'm caged behind prohibits me from any interaction with the host in most circumstances unless the host specifically deems it so."

Nodding his head to show he understood, Naruto then gave his permission, and decided to reward the fox for the past a little as well. "Then I give you permission to explore my mind Kyuubi-sama, and in addition give you permission to view the outside world through my five senses" As he spoke, the bars which held back the giant kitsune seemed to simply dissolve, the resulting mist coalescing into a golden collar around the Kyuubi's neck, with the engraving of "Seal" on the middle of it.

Kyuubi, no longer stunned (he refused to be shocked and/or stunned by anything this boy did anymore!), but nevertheless surprised by the additional privileges Naruto entrusted to him, simply nodded his massive head in acceptance and thanks, then proceeded to sit on his haunches and delve into Naruto's memories, from day one to present.

Naruto watched as Kyuubi-sama seemingly went into some state of meditation and remained that way. Thirty minutes passed and even Naruto's new-found stoicism was becoming taxed by this silence, yet just as he was about to find something to do he was startled from his thoughts by a low rumble that was quickly increasing in intensity, and unlike the chuckle at their introduction, there was nothing amusing in this rumble; oh no, this was a growl that was quickly turning into a snarl of unfathomable rage.

As Kyuubi sifted through Naruto's memories, not only did his understanding of the situation increase, but so did his rage, simmering just beneath the surface. However, upon viewing the event that caused the rousing scream of pain, that rage which was held back only moments ago, if barely, exploded from his mouth and body in a earth shattering snarl and explosion of youki.

Naruto was not afraid of Kyuubi-sama, as he had his promise upon his tails that he would not harm him, but he most certainly feared Kyuubi-sama's power right now, and his respect for the fox skyrocketed to damn near idol levels. The waves of youki pouring out of this juggernaut before him made him seem like a blood red sun, and it was all he could do to stay where he was, and even then he had to curl into a ball and latch onto the floor underneath him and hang on for dear life.

As the snarling ended, a rant of rage began. "THOSE FOOLS! THOSE DISGUSTING BAGS OF MEAT! NEVER HAVE I SEEN SUCH DEPRAVITY, SUCH CRUETLY! HOW THOSE MORONIC INGRATES CAME TO THE CONCLUSTION THAT YOU WERE ME IS BEYOND EVEN MY COMPREHENSION! To think that before this I regretted my actions that night, regardless of whether I was in control or not...no longer! With this, they have condemned themselves, especially those fools from tonight! They think that they've done a service to their village by cooking a child alive? Ohoho! When I'm done with them Hell will seem like a reprieve!"

As his anger began to subside (for now), Kyuubi became aware of the amount of youki he was pouring out and quickly reigned it in, it would not do for the populous to become privy to his awareness just yet. His youki reigned in, he caught sight of the form of Naruto, huddled into a tiny ball before him, and his eyes lost the gleam of anger they held to be replaced by a softness rarely seen in the beast. For although he admitted to himself that he could be quite cruel and bloodthirsty, he was only cruel to those whom deserved it, and he, along with those of the Kitsune race, held kits as something to be treasured, to be cared for and protected and not even the threat of death would sway them from protecting something so precious. So, it was with a tenderness that contradicted his fearsome visage, that Kyuubi used one of his massive tails to scoop Naruto up with, and set the child down upon yet another as he himself lied down, his muzzle facing the tail on which Naruto now resided.

"Child...for what its worth, I am truly sorry for what you have experienced...what they have done to you, thinking it was I they harmed..." He trailed off, his muzzle oddly expressive as it twisted into a grimace, and was it Naruto's imagination, or was that a wet spot he spotted in the fur at the corner of an eye? Snapping to attention, Naruto was confused at the honest sorrow he heard emanating from the fox. "

It wasn't you who made those conclusions Kyuubi-sama, so there is nothing to be sorry for, but if it helps any, you're forgiven. But I'm a little confused, from what I've heard Kyuubi-sama, and no offense, but every story has made you out as a bloodthirsty, mindless demon, yet here you are showing kindness to ME, the one you're trapped inside!" As he finished, he noted absently how soft the fur he lied on was 'Who knew? The great Kyuubi no kitsune is, dare I say...cuddly.'

Heaving out a great sigh, the great fox further settled himself down, preparing for a long talk. "I would advice you to get comfortable child, for we have very much to talk about." As Naruto did so, Kyuubi made sure to clear up one universal assumption right then and there. "Now, as for the reason behind my seemingly unexpected kindness? First, and foremost, I am no demon, that is an unwelcome title you humans have labeled me and the rest of the Tailed Beasts as. You see, I am what you could call the head of my clan, which by the way is the Kitsune Clan. I am one of nine Tailed Beasts, each the leader of their own beast clan, with the tails showing the power and influence of each. There is the Ichibi no Shukaku, the leader of the Tanuki Clan, the Nibi no Bakemono, leader of the Cat Clan, Sanbi no Kyodaigame, leader of the Turtle Clan, Yonbi no Saru, leader of the Monkey Clan, Gobi no Irukauma, leader of the Dolphin-Horse clan, Rokubi no Namekuji, leader of the Slug Clan, Nanabi no Kabutomushi, leader of the Beetle Clan, Hachibi no Kyogyu, leader of the Ox Clan, and lastly there is I, Kyuubi no Kitsune, leader of the Fox Clan the strongest of the nine. That is not to say there aren't other beast clans, but we are by far the most powerful of them, this being represented by me and the other eight Tailed Beasts. Our clans reside in the land of summons, and before you ask yet it is possible to summon us, but in order to do so one must obtain the contract from the leaders, which as you can guess is all but impossible, at least in most cases. The reason I and the other eight are here in this realm is to act as...stewards of this realm, if the balance between countries becomes too unbalanced, we of the Tailed Beasts agreed amongst ourselves to intervene so that balance is restored. Now, as for the reasons behind my...visit...to Konoha, that has to do with an accursed bloodline called the Sharingan"

Seeing Naruto flinch at the name, Kyuubi continued. "I see this is not the first time you have heard of the bloodline, and from your memories, I see they are a constant amongst your tormentors." Barely biting back another growl from ripping out of his throat at the memory, he continued once more. "While it is common knowledge that the Sharingan can have from one to three tomes in the eye, three showing the greatest mastery, what most do not know, and should never know, is that there is yet another stage beyond this called the 'Mangekyo Sharingan' which gives its host deadly abilities. However, the cost for these abilities ensures that the host becomes twisted, for he or she must kill their best friend to obtain it. Even further unknown, and by far the most vile, is the last, and most powerful form, the 'Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan', which can only be obtained if two people have the 'Mangekyo Sharingan', and one takes the others eyes and implants them unto him/herself. Only one has obtained this final form, and his name was, and is, Uchiha Madara."

Noticing how Naruto stared squirming at the name, he paused and nodded his head at the boy, silently giving him permission to speak. "Umm...Kyuubi-sama, not that I question you or anything...but wasn't Uchiha Madara one of the founders of Konoha? He should be dead, no human can live that long!"

Expecting this question, Kyuubi continued. "Yes, a normal human would have died off a long time ago, but there is a reason that the final version of the Sharingan has the word "Eternal" in it." ….."you mean he's...immortal?" "Not in the way you're thinking, such a thing is not possible for anything less than a deity, however because of his eyes he has stopped aging, and is annoyingly difficult to kill, but certainly not immortal. Now, there is one other thing that the 'Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan' grants its user, but only if he or she is powerful enough to do so...the ability to trap anything in a genjutsu...even me. You see Naruto, the attack five years ago was caused by a genjutsu Madara cast upon me...one I would rather not discuss...suffice to say it managed to throw me into a blind rage, with my target being Konoha."

As Kyuubi finished, Naruto went over everything the fox told him. He was amazed that there was a whole other realm out there, and from the way Kyuubi spoke, it was far more populated and powerful than the one he lived in...all this time he thought summons were just something chakra made up, but to think they had their own society! Done absorbing all this information, Naruto had one nagging question he had to ask.

"Ok...that's quite a bit to take in...I have a question that's been bugging me ever since I figured out that I had you inside me...why me? Why was I chosen out of everyone for this task?"

At this Kyuubi flinched, he was not sure how Naruto would take this information, and the last thing he wanted to do was give this child more pain. With his old personality and mask in place, he may have been neutral to the answer, maybe even understanding...but now, with this new, colder, clinical personality?...he sighed, might as well get it over with. As he prepared to tell Naruto, he made his own decision...that after all this boy...no, kit has gone through, he would help him all he could; after all, in his mind it was his fault for this boy's suffering.


Naruto's eyes snapped up to Kyuubi's at this. 'Kit?...isn't that a baby fox?...I have a bad feeling about this...'

"First, the sealing could only be done with an infant, as its chakra coils would have not yet developed, and therefore would be able to adapt to my chakra, or as we beasts call it, youki. If anyone older had me sealed into them, my youki would have literally cooked them alive. Now there were other infants that could have been used, but...*sigh* kit, tell me this...whom better to entrust with such a responsibility...than your own son?" There, he said it, now to watch and be there for whatever decision the kit came to.

Naruto sat there, completely and totally at a loss for words. He was sure after tonight, after being lit on fire and cooked alive, that he had experienced the best that pain could throw at him...but now...now he knew how wrong that assumption was. 'My father...the Yondaime was my father...and he is the cause of my hell? He WILLINGLY submitted his own son to this hell on earth?'

As the sat there and thought, he was unaware of the myriad of expressions that went through his face, but Kyuubi saw them all to well, going from shocked, to incredulity, and finally to what he expected, fury. Continuing to think, Naruto came upon one more conclusion, one that would be the final nail in the coffin that sybolized his trust in humanity. 'Wait...its not just my father that betrayed me...Old Man...he KNEW! All those times I asked him if he knew who my parents were, I wondered why he got this remorseful look on his face, sure he hid the expression well, but not enough to hide it from me! He knew damn well who my father was, and lied RIGHT TO MY FACE!...that's it, I'm done being their little scapegoat, the village's punching bag, fuck them! No more will I trust any human, too much has been done to me at their hands...and to think I am one myself...*shudders*'

Kyuubi watched as one final expression passed on Naruto's face, if you could call it an expression, for it was simply a face devoid of any emotion, and Naruto's blue eyes took on a frigidity that would have made the coldest iceberg cry out in envy. Naruto finally spoke up with a monotonous, calm voice that send a slight shiver down Kyuubi's spine.

"So...even my father, and now that I've though about it, the one I considered a grandfather has betrayed me." Kyuubi didn't miss the 'considerED" in that statement, "...very well, as it seems time and time again, humans have betrayed me regardless of if I was even a son or 'grandson'. That being said...I hereby renounce any and all ties such twisted beings and will no longer be called 'Uzumaki Naruto'...but just Naruto...a human is the one that gave me my last name, and I want nothing more to do with them, unless it is to cause them harm."

His decision being made, now he has a bigger problem to face that just now occurred to him. Turning to Kyuubi, he asked in a voice only barely holding back the desperation is his voice. "You said that we were in my mindscape, and before this, I know I was still burning alive...am I still burning?"

Kyuubi paused, mentally damning every one of those humans for causing such damage to the kit. "I'm afraid so Naruto, for you see, while in here time can be dramatically slowed down if one wanted it to, and currently we are at the greatest time distortion, as one hour passes in here, a second passes in the real world. This will not be the case most of the time, as staying in your mind for so long and then returning to the real world only to find mere moments have passed can damage a mind if used too often, but considering that you are indeed still alight, it was necessary, luckily the seal recognized that such would benefit you and allowed me temporary access."

Taking a breath, Kyuubi proceed to enact a plan he had been making ever since he viewed Naruto's memories. "Kit, I'm afraid there is one last liberty I have to ask of you."

At this Naruto gazed intently at Kyuubi, before giving a slight nod to continue, after all, Kyuubi hasn't betrayed him, and was the one to finally give him the answers he sought.

"Knowing your current predicament, I absolutely REFUSE to force you back into that pain, and even more so, make you continue living in this shit hole of a village. That being said, the liberty I ask of you is a rather large one...let me take over your body temporarily, to first avenge you for their injustices, and secondly to get you the hell out of this place, after this is done we can talk some more. Oh, and after you are out of the mindscape, just think your thoughts to me and I'll hear you and reply back in kind, the connection has already been made by us meeting tonight."

Taking only a brief moment to go over what Kyuubi suggested to him, Naruto made his decision, taking yet another leap of faith, one that would go far in Kyuubi's eyes. "I allow you temporary access to my body, Kyuubi-sama, and because of your kindness shown to me, I will allow you to do so whenever you know I am in danger and don't have the time to ask for permission. I will even let you have some time in my body that doesn't have to do with fighting or running, all you have to do is ask. And before you say anything, I have already renounced all ties I have with this village, how you avenge me is up to you, they deserve whatever you serve."

It took a few minutes of gawking (which Naruto found quite amusing, it not everyday the great Kyuubi has his mouth hanging wide open) before Kyuubi absorbed what Naruto said 'Not only did he entrust me with this temporary access, but trusts me enough to give me permission to protect when I deem necessary? Furthermore, he went even further to give me permission to experience the outside world for PLEASURE?...This kit...he's something else...and I will not let him down, he shall become something great, of this I swear!'

His promise made to himself, Kyuubi answered in a warm tone "Kit...thank you, your words mean more to me than you could know. Now, sit back and enjoy Naruto, for what pain they have given you, I will return twofold. They will rue the day they decided that torturing a child was acceptable!"

As Kyuubi's body faded into nothingness, showing his temporary control, the wall to the left of Naruto shimmered, showing the outside world still wreathed in flames, while a comfortable looking chair appeared not far from it. Walking over and sitting in the chair, Naruto proceeded to watch his newfound friend avenge him with a expectant and malicious glint in his eye.

Back with the villagers, the scene seemed like one you would find within a celebration, people whooping and hollering, laughing and some even dancing around a small bonfire. One would even be tempted to join in with this merrymaking, that is until one payed attention, and realized that resounding louder that the ruckus the villagers were making was a bestial scream, and that the scream originated for the bonfire itself, which if one looked, would be horrified to find a small child. However, this fact was quickly made pointless as the terrible screaming stopped, only to be replaced with an ominous silence from the bonfire.

Noticing this, the villagers quickly quieted down, wondering if they finally managed to kill the demon. One even had the gall to come forward and poke the flaming child, only to stare befuddled at the bloody ribbons of flesh where his arm used to reside. As quickly as the quite came, a bloodcurdling scream ripped from the mouth of the man whose mind quickly caught up with the fact that his arm was now ribbons of flesh, followed by the area becoming inundated with a killing intent so great that a few of the weaker minded civilians' hearts stopped, with everyone else, shinobi included, falling to their knees, horrified at the mass of red flame that had suddenly erupted out of the demon brat, replacing the fire they themselves gifted him with. Yet unlike their fire, this one seemed to heal his wounds, blackened flesh turning to ash, only to show clear skin underneath, and with this a terrifying transformation overcame the brat.

Before their very eyes, his hair seemed to bristle, become more wild, almost like a fur, his hands grew vicious claws which flexed in anticipation, his whisker marks upon his face seemed to carve themselves deeper into is face, giving it a far more feral look than before, and his teeth, as his mouth now bore a snarl, became sharp and pointed, with his incisors becoming fangs befitting a canine. But all of these changes dimmed in comparison as to when his head snapped up, and all bore witness to twin pools of bloody hatred, interrupted only by nary a slit in the middle, and in those eyes did they all bore witness to their own deaths, each more horrible and demented than the next, and only then did this...creature speak.

"Hmm...having fun? Nice night for a bonfire, is it not? Well, at least it would be...but you seemed to have set this occasion up incorrectly, for you see you use firewood for a bonfire..." Here he trailed off, letting his youki explode from him in a tower of blood red light. "NOT A CHILD! What's with the shocked looks? You thought you could actually get away with this?"

At this one of the Jounin snapped out it, shouting at the brat in anger "What are you on about demon! Your tricks won't work on us!"

"And just what trick is that? You thought your little bonfire hurt me? FOOLS! Are you so daft as to not understand what a sealing entails? Especially you, shinobi! For if you knew, you would realize that the object sealed is NOT affected by actions taken against the being the object was sealed within! Your 'justified' revenge was nothing more than torturing a five year old boy!"

At this one of the less intelligent civilians decided to speak up. "Be quiet, demon-brat! You are the demon itself, trying to protect yourself by saying we attack a child is pathetic!" As he finished, he rushed forward preparing to club the insolent brat with a board, anticipating the impact, yet he was confused as he no longer felt his body under him, and then he knew no more.

The rest stared, horrified, as the body of the man went through its death-throes, all the while the...monster before them studied the head of the civilian he killed in his hands like twisted macabre imitation of Hamlet, peering intently at the head's glazed over visage before tossing it over his shoulder much like one would a piece of trash.

"So eager to die, who am I to deny him his wish? But now I face a predicament..." Here he trailed off, moving his gaze to the mob, in which its shinobi tensed and inched their hands towards more weaponry. "When faced with so many choices, just which do I choose, and once I've chosen one...in what was do I kill them? What to do, what to do..." here he acted as if truly pondering this question, his claw-tipped hands lightly rubbing his chin with his head tilted as if in thought. At this the shinobi in the crowd drew their weapons and rushed, knowing the time for words was soon to end while the civilians finally came to their senses and recognized the threat, and began to run from the alley, screaming to high heavens about demons. Kyuubi smiled as he saw the pandemonium break out, it was time to shine!

"Oh well, when in doubt...improvise!"

At this he became a blur of action his youki flowing through Naruto's emaciated body, enabling it to achieve feats previously impossible, to the great dismay of his foes. One of his claws quickly found a cozy home in a chuunin's ribcage, using the now dead shinobi as a shield to fend off an approaching Jounin, who upon seeing just what he hit, stumbled back in horrified realization. This was all Kyuubi needed, as he used his other claw to swing around and slit open the man's throat before turning to his next vic...errr opponent and proceeding to launch a claw of youki at the surprised jounin, which was quickly encased in the red energy and proceeded to scream as he began to be cooked alive by the youki. Turning once more, Kyuubi concentrated an obscene amount of youki into his right fist and launched it at an approaching chuunin. The chuunin, sensing the danger just in time managed to perform a Kawarimi with a discarded sledgehammer, and just as quickly, Kyuubi sensed where the chuunin escaped to and altered his location and trajectory so that he when he hit the sledgehammer with a punch that would have made Tsunade to green with envy, the massive head of the hammer shot off like a bullet in the direction of the momentarily disoriented chuunin. The last thing the chuunin saw was the caution sticker on the side of the hammer-head at it decided to turn his head into a chunky mist of bone, blood and brain, and just as quickly continued on its hellbent path as it careened out of the alley and into one of the main streets.

As Kyuubi watched the headless body of the chuunin stand there before taking the hint and dropping like a stone, he realized that his attackers had all been killed. With a pout (Naruto couldn't help the snicker that escaped as he saw this), Kyuubi turned and looked to where the civilians had ran off to, and the pout was quickly replaced with a look of anticipation as he loped off after them.

'Ahhh...what a wonderful night' One "Copycat" Kakashi thought as he strolled down one of Konoha's smaller roads right next to its walls, his eye firmly attached to one of his precious "Icha-Icha Paradise". And indeed the night was grand as thus far it was relatively quiet with a cool breeze, no appearance of his "rival" Gai, and more importantly...the latest Icha-Icha was released today! Which, of course he was now reading avidly, seemingly ignoring the deadly glares sent his way by the female populous.

So intent on his book was he, that he completely missed a fruit wagon down the street explode in a colorful and tasty mist, and even missed the small memorabilia stand nearby suddenly deciding it liked being woodchips better. It was only after he found himself devoid of his precious Icha-Icha with a resounding 'WHOOMPH' that he took notice, and stared in confusion at the cloud of paper surrounding his head; if he didn't know any better he would have said a book got into a fight with a pissed off wood-chipper and lost horribly. It was only after a shred of the paper landed in his palm that he realized what happened as he saw a part of a risque scene on it, and his eye widened to comical proportions.

Witnesses to the scene would later claim they heard the cry of a dying animal coming from the man, with one Mitarashi Anko claiming through laughter that it was the most justified thing she had ever seen. It would only be later that a shinobi on patrol would find a decently sized hole punched clear through the village's wall, and the sledgehammer head which caused such destruction would never be found as it finally reached its final destination imbedded in one of the massive trees surrounding Konoha, a good 500 meters away from the wall.

In all of his years Sarutobi had seen many things, from the battlefields littered with dead bodies that he himself caused during the third shinobi war, to the twisted experiments he found within his ex-student Orochimaru's many hidden laboratories after said students exile. Yes, he has seen many horrible things, and he considered himself quite numbed to death. Yet as he arrived where he had sensed that enormous explosion of all to familiar chakra, that numbness that he claimed mastery of fled like a scolded puppy with its tails between its legs.

To call the scene he came upon a massacre would be like calling the sun a little warm...it just wasn't adequate. As his eyes roved over the scene slathered with blood and all manner of body fluid, he heard his newly-arrived ANBU guards wretch not far behind him, and if he was honest he wanted nothing more than to do the same, but as the Hokage it was his duty to keep calm in the face of adversity. He quickly walked down the path of destruction, his ANBU composing themselves quickly and falling in rank behind. While walking, he observed how some died, and did not envy them in the least...of the few that were intact, one had a hole drilled through his chest, one looked as if it was stuck in a furnace for a while and the only other two intact bodies had a slit throat (that appeared the most painless of the bunch) and the last one was just missing its head...which compared to the surrounding...mass stain...it was considered intact.

Turning a corner, he saw that the body pieces stopped for a while, the only clue the perpetrator continued onward was the occasional bloody shoeprint and oddly, handprint that continued down the alley. Turning the next corner, Sarutobi's breath was stole away from him as he beheld the sight, his ANBU gasping behind them. He did not blame them for their outburst. For there, lit up by the full moon in the middle of the alley was one "Uzumaki" Naruto, covered head to toe in blood and bits of gore, while surrounding him was a scene that made the last one seems like a small brawl.

From what he could see, there was not ONE intact body...hell he couldn't even see an arm or a leg! The most he caught was the occasional finger or toe amidst the...he could only call them piles of shredded flesh that surrounded the boy. As Naruto turned to face them finally, it did not escape Sarutobi's notice of the rather frightening change the boy had undergone, the situation all too clear to him now, and if the sudden tensing of his ANBU behind him was any indication, they realized this as well.

Kyuubi, after Sarutobi finally showed up, turned around to complete his objective here, and spoke up. "Ahh...and only now, after everything is said and done, does the old man show up. Tell me Sarutobi, where were Naruto's escorts tonight?"

Sarutobi flinched at that, as he had realized even before he got here that once again, Naruto's guards had abandoned their posts, deeming the boy not worth their time. Still, he had to rectify this situation as much as possible, and by any means possible. "Kyuubi...what have you done with Naruto? You will return to your seal or I will repeat the events which occurred five years ago! I demand that you-" here he was cut off as Kyuubi flared his killing intent once more, driving the breath from Sarutobi.

"YOU ARE IN NO POSITION TO MAKE DEMANDS SARUTOBI! You WILL be silent and you WILL listen to what I have to say or I will make what you have just seen seem like a blessing from above! Am I clear?" Sarutobi could only nod his head in consent. "Good. Now then, I am only lingering here for one simple thing...to relay a message from Naruto." At this Sarutobi's head snapped up to stare Kyuubi in his blood red eyes. "You mean-?" "SILENCE! Now as I was saying, I am here to relay a message from Naruto, and before you ask...again...Naruto is indeed still here, what you see before you is only temporary and only possible because Naruto himself gave me permission to do so."

Sarutobi gasped at this point 'Naruto agreed to this? That can't be possible, not the kind child I knew, I mean sure he had a rough life, but to agree to such a massacre?'

"Believe it or not Sarutobi he did, but maybe the reason behind why he did will be explained with the simple message he wants me to relay...he knows, old man." All the blood in Sarutobi's face drained at this, realizing the possible implications. "Ahhh, I see you do indeed realize just what that simple statement means. Yes old man, he knows of your constant lies to him, knows just who sacrificed him and how he is related to that person, and more importantly, knows with absolute certainly that he will never be loved here nor trusted, and thus came to the conclusion that he must leave with due haste. And I agree with him. And so, I have one final thing to say before we depart. Ironic, is it not? I, the cause of his burden, have been forgiven and graciously so because it seems I was the only one whom both cared for him and was truthful to him, while the village which he became a sacrifice to protect shunned him, damning themselves in the process. Goodbye Sarutobi, I can't say it's been pleasant...well the killing most certainly was, but this? No, the only joy I derive from this is the cruel irony of this situation."

As his words finished, Naruto's body was wreathed in a column of flame, before both he and the flames seemed to blow out before Sarutobi could even take a step. Seeing such and registering Kyuubi's departing words, the Sandaime fell to his knees, ignoring the gore it landed in. 'Minato...I have failed you...and you as well Naruto...my only remaining hope is that the council will realize that further antagonizing will do nothing other than to rouse Kyuubi's ire...forgive me, Minato, Naruto.

Unfortunately for Sarutobi, his wish was not mean to be, for as soon as he reported to the council hours later of the incident, they immidiately saw Naruto as a possible threat and with a unanimous vote, hunter-nins were deployed en-masse to intercept and kill Naruto. Little did they all know that they would not see the boy for quite a few years, and when they did he would be like nothing they could have imagined.

In a small clearing about five mile out of Konoha, a swirl of flame suddenly blazed out of thin air, which once dispersed, deposited the form of a bestial looking Naruto. Gazing about and making sure the area was devoid of threats, Kyuubi turned in one direction and started to bound through the trees, still using his youki, but in far less amounts, as the amount he previously used could not be sustained without seriously damaging Naruto's body.

'We are clear of any danger for the moment kit, but it will be a while yet before we reach our destination'

Voicing his thoughts in his mind, Naruto replied. 'Where exactly are we going Kyuubi-sama?'

'To an old den of mine, one that has not been discovered, at least to my knowledge. Oh and kit? Drop the -sama, it makes me feel old, if you insist upon using a title call me Kyuubi-sensei.'

'But aren't you ol-err nevermind...wait, why would you want me to call you sensei?'

Amused by Naruto's near slip and the trace of hope he heard in the kit's voice he replied. 'What, did you expect us to do nothing once we got there? No kit, I plan to train you myself! As a being who has lived countless millenia and roamed the lands of this planet in its entirety several times, I have picked up many things from both shinobi and those of similar professions, not to mention my extensive knowledge of Kitsune techniques, some of which you will be able to perform because of my residence inside you."

The smile that lit up Naruto's face made it all worth it in Kyuubi's opinion, for he knew he would be one of the VERY few whom Naruto ever opened up to, and even then, such a genuine smile would be rare.

'Do...do you really mean that? You would train me? Forgive me for my doubt...its just that no one has ever done something for me like this before...' trailing off in the end, Naruto quickly shut off the memories which rose because of such thoughts.

'I do mean it kit, and I will train you. Now, as we head to my old den I need to warn you beforehand; this training will be the hardest thing you have ever experienced. Not the most painful, I shall never have you endure such, but you will be pushed to your limits and beyond. While you are awake, you will train in subjects which I will instruct you in, with pauses only for breaks, eating, and taking care of bodily functions. When you sleep, I shall instruct you face to face in many, many things, ranging from politics to battle tactics. I will be a harsh taskmaster, and at times I know you will hate me, but it will prepare you for anything to come, I can guarantee you that. Now, the only question that remains is: do you accept kit, will you become my protege?'

Naruto only took a moment to make his decision for this was his dream come true! It may be hard, but after all he has endured, at least this will be worth it! With eyes full of determination, Naruto turned to face Kyuubi's semi-corporal avatar in his mindscape (Kyuubi can maintain a ghost like avatar in the mindscape while in control of Naruto's body), and said with absolute finality, 'I accept your training, Kyuubi-sensei.'

In the outside world, Kyuubi let loose a low chuckle which soon turned to a full laugh. 'Good. Good! You shall to far Naruto, my protege. Now then as we have ample time until we arrive to my den, let me begin your training. While in the mindscape, you may not be able to train your body, but the mind is a different matter altogether! Anything you learn in your mind, you only need remember in the outside world, be it chakra-control, jutsus, fighting styles or countless other things, if it involves the mind, it can be trained in your mindscape. Now then, I will teach you how to access your chakra, and then I will teach you a technique that exponentially increase your training capacity, called the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. Normally chakra control would be taught to you before even trying such a taxing technique, but seeing as how much chakra you have, side-effect of my residence, you should be able to just pour your chakra into the technique to create the clones at first after you have access to your chakra. Now then, in order to find your chakra...'

Several hours later, Kyuubi and one mentally exhausted Naruto arrived at Kyuubi's den, and considering what it housed, it was admittedly enormous, set into the cliffside of a mountain overlooking a lush forest surrounded by other mountains, with a lake in the midst of the forest. Considering the size of the hole in the cliff-face Naruto was amazed and confused that no one had found it yet.

'Kyuubi-sensei, how has this massive cavern remained undiscovered? You can spot it from the other side of the forest!'

'That, my young protege, is because of a Kitsune technique that we Kitsunes specialize in: illusions. That will be taught to you later on, but for now, create some clones, and have them go do those tree walking exercises I showed you, for now the real training begins!'

-Twelve years later-

A young man stood atop a cliff overlooking the place that had become his home over the last twelve years. Unlike his years in the village, which stunted his growth and greatly limited his potential, the past twelve years had done wonders the man, for if one saw him, you could call him nothing less. His appearance had gone through a dramatic overhaul throughout the years, and the only thing he could still claim as unchanged was his eye color, and even then it seems to have intensified. The blonde locks, which was a trademark for him as a child, remained as well but they were not alone, for within that sea of blond resided streaks of crimson, two of which formed bangs that traced down the sides of his face, unknowingly mimicking his late human father yet the crimson color of them spoke otherwise.

Where once his hair resembled some kind of blonde-colored urchin atop his head, now it was swept back, still retaining its spikes, but they faced back and flowed down until just past his neck in a spiky mane. His face lost its baby fat, the years of constant training making sure of that, whilst the rest of his facial features were quite reminiscent of a night twelve years ago. For instead of normal teeth, in his mouth resided what one could only call fangs, which were even more pronounced than they were that night. His whisker marks had deepened, looking more like dark crevices upon his face, giving it a far more feral look, and his eyes, while still being a glacier-blue (and just as cold to most), had slits for pupils.

Moving from his face, his body itself was a testament to his training, both in the rewards it reaped, and the difficulty of the training itself. For what had been skin and bones twelve years ago was now a deeply-tanned mass of muscles which appeared more like cables under the skin than a muscle. While quite muscular, he was not overly so, his muscles compacted instead of bulging, thus making sure his speed was not hindered any, nor his limberness. Upon his hands the claws still remained, even more vicious looking that before, and he had most certainly lost his midget-esque stature, now standing a proud (this is a secret pride for Naruto) 6' 4" . Breathing out a sigh, Naruto started his trek down the cliff-face and into his home to get on his gear.

Once arriving at where he slept, he gathered his gear and began to put it on piece-by-piece. He always found this ritual quite relaxing, ever since the gear had been gifted to him by a few of the Kitsune Clan most closely related to Kyuubi, he has treasured it. Thinking about such brought back the memories of that day, one which would be marked as one of his best and change his life forever, but in a way he didn't mind at all...

-Flashback: 5 years ago-

Naruto stirred, the sun's rays managing to snake their way through the cavern in which he resided and make a successful landing upon his face. After a few minutes of pointless squirming, he finally conceded defeat to the sun. 'One day, sun, one day; you shall rue the day you cast your rays upon my face in this ungodly hour! RUE!'

After glaring in the general direction of the sun for a few minutes (it wouldn't do to go blind after all), Naruto let out a weary sigh and proceeded to stretch in his fur-fuuton, created thanks to the err...charity of the woodland creatures in his little alcove in the mountains. As he stretched, he couldn't help but wince as some of his bones shifted back into their proper place with a crack, reminding him of yesterday's grueling workout. Its to work up your skin's toughness he says, it builds character he says...BAH! There is nothing character building about whaling on a boulder for the better part of the day! Yeah maybe the skin might be a little tougher...AFTER it grows back! Damn slave-driver...'

'I heard that.'

'Gah! Kyuubi-sensei you know how much I hate it when you eavesdrop into my thoughts-meant-to-be-private-not-heard!'

'I know kit, but your waking thoughts tend to greatly amuse me, I mean really, what has the poor sun ever done to you?'

Naruto could practically feel the old fox's smirk on his muzzle. 'It comes up.' Naruto said with a grumble, eliciting a chuckle from Kyuubi.

'Yes, well, start your stretches for today even though you will most likely not be doing that much physically.' '

What do you mean Kyuubi-sensei?'

'Just come down to the mindscape after your stretches kit.'


After going through his morning stretch exercises, Naruto sat in a meditative stance, and quickly found himself in his mindscape, seven years of doing this made such an act painfully easy. Upon arriving, Naruto quickly started to traverse the massive trees which blotted out the sky. One might recall his mindscape being a sewer, and while that WAS true, it was found by both Kyuubi and Naruto that the owner's will could determine what his mind appeared as; the stronger the will, the more...extensive the mindscape. Considering this was Naruto, who was always (and still is) stubborn to a fault, his mindscape, when he decided for it to be a forest fit for Kyuubi...was simply massive.

Anyways, as Naruto wove around yet another tree which would make a redwood cry out in envy, there in a small clearing (small for this forest at least) resided Kyuubi, his massive form sitting on his haunches, his nine tails waving peacefully behind him as his eyes fell upon Naruto. Upon arriving in the clearing, Naruto bowed at the waist to Kyuubi.

"Good morning, Kyuubi-sensei."

Kyuubi sighed upon seeing this, a well know routine he had been unable to break Naruto of. "That it is kit, but must you perform such formalities? There is no need when we are alone."

And he spoke the truth, for after seven years basically alone with nothing but the other, they had become very close, and most certainly beyond a student-teacher relationship, but what they were, they were not sure (Its a platonic relationship to those who are wondering).

Tilting his head to the side, very much reminiscent of a true kit, Naruto replied. "But you are my sensei, and as such it is only fitting I give you the proper respect." He stated it just like he did every other day, and just like every other day Kyuubi gave a great sigh before dropping the matter.

"Very well kit, however today I have a surprise for you."

Naruto perked up at this, it wasn't often that such a thing happened. "A surprise, Kyuubi-sensei?"

"Aye, you remember when I talked about my clan all those years ago Naruto?"

Naruto thought for a moment, before nodding his head slightly. "Vaguely Kyuubi-sama, but I try not to remember much of that night, for while your avenging of me was...quite enjoyable...the rest...not so much."

Kyuubi nodded solemly at Naruto's response, he didn't blame the kit a bit. "Understandable kit, but back to the matter at hand, you have progressed at a rate even I am astonished of these past seven years, you have thrown yourself completely into your training, and would prove a challenge to almost any shinobi below a kage at this point."

Naruto couldn't help but to puff up his chest at this, a complement from Kyuubi truly meant something, as he didn't give them often.

"In the coming years, I know you will become a force to be feared in these lands, and I could not be more proud. That being said, you are prepared enough, and I find you worthy enough, of becoming the first wielder of the Kitsune Clan contract."

Naruto's eyes bulged out at this. 'The Kitsune Clan contract? I get to summon Kyuubi-sensei's people?' "You...you really mean it? This is...I don't know what to say Kyuubi-sensei...I'm honored..."

Kyuubi let out a booming laugh at this. "You don't have to say anything, kit! Just sign the contract, and perform the handsigns Dog, Boar, Monkey, Bird, and Sheep, cut your hand, and slam in onto the ground while proclaiming "Summoning Jutsu!" Remember, the amount of chakra you put into the technique determines the rank of Kitsune summoned, with the highest being an eight-tailed kitsune, seeing as how the nine-tailed is me, and I am sealed within here."

As he finished speaking, a crimson scroll with gold-gilded runes appeared at Kyuubi's paws, and with a tail he handed it to Naruto. Naruto, being alone with a person he trusted, was able to let his happiness show with a giddy bouncing to his feet. Upon having the contract handed to him, he quickly opened it up, signed his name in his blood, and watched as the contract rolled itself back up and disappeared in poof of smoke. After doing so, Naruto returned to the real world and blurred towards a large clearing in the forest around his home. Upon arriving, he did the handsigns, gathered a substantial amount of chakra, bit his thumb, and slammed his hand onto the ground proclaiming "SUMMONING JUTSU!" and the area was bathed in smoke.

When the smoke cleared, Naruto realized a few things. One: Since when were the trees below him? Two: He didn't remember the grass being this particular shade of blue, and finally Three: ….he didn't remember the ground breathing either. Upon these revelations, Naruto looked forward, and found himself face-to-snout with a very large, and slightly annoyed looking blue furred Kitsune head. Composing himself (it would not do to appear disrespectful in front of Kyuubi-sensei's people), Naruto bowed at the waist to the kitsune, and said,

"Greeting Kitsune-san, I am Naruto, may I ask of your name?"

At this the kitsune raised an eyeridge, and said in a decidedly feminine voice laced with amusement "My name is Asami, young Naruto. But I have a question. Tell me how, exactly a human has come upon our contract? I and all the other Kitsune know for a fact the only way to do such would be to gain great favor from Kyuubi-sama, and he has been missing for twelve years now."

Having expected this answer, Naruto replied in kind. "Before I give you your answer Asami-san tell me, are you able to enter a person's mindscape given that they give you permission to do so?"

Getting truly curious now, Asami gave Naruto her undivided attention. "I am, all I need to do is concentrate a bit of youki into one of my tail tips and press it onto your forehead, but it would leave us both vulnerable; what exactly is going on here, Naruto-san?"

"All will be made clear Asami-san, I swear upon my life that I do not have any ill intentions towards you, so please follow me, I have a place where we will be safe." Gathering chakra into his legs, Naruto jumped off of Asani's back and dropped the considerable distance to the forest floor, where upon landing proceeded to shoot off in the direction of the den.

Asani, slightly impressed with the human's speed, followed at a trot and soon both entered the massive cavern in the cliff-face. "That entrance was covered by a Kitsune illusion!"

Turning around, Naruto replied in an amused voice, "Indeed it was Asani-san, are you ready?" Nodding her head, she gathered youki into one of her eight tails and touched it to Naruto's head, and both slumped to the floor unconsious.

Upon entering the mindscape, Asani was shocked by the sheer scale of the forest's trees, but nevertheless followed Naruto once more at a sedate trot. However, her composure was competely shattered when they both entered a clearing and sitting there, looking as regal as she remembered, was Kyuubi-sama himself. Remembering just whom she was in the presence of, the quickly lowered her front paws, performing what could only be a Kitsune's version of a bow, and said, "Kyuubi-sama! It is an honor to be in your presence once again! But...we have not heard from you for twelve years, and to find you in the mind of a human child of all places is shocking, to say the least!"

Naruto stood off to the side, letting Asani have her say. Kyuubi meanwhile, instantly recognized the sapphire-blue coat of his most trusted advisor, Asani. 'I should have seen this coming, the very first summoning the kit tries and he summons Asani, basically the second-in-command of the Kitsune Clan!' Straightening up, Kyuubi replied.

"Ahh Asani my trusted advisor, it has been too long, but pleasantries can wait, I assume you would like the reason behind this?" After seeing her nod her head, Kyuubi continued. "Then sit down Asani, this will be quite the tale. Now then, it all started the day of October 10th, twelve years ago..." (You already know what happened, recanting would be boring for you and a pain for me)

After the story was done, with Naruto having found his way onto one of Kyuubi's tails (which did not escape Asani), Asani sat there absorbing the shocking tale she was told. "So let me see if I have this right...you are sealed into Naruto here, and due to the Shinigami himself performing the sealing, you are essentially stuck with the boy until he dies?" Seeing Kyuubi nod at this, she sighed and went onto the next important detail of the story. "And Naruto here, you are training him as your protege?" At this she was slightly shocked at both the warm look and warm tone Kyuubi's voice took as he looked upon Naruto, who was patiently waiting, quite content among Kyuubi's tails.

"Yes, I most certainly am, and I must say, he is the most dedicated kit I have ever seen." This was rewarded with a beaming smile from Naruto, and a slight squeeze of the tail he rested upon.

All these quite close interactions were not lost on Asani, so her next statement held a hint of teasing. "Yes, I can see that now, however I must wonder at whether he may become more?..." She trailed off at the end, Naruto looking slightly confused by the statement, and Kyuubi sending a warning glance to Asani, who dropped the subject and went onto her last statement before she left for the summon realm once more.

"Anyways, only one last thing needs to be covered, and then I'll be on my way, and that is the equipment that will be made for you, Naruto. You see, with you being the protege of Kyuubi-sama, you get certain perks. One of these perks is a set of custom armor and weapons, made from a chakra-reinforced alloy. After all, we can't have the protege of our esteemed leader gallivanting around in just anything, now can we?"

Naruto could only nod absentmindedly. 'Who knew being Kyuubi's protege would reap such gifts? I finally won't look like a moving safety cone anymore!'

Seeing Naruto nod his assent, Asani proceeded to let a small wave of her youki, also blue, over him, immediately getting Naruto's measurements. Her objectives completed, she bid them farewell. "I have recorded you measurements, and the armor-smith will be sure to have the sets done within a day or two, for one word gets out of just whom you are protege to, it will be all that old smith will concentrate on, I can guarantee you that much. It has been a pleasure, Kyuubi-sama, Naruto-san." And with that, Asani faded out of the mindscape, leaving only Naruto and Kyuubi.

Now that Asani was gone, Naruto was curious as to what she mean by "whether he may become more", and so asked. "Kyuubi-sensei, what did Asana-san mean by "whether he may become more"? I didn't miss the glance you sent at her, and I am curious as to what she meant?"

Kyuubi sighed, getting ready to reveal something he has been pondering for a good year now. "Well, I planned to talk to you about this eventually, and now that Asani has brought it into the open, this is as good a time as any. But before I do tell you, I have something to ask of you and I want you to be completely honest." Naruto said straighter at this, giving Kyuubi his undivided attention. "These past seven years we have lived in isolation with only eachother for company, have you been happy? Would you do this again, if given the chance, knowing just how hard it has been? Answer with a brutal honesty kit, for this is important to me."

Naruto sat there on one of Kyuubi's tails for a good half hour reviewing the past seven years, making sure that when he replied he gave Kyuubi-sensei just what he asked for, after all, he owed the great fox so much. Once he had compiled his answer, Naruto replied. "Well I will admit that the training was obscenely grueling, and there were times in the beginning where I admit I hated you for it." Kyuubi's long ears drooped at this, but what Naruto said next remedied that. "HOWEVER...while the training was hard and long, and you spoke truthfully of your harshness...it was the best time of my life. I realized eventually that while you were a strict taskmaster, you did it because you cared for me and wanted to make sure that I was well prepared for whatever may come in the future. Kyuubi-sensei...you were the only one who was ever truly there for me when I needed it, you were there to heal me after the beatings, even if you were not aware at the time, you were there to avenge my torture that night seven years ago, and most importantly, you were wholly and utterly truthful to me; if you did not want to tell me something you said as much, but you never lied to me. And for all this Kyuubi-sensei, I care for you more than any other I have met, even what I had with Sarutobi cannot begin to compare." His answer given, Naruto waited for Kyuubi's response, but was shocked when he observed tears streaking down the fox's face.

After hearing what Naruto first said about him hating him at first, Kyuubi couldn't help but lower his ears a little, after all it hurt a bit...but he did ask for brutal honesty, and Naruto did not deny his request. However, his initial pain was quickly swept away by Naruto's heartfelt admittance to how grateful he was to Kyuubi, and just how much he cared for him. At the end Kyuubi couldn't help it, and honestly didn't care as tears of happiness streaked down his muzzle, for this was better than he could have ever hoped, and after such a heartfelt proclamation from Naruto, his decision was made.

"Naruto...I-I.." Here he composed himself once more, staring down at Naruto tenderly. "Thank you, Naruto...what you have just said means more to me than any event I can remember in all my millenia of life. I, in kind, have grown to care for you just as much in these seven years Naruto...I will admit, this past year I have come to view you as the son I've never had."

Naruto's eyes performed a valiant attempt at escaping their sockets at this statement. 'He...views me as his..son? I mean that much to him?'

Continuing on, Kyuubi decided to drop the proverbial bomb on Naruto. "In fact, over the past year I have been tossing this idea around in my head, and with your moving words just now, I have made my decision. Naruto, if you would allow me, I would like to make you my son and heir." At this Naruto jolted so violently he managed to tumble right off of Kyuubi's tail and onto the ground where he layed there, looking into the vast forest canopy of his mindscape.

After a good ten minutes of not moving, Kyuubi began to get worried...hell the kit hadn't even blinked! "...Kit, are you there?"

Naruto remained silent for a few seconds more, then blinked once and slowly looked towards Kyuubi. His face was impassive as he looked upon Kyuubi, and said in a monotone that Kyuubi didn't know what to make of, "You want to be my father?"

Kyuubi gave Naruto a level gaze of his own, and answered in a serious tone, "Yes Naruto, I do. I swear upon my tails and life I want you as my son for WHO you are, not what you are or what you've done."

At this statement, the proverbial dam broke, and Naruto blurred as he smacked into Kyuubi's flank, tears streaming down his face the whole time. "YES! YES, I would want nothing more! Thank you! Thank you...father." The last word was said in nary a whisper, as if just mentioning the word would render the statement false. They remained this way for a good hour, Naruto latched onto Kyuubi's left flank like a tick, and Kyuubi curled around the boy with his tails nearly smothering Naruto.

Once Naruto had come down from the emotional high, he looked at his sens-...no, father, and asked, "While I can't say how grateful I am for this, what exactly does this mean? How can you really become my father?"

Kyuubi looked down upon his new son and heir, and replied, "I won't lie Naruto, the process would be painful...possibly more painful than that night, most likely not, but I can't know for sure."

Naruto gulped at that. 'More painful than burning alive?...he says it most likely won't be, but the mere thought is enough...however, if this is needed for him to truly be my father...so be it.' Steeling himself, he replied, "Though the thought of that kind of pain is not pleasant...I don't care. If that's what it takes for you to be my father, then so be it."

"If you're sure...very well. Now let me explain exactly what his will do. What I'm going to do is essentially a massive power transfer, during which I will give you ALL of my considerable power, leaving me as just a soul locked within you, and leaving you as the new Kyuubi." Seeing Naruto about to protest, he quickly spoke once more. "Before you protest Naruto, think about it for a second. We both know that there is no way of extracting me without killing you in the process, and I absolutely refuse to let that happen. So when you think about it, does it matter exactly who holds the power? Besides, as you are now your body cannot handle my full power, you would die long before that point." Seeing his point but still not liking it, Naruto grudgingly nodded with a slight pout, causing Kyuubi to snicker before he continued.

"Now then, back to the main topic. You will become a full-blooded Kitsune, gaining all our strengths and weaknesses though the latter is virtually nonexistent, well at least as compared to how you are now. However, unlike the rest of the Kitsune Clan, you will have three forms, your full Kitsune form, your hybrid form, and finally, due to your original human heritage, you human form, however even in your human form you new heritage will show through in the form of the changes that overcome you when I am in control."

"Hold on just a second Kyuu-...father, what exactly do you mean? The Kitsune Clan has two different forms? Why have you never taken on this hybrid form before?"

"Because I've had no need to, I am most comfortable in my natural form. And before you ask, the hybrid form simply enables us to walk upright, we still retain almost all of our Kitsune features, the only exception being our forepaws become more dextrous, enabling us to grip and hold objects, and our size becomes generally human-sized, though there are exceptions. How else did you think the armorsmith was going to forge your armor, hmm?" He has a teasing tone at the end, and Naruto couldn't hold in the sheepish blush that adorned his face at the statement.

Composing himself, Naruto asked a question which had been bugging him for a few minutes now. "Father, exactly how long will this process take?"

Kyuubi thought for a minute before giving his reply, "To be honest Naruto I'm not completely sure, but I do know that it will not exceed a day's time. During the transfer, I will force you into your mindscape for the duration of the change, and comfort you as best I am able."

Naruto shakily nodded and answered back, "A-Allright, I think I can manage a day 'I hope', so when can we do this?"

"Now if you want, your body is already safe within the cave, so I could start the process at any moment."

'Now huh...well damn this is going to suck! But...the reward will far outweigh the initial pain, I'll have a father! No point postponing it...once more...damn this is going to suck.' Gathering up the full amount of his courage, Naruto gave his consent, "Alright...lets do this."

Kyuubi nodded, gathering up a colossal amount of youki and gave his son some last words before it began. "Alright son get ready, I'm not sure how much this will hurt...but know this: I am proud of you, Naruto, and I love you." With this parting statement, he let loose a titanic amount of youki, pouring all he had into the surrounding forest around them, the youki traveling throughout Naruto's body and beginning the process.

Naruto stood there for a few seconds, wondering if this was it...all he felt was a warm tingling sensation... "Hey dad! I thought you said this would hurt? Its only a little...aww hell wait a second that's a little warm-...oh damn that's hot! shit shit shit! SON OF A-AUUUUUGGGHHH!" With this last statement Naruto collapsed onto the forest floor, writhing in agony and making sure everything around him knew it. Thankfully it wasn't at bad as being burned alive...it only felt like barbed knives were being driven into every inch of his body.

As Naruto writhed in pain, Kyuubi quickly picked up the struggling boy and set him down in his mass of tails, whispering sweet nothings into the boy's ear trying anything he could think of to alleviate his new son's pain. If anyone would have walked in on the scene, they would be conflicted as to whether they should run in fright from the massive beast, stare incredulously at the scene, or for those of more...feminine personalities, gush at the sight. It would be nearly a full day later when Naruto woke up again, and his life would be forever altered.

Groaning as he started to rouse, Naruto was finding himself in a great deal of pain. 'Ohhhh...why do I seem to have the tendency to find myself in soul-deep agonizing situations? I mean come on, finding out what a day in the life of a bonfire is like was bad enough! Sitting up groggily, Naruto absentmindedly scratched his muzzle, waiting for his mind to wake u-...hold on just a second...muzzle? Finally remembering exactly what occurred before he passed out, Naruto dashed to the nearest reflective surface, which was the still waters of the nearby lake. Standing near the water, Naruto gazed at his reflection and allowed his jaw to drop. For there, peering right back at him was what he could only call a mini-Kyuubi. Even then, he was only mini comparatively speaking, because in human terms he was a VERY respectable 7' tall blood red fox. Just like his father said, the only real difference between him and his full Kitsune form was his dextrous paws and a skeletal structure designed for walking on two paws. Besides that, he only thing he could see different from Kyuubi was that his eyes remained their glacier-blue, they just encompassed the entire eye except for his slit pupils.

'Wow...I mean WOW! Is this really me?'

'Indeed it is son, and if I do say so myself you look rather stunning.' This caused Naruto's right eye to twitch.

'That wouldn't be because I'm a miniature version of you, now would it?'

'Of course not.'

Naruto doubted that statement, but chose not to say anything.

After a few seconds, Kyuubi talked in his head again, this time with slight hesitation. 'Son...do you like it?'

Naruto let off a smirk, which honestly looked more like a snarl with his muzzle, and replied, 'Of course I do! I'm the spitting image of my legendary father! Like father like son, ne?'

Kyuubi laughed at this, relieved his son enjoyed his hybrid form. "Good, I'm glad you like it son. Now then, onto some technical issues that need to be spoke of. Because you are now a Kitsune, to change between forms is instinctual, just imagine yourself in the form you wish, be it human, hybrid, or kitsune. As a result of your transformation, your speed, strength and reflexes have been amplified about twice over from your already substantial levels, but getting used to these will be a quick task. However, I hate to tell you this kit, but you will need to do redo your chakra control exerciese...well youki control exercises, because not only do you have a completely new type of energy, you have exponentially more to control. Now let's not waste any time, create some clones and go do the basic tree climbing exercises, just be careful on how much youki you use; youki is far more potent than chakra.

Nodding, Naruto changed into his near-human form, after all, you never know who may be snooping around and the last thing he needed was someone screaming about demons here for anyone to hear. Walking to a tree a little smaller than a redwood, he gathered what he thought was a very small amount of his youki into one of his feet and proceeded to set it on the tree. Unfortunately for Naruto and the tree, he failed to comprehend just how much more youki he had than chakra before, and just how potent youki was.

So it was with a resounding explosion that the tree found itself missing its bottom 10 feet, and Naruto found himself experiencing a day in the life of a cannonball, rocketing the opposite direction from the sawdust he left behind straight out onto the lake, which he thought would be able to stop him. Once more he was sorely mistaken, for upon his body reaching the surface of the lake he found himself just as quickly skipping right back off, repeating this process clear across the lake and onto the shoreline, where upon contact proceeded to dig himself a nice 10 meter trench with his face, finally coming to a stop with his ass in the air, his legs twitching occasionally. This of course was to much for Kyuubi who had watched the whole thing, and finally let loose with gut-wrenching laughter.

'mmmff!...pppfffffftttt HAAAAAA! BWAHAHA 'wheeze' HAHAHA 'gasp'' This was the sound that Naruto returned to consciousness with, and upon digging his face out the landscape, proceeded to pout like he had never pouted before.

'Oh...oh hell! That...'wheeze'...that had to be the funniest thing I've ever seen in all my years! Words cannot describe 'gasp' how funny it looked when you skipped across the ENTIRE lake! And this trench! Look at it! You...you made some of the grass catch on fire!..pffffttt!'

And once more Kyuubi devolved into a shaking, howling mass of Kitsune in Naruto's head, trying in vain to alleviate his aching ribs. Of course this did nothing to help Naruto's pout, if anything it intensified it. If Uchiha Sasuke were to come across this scene, he would have taken notes on the scowl engraved upon Naruto's face, for surely such a scowl would enable him to destroy his brother with a gaze alone!

It took the rest of the day to just regain his ability to tree-walk, and that was with the veritable army of clones he created to help with such a task. Many trees found their end that day, and many a Naruto clone found themselves experiencing the flight of their short lives. By the end of the day, Naruto could safely say with all his clones memories that he was an expert at the flight path of ballistics...with personal experience.

The next day, while Naruto and his clones were retraining themselves in water-walking (many fish that day were traumatized for life), Naruto stopped mid exercise, feeling some unexplainable tug on his person. "Father, do you know what this tugging feeling is?"

Kyuubi felt through Naruto's senses, and replied, "Ah, the armorsmith must be done making your equipment, someone of the Kitsune Clan is hailing you. In order to summon that certain kitsune, just concentrate on that tugging sensation while you perform the summoning, they will do the rest."

Nodding his head, Naruto walked to the shore of the lake and performed the handsigns before summoning whoever called him. Upon the smoke from the summoning clearing, there stood a familiar blue-coated kitsune, hanging from her mouth a small (relatively) satchel.

Upon the smoke clearing, Asani oriented herself before looking around. When her eyes fell upon Naruto, she was momentarily startled, but quickly had a small smirk form on the side of her muzzle. Putting down her cargo, she spoke up. "Greetings Naruto-san...or should I say...Kyuubi-sama?"

Naruto smacked his face at this. "Please, just call me Naruto, at least when we're alone. To those I know well and/or care for, there's no need for formalities. When we're not alone, I suppose protocol must be kept, but please speak freely, Asani-chan" Naruto emphasized the last word, aiming to throw off Asani.

It worked, for Asani lightly blushed, luckily for her her fur prevented anyone from seeing. "A-Alright...Naruto. Anyways, unfortunately I'm only here shortly to deliver your new equipment and to explain to you its functions then I must be off, after all, being your second in command is a busy job."

At the word "equipment" Naruto bolted for the satchel laying on the ground a few feet from him, grabbed the bag and led Asani back to the den so they wouldn't attract any unwanted attention. Upon arriving, Naruto undid the satchel and reverently set out each piece of equipment on an indentation on the cavern wall.

After setting the equipment down, Naruto took his time to view each piece, with Asani waiting patiently in the background for his inspection to end. The first piece he came across was a helm. The metal part really only covered his forehead, sides and top of his skull. The color of the metal was nearly silver, but had veins of ebony which weaved throughout its structure. The helm itself was a masterpiece, the top of it almost mimicked his hair; metal spikes swept backwards its entire length, tapering off only at the back of the skull. On the sides, the ears were completely covered, and from them extended a replica reminiscent of Kyuubi's long ears, with microscopic holes in the area where his ears were located so he could hear. On the front, the helm extended down to just past his eye level, but did not cover his eyes. Two spikes of metal reached just short of his eyes on both sides, and the helm tapered down his nose between his eyes. Upon the forehead of the metal a miniature Kyuubi was gracefully inscribed, showing him in an attack pose with one paw raised menacingly. On the sides of the helm, there were clasps designed to hold a cloth, enabling him to wear a mask while the helm was on, leaving only his eyes and part of his nose showing. (If you need a better mental image, the only comparison I can think of is the helmet on Ninja Gaiden 2, but with the considerable aforementioned attachments to it. While I'm at it, I own nothing of the Ninja Gaiden 1 or 2 game)

The next pieces he came across were shoulder pauldrons. Both were made of the same metal, and were segmented, giving flexibility while still maintaining protection. On the underside of each were black leather straps for attaching the pauldron to the shoulder.

Next were two gauntlets, once again of the same metal, and covered his entire hand and a good half of his forearm. The fingers on each had vicious looking segments, each ending with a spike whilst the tips had menacing claws, which would enable him to wear them, seeing as how his claws would cause problems otherwise. Upon the plates which covered his lower forearm and hand, a flame pattern was inscribed into the metal.

Moving onto the next pieces, Naruto came to his greaves. These were attached to a pair of black-colored tights, and were obviously designed to keep his maneuverability intact. The metal was mostly located on the outside thighs of the tights, with a few thin plates on the back of the legs to hopefully ward off an attack.

Next were his boots. Like the gauntlets they were designed to look menacing, and did an exceptional job of it. The foot of the boot was designed to appear as if it was a fox paw, with four clawed digits extending out the end of the boot. They extended up to form shin guards, with the area of the ankle consisting of a mass of tiny segmented metal plates, designed for the wearer to maintain his maneuverability once again. Like on the gauntlets, they sported the flame like design once more.

The last piece of armor was by far the most substantial: the chestpiece. As with all the others, this too was made of the same metal, it was a form-fitting plate on the chest area stopping at the abs, while the lower torso area had segmented plates protecting his sides, with his abdomen clear of metal. Unlike the others, this piece was for the most part devoid of decorations, the only one being the kanji for "Kyuubi" engraved onto the middle of the chest piece, and seemingly filled in with some red translucent material, giving it an ominous finality.

As he moved onto the weapons he found a set of both shuriken and kunai made of the same metal, with their corresponding pouches, and what appeared to be a nodachi. The nodachi's sheath was an ebony black material, of what he wasn't sure, but upon pulling out the blade itself, he whistled in appreciation. The hilt of the weapon consisted of a pommel in the shape of a roaring fox head, the grip was a comfortable black leather woven around the metal shaft, and the guard was a hollow ring of the metal with nine consecutive tails winding from the base to the outer ring. The blade itself was about 5 feet long, and had very light etches of runes engraved upon its flat surface.

Glancing quickly at the remaining pile of clothes, Naruto was relived to find a pair of black baggy pants, along with a black overshirt to cover his torso, for some reason running around in tights brought an involuntary shudder to his mind along with the color green...weird. His inspection done, Naruto turned to the awaiting blue kitsune, and bowed deeply, stating, "Thank for for this equipment Asani...they truly are masterpieces."

Asani nodded back, and finally spoke up. "Then I shall tell the armorsmith you send your thanks and praise, I am sure he will be delighted to know that the new Kyuubi thinks so highly of his creations. Now then, onto what exactly your equipment can do. As I've told you before, the metal is an alloy infused with youki, not only increasing its protection, but enabling you to channel your youki through it. While this may not be of much use regarding the chestpiece, greaves or helm, you will find that it will be possible to send out blades of your youki through the claw-tips of both your gauntlets and boots, as well as your kunai, shurikens and nodachi. The clothes you see to the side have the same metal weaved into the clothing itself in an inner layer, giving you moderate protection with those as well. You will find on the insides of your armor are runes. These are there in the occasion that your armor somehow takes damage. While it is very strong, it is not invincible. If such an event occurs, simply send your youki to the armor piece, and it will slowly regenerate using your youki as material. Although I would advise you to do this outside of battle, as the process consumes a great deal of youki and requires concentration you may not be able to spare on the battlefield. Last but certainly not least, all you see here will adjust to your hybrid form should you change with it on, however make sure to take it off if you change to full kitsune form...this armor is amazing, yes, but has its limits. Now, I beg your pardon Naruto, but I need to get back to my duties, good luck, and welcome to the clan." With a warm smile on her muzzle, she departed once more in a cloud of smoke, leaving Naruto to admire his new equipment.

'Well, it would seem we have a lot to work on Naruto. That nodachi means I need to teach you a sword style as well...alright, you know the drill! You may be my son now but that doesn't mean I'll go easy on you, hop to it!' With that proclamation, Naruto grumbled for a few seconds before proceeding with his pre-training stretches, getting ready for yet another day of training.

-End of Flashback-

As Naruto finished putting on his equipment, he decided to see what was going on today. 'Father, you up yet?' Hearing a groan in his head, Naruto withheld a chuckle.

"...I am now son...never thought you'd be the one to wake me up, but I must admit ever since you finished your training a few months ago, getting to sleep in has been wonderful."

And indeed Naruto's training was finished, at least for now, for while there were always more fighting styles to teach and techniques to learn, his current arsenal was far more than adequate at the moment with 3 different taijutsu styles mastered, 2 kenjutsu styles mastered, and enough jutsus no make even Kakashi envious; he had his bases covered well. And if those weren't enough? His kitsune illusions were on par with Itachi's genjutsu. And if all of THAT didn't work? Well he could simply change into his hybrid form or, God-forbid, his full kitsune form, in which he could just proceed to step on them.

But just because his training was done did not mean he had been idle these past few months, oh no, he had been out and about earning himself a fearsome reputation, as he figured the time for hiding was over; he could protect himself now. When he unveiled himself with his debut, he sent the shinobi world into a frenzy; decimating the Akatsuki and dropping off their dead bodies in front of the gates of their respective abandoned villages will do that. Now, Naruto was powerful, yes, but even he had to admit that the Akatsuki was nothing to scoff at. One on one, he could handle them with relative ease, but because they traveled in groups of two things were made a little more difficult. While they were impressive alone, the groups they were separated into worked in frightening unity, which belied their conflicting personalities.

When he fought Konan and Pein, he was even forced into his hybrid body because of Pein's Rinnegan. Luckily his terrifying appearance was enough to stun them for a moment, but it was all he needed to turn the tide in his favor and the eventual victory. Madara...he was a pain in the ASS! Thankfully he was cocky enough to think he could take Naruto on his own, and that had sealed his fate. The main problem with Madara was that while he was strong...that paled in comparison by his simple refusal to die! Kyuubi wasn't kidding when he said the eternal mangekyo sharingan made him hard to kill...he literally had to incinerate the bastard down to the last cell! If he didn't he found out (much to his frustration) that he came right back like a damn cockroach.

Of course, after his debut and making sure the guards at the gates got a good look at him before he darted off, Naruto quickly gained a reputation as an elite freelance shinobi, taking high-risk escort, assassination, and infiltrations missions. Due to this he was able to nab a Bingo book off some klutz of a chuunin during an infiltration mission, and found himself listed as a S-Class ronin (don't see those often) with a bounty of five million ryo to turn in alive...nothing if dead. Apparently the villages wanted to bleed him dry once they got him...laughable. Of course, even more interesting was that Konoha's bingo book in the last month had bounties for both alive and dead...wonder if they figured it out? And the last thing he found from the bingo books he nabbed? Why, he got a nifty nickname! Of course, the nickname made him sound like some kind of superhero or villain, but he didn't mind and he couldn't blame them for the name. Given that his favorite (by FAR) elements to use were lightning and fire, especially both combined, and his tendency to form kitsunes in his elemental attacks...he didn't blame them for calling him the Genkeishitsu Kitsune, or the Plasma Fox.

Done with his reminiscing of the past few months, Naruto returned to the conversation at present. "I'm sure it has been wonderful, but I was wondering what was on the schedule for today?" There was a pause, during which Naruto could SWEAR he heard pages turning, before his father spoke up once more.

'Well, there is an escort mission in the land of Wave, apparently the Daimyo of Wave wants to travel to Snow country to increase trade relations...and he's willing to pay quite well."

Naruto groaned as he heard the word "escort" "Ugghh...do I have to? You know how much I'd rather just kill or spy on humans...escorting them always makes me feel dirty."

'Now now, this is to continue your reputation, and if you only kill humans people will fear you, and therefore not hire you.'

Heaving a great sigh, Naruto conceded the point and jumped out of his den, travelling out towards Wave country.

As he was nearing the border of Wave country, he sensed approaching chakra signatures closing in on him with a pattern that left him either forced to confront them or turn back the way he came. 'Father, you sense them too?'

'Yes, if I'm sensing them correctly, at least five high-jounin level signatures, and over ten high chuunin to low jounin signatures, and judging by their formation...seems like they've been expecting you.'

Naruto only gave the mental equivalent of a nod, for they were now within possible viewing distance; it would not benefit him any for them to get any clues as to his identity...and seemingly talking to oneself either told viewers that a: he was crazy or b: there was actually something to talk to. Landing in a small clearing, he awaited his would-be ambushers, and sure enough, not even thirty seconds later he found himself surrounded by...leaf shinobi 'Well shit...looks like my assumptions may have not been so far-fetched after all...'

"Halt! By order of the Godaime Hokage, you are hereby ordered to come with us!" One of the high-jounin signature shinobi said, his cigarette quickly snuffed out at the presence in front of him...he would need all the concentration he could manage if the rumors were true...even more so if it was who they thought...

The figure in the middle of the clearing slowly moved his head around observing the shinobi around him, the metal of his helm making him seem eerily machine-like. As his eyes passed over some, a few of the chuunin level shinobi couldn't help the shiver that went down their spines as his glacial orbs passed over them.

As Naruto observed them, he had an inner dialogue going on. 'Hmmm...interesting bunch...is that pink hair NATURAL?..yeesh...there's an Uchiha if those red orbs are anything to go by...thought I killed them all...oh well...and...#(O% GOOD LORD what ARE those two? Green SPANDEX...ORANGE arm and leg warmers...and are those fuzzy caterpillars on their heads?...happy place happy place happy place...right, guess I should answer cancer-man over there.' Shuddering once more at the image of those two...things, Naruto turned his attention to the 'cancer-man' and answered in a monotonous voice, "Firstly, I was standing here when you yelled halt...there was no need. And secondly...who are you and your hokage to tell ME what to do...last I checked I wasn't a shinobi of the leaf.

As he finished speaking those around him prepared for a fight, if this next statement didn't work then they would have little choice. Cancer-man spoke up once more, revealing their ace. "You may not have been a shinobi of the leaf...but you were a citizen, weren't you...Naruto?"

There was a pause as this was revealed, before Naruto broke out in a chuckle at first, which quickly descended into laughter. However, this didn't calm the surrounding shinobi in the least for there was nothing happy in that laugh. It was cold, detached, and carried a good bit of maliciousness in it. "Ah...so you finally figured it out hmmm? What gave me away? I could only assume you put the pieces together, my obsession with kitsunes, my elimination of Akatsuki, my...bestial appearance. Oh well, not like it matters much anyways, you want to capture me and I have no interests in going back to that place. And thus I do believe the time for talk is over, come at me if you dare." The last words were spoken in a low tone, hinting of the danger that doing so would bring as he got into an unknown stance, his hands bared as if they were claws...which upon closer inspection they were.

All was quiet in the clearing for a few moments, before it literally exploded into action, Naruto seeming blurring on the spot at he engaged in a high-speed taijutsu battle with one of the green freaks, all the while avoiding incoming fire from the others. However, what he and Kyuubi failed to notice in all the commotion was that one silver-haired man did not engage him, and instead retreated back a few trees as a contingency plan should everything go bad.

As the fight continued, it became all to clear to those fighting that something was wrong. Here they were, already starting to pant a little, while this...thing they were fighting with didn't even appear to break a sweat. Already he had taken out seven of their number, three of which were high jounin, and the rest were quickly becoming exhausted. What they didn't realize was a dire flaw in mass attacks; the possibility of friendly fire increased exponentially, and Naruto was using that to his advantage, flinging his enemies into their allies attacks whenever he got the chance.

As Kakashi observed the battle, after twenty minutes the outcome was all to clear. Therefore, he gave them all the order to retreat on his signal, and lifted up his headband, revealing not only his well known sharingan eye...but also the far less known version it had now shifted into: the mangekyo sharingan, and his gave him an ability he would use well.

Back at the fight, Naruto and Kyuubi were starting to get suspicious; while their enemies were still fighting, they seemed to only be doing so while waiting for something, but for what they didn't know. As the fight continued, both Naruto and Kyuubi sensed a large increase of chakra in the forest behind them, and at the same time their opponents all jumped away. Swinging around and preparing for an incoming attack, both were unprepared as they peered into the all too familiar eye of a mangekyo sharingan, and the last thing they saw before everything went black was the world distorting around them.

Coming to awareness with a painful crash, Naruto opened his eyes to find himself lying on some sort of odd black gravelly material with the occasional yellow stripe. 'Odd' 'Hey father, have any idea what this stuff is?'

Kyuubi was just as baffled as Naruto. 'I'm afraid not son...it almost looks like volcanic lava after it dries, but the complexion is all wrong.' As both were busy studying this strange phenomenon, they missed the sound of something large approaching, but that was quickly remedied when a blaring siren from hell blazed into their eardrums. Whipping around, Naruto came face-to-grill with a giant mechanical monstrosity.


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