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"Get that thing out of my face!" – Normal speaking

'What the hell was that thing?' – Thoughts/thinking

'Hello?' 'Hello?' – Thought-speak

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-Rude awakenings, a home, and...*whistles*-

Upon seeing the metal monstrosity barreling towards him, Naruto did not think, he just acted. Fortunately for Naruto this saved him from a rather painful first-encounter. However, things were not so fortunate for little Pablo the chihuahua, but that is neither here nor there. Upon re-orienting himself to his new location after the kawarimi, Naruto retreated into an adjacent alley and quickly cast a kitsune illusion upon the back corner of said alley where he now resided to think things through.

'Ok...lets have a little brainstorming team here for a second father...last I remembered I was fighting a miniature horde of leaf shinobi, until that silver-haired shinobi did something with what appeared to be a mangekyo sharingan...I miss anything?'

Thinking for a second, Kyuubi did in fact remember a few disturbing details from those last few seconds. 'I'm afraid so son...think about the bingo books we've read...who in them has gravity-defying silver-hair, comes from Konoha and has one sharingan eye?'

Naruto nearly smacked himself for his idiocy...the traits were obvious. 'Well shit...Sharingan Kakashi, owner of over a thousand jutsus 'though I know more, you silver-haired bastard'

'Aye kit, and apparently he had the mangekyo as well; if you remember, each mangekyo grants the owner an ability that only they can use...and I think we found out what his was. I clearly remember space seeming to warp around us before everything went black...what does that sound like?' Kyuubi finished in a solemn tone, and Naruto paled at what his father was suggesting.

'A dimension warp...but that's impossible! Shinobi have tried for centuries to create a jutsu with such an effect...and here a man was simply given it?'

'Regardless of the impossible odds of such a thing occurring...look around you you recognize any of what is around us? To further confirm the fact...reach out with your youki...what do you feel?'

Looking around, Naruto couldn't help but admit that the only thing he could recognize around here were the bricks on the buildings...and that was only the one on his right! The one to his left was made entirely of metal...metal! Taking Kyuubi's final suggestion to heart, Naruto let out a barely noticeable pulse of youki, looking for whatever his father wanted him to find. 'Don't know what he wants me to find...I don't feel an-...I don't feel ANY chakra around here! But I'm in what appears to be a massive village!' Concentrating, Naruto finally was able to sense the chakra signatures swarming around him. There were thousands!, tens of thousands, if not more! However...'They all have a civilian's chakra...most even lower...'

'Correct...which tells us that either they have their chakra users VERY well hidden...or the more probable scenario considering our situation, is that they simply do not know of it.'

Sitting down for a minute, (carefully, this alley was disgusting!) Naruto absorbed what he was just told 'A world with no chakra-users...can this be real? I suppose it has to be, seeing as how I'm looking at it...well at least I have a clear advantage here.' 'Well...on the bright side father, I have a very clear advantage over the inhabitants of this dimension, so it would seem.'

Chuckling, Kyuubi replied. 'That you do son...what say you to exploring our new home? I doubt we're going to find another dimension warp just lying around.'

It was a slightly depressing thought, but it wasn't too hard of a hit; after all, the only beings he has attachments to came with him, considering that he could still feel the presence of the Kitsune Clan, a perk of being their leader. However, it would be highly unwise to summon them here...he had a feeling the humans would not appreciate it. 'We might as well father, and while I'm mapping out our general location, keep an eye out for any possible locations for a new den.' Feeling his father's acceptance, Naruto proceeded to body flicker to the top of the brick building then quickly scale the enormous metal building, which apparently had large windows as well, which he avoided. Upon arriving at the top, Naruto perched himself on the edge to get a good indication of how large this village was...and froze in horror.

'F-f-father...what the hell is this?' For instead of a boundary marking the edge of this massive village...everything as far as he could see was covered in buildings, with only the occasional patch of trees... none of which could be considered a true forest. 'Buildings...everywhere!...the humans are everywhere!'

Kyuubi didn't bother to respond for a moment, considering he was just as stunned. After composing himself he took notice of his son's rising panic and quickly spoke up. 'Calm down son...they cannot be everywhere, for if they were, how would they get food? You need very large tracts of land to feed such an enormous population, so there is bound to be natural land somewhere.'

Naruto calmed down slightly at this, but still wasn't happy. 'I suppose so...but there's so many humans around here...its making my skin crawl just standing here!'

Kyuubi sighed at this...while he could understand his son's aversion to humanity, his multi-millenia of experience had shown that while a large part of humanity was indeed how Naruto imagined them, there were those whom were just the opposite...he just had to find them. 'Naruto...while I can understand your reasons for your hatred...not all are like the ones you encountered. I'm not saying you have to like them...but not all of them are as bad as you think.'

Naruto's face blanked, and he replied in a monotone. 'Until they prove otherwise father...they will always be vile creatures in my eyes'

Sighing, but dropping the subject regardless, Kyuubi fell into silence once again 'Well at least he's giving them the chance to prove it...'

Naruto once more started exploring his new surroundings, jumping from rooftop to rooftop at speeds which no human could see. Silently he admitted to himself that what he saw was impressive...the kage towers of the villages he had been to back at his dimension were absolutely tiny compared to some...ok most of the buildings he was traversing. A few seemed to even touch the lowest clouds...a feat seen only in Kumo...and that was only because they built their village on the top of a mountain, not ground level! Continuing on his exploration, he soared across the skyline for a good twenty more minutes before Kyuubi finally spoke up.

'Hold up a second son! I think I see a spot that might just be an acceptable area for your new den. Let me take over for a second and lead us there.'

Giving up control, Naruto's eyes simply changed from glacier-blue to blood-red signifying Kyuubi's control. Naruto watched as his body headed towards a decently sized plot of trees in the middle of this enormous city; while it was not a full-blown forest it was the largest group of trees around, both in amount and size. It did have some open areas and paths for humans, so it was apparently some kind of park. As they landed Naruto was given back control, and he proceeded to look around with an illusion cast over him.

Naruto almost immediately dismissed any area close to a path, open field or one of those colorful metal contraptions that small children seemed attracted to, and instead sought the more forested areas of the park. Upon passing what appeared to be a forgotten shed of some sort, he briefly considered it before dismissing it. He did not know for certain that is was abandoned, and a used shed suddenly disappearing would attract unwanted attention to his new den. It was nearing sundown by the time Naruto found the location of his new home; a natural rock formation that was well covered by the surrounding trees, with a stream winding its way past a good 50 meters away. Smiling to himself and making sure no one was near, he cast a silencing jutsu to nullify any noise and cast a large area kitsune illusion over the formation; if any stray pedestrian passed by, it would appear that nothing had changed at all.

Nearly 3 days of drilling with the occasional food/sleep/business break later, Naruto finally finished boring out his new den. His method of drilling out his home was a variation of Kyuubi's Menacing Ball attack. Instead of actually letting it loose into an apocalyptic beam (while although fun, would be quite counterproductive), he instead kept it in a compressed sphere and spun it at high-speeds...unknowingly nearly replicating his ex-father's famous rasengan, just made with youki and quite a bit more powerful. The design of the den itself was nothing too complex, but nevertheless had some ingenious additions to it. The entrance was simple enough, an eight foot tall arch was bored into the rock formation, and immediately started heading downwards at approximately a 30 degree decline. This continued for a good 100 meters, but in a spiral so that his den would lie below the natural rock formation, thus avoiding any awkward encounters should anyone decide for whatever reason that they needed to dig around the area (He admitted he might be a little paranoid with the security of his den...but he wanted some peace and quiet, damn it!). Running along the side of the passageway was a small semi-spherical canal, no more than 6 inches deep. This canal started from atop the rock formation near his entrance, a small 6' radius shallow cone funnel carved into the top of the formation with a hole drilled at the center which led down into the beginning of the canal at the cavern entrance. The purpose of this was to channel water down into his den for drinking purposes and, if there was enough rainfall, a possible bath.

Upon the entrance passageway ending a good 30 meters underground, the path leveled off into a 9' circular main room with a radius of around 10 feet As of yet nothing was put there, but he planned to...acquire a few commodities for it, namely some cushions and cloth for a sitting area. Three short halls branched off from this main room, all three leading into similar but slightly smaller circular rooms. The one to the left (when facing from the entrance) is where the water channel trailed off to, the hall at a slight decline while the canal maintained its height carved into the side of the passage, so that once the room was entered it was about 4 feet high off the cavern floor. The channel wound around carved into the wall of the room until it hit a deep basin also carved into the wall, where the channel poured into. This was to be the drinking water for his den, should he not want to go to the outside stream. A canal of the same size was carved into the opposite side of the basin for when it was full. In such an event, (which was likely; the vegetation around the park suggested heavy rainfall) the water would flow into the new canal, which gradually wound down the side of the wall until it hit the floor, where it then emptied into a very large pool which took an entire half of the room, designed to hold enormous amounts of excess water.

The middle room was very simple, once more a circular room but this one was empty. He planned on this room to be a storehouse for his food. His small amount of scrolls he carried on him were full of kunai, shuriken, ninja wire and his nodachi, so he was forced to stockpile his food in here and use preservation jutsus to keep it fresh. While he preferred to eat his meals fresh and raw, it was always a good idea to prepare for anything...his father made sure this was drilled into his head.

The last room was the bedroom...well what he considered a bedroom. Humans might raise an eyebrow at his idea of one, but he was not human, now was he? It once more consisted of a simple circular room. This room would hold his armor, weapons and clothes while he was not wearing them, as well as the rest of his belongings. To the right when you entered, the wall was bored out along the floor into a space that reached 5 feet up, 8 feet across and about 6 feet inwards; this was to be his 'bed'. Of course, this would either have comfortable blankets or a mass of furs draped on the floor here to form his bed.

The last obstacle he came across was simple...things 30 meters underground were very, VERY dark. To alleviate this situation, he simply used what he did at his old cavern (which was FAR larger); youki lamps! These were gifts for him on his fifteenth birthday, after Asani noticed how dark his home got well before the sun went down. Simply put, these were paper lamps designed to hold a decent amount of youki in the seals embedded in their wooden tops, that when upon being charged would channel minute amounts of youki into the youki-infused paper of the lamp, making it light up in a glow of whatever color the lamp was designed for. Naruto requested a soft but deep blue...for although he liked his red fur...he found that he got pissed off easily if he was surrounded by the color.

Upon giving a final inspection and making sure everything was fine, Naruto cast an extremely powerful kitsune illusion upon the entrance and funnel atop the rocks to hide his presence, and with a weary sigh, dragged himself into his room, threw off his armor and clothes, changed into his hybrid form and slunk into his fur-laden bed before falling into a deep sleep as soon as his head hit the furs. (He took all his possessions from his old den remember? That includes the furs for his bed) Nearly a full day later Naruto woke up, feeling more well-rested than he had in a while...then again it had been quite some time since he was able to sleep in his hybrid form. Walking into his storeroom, he quickly nabbed a rabbit hanging from the wall and ate it as he entered his washroom. Upon entering a smile made its way across his muzzle 'Looks like it has rained since I've been asleep' And indeed it had, the basin was full, and the pool was up to 2 feet near the wall. (maximum of 8 feet, deepest at wall, tapers off to 3 feet at base) While it wasn't all that much, the canal had a small stream pouring into it, the sound of running water quite comforting. Done with his inspection, Naruto got a quick drink and headed back into his room to get on his armor and face the day.

While putting on his armor and changing back into human form, Naruto heard his father beginning to stir. 'Good morning father.'

'mmfff..hmm? Oh, good morning to you as well son...I didn't mention this before you fell asleep, but outstanding job on the den, it looks quite cozy.'

'Thank you, I'm quite proud of it myself, and yes the bed proved to be as comfortable as it looks.' Kyuubi nodded at that, before speaking up once more.

'Doing some more exploring today son?'

'Yes, I have yet to explore the area around the den thoroughly; our initial location was quite far away from this park, after all.' All he got was a feeling of acknowledgment from his father as he fell silent, content to just sit and watch through his son's eyes. Gathering up himself for yet another day amongst humans, Naruto exited his den after making sure the area was clear, and darted off into the surrounding cityscape.

It was nearing mid-day when Naruto finally sensed something of interest; an odd chakra signature that seemingly originated from the very park where he now resided. Curious, Naruto approached the signature through the trees, making sure to suppress his youki to nearly undetectable levels as he came within visual range of the signature. Oddly enough, it seemed to be coming from the shed he dismissed a few days back...seems his intuition was correct after all. However, before he could move closer to see what was inside, he sensed another presence and concealed himself in the branches of the tree before waiting.

It was under his incredulous gaze that a boy that appeared no older than 13 with brown hair and huge yellow goggles approached the shed with what seemed to be a box of pastries, if the scent emanating from it was anything to go by. However it was the way in which the boy approached that spiked Naruto's was as if the boy was making sure no one was bad for him. Once the boy was sure (or so he thought) the area was clear, he did a complete personality-flip, standing up straight and literally shouting "Hey boy! I got some bread for ya!" Naruto nearly fell out of the tree at this due to the weight of the sweatdrop that formed on his head 'Damn...I know he's not trained in stealth or anything but...just wow.'

However what happened next caused him to freeze on the spot, for out of the shed came what he could only call a huge red lizard which proceeded to tackle the kid. He was thinking about intervening until he saw that the lizard-thing was actually...playing with the kid? ' that odd chakra I felt is coming from a very large, very red...and very playful lizard...' "Takatomon!" '…...very large, red, playful, TALKING lizard...father? You see this too right?'

'…...Yes...yes I do...though exactly WHAT I'm looking at I have no idea. I would have initially said a lesser beast race...but I've met ALL the beast races throughout my years, and none look anything like this.'

'Right...well lets just keep quiet for now and observe.'


Naruto sat perched in the tree for a good twenty minutes just listening to them banter. Well, truly it was quite one-sided with this 'Takatomon' kid (though somehow he doubted that was his real name...or he hoped) ranting on and on about anything and everything, with the big red lizard called 'Guilmon' (which the kid called him) nodding absently while he attempted to stuff as many pastries into his mouth at once as he could. He noticed the kid kept swinging this odd looking red and white device around while he talked, but seeing as how it didn't seem to do anything he dismissed it. Having enough of these two for one day he dashed back out onto the skyline once more, this time remembering what that unique chakra-like signature felt like...who knows, where there is one, there is most likely more.

As he continued his roof jumping he reviewed what he gained from the conversation...and it wasn't fact in the time it took to jump two roofs he was done. Guilmon, while it had what seemed like a pretty decent amount of muscle buildup, was...slow, to say the least, and not just physically. He talked and acted like one would at the age of five, maybe even less. 'Takatomon'...screw it, he's gonna call the brat Takato...he didn't miss the flinches whenever Guilmon would call him Takatomon...and Takato sounded far better. Anyways, Takato...he might have been even worse than Guilmon. While it was obvious the kid had some type of education...he seemed like a complete airhead with an attention span of a flea with ADD. All in all...while this Guilmon could most likely cause trouble to the humans around here if he so him? Threat level: Nil.

It was around three in the afternoon when he detected the next signature. While it seemed to have some base familiarity with the previous, it was unique as well. The location however surprised him, for instead of being hidden in some secret hideaway like Guilmon was...the signature was moving, and in an area full of human signatures. 'Surely these creature's aren't a common sight? If that were the case that brat would have no need to hide Guilmon.' Now curious, Naruto perched on the edge of a building and looked below him where he detected the signature coming from. At first all he saw were people...until he spotted what appeared to be the lovechild of a rabbit and a narwhal atop a mop of blue hair and acting very reminiscent of a doll. 'While I can certainly appreciate their use of the term "Hiding in plain sight", I must ask the question: father...what the hell is that? I can kind of understand an overgrown lizard...but this?' Judging by the dead silence in his head, it seemed that Kyuubi hadn't the slightest clue either. Sure enough, '...You're guess is as good as mine son...seems we really know how to pick dimensions eh?' Naruto snorted at that 'Not like we had a choice anyways.' 'Errr...right. Anyways I suggest you follow this pair as well, we might get some useful information from them and they don't appear to be as...absent as the previous.' Nodding, Naruto set off after them, making sure he masked his signature as he followed them to a large apartment building. When they entered, Naruto perched on the roof and waited until both signatures came to a stop in a room connected to a balcony. Quickly performing a camouflage jutsu, Naruto crawled down the side of the building until he was just above the balcony where the two resided. He tried to get as comfortable as he could while clinging to a wall upside-down vertically and listened into the conversation inside, which even though it was whispered and through a wall, his kitsune hearing quickly negated such trifle barriers.

Henry sighed for what seemed the hundredth time today as he listened to Terriermon once again whine in his oh-so-sarcastic way about not being able to battle any digimon. "But Henryyyy, why won't you let me fight any? Its not like the bad digimon are going to come back as zombies and eat our brains after we delete them!" Sighing once more, Henry prepared to, once again, tell Terriermon why 'Maybe I shouldn't have let him watch those zombie movies...' "Terriermon...that's EXACTLY why I won't let you fight! Digimon are alive just like humans, we can't just go around killing them! On top of that, I don't want you to have to kill anything!" "Momentai...fine...we'll just let them go around attacking people." 'There's his famous sarcasm again...' "You know I don't mean it like that. If we had the chance to talk to them I know things would work out, but someone keeps deleting them before we get there." Terriermon just rolled his eyes at this "Whatever you say, Henry."

Back outside, Naruto was quite pleased with the information he got from that pair as he once more proceeded to roof hop. 'Much, much better than the previous two, these guys actually had a meaningful conversation with some useful information!'

'I'll say, its certainly was refreshing...even if that 'Henry' human was...a severe disappointment.'

Naruto couldn't quite keep the scoff of disgust off of his face at that. 'Disappointment is a complete understatement, father! He's the biggest pacifist I've ever heard of! According to the conversation, more of these 'digimon' are around, and they're not nearly as nice as the ones we've seen...and that kid wants to talk to them? He had better be grateful that he was born in this dimension instead of ours, he would have been eaten alive, but not before becoming the laughing stock of the shinobi world! 'sigh' But I'm let's review what conclusions we can make from this last conversation. These creatures are apparently called digimon, and if what we've seen is any indication, they are very...diverse. Secondly, those two seemed to be partners of some sort, and Henry carried a device just like that Takato kid did, only his had green instead of red which leads to the conclusion that those devices have something to do with this partnership they seem to have in both cases. Finally, there appears to be "bad" digimon that come from...somewhere...which proceed to attack anything around them; anything I miss?'

Kyuubi thought for a moment, seeing if there was any hidden clues in the previous conversation. Finding none, he replied, 'No, I think you have the bases covered son, good job on the intel by the way, I told you those espionage missions were worth it!'

'Hai hai...but damn they were boring...anyways, what say you to sweeping our general are for one of these "bad" digimon? Maybe we'll get lucky, I've really been itching for a fight ever since we've arrived here.'

'I agree, and if you want we can spar some more in your mindscape, we haven't done that in quite some time' 'Not to mention he's the only one who can actually manage to match me...before he came along I hadn't had a good fight in millenia!'

'I think I'll take you up on that offer regardless of whether we find a digimon or not...its just too much fun to say no! What say you to a Menacing Ball spree tonight?'

One could almost hear Kyuubi writhe in anticipation. 'You're on son!'

Smiling at the fun they would have in the mindscape tonight, Naruto focused on his surroundings, sending out pulses of youki to serve as a sort of chakra-detector.

Four hours and many games of "I spy" later, Naruto finally got a hit. The sun had just set, so he no longer had a need to sustain his camouflage jutsu so he let it go, his intimidating form phasing into existence complete with spiky, gleaming silver armor and helmet, his mask securely fastened on his face. Upon arriving at where he felt the chakra, he came upon some odd stationary fog that seemed to stay in place. He entered cautiously, memories of an old foe coming to mind who specialized in the "Silent Killing" style; Momochi Zabuza. After passing the fog, he stared at the being facing away from him. It appeared to be some sort of large, yellow furred ape, with what appeared to be a few...feathers..coming out of its lower arms. (Its an apemon) Before he could decide whether or not to battle this overgrown monkey, he heard what appeared to be a young girl's voice shout out "Walk all over him, Renamon!" 'Walk all over him? Sweet Kami above that was horrible! She needs a few pointers' Here his thoughts completely derailed, crashed and exploded simultaneously as he beheld an angel burst out of the fog and land a vicious round-house kick on the ape's face, sending it careening into a tree.

Now, one might ask what could have caused such a battle-hardened veteran to freeze in the middle of a battle situation? Well it's quite simple, for before Naruto's eyes was simply a vixen from Kami above. She stood at what appeared to be either just seven feet tall or a little below it. All of her paws were covered in a soft white fur, and were adorned with 3 black claws. While her hind paws were shaped just as any fox's, her forepaws were separated so that she was able to hold things with them. On top of that, both of her forepaws were adorned with purple fingerless gloves that nearly extended up to her shoulders, each glove adorned with a yin-yang symbol. The fur on her belly and up was the same white as her paws, disappearing under a mane of white fur which encased her entire neck. The rest of her legs and torso were covered in a golden yellow fur, with the exception of purple yin-yang shaped fur on her outer thighs. Coming out of the junction where her arms met her shoulders, three golden spikes of fur shot out backwards, slightly fanning out. Her tail could have slightly dragged on the ground if she let it, and was a mass of fluffy golden-yellow fur until the tip, which was once more white. Her ears were long, he daresay as long as his in his hybrid form, narrow and golden-yellow furred as well until the tips, which were white. Her muzzle tapered off into a dainty black nose and a small mouth, and she had what appeared to be a zig-zag of purple fur under her eyes. And her eyes...they were what truly caught his attention. Floating in a black abyss, her glacier-blue pupils (exactly matching his eye's color, just not slitted) seemed to pierce through her opponent as she glared at the ape. In Naruto's eyes, perfection was the understatement of the millennium.

Staring agape at the sight for a few seconds more, Naruto's shinobi side eventually won out, snapping him out of his daze, and jumped onto a tree branch and watched the fight below, still having a hard time snapping out of it. 'Gah! Enough already, ogle later, pay attention to surroundings now!' 'Hey father, keep a look out for that girl we heard earlier while I keep an eye on the fight' waiting for an acknowledgment and getting nothing after ten seconds, Naruto tried again louder this time 'Father!' This time he received a very inattentive answer. 'huh?' '...father? Snap out of it! Yeah, I know she's a beauty but we have a fight to pay attention to!' …..'huh?' 'sigh...FATHER! I'm giving you a fair warning, don't make me use force!' …...'huh?' 'right...don't say I didn't warn you...Godspeed father.' Sending his 'force', Naruto went back to paying attention to the fight.

In Naruto's mindscape, Kyuubi was a drooling bag of hormones right now, far too busy eying the vixen through Naruto's eyes. So engrossed in the heavenly vision was he, that he didn't pick up the first sound, but the second sound echoing through the forest snapped him out of his daze long enough to notice his odd surroundings. Usually the forest in here was relatively quiet, but still had the sounds of wildlife in it. These were absent...the forest was eerily silent. To add to the weirdness, the forest either had day or night judging on whether Naruto was asleep or not...right now it was in a gloomy twilight, the trees casting hazy shadows upon the small clearing in which he lay.

"..h" Kyuubi turned in the direction he heard the noise, yet the forest was eerily quiet once more. Straining his ears, he managed to make out what sounded like a twig snapping far in the distance. "" there it was again! Swinging around faster this time, Kyuubi was beginning to get a little nervous, the dead silence of the forest disturbing him. "...osh!" Whatever it was it was getting closer, and seemed to be either rapidly changing location or there was more than one. 'What did Naruto say?...something about warning?'beginning to get a bad feeling now, he got down into a ready crouch "yosh!" this time he heard the word clearly and was very near; it tugged at his memory as if he had heard if once before. Waiting for a few minutes this time, he heard nothing more. 'Maybe whatever it was went away...' Nodding to himself, Kyuubi turned around to get comfortable once more...and stopped as he stared into a pair of massive black orbs. Everything was silent for a moment, before..."YOSH! GAI-SENSEI, I HAVE FOUND THE ONE YOU SPOKE OF!" Kyuubi did what any being would do when confronted with such a creature, especially upon remembering just what was before him...he screamed like a little schoolgirl, backpedaling frantically to get away from the monstrosity...only to freeze in horror when he heard a similar, yet even louder voice behind him. "YOSH! CONGRATULATIONS LEE! YOUR FLAMES OF YOUTH BURN BRIGHTLY TONIGHT! COME, LET US WELCOME OUR NEW BROTHER INTO THE FOLD! With this, brow freak senior proceeded to bring out a massive green spandex out of...somewhere. What was weird was that it kind of had the shape"OH KAMI ABOVE! I'M SORRY! NARUTO I'M SORRY! I'LL BE GOOD, I'LL PAY ATTENTION I SWEAR IT! Soon Kyuubi's screams of horror could be heard throughout the entire mindscape.

Chuckling softly as he heard his father's desperate pleas, he waited only a few more seconds before dispersing his mind-horrors, as he liked to call them. He let his father be, knowing he would need some time to recover, and watched as "Renamon" proceeded to finish things up, jumping into the air where she seemed to hover, and crossing her arms in front of her chest before flinging them out to her sides, where upon she cried out "Diamond Storm!" As if summoned by her words alone, hundreds of small ice shards rained down upon the ape, who cried out in one final act of defiance before exploding into some kind of energy mist, which Renamon promptly absorbed.

Naruto reviewed the fight in his mind, going over what he saw of her. 'Not bad really...her speed is low to mid-chuunin if I were to guess, and she seems to have no clear fighting style...more of a freelance. However, considering she most likely trained herself, it's impressive. She does need to work on her strength a bit, while its considerable, it can be more. All in all, a little rough around the edges, but the potential is there, it just needs to be harnessed.' Done with his review of the fight, Naruto once more looked back to where Renamon stood. However, only a few seconds after he did so she suddenly tensed and looked in his direction, and quickly locked eyes with him. Seeing her eyes slightly widen, Naruto decided it was a good time to go...for now. He would keep track of this "Renamon"...out of the three "good" digimon he had seen so far, she had the most promise...and the fact that she was beautiful helped as well. Seeing that she was preparing to advance on him, Naruto crouched down upon the branch he was on, coiling his powerful leg muscles, and with a mighty snap of his legs hurled himself clear of the tree and into the night sky where he body flickered to a nearby rooftop, missing the astonished gaze he left behind.

'Another night...another fight.' Renamon sighed as she dodged yet another far too slow "Mega Bone Stick!" 'For a champion, this monkey sure is slow...both in the head and movement-wise.' Dodging his far to obvious move once more, she struck his side calling out "Power Paw!" Apemon stumbled back, his chest heaving...a rookie she may be, but that doesn't mean you should underestimate her. Seeing that her opponent was on his last leg, she decided to wrap things up. 'Might as well; Rika will get mad at me if I prolong this fight any further.' Jumping into the air, Renamon gathered some of her energy and initiated her finale "Diamond Storm!" As the Apemon gave one final defiant cry, Renamon gave off a soft sign before absorbing his data. 'Lately it feels like these battles are hardly doing anything for me...its as if I've reached some kind of barrier...' As she prepared to return to her tamer, she sensed a barely noticeable odd energy signature in a tree to her left. Preparing for possibly another digimon, she spun around and looked at the area where she felt it coming from. There on a branch far above the ground was whom she felt, and upon seeing it she felt her eyes widen. The being was clad in a mixture of pitch black cloth and a silvery metal which seemed to have veins of ebony winding through them. While the black cloth just made the stranger blend in well and appear secretive, the metal armor that adorned his body made her internally shiver...cruel claws extended out of his gauntlets, his feet were clad in boots eerily reminiscent of her own feet, only with 4 claws instead of 3, and it was flat-footed. However it was his (for the general shape certainly appeared male) face and helmet that was the most intimidating. The helmet had cruel spikes adorning its top for its entire length, and ear shaped protrusions, once more eerily shaped like her own ears, extended from the sides. His face was completely covered by his mask, giving him a mysterious appearance...that just left his eyes which were peering at her with an intensity like none she had seen before...the glacier-blue so much like her own...but even she would admit that these twin-icebergs staring at her had a coldness to them that left her short of breath. Luckily that coldness didn't seem reserved for her, instead he seemed to be...evaluating her? Indeed, he peered down upon her as if studying an interesting specimen...and it was beginning to annoy her.

He was obviously a human if his shape was anything to go by, and he certainly didn't emit any digital energy. Getting ready to apprehend this unknown male, she tensed her legs, only to stop as he saw this and got into a crouch as if preparing to spring. 'Good luck jumping from that height human, the fall alone wou..." She trailed off in the end, gaping in astonished disbelief as the human rocketed into the sky, where he seemed to hover for a moment before vanishing in a flash of flame. 'I-I-Impossible! No human has such capabilities, and he was not a digimon, so just how did he do that? I don't think even I could jump that high on my best of days!' Gaping for a moment longer, she was caught off guard by her tamer entering the clearing.

"Renamon! What took you so long?" Rika stood there, hands on her hips and a stern frown on her features.

Taking a quick glance back to where the mysterious stranger had disappeared, she managed to school her features into a look of nonchalance. "I just thought I heard something is all, and went to investigate."

Rika's frown deepened just the slightest amount before replying "Well come on! I plan on getting at least some sleep tonight!" And with that she marched off back towards the house, Renamon phasing into the shadows and following Rika, all the while her thoughts on the mysterious man.

Over the following months Naruto kept a vigilant, but distant watch on Renamon and Rika, only getting within detection range when there was a fight. This at first disturbed Renamon, and she tried to confront him several times before she began to notice odd things in her fights. It was at first insignificant things, like the digimon she was fighting would flinch for the barest of moments, giving her just enough time for a well-placed strike. It was during a harder battle against an experienced Greymon that she finally caught onto just what was happening.

When she was about to be rammed by the dinosaur when a silver gleam zipped through the air between them, startling the Greymon enough so that she was able to roll out of the way in time. Upon glancing at where the silver object landed, she found a large knife-like object with a circular loop attached to the end of it. She recognized it from one of the pouches she spotted on the man during their first he was distracting the digimon when she needed it, but not enough to ruin her fight?...Interesting, but what were his reasons? She did not sense any malice coming from him, and the few times in which their eyes locked she saw only genuine curiosity. At more and more battles came and went, he showed himself more and more to her, and after two months he stood in plain view of her in the branches of the trees, helping when needed but otherwise just watching. Oddly though, he always steered clear of Rika, as if he had an aversion to her. She found herself looking forward to the next battle, the mysterious man who did things no human could do made her curious as well, they even shared the occasional small smile after battle, though it was hard to tell through his mask. They had yet to say anything to one another, but for some reason she had a feeling that would change soon as well.

It was a cool clear night when Renamon was awoken from her spot in the backyard tree by Rika's d-power detecting yet another wild one. Looking forward to meeting the mysterious man yet again, she eagerly followed behind Rika as they approached the entry zone. However, she was getting a bad feeling in her gut as they walked through the fog, and she soon found out why. There, standing in the middle of the area was an abnormally large Allomon. Upon Rika's declaration of "Walk all over him, Renamon." She dashed towards the behemoth, landing a direct Power Paw onto the side of his head. Imagine her surprise when the Allomon barely even flinched, and retaliated with a Dynamite Head at point blank range, causing her to cry out in pain as she was launched into a nearby tree, momentarily knocking the wind out of her. "Renamon! I know you can do better, I expect more from you!" Not wanting to let down her tamer, Renamon stood up once more and approached the Allomon again, this time with much more caution...this champion was abnormally strong. He lunged at her, and she rolled out of the way before jumping into the air, preparing a Diamond Storm. However, she was once more caught off guard when the Allomon rolled as well, albeit clumsily, and let loose a stream of fire right at her with a cry of Dino Burst! She nearly screamed in pain this time, the fire licking at her painfully. She had seen the strange knives desperately trying to distract the Allomon, even to the point of directly attacking the digimon, but he just seemed to shrug them off as if they were nothing (which, considering their size probably were). She tried to get up, but pain wracked her entire body as she did so, therefore she was left defenseless as yet another stream of flame came at her, her vision blurring in and out of focus. As the fire was nearing she recognized the black and silver which seemed to appear in front of her, and for the first time she heard his voice...though whatever she was expecting this certainly wasn't it. "Hold onto me tightly. Quickly!" Startled by his menacing voice and the anger she heard in it, she started for a moment before she latched onto his back as he faced forward. The last thing she heard and saw before everything went black was his cry of "Menacing Ball!" and the sky suddenly turning a violent crimson as the world seemed to fall silent with an ominous pulse.

When she awoke, it was not to the feeling of bark underneath her or the sound of wind passing through the tree, it was to a soft, oddly furry ground and the faint sound of flowing water echoing. 'Furry ground? Flowing water echoing? There are no echoes in a tree!' It was then that memories of her fight flashed through her mind, the abnormally strong Allomon, the pain of the flames, the menacing voice of the man as he told her to grab on...

"The man!" She shot up, her ear-tips scraping along the low ceiling of the bed area. She looked up, confused by the stone above her head before she heard an oddly familiar voice.

"You should be more careful, we wouldn't want to add a concussion to your list of injuries, now would we?" A deep voice resounded, holding just a hint of amusement in it.

Turning towards the voice, she once again saw the mysterious man, this time sitting on what appeared to be a simple stool made out of wood, while he sharpened a very long sword with a methodicalness of one who had done such many times before. While she observed her surroundings, he spoke up once more.

"Sorry if the accommodations weren't to your liking, they're all I have to sleep on though, so I had to make due."

Feeling a little rude for being so quiet, she finally spoke up. "No...its fine, quite comfortable if I do say so myself...but what happened, and where are we?"

He seemed to heave a sigh of relief, though at what she was not sure, before he responded. "You remember the battle right? Up until I told you to hold on?" Seeing her nod he continued, "Well, after you held onto me I got us out of there, but not before...dealing...with the overgrown lizard...after all, we wouldn't want your...partner to get hurt."

While she was grateful for the rescue, she did not like the way he emphasized it was distasteful just to say it. "Thank you for the rescue...but I do not appreciate you talking of Rika in such a way...what has she done to you?"

He gave a weary sigh before responding in a reminiscing tone. " not to fond of humans."

This statement left Renamon greatly confused. "What do you mean, not fond of humans? Aren't you one yourself?"

Apparently this was the wrong thing to say, because his eyes grew cold behind his mask before he seemed to listen to something for a moment, giving a slight nod 'odd', and his eyes once more returned to a neutral look and he answered in a voice thick with amusement, "Rena-san, look at my eyes...see anything odd?"

At this she faltered for a moment at the odd question before doing as he asked. 'What exactly am I looking for here? White sclera? Check. Glacier-blue irises? Check. Slitted pupils? Chec-...slitted pupils?' Looking once again, she saw that he did indeed have slitted pupils...which humans did not have. "Slitted pupils...what are you?"

He seemed to pause for a bit at that, giving her a scrutinizing gaze, before redirecting her question. "Maybe later...I never answered your previous question did I" Previous question?...oh the location! Seeing her realization, he held his arms to his sides, palms face up in a facade of greatness "Welcome to my humble den." The last word caught her off guard, why would he call it a den?

"Now then, why don't you get up and we can grab a bite to eat and get some drink, what do you say?"

Offering his still gauntlet-covered hand, he waited until she lightly grasped it and was quickly lifted to her feet with a surprising strength. Nodding her head in thanks, she looked back at where she lay and paused for a moment. 'No wonder what I was resting on felt furry...I was sleeping on furs!' The stored this info away as yet another interesting quirk about the man, and followed him out of the room and into the main one, which held a few soft looking bundles of fur but nothing more. Following him into the far left room, she looked at the channel of flowing water carved into the wall of this stone home, and was impressed by the room they entered. It seemed to be a washroom of sorts, and like everything else she had seen in here so far besides the furs, everything was either made out of stone, or carved out of the wall itself. Upon being led to a basin in the wall, she nodded in thanks before cupping her paws and proceeded to take a few gulps full of the water, which was surprisingly fresh and cool, considering she saw no means of cooling it down in here...which let her to ask her next question.

"Where does this water come from? I noticed it flowing in the main room, do you have a pump or something?"

Naruto gave a light chuckle before responding, surprising Renamon once more...she had never heard him chuckle or anything near it...he also seemed to be more open here. "To answer your first question, the water comes from the surface if it rains. As to the second, it ties in with the first; the water simply flows downwards."

At this revelation Renamon snapped her head up to stare at the man incredulously. "Wait, we're underground?"

This once more amused Naruto, he actually let a laugh slip through this time. "Indeed...a little over thirty meters to be exact."

This only served to confuse Renamon even more. 'How can he be underground in a city this populated? This most certainly isn't any basement I've ever seen' "...Where exactly are we? This obviously isn't a basement, or at least not one I've ever seen."

He stopped his drinking for a moment before regarding her with that critical gaze again for a few moments before responding. "I could just transport you out of here without you knowing...but I would like to think I can trust you. A word of caution; I do not give out my trust easily, nor do those whom break it get off easy; I give this warning because I do not wish to harm you. Can I trust you, Renamon?"

Not expecting such a brutally honest response, she looked at his eyes and saw that he was being quite serious...a breach of trust would not be taken she needed to think this through. Although he was extremely secretive and paranoid, she supposed he had his reasons...he wasn't human, that had to be a big factor. Secondly, though she was suspicious at first, his helping her out when she needed it went a long way in her eyes, especially since he had saved her life earlier...if he held ill intentions towards her, saving her wouldn't be very advantageous to him. Although it would pain her to keep secrets from Rika...she will keep his trust.

As Renamon was thinking, Naruto was quite pleased. Unlike most people who would immediately answer in the positive, she took her time to actually think about this. This, more than anything else was what convinced him that he could trust her, for she realized the gravity of the situation and responded accordingly; she was being truthful to him with this act alone.

Her decision made, she finally responded. "You can trust me..." here she trailed off, realizing she never got his name. "You know it can be considered rude to know someone's name and not give your own?"

He actually had the grace to look away sheepishly at that. " would seem with all of the excitement I've forgotten such a basic name is Naruto."

"Then you can trust me, Naruto."

Naruto clapped his hands together, as if closing an imaginary file. "Excellent! Now, what would you prefer; to eat first or know exactly where we are?"

Before she could answer her stomach decided to do so instead, drawing a blush from her. 'Thank goodness for my fur, that would have been embarrasing.'

Meanwhile Naruto was just barely suppressing a snort 'I bet she thinks I don't know she just blushed...when one is naturally covered in fur themselves, they find other ways of noticing.' "Well, it appears your body spoke for do like rabbit or deer right? If not I'm going to have to go find something else..."

Rabbit? Deer? Odd...well she wasn't picky, considering the fact she ate what she was given with Rika, such a trait would be quickly crushed. "Well, to be honest I've never had any but I'm willing to try."

He nodded at his before asking a question which caught her off guard. "Well that works, now for the final question before we eat. Do you eat it raw or cooked?"

"I suppose whatever is readily available, I should be able to eat it."

He nodded once more and turned around, heading into the middle room and calling out behind him, "Perfect! Follow me, the food's stored over here."

Upon walking into the room Renamon had to compose herself. If she didn't believe his remark about not being a human before, she was a firm believer now. A whole wall was was covered in dead animals, all hung up with a rope and staked to the wall. Naruto just walked up to a clump of rabbits, grabbed one, and acting as if all this was completely normal, tore a chunk out of it, quickly chewing it before swallowing. While Renamon had hunted for small game on occasion when her stomach was not satiated by what she was given, and therefore she was relatively used to this...seeing it coming from one who closely resembled a human was...disconcerting. As she thought this she realized something important, something she had been curious about for months now...his mask was off!

Feeling her gaze on him, he remembered his manners and finished his bite before turning around and offering her a sheepish smile before asking, "So which do you want? Deer or rabbit?"

It took her a minute to answer...she was too busy looking at his face. 'Once more his claims are proven...those marks on his cheeks mimic whiskers a little too well to be coincidence...and his FANGS! can they fit in his mouth? They're just as big, if not a little bigger than my own! Oh right, what to eat?...well he seems to be enjoying the rabbit well enough..' "Rabbit please, might as well have the same thing."

He nodded before unhooking another one and tossing it to her. "And don't worry about it being rotten or anything, I have methods of preserving food indefinitely." He said cryptically before he went back to his rabbit, tearing through it like a rabid dog.

She just stared a moment more before starting on her own at a more sedate pace. 'Not bad...most certainly better than what I'm used to having and those stringy 'squirrel' things.' Once they were done eating, he led her back to the main room where they finally went up the entrance passageway. She was surprised at just how deep they were...and in solid stone...for him to do this in a city without anyone knowing was quite a feat.

Upon finally exiting the passageway however, she did not bother to hide her shocked gasp. "Shinjuku Park! How have you managed to hide in here for so long?" She heard a chuckle behind her before she was answered.

"Rena-san...turn around."

Upon doing so her eyes widened...the entrance was gone, replaced by solid rock. Then, appearing like some phantom, Naruto seemed to phase through it until he was standing in front of her, greatly amused by her surprise. "H-How? How did you do this?"

"I plan to tell you everything eventually Rena-san...but for now, grab onto me once more, I think I've let your...partner...stew enough...perhaps she has learned a lesson; we shall soon see."

Rika! With all that had been going on, she had completely forgotten about her! She didn't even hesitate to latch onto him this time. Naruto put on his mask once more before using the body flicker, both he and Renamon disappearing in a flash of flame.

When Renamon opened her eyes once more after closing them upon seeing the flames, she was slightly surprised (she was trying very hard to no longer be surprised by anything Naruto did, it couldn't be good for her) to find herself in the backyard of Rika's home. Sighing, she prepared herself to let Rika know she wasn't deleted.

Unknown to Renamon, Naruto was still there, cloaked and waiting for the upcoming reunion. 'Lets see if the girl has learned her lesson.' When the door opened and he saw the girls eyes, he already knew his answer. Sure enough, only a few minutes later and it was only his father's calming words that kept him from leaping at her.

'Easy Naruto, I don't like it any more than you do, but what would attacking help? We both know that Renamon cares about this Rika person, therefore hurting her would do nothing except gain Renamon's ire.'

His advice got through, and Naruto took a few deep breaths before heading back to his den...that didn't mean he liked it though. 'For all that girl knew Rena-san could have been dead! And instead of being happy she was back, she scolded her for not meeting her expectations? Feh...just how many chances am I supposed to give father?'

Kyuubi had no answer for this, he just remained silent as the headed back into the den.

The next few days passed much like the previous months did, with both Renamon and Naruto meeting up during the time a wild one would appear, with him actually momentarily attacking the digimon should Renamon need the assistance. At times this caused the digimon in question to attack Naruto instead of Renamon but not too often...he was greatly limiting himself in the battles, so he often presented the smaller threat, or so the digimon thought. However, this all changed when in a battle against a strong devimon, Renamon once more found herself unable to get away from the powerful attack. Naruto took advantage of this opportunity, creating a clone and henging it to look like Renamon before having it kawarimi with the real one so that when the attack hit it really did look like she was deleted. While Rika was busy staring at where Renamon supposedly died, Naruto quickly beheaded the unaware Devimon with his nodachi, after which he jumped to where Renamon was, and both disappeared in a flash of flames once more.

Upon arriving to the familiar soft-blue lighting of Naruto's den, Renamon was about to ask just why he did that before he beat her to the punch. "Before you ask, I made it look like you died for one reason: to hopefully get Rika to learn a valuable lesson about how to treat others. As a side-benefit however, that leaves you with at least a week with no contact with Rika; I'm going to drill this lesson into her head. However, you will not be idle during this time. From what I've observed, you are most certainly very impressive for a 'rookie' level digimon...but you can be so much more. You use no specific fighting style, mainly relying upon your dexterity and speed. While this is good, you can be better. Therefore, for the next week I will be teaching you how to fight using a style that will greatly benefit from your attributes. I simply refuse to watch you nearly be deleted another time...not on my watch, and I won't always be there to watch your back. Your training begins tomorrow at dawn, any questions?" All this was rattled out in a no-nonsense voice; his twelve years of training with his father enabling him to speak with an air of command about him. As it was, Renamon only stared at him incredulously for a few long moments.

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