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She stands in the crowded airport holding his strong hand. They promise each other that a year from now; they will be reunited again, at the coffee cart, their coffee cart. For the longest time they stand there, looking into each other's eyes. For the last five years, this is all they have known. All they needed was to be partners, friends, some would say the best of friends.

It's just a year; one revolution around the sun. It's nothing. If it's nothing, then why does she feel like her heart has just been ripped from her chest; metaphorically speaking that is. She looks up at Booth, telling him with her eyes how much she will miss him, and then she asks him one favor, something that, if he cared about her as much as he says he does, he will do: "Don't be a hero, Booth. Don't be you."

It takes everything she has to not leap into his arms and hold him close once more. She's always felt safe in his arms. She knows that it is irrational to feel safe in another person's arms, but rationality be damned-he is her Booth, and he has always protected her, often times against her will, but she knows that she wouldn't have it any other way.

Finally letting go of each other's hand, they both turn and walk the separate paths. She to the gate where Daisy is waiting for her, and he back to the Army Base that he snuck away from to say goodbye to her. As if on cue, they each stop and turn back to face each other; she can see, even from a distance, the longing in his eyes, and she imagines that the same longing is present in her own.

He turns fully facing her now, and she glances at the gate. She lets go of her suitcase and turns, running through the crowd of people towards him. In an instant she is in his arms. She clings to him, tucking her head under his chin and locking her arms around him.

Her tears fall freely from her eyes, her tough exterior crumbling, finally showing some emotion towards the intensity of their situation. There are eyes on them, but neither seems to care. She doesn't know who moved first but soon their lips find a steady rhythm; she holds him tighter, never wanting to let go.

They break the kiss and rest their foreheads on each other. After catching her breath, she opens her eyes, and is met with his Hershey orbs. She pecks his lips once more, and whispers, "How will I be able to go through a year without you, Booth?"

"I don't know, Bones. But if anyone can compartmentalize, it would be you," he says, in a light joking tone.

She shakes her head, "I don't want to compartmentalize when it comes to you."


"I don't think I can go, Booth. Not now. I know that you have to go, but I don't think I can be happy on this dig unless I am sure that you will come home after the year is up," she explains, then looks deep into his eyes, her own filling with tears, "I'm scared, Booth. I don't want to lose you. You're one of the people I know will always be there."

She's in his arms again, her head on his chest, and his hand rubbing up and down her back. "I promise you, Bones, that one year from now I will be with you at our coffee cart. You're going to go on this dig, and you're going to find the answers to questions that you have been asking for the last week. I'm going to Afghanistan to teach these kids how to be half as good as I am at shooting. When we come back, we can continue where we left off."

"You don't know what will happen in a year, Booth."

"Bones, I am coming home in a year. I'm coming back to you. I promise. Nothing can take me away from you, okay?"

She knows that it is irrational to agree with him, but she can't fight the certainty in his voice. She nods despite herself. "Okay."

He leans down and kisses her once more, and whispers, "You need to get on that plane, Bones."

She nods, "I know. I have to be on a nineteen hour flight with Miss Wick after kissing you three times. She will never leave me alone."

Booth chuckles, "Well, either pretend you are sleeping, or listen to your MP3 player. Or, hey, do both!"

She nods, "I will email you when I land."

"I'll email you every chance I get, Bones. You'll be sick of me before we come home."

She shakes her head and kisses him again, this time longer than just a little peck. Pulling away, tears in her eyes again, she says, "That is not going to happen, Booth."

"Go, Bones. I'll keep in touch. See you in one revolution around the sun." She turns and heads back to her suitcase but stops when he calls her name. She turns looking at him in question, only to be met with his smiling face. He winks at her and says, "Four."

"I know," she says, winking back. She's in for a long flight with Daisy.


That was a year ago.

She and Booth emailed whenever they had the time. His time on the computer was limited, as were the calls he was allowed to make. She's missed him terribly in the year that they've been apart; she's missed everyone-even Sweets and his sessions that the partners were forced to go to. She would be landing in DC in fifteen minutes and she couldn't be happier to be on American soil.

Daisy, thankfully, slept through the majority of the flight, so it had been rather peaceful for her. She's began work on her next book in the nineteen hours they had been on the plane. She saves her work quickly as the lights of the airport come into view out of her window. She looks at her watch and notes the time, it's still early, and Booth's plane isn't due in for another three hours.

She's asked that no one pick her up, that she'd rather take a cab back to her apartment and relax, but somehow she knows that her friends won't listen to her. She shakes Daisy awake telling her that they are home, and the younger Anthropologist springs up in her seat once they are told that they are allowed to get off the plane.

As Daisy babbles incessantly about being home, and how she wonders what Sweets had been up to, Brennan's only thought is of getting her luggage from baggage claim and getting home. Stepping off the plane, Brennan notices that someone has indeed been waiting.

"Miss Wick?" Brennan says, halting the young woman's chattering.

"Yes, Dr. Brennan?"

Brennan smiles, and points to someone in the distance, "I think your questions have been answered."

Daisy follows Brennan's finger and smiles wide, dashing away and into Sweets' arms. Brennan smiles and watches as the young couple get lost in each other. She walks towards baggage claim, and as she arrives at the carrousel, she smiles.

Angela is standing with Brennan's suitcase waiting for her. Brennan rushes over to her friend and engulfs her in a hug, "I told you not to come get me, Ang."

Hugging Brennan back firmly, Angela answers, "Sweetie, I haven't seen you in a year, no way was I going to let some taxi take you home."

"I missed you too, Angela," Brennan says, and takes in her friends' appearance. Angela's hair has grown longer, and her figure is fuller than it was a year ago. "You look different, Angela."

Angela's eyes meet Brennan and she smiles, and reaches into her purse, handing Brennan a small envelope. When Brennan opens it, she is hugging Angela again, "You're pregnant!"

Angela laughs, hugging her friend back, "Twelve weeks."

"Congratulations, Ang. I know that you will be an amazing mother."

"And you will be an amazing God-Mother, Bren."

Tears fill Brennan's eyes, as she takes in her friends words. Angela knows how she feels about religion and God, but she has still chosen her to be one of the most important people in her child's life. "Really?"

Nodding, Angela answers, "You're my best friend, Bren. I wouldn't have asked anyone else."

"Who is the God-Father?"

Angela smiles, "Booth."


After talking with Angela for an hour in her apartment, she showers and dresses in her jeans and a tank top, throwing on a light sweater to break the chill of the wind. Looking at the clock on her wall, she notices that Booth's plane will land in half an hour. She smiles, and grabs her purse locking her apartment door on the way out.

The drive to the mall to wait for him took longer than she would have liked, but she quickly parks and walks to the coffee cart. Deciding to look out for him for a few moments, she scans the many people around, not seeing the familiar face of her partner. Sighing, she looks down at her watch. His plane has landed only ten minutes ago, she should give him time.

Sitting down on a bench near the coffee cart, she closes her eyes and breathes in deeply, letting the cool wind of DC whip through her long hair. She's glad that she's home, never before had she missed it as much as she did this past year.

Opening her eyes, she looks off into the distance, where a man and young boy are walking. She watches as they stop and the boy takes off towards her, running at the highest speed his legs could carry him. She stands when the boy gets close enough for her to recognize, and wraps her arms around him.

"I missed you, Bones!"

She smiles at down at him, "I missed you too, Parker!" She looks up from the boy to the figure slowly getting closer to them. She reaches into her purse and hands Parker some money, "Here, go buy yourself something to drink. I'm going to be right over there with your dad, okay?"

Parker smiles, "Okay, Bones."

Brennan smiles at the little boy, and turns to face Booth, walking the short distance towards him. She looks up and into his eyes and smiles, "Hello, Booth."

"Heya, Bones. Rebecca met me at the airport and Parker wanted to come see you too, I hope that's okay?"

She nods, "It's more than 'okay', Booth. I missed him too." Not being able to control her emotions anymore, she wraps her arms around his neck, "But I missed you more, Booth."

Wrapping his arms around her smaller frame, Booth inhales the fresh scent of her strawberry shampoo, "God I missed you too, Bones. So much."

She pulls her head back to smile at him, before leaning in to kiss him. When they pull away from each other, Brennan whispers, "Thank you for keeping your promise to come back to me, Booth."

"I keep my promises, Bones, you know that."

She nods, "I know." They walk over to the bench and watch as Parker walks over and sits next to the reflecting pool, knowing that they would like the time alone. "Booth, I've learned a lot from you over the years, and this past year, I have also learned a lot," Bones begins, then angles her body to make better eye contact with him, "Everything must change-evolve. I feel that we have reached the point of change, Booth."

Booth raises his eyebrows in confusion, "Bones, what-?"

She grabs his hand in her smaller one, "What I'm trying to say, Booth, is: I'm not afraid of changing, or evolving, as long as I get to evolve with you." She looks up into his eyes and smiles, "I can't tell you how I will feel in ten or twenty years, Booth, but I can tell you what I've felt for the last five years of our partnership, and the year we've spent apart. I know that I have said many times that 'love' is a chemical reaction, and even if it's the truth, it was my way of guarding my heart from the one man who has always had it."

He doesn't let her get another word out, instead he pulls her in for a tender kiss, their time apart really did do them some good. Pulling away from her, he rests his forehead on hers, "So, what you're saying is?"

She smiles, "What I'm saying is, I love you, Booth."

Booth stands from the bench, bringing Brennan with him, she squeals-something he hasn't heard come from her ever-as he picks her up and twirls her around. Once he places her on the ground, he kisses her again. This kiss is filled with love, and passion and promise. "I love you, too, Bones."

"Uh-Dad, Bones…?" Parker says, gaining the pairs attention. "I'm glad that you are in love and kissing, but can you at least wait until I am back home? It's kinda gross to watch."

Brennan and Booth laugh at the words of Booth's son. "Sorry, Parks. What do you say we go get something to eat, and then go see a movie before we take you back home?"

Parker smiles, "Like a family outing?"

Brennan smiles at the younger Booth, and then she looks up at her Booth catching his smiling eyes. She watches Booth nod, and he grabs her hand, lacing their fingers together before answering Parker, even though he is gazing into her eyes, "Yeah, a family outing."

She smiles and kisses Booth sweetly, and smiles down at Parker.

It's good to be home.