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(Three Months Later)

Time has seemed to move by quickly for Booth and Brennan since they returned home from Paris. Their relationship has grown so much over the course of their partnership and their home life. It's been a year since they began dating, and two years since the air port where Brennan stopped running from her feelings for the FBI Agent. Shortly after returning home, Brennan resumed her partnership with Booth giving him the reason that she missed the excitement of catching the bad guy.

That thrill and excitement is something she can only enjoy for a few more months. Two months after being home, Brennan discovered she would be a mother; seems like Paris is a magical city for more than one couple from DC. The couple decided that it would be best to tell Parker during their weekend with him, which happened to be this weekend. Booth and Brennan had already told Rebecca about the pregnancy gaining congratulations from the pretty blonde lawyer. She promised she wouldn't say anything to Parker, leaving the happy news for his father and step-mother.

Booth pulls up to the school to wait for Parker, Brennan will be working late and practically yelled at Booth that he needed to spend the day with his son. Parker comes running out of the school and opens the door to the Sequoia, tossing his back pack in the back.

"Hi, Dad," Parker greets as he buckles his seat belt.

"Hey buddy, how was school?"

The boy shrugs, "It was school. It's the same every day, dad."

Laughing Booth nods, "Don't I know it? Wanna get something to eat?"

"Yes, I'm starving!"

Booth smiles, he knew that would be Parker's answer, he's always 'starving'. A few minutes into the drive, Parker turns to his dad. "Where's Bones?"

"She's working, bub. She'll be home later tonight."

"Oh. Well, can she come eat with us? I wanna show her my assignment for Science class, maybe she could help me?"

Booth reaches into his pocket and hands Parker his cell, "Call her and ask."

"Brennan," she answers distractedly.

"Hi Bones!" Parker greets enthusiastically.

"Hello, Parker. How are you?" she asks, dropping what she is working on to focus on her conversation with her step-son.

"I'm good. Dad and I were going to grab a snack at the diner. I am calling to invite you. Will you come?"

Brennan smiles and stands, grabbing her purse and heading out of her office, "Of course, I'll meet you guys there, ok?"

"Awesome!" Parker exclaims, "See you soon! Love you!"

Brennan smiles, "I love you too, Parks."

Handing the phone back to his dad, Parker smiles, "She said she'd meet us there."

Booth nods and smiles to himself, "Great, she's probably hungry too."


He walks into the Jeffersonian on a mission. He was there to pick up Bones, another body was found this time in a storm drain. He walks up to the platform and swipes his card, "Hey, Ang, where's Bones? We got another body."

Angela looks at Booth with shock written on her face, "She didn't call you?"

"No," Booth answers, concern suddenly washing over him, "why would she call me?"

"Cam sent Bren home around eleven," the artist explains. "She was walking around as green as the Jolly Green Giant, even had to toss her cookies a couple of times. Cam told her to leave. Of course, Brennan was fighting it-until she puked again."

"She wasn't looking good, dude," Jack says, walking onto the platform. When Booth turns around, Jack continues. "She said she must have food poisoning from your dinner last night. Angie finally convinced her that Cam was right and she needed to go home."

"I had the same thing she did," Booth says, "I'm fine."

Angela shrugs, "Maybe she's allergic to something. But she's not here; I think she said she was going to go straight home."

(End Flashback)


Your here, your eyes are lookin' into mine
so baby, make me fly
my heart has never felt this way before
I'm lookin' through your
I'm lookin' through your eyes..

Brennan is already at the diner sitting in their usual spot when the SUV pulls up. Parker jumps out, and runs into the diner, giving Bones a hug before he sits down; Booth walks into the diner a few moments after Parker sits, greeting his wife with a kiss.

"How was your day?" Brennan asks.

"Full of interrogation, what about you?"

"Making sure I didn't miss anything for our current case," she answers, and then turns to Parker, "how was school Parker?"

"It was great!" he exclaims, giving her a completely different answer than he gave his father. "We got a project to do in science; do you think you can help me with it when you get home?"

"Absolutely!" she says, without hesitation.

Booth places his hand on Brennan's thigh, smiling at her, and listens as the two most important people in his life talk about a subject he slept through in high school. Knowing that this is just the beginning of the rest of his life he can't help the flip of his stomach. Brennan turns towards him and smiles, her eyes twinkling, and face glowing. He can't help but fall in love with her even more.

Their usual waitress brings them each some water and asks what they'll be having; Booth and Parker take their usual burger and fries, while Brennan takes her usual salad and soup. Booth smiles at Brennan as the waitress leaves and asks, "Do you think we should tell him before or after we eat?"

Brennan smiles, "I think we should tell him now."

"Tell me what?" Parker asks, "Am I in trouble?"

Booth smiles at his son, "No, you're not in trouble. Bones and I want to tell you something-it's a good thing, and we think you'll like it."

"Are we getting a dog?"

Brennan smiles, "No, we're not getting a dog." She smiles up at Booth, and then looks back to Parker. "How would you feel about being an older brother?"

Parker shrugs, "I don't know. Why?"

Brennan smiles and takes Booth's hand under the table, "Your father and I are having a baby. Are you okay with that?"


She doesn't understand why she's feeling ill. She chalked it down to the food that she and Booth ate the night before. She tries to think back on her meal, but she doesn't find any inconsistency with what she ordered. Maybe she was coming down with the stomach flu, or catching something that Parker brought home from school. Thinking back to their previous weekend with Parker she shakes her head; Parker was perfectly fine too, and Booth isn't sick. It's just her.

She mentally checks what date it is, and her eyes grow wide. She turns the car in the direction of the drug store, and once she gets what she needed, she heads back home. She doesn't want to call Booth and disturb him at work, but she knows that he'd want to be with her at a time like this. He's a family man, after all, and this is a big step for them. Hell, it's a big step for her.

When she arrives at their apartment, she sits the bag on the counter and stares at her cell phone. She wants to call, but she knows that they are in the middle of a case, and she doesn't want to drag him away. Before she can debate anymore, her phone starts ringing and she looks down to see her husband's name flashing on the screen.


"Bones, I just left the lab," he says, and she can hear the worry in his voice. "Why didn't you call me and tell me that you were sick?"

"I didn't want to disturb you because I know that we have a case," she explains. "But I would like for you to come home."

"I'm already half way there."

No more than five minutes pass before he is walking through the door and right to her, "How are you feeling, Baby?"

Rolling her eyes at the name, she tells him that she is fine, "I don't think that I'm sick, Seeley." She looks up at him with scared eyes, but a smile on her face, "I think that I might be pregnant."

(End Flashback)

Both adults sit silently as Parker absorbs the new information. Parker looks up to his parents with wide eyes, "Where am I gonna sleep?"

"Well, for now we're still gonna be living in the apartment, but Bones and I are looking for a bigger house that will fit all of us. You'll be able to pick out the paint for your walls, and whatever else you'll want in your room."

Parker nods, "So, I won't be forgotten?"

"Absolutely not!" Brennan answers, and stands from her seat to sit next to Parker. "Just because your father and I are having a baby of our own does not mean that we will exclude you from our lives. You're going to be this baby's older brother. I know you're not my biological child, but as soon as your father asked me to marry him, you became my son as well as his. This baby doesn't change that. You know that I love you, right?"

Parker nods, "Yeah, I love you too, Bones."

She brings Parker into a hug, and damns the metaphorical gods because of her hormones and the tears in her eyes. She never thought that this pregnancy would cause Parker to second guess his place in their family. Booth warned her that he might ask questions, but she didn't expect these questions. She was fully prepared to explain the 'Where do babies come from?' and 'How did you get pregnant?' questions to him, but this was something she wasn't prepared for.


Later that night after Parker had gone to bed, Booth and Brennan are sitting on the couch. Kissing the side of her head, and placing his hand on her still flat abdomen, Booth asks, "You okay, Bones?"

"Yes," she answers, "I just wasn't prepared for the round of questions we got from Parker today."

"I warned you that he would ask questions," Booth says.

"I know, but I wasn't expecting him to feel insecure," she explains, "I was ready for his questions about the reproductive system and how I became pregnant."

"I don't want to have the 'sex talk' with him yet," Booth says, rolling his eyes.

"He's ten, Booth," she says, switching her position to lie down on the couch with her head on his lap. She closes her eyes as his hand runs through her hair. "You will have to have the conversation with him eventually."

"But not now," he says.

"I think we should start looking for a house. We have enough money after our bank accounts were joined," she says. "And I'd like to be completely moved in and settled before I start showing and can't move."

"Okay, I don't think Parker would enjoy looking at prospective houses though. We'll ask him and see how he feels about going with us."

Nodding, Brennan agrees, "I don't think that house hunting is something that is on his list for this weekend. We could take him over to Angela and Jack's place, introduce him to Michael, and get him used to the idea of an infant?"

"That's a great idea," he agrees, "and you'll be able to tell Angela about the baby; I know you've been dying to tell her."

Brennan laughs, "I have wanted to tell Ang, but not while we were at the lab, everyone else doesn't need to know. Except for Cam, we have to tell her."

"Camille is a given, she's your boss, she has to know. I want her to make sure you're not over doing anything and that you'll stay away from hazardous chemicals. I don't want anything to happen to you or our baby. I know you're capable of taking care of yourself, but I want someone to pull you back just in case you get in too deep."


The next morning, after the trio had eaten breakfast, they all piled into the Sequoia. Parker was excited to see Hodgins and Angela, but nervous to be around an infant. Michael was five months old now, so that reassured Parker that he wasn't going to break him when he was playing or holding him. But having never been around babies before, Booth and Brennan were prepared for the young boys nervousness.

Upon their arrival at the Hodgins' residence, they are all greeted warmly by the bubbly artist. "Hey guys! Come on in."

Parker gives Angela a hug, "Hi, Angela. Do you have any new drawings?"

"I have a ton of new drawings," she answers, returning the hug. "You know where my art room is, go ahead and check them out; I'll be there in a minute."

Brennan looks to Booth and smiles sheepishly at him, and then follows Angela into the kitchen where Jack is trying to calm a screaming Michael down. Brennan offers to take the baby from him, "Can I try to calm him?"

Jack, all too eagerly hands Mikey over to Brennan, "Good luck."

Booth smiles and casts a loving glance downward towards Brennan's still flat stomach; he can't believe that in just a few short months they'll have a baby of their own. A few moments of holding the baby, Brennan smiles at Jack when Michael not only calms down, but lays his head on her shoulder and a thumb in his mouth. The little guy soon drifts off to sleep in the arms of his God-mother, leaving his father baffled.

"Okay," Jack says, "How did you do that?"

Brennan shakes her head, smiling up at Booth, "I have no idea."

"You're a natural, Bren," Angela says, kissing her son on the cheek softly so as not to wake him.

Booth raises his eyebrows with a cunning smile and gets one from his wife in return. "Angela, Jack," Brennan begins, "Booth and I have something to tell you."

Angela doesn't need to be told, the look on her face is enough to tell Brennan that she has already guessed what the news is, and Jack however is completely clueless, "Oh. My. God!" Angela exclaims.

Brennan giggles at her best friend and nods, "I'm pregnant."

"Sweetie!" Angela squeals and hugs Brennan as best as she can without squishing her son. "How long have you known?"

Angela leads Brennan into the living room, and Brennan answers all of the questions she's asked. Jack smiles and claps Booth on the back, "Congratulations, man. You've dated, married and made a mother out of Dr. B. She was the most anti-committal person I had ever met. You changed her, Booth. She's a better person because of you."

Booth shakes his head, "Nah. She had it in her all along; she just needed to figure it out in her own time."