Charmed Season One Revised

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of One Tree Hill.

Couple: Prue/Piper (Incest warning!)

Rating: M

Chapter 1

Piper had invited Phoebe to move back in with them, but she hadn't told Prue yet. Honestly she did not have a clue how she was going to tell her either. She understood that her oldest and youngest sister did not get along well. She hated be stuck in the middle though. Not to mention it was a bit more complicated than that now.

Deciding to just tell her, she walked into the house and directly up to her older sister who seemed to be focusing on the light fixture. Smiling at her she wrapped her in her arms as she spoke "hey honey."

"Hey you." Prue responded with a smile as she held the younger woman close to her.

"I need to tell you something…" Piper said hesitantly, not sure how to go about this situation. Prue slowly leant down kissing the brown eyed girl gently. Reminding her just how complicated the situation was.

Smiling Prue asked her "Yes?" As she played with the bottom of Piper's shirt until she heard what she had to say.

"Phoebe's moving back in." As she said the words she closed her eyes preparing for the worst possible response.

As she heard the words fall from her beautiful girlfriend and younger sister's lips she pulled away upset. "What?" She asked anger evident in both her tone of voice and her facial features.

Piper sighed at the others reaction "She had nowhere else to go."

No matter how angry the news made the older of the two, she could not hold it over Piper's head. She knew that the middle sister always had trouble mediating between her and their youngest sister. They hadn't ever gotten along.

Wanting to show that she wasn't upset with Piper she pulled her closer to her body. "What about this?" She asked before leaning down and capturing Piper's lips in her own gently. Enjoying the sweet taste of them as she ran her tongue over the younger woman's bottom lip teasing it.

Piper let out a content moan into the kiss as she tried her hardest to deepen it even further. Still, Prue would not allow it to get any deeper as she pulled away. Causing the cutest pout to appear on the younger sister's face. Which did not go unnoticed by Prue. She is so freaking adorable!

Suddenly she remembered Prue's question and she smiled a little "I already told her about that."

Prue's eyes widened in shock at the news. She could not imagine that was an easy task, telling their youngest sister they were involved. Suddenly she was very relieved that it wasn't her that had to inform Phoebe. "What? What did she say to that?"

Giggling at her girlfriend's reaction Piper smiled holding her love, rocking her back and forth as she responded to her. "Actually, she said we probably make a really cute couple." Prue laughed at that response, before frowning a little at the last statement Piper added, "but she doesn't want us all over each other."

Smirking down at her girlfriend, blue eyes full of mischief met brown eyes full of confusion. "Well, I guess that just means that we will have to postpone sex for a while longer." She stated to Piper's annoyance and disappointment. She had been trying to be physical with Prue for the longest time now. It was starting to really get to her all of the waiting, she knew it would be worth it in the end though.

Still, Piper could not suppress the growl of disapproval as she looked away in frustration. Knowing that it was all her fault that they would have to wait even longer. She should not even go against the all powerful Prue.

Suddenly the doorbell rang and they both separated on instinct at the noise. Piper could not even look her older sister in the eyes as she headed to the front door where undoubtedly Phoebe would be waiting. As she opened the door there stood their youngest sister smiling at them.

"Phoebe, welcome home!" Piper said as she was pulled into a hug by their youngest sister. This only reminded Prue of how Phoebe had stolen her last love, and she became unintentionally jealous as she crossed her arms and watched the two interact. She knew it was ridiculous to be jealous of their youngest sister.

Piper was trying her hardest to make the situation bearable for everyone. "It's so good to see you, isn't it Prue?" As she asked this she gave a death glare in her love's direction, who only returned it.

"I'm speechless." She smiled, only so that Piper would not be upset with her.

The cab driver honked his horn and Phoebe smiled sheepishly "I forgot about the cab." Truth was she didn't have the money to pay the cab and was hoping that Piper would step up and pay for her.

Piper smiled at her as expected, "I'll get it." She stated before picking up Prue's purse. Mostly because she was used to using it, and sharing all of their money. She headed out the door to pay the cab.

"Piper that's my-" Prue started, becoming upset, before stopping. She knew there was no reason to argue with Piper, she would get her way and the oldest sister would let her get her way.

Phoebe smiled over at her oldest sister "I'll pay you back."

Nodding in response, Prue looked away never uncrossing her arms. There was an awkward silence filling the room as the two women stood there waiting for the common ground to return to the room. Why did she leave me in here alone? Both girls thought to themselves.

Piper quickly made her way back into the house, she hadn't realized until she left how bad of an idea it was for her to leave the two girls in the house together unsupervised. She wished that everyone could just get along but she knew that wasn't the case. "Hey, I have a fabulous idea. Why don't I make a reunion dinner?" She asked looking at Prue as she spoke.

Not even looking at Piper, Prue responded "I'm not hungry."

Sighing, Piper watched the girl of her dreams walk out of the room. Now nervous she began fidgeting with the bottom of her shirt as her smile turned into a frown and her heart dropped. She's really mad at me… was this right of me to do? Pausing mid thought she remembered she was her own person. She doesn't control me.

Smiling over at Phoebe who didn't return the smile she thought. She just controls my love life…

"I ate on the bus." She said walking in the opposite direction. Not that Piper would have ever really noticed, her mind was much too preoccupied with thoughts of the blue eyed girl.

C c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c

Piper and Phoebe are enjoying some time together as they play with the wigi board. The middle sister stood to her feet to get some more coffee and pop corn, and as she headed out of the living room Phoebe asked "What was your question again?"

Piper turned her head hope in her eyes "I asked if Prue would have sex with anyone besides herself this year."

Looking down the youngest sister shook her head disgust written across her features "gross." She stated.

"Then ask if it will be me!" Piper shouted from the kitchen as she began making more pop corn. Smiling to herself as she entertained the thoughts of her and Prue together intimately. That was all that she wanted, to be that close with her girlfriend.

Phoebe's face became even more disgusted as she pictured her two sisters going at it "even grosser." She stated plainly before asking the first of the disgusting questions. Suddenly the pointer began to move by itself and Phoebe became freaked out, yelling out "Piper get in here!"

The brunette ran into the living room quickly, worried by the urgency in her sister's voice. "What is it?" She asked quickly. Noticing that Prue ran into the room as well, she seemed to be just as worried, and maybe slightly agitated.

Piper's eyes glanced over Prue's exposed body, forgetting that Phoebe was even in trouble. The oldest of the sisters had on a tight black tank top that showed off just a bit of her toned stomach, and almost all of her cleavage. Piper could have sworn that the other woman was trying to upset her and make her horny without fixing it.

"What did you guys do now?" Prue asked in an agitated voice. That shouldn't have turned the middle sister on, but it did. That matched with what she was wearing, though she took offence to her words. She hadn't done anything wrong.

Pulling her eyes away from Prue's body she pouted a bit catching her eyes "I didn't do anything…"

Prue looked her in the eyes and she didn't even muster a smile. This was so new to Piper, she knew that she would upset her sister but she didn't expect this kind of treatment. She shouldn't still be so sore about her ex fiancé. She has me after all… I just can't wait till she is back to normal.

"The piece on the spirit board moved on its own!" Phoebe shouted the fear evident in her voice, though her words were very difficult for both sisters to believe. Prue rolled her eyes, and so the youngest continued "I'm serious! It spelled AT."

Piper stared at her unbelieving "Well, did you push it?"

"No!" Phoebe yelled in response, she knew that her words seemed ridiculous. Still, she was certain she had seen the piece move on its own. Felt it even.

Trying her hardest to concentrate on the situation at hand Piper sighed a bit, she knew that Phoebe was notorious for pushing the piece. Suddenly she felt a calming hand against her back and blushed a bit. It was Prue; she was finally acting a bit more normal. Piper smiled arching her back as the older of the two stroked the sensitive flesh.

Piper glanced back over at the brunette, but Prue did not seem to be into it at all. She was just enjoying teasing her, and watching her squirm. It wasn't fair to her, she hated when Prue teased her. It had been constant teasing for months now.

C c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c

Piper was heading to the phone freaking out about the lights going out and the wigi board piece moving on its own. She knew that she had seen it. Phoebe's hands weren't even on the piece when it moved and spelled out the word attic.

"Don't you think you're overreacting? We are perfectly safe here." Prue stated to the middle sister. She also happened to be the most scared of the three in most cases. Usually Prue found it to be adorable, but right now it was only pushing her to become angry.

Putting up a finger the long haired woman shook her head, she was really scared. Not only for her own life, but for her sisters as well. "Don't say that, in horror movies the person to say that is always the next to die."

Prue had to stop herself from laughing at the ridiculous statement, this wasn't a horror movie. The only thing that happened was the power went out. That was fixable. Slowly she made her way toward the beautiful woman, standing in front of her. The truth was she didn't want her to leave, because she knew Piper would go see her boyfriend. She didn't like that she had to share or hide her love.

"It is pouring rain, there is a psycho on the loose, Jeremy's not even home." The logical sister tried to reason with the frantic one.

Putting her coat over her shoulders she looked away from the other woman. She knew that this was a stupid choice, especially in their current state. She didn't need her sister even more upset with her for going to see her boyfriend, but she was so scared.

"I-I-I'll wait in the cab till he gets home from work." Piper said finishing putting her coat on, before glancing over at Prue getting lost in her blue eyes momentarily. She could see the hatred and jealousy that Prue had for her and Jeremy, not that she could really blame her. Prue had always hated that Piper was not ready to reveal their love.

"That'll be cheap!" Prue shouted.

"Prue! I saw that pointer move!"

The oldest sister's hatred for the youngest was only growing more and more by the minute. Now she was getting her girlfriend to run away to her boyfriends. Not that it made any sense to her, she knew that she could protect the beautiful and scared woman.

"No, what you saw was Phoebe's fingers pushing the pointer Piper." Prue said as she gently gripped Piper's hand with her own. Begging with her eyes for the younger woman not to leave the house. She wanted to just hold onto her and keep her there with her forever. Not let her go off and be comforted by him. "There's nothing in the attic, she's playing a joke on us."

Piper pulled one of her hands away and pointed at the other woman "We don't know that!" Pulling away completely now she made her way toward the phone. Picking it up and putting it to her ear, but there wasn't a dial tone. This only caused her frantic state to become worse.

The blue eyed woman wanted to laugh as she watched her girlfriend fret, it was way too cute.

"Great, now the phone doesn't work!"

Prue sighed shaking her head at Piper "Yeah, the powers out. Look, just go with me to the basement."

Staring at the Prue as if she were insane Piper raised an eyebrow "What!" She practically shouted. She could not believe that in her current state her sister would ask her to go down into the scary basement.

"I need you to hold the flashlight while I check out the main circuit box." Prue stated plainly, though she couldn't help but look Piper over. She was in the most adorable and slightly revealing nightgown. Even scared she was the most beautiful woman Prue had ever seen.

Piper heard Phoebe and tried to make up an excuse "Phoebe will go with you."

Phoebe shook her head "nope, I'm going to the attic."

Giving her the death glare from hell Prue responded to the youngest sister. "No you're not, we agreed." Phoebe just seemed to ignore her heading up the stairs. Prue was becoming agitated more and more with the youngest.

Turning back to Piper she put on her most seductive smile leaning in very close to her sister. Piper's heart began to race even faster if that was possible as she felt Prue's hot breath against her ear and her teeth against the bottom of her earlobe. Leaning into the others touch she moaned lightly.

The sensation was almost too much for her to handle, she never felt this way with anyone else. It was only Prue who had this affect on her. As horrible as that sounded when she thought it, it was true. Her eyes closed and her mouth dropped as Prue ran a hand up Piper's side gently.

Shivering she could feel herself giving into the touches, she would choose this over Jeremy any day of the week. Even on a scary evening like tonight was becoming. Then all of a sudden Prue pulled her hand away.

Opening her brown eyes she glanced over at the older of the two who had a smirk across her face. "I guess you don't want what I had in mind." She spoke in the same seductive tone.

Piper froze for a moment, she would rather do anything with Prue than anyone else. She was the only person who ever made her feel the way that she did right now. Especially with such little effort. All that Prue had to do was wear a skimpy top and Piper's legs would give out and heat would build throughout her entire body. She just wanted her, not Jeremy or anyone else.

Shrugging her shoulders Prue began to head toward the basement, and Piper just stood there for a moment weighing her options. Finally lifting her hands she shouted "Wait. Prue!"

She followed her girlfriend to the dark basement, starting to regret it as she looked around for signs of the other woman. She seemed to have disappeared. "Prue! Prue!" She shouted out looking around frantically.

Suddenly she felt someone push her against the basement wall, at first she wanted to scream but quickly realized even if she tried she couldn't. For this person was kissing her, and was rather familiar. It didn't take long for her to realize it was her love.

"Hey there gorgeous." Prue said as she looked deep into Piper's desire filled eyes, just knowing she had so much power turned her on even more. Piper could feel herself getting wet between her legs as she stared her oldest sister's body over. As she stared Prue down, Prue was also giving her a once over.

She found it adorable how Piper got so turned on by such simple gestures. Though, she would never admit it, she could feel herself getting hot and bothered as well. They looked into each other's eyes.

"I love you." Prue said which caused Piper to smile in return.

"I love you too."

Without warning Piper was pushed against the wall hard again, to her excitement. She could feel Prue's lips pressed against her own in a hard and very passion filled kiss, Piper kissed back with even more passion trying to deepen it. Her tongue now entering her loves mouth, roaming it, tasting every inch of the other. Her excitement only growing when she heard Prue moan into the kiss.

The older of the two moved her hand over Piper's breast rubbing her nipple through her top, hoping to receive a reaction. Which she did, as Piper let out a yelp of pleasure. She hadn't ever felt anything quite like this. Prue made her feel so amazing, every single touch and kiss made her feel like she was on fire.

Pulling away from the kiss to moan out as Prue pinched her nipple gently through her shirt, rolling it between her fingers. Before letting her hand travel down the other woman's body, over her nightgown.

Piper shivered at her touch, and Prue giggled lightly at the reaction. She loved every single reaction that she caused the other woman. "You are so cute when you shiver like that." She stated, which caused the shyer of the two to blush and look away "Oh, shush!"

Prue did as she was told and stopped speaking as she allowed her hand to travel up Piper's bare inner thigh, up to her panties. The only boundary between her and the other woman's entrance. She moved the panties to the side, enjoying the way that Piper let out a gasp and pulled on her hair. Which caused her to moan loudly.

"Mmm, you want me baby?" She asked into her neck.

Piper nodded nervously, this was all that she had been wanting for so long. The question almost seemed insane to her. "Yes, I-I-I've been waiting so long."

Running her fingers over Piper's clit she teased it gently, before moving them to tease her younger sister's entrance. Gasping out as she realized how wet she was. Just that was enough to almost push her to the edge of her own release. All she ever wanted was to be able to turn her on this much.

Suddenly Prue pushed her fingers inside of Piper deeply. Piper was shocked by how quickly it happened, it was almost too much for her to handle. All of the pleasure she was feeling at that moment, so she screamed out in pleasure. "Ahh! Prue!"

Prue smiled, satisfied with herself, before pulling her wet fingers out of Piper's entrance. Bringing them to her lips she licked her loves juices off of her fingers. Enjoying the desire that she saw in her love's brown eyes. The scene was only making Piper even wetter, Prue seemed to be enjoying the way she tasted.

"Now…" Prue started before grabbing the flashlight and handing it to her. "Hold this flashlight, and shine it where I tell you." She stated.

Piper stared in shock and disappointment as she fixed her panties and crossed her legs. The wetness was not only making her uncomfortable. She had wished Prue would have finished the job. She was almost positive that one more push would have been enough to give her so much pleasure. More than she had ever had. Even just what she had received was more than she had ever had.

Having sex with Prue was going to be the most amazing feeling ever. Both taking and giving pleasure.

C c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c

End Chapter

Authors Note:

I don't know why I have been avoiding my other stories to write these stories I know that no one wants to read… because well lets be honest this couple is also not very popular. Though it is my favorite paring on this show, and has been my favorite for a very long time. I have already rewritten the first three seasons many ways with this couple. .. so expect the best!

But uhm yeah… I don't expect many to read this, but I hope to inspire others to write this couple!

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