Charmed Season One Revised

By: TracyCook

Disclaimer: I own nothing. These characters belong to the creator of Charmed.

Couple: Prue/Piper (Incest warning!)

Rating: M

Chapter 6

"I can't believe you told dad." Prue whispered as she lay in bed with her girlfriend, the other brunette snuggling up against her toned abdomen, brown eyes closed. She was comfortable. Piper was usually afraid, in fact she rarely ever felt safe which was probably why she got the power that she did, and yet every time she was wrapped in the older woman's arms she felt completely safe. Like nothing that was going on in their lives even mattered. Not the father stuff, not the witch stuff, it was just Prue and her.

"Yeah, I know." She laughed softly as she planted a kiss on the other woman's stomach. "Me either. I was terrified hoping that he would accept us which he obviously didn't." She sighed.

Blue eyes glanced down toward her girlfriend as she chewed on her bottom lip. She had not expected their father to come back, let alone to accept them, but she knew that Piper had and she wanted nothing more than to be there for her lover. Reaching out she ran gentle fingers through dark hair, along her face, and down her neck. "I know you wanted him to accept us, but he never will Piper. He isn't that kind of guy."

"I see that now. But I still hoped…"

"I know baby." She whispered in that deep and raspy voice as she watched the way that Piper shivered each and every time she stroked the sensitive skin of her neck. "Maybe in time…"

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Prue and Piper were sitting at the table in the dining room at the manor, neither of them wanting to say anything. After what had happened where the eldest used her power to hurt their father she felt extremely guilty. She hurt not only their father but her sisters as well. The blue eyed girl watched her food as she pushed it around the plate with a fork, not really in the mood to eat because of the situation. Her sister reached out placing a comforting hand on Prue's back in hopes to make her feel better, she wanted her to at least know she was on her side.

Phoebe walked into the dining room and when neither of her sisters acknowleged her presence she decided to introduce herself. "Good morning, Phoebe."

Both girls ignored her completely, blue eyes still staring into food while brown were focused worriedly on her girlfriend. The only thing that snapped them out of it was when Phoebe started to wave a napkin in the air, signaling a white flag. "Uh, guys. Can we call it a truce just for five minutes please? I have a confession. Remember when we agreed to not see dad?" They both nodded to the youngest with questioning and suspicious eyes. "Well, I did."

"Hello, I was with you." Piper pointed out the obvious in a slightly sarcastic and agitated tone. Why was Phoebe stating the obvious? They had all been at the restaurant.

"No, by myself before diner and I had a premonition about dad when he hugged me. He was stealing the Book of Shadows. Yeah, you were right about him, Prue. I didn't want the premonition to be true. I was hoping, praying that there was a perfectly good explanation for it. Hoping that, that he was really here to be with us. I just wanted him back in our lives. He's our dad." As she finished the sentence there were tears shimmering in her brown eyes and her voice had heightened and cracked. Prue pulled away from Piper's hand standing up to walk toward her youngest sister.

"I know, Phoebe." After this she pulled the other girl into a tight hug letting her know that it was alright. Letting her know that she understood why she did it.

Piper noticed something on the ground that looked familiar, as she got closer to it she noticed it was their father's wedding ring. "Hey, look. Dad's ring. What's it doing here?"

Pulling away from the hug the oldest of the three reached out taking it into her hand. Immediately feeling the weight of regret for how she had treated the man who raised her until the age of six. Wrapping it in her fingers she heard Phoebe speak. "It must of came off when he, uh—" Pausing she decided not to say what she was going to as she finished the sentence with "Fell."

"Well, I'll take it back to the hotel." Prue said coldly s she set the ring down on the table, the scowl deepening on her face.

Phoebe nodded as she made her way out of the dining room heading toward the kitchen to get some more coffee. Piper let out a sigh as she walked up behind her scowling girlfriend, gently she placed her hands on the older woman's hips pulling her body against hers, resting her chin against her shoulder. "You worry too much."

"I do not worry." Prue stated matter-of-factly as she crossed her arms over her chest. Sticking out her bottom lip she pouted.

"Oh you so do." She teased in a whisper against her ear.

Blue eyes closed as her body started to react to the contact; she loved the feeling of Piper's hot breath against her neck and ear. A warmth and tingling sensation spreading throughout her body finding her most sensitive spot between her legs which she quickly closed in order to suppress the desire. She had never wanted anyone as badly as she wanted the younger woman, but she knew that now was not the time. They had someone after them. "Do not." She finally breathed out in her deep raspy lust-filled voice.

"You're stubborn too." She said with a smirk as she gently moved her fingers beneath her girlfriend's waistband running her fingers underneath her pants teasing the skin she found there. Leaning in she kissed Prue's neck right below her ear. "And aroused."

"Am not." She tried to say once more, but her voice had lost its confidence and conviction. Instead it came out a hushed and desperate whisper. She wanted to be touched, needed to be touched by the other woman, but she knew that now was not the right time. "Piper we don't have time for this we have to figure out what is going on here." Her breath hitched as fingers dug deeper beneath her pants now moving under her panty-line, Prue could not help but arch her body into those fingers that she loved.

"I know." She smirked. "Doesn't mean I can't tease you and make you want me later." She bit down on her neck enjoying the deep moan that escaped the older woman's throat.

"Oh you are—" Whatever she was going to say was cut off as fingers dipped between her panties running against her womanhood teasingly. "Evil…" She said in a whisper.

"Oh I would hardly say I was evil. Devious?" She stroked her finger between Prue's folds finding the sensitive and extremely wet nub applying pressure and feeling her own body react at the sounds escaping the older woman's lips. "Definitely." She moved her finger against her clit at a faster pace applying even more pressure, before removing her fingers all together.

"Ahh!" Prue groaned out in annoyance as her body practically went numb at the loss. She was growing exceedingly frustrated with these encounters, it was like a constant teasing with no release. "I hate you!" She teased turning to look at Piper, blue eyes widening as she practically dripped in need at the sight. There was her younger sister and lover licking her fingers of her own juices. "God. You and I are so going to have sex later."


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Things were finally looking up for the sisters; they had figured out that it was their neighbors who had tried to steal the book from them. They were shape-shifters and they had pretended to be their father when they stole the book, which explained a lot. Now everything was behind them, they had apologized to their father and were going about their lives as normal. Prue avoiding the boy who wanted to be more than just friends, Piper hoping to sleep with the woman she loved and maybe find a boyfriend, and Phoebe simply living one day at a time.

All three of them were currently in the living room. Prue on the phone with Andy while she was snuggled up with Piper on the couch. Phoebe rolling her eyes periodically because of the conversation, still not in support of their relationship.

"No Andy, I'm fine really. Dad's gonna be here any minute, so can I take a rain check on dinner?" Pausing she listened into the phone, glancing up in order to catch brown eyes with her own as she felt fingers running through her hair. 'God she is so beautiful… like really beautiful I could stare at her all—oh Andy!' She internally reminded herself to listen to the man on the other side of the phone. "Okay, thanks for the good advice." With that she hung up.

"What good advice?" Piper questioned with a raise of her eyebrow.

Laughing a little she leant up pressing her lips to her girlfriend's lips, shocking the younger girl. Though she quickly obliged allowing her eyes to close momentarily as she enjoyed the softness of Prue's lips against her own. Pulling back blue eyes shined. "I have absolutely no idea, I was too distracted by your beauty."

"Gah can you guys freaking wait until I am out of the room at least?"

"Phoebe, you seriously need to get over this." Prue stated with a cold monotone voice as she glared at her youngest sister. "I allowed you to move back in because you needed somewhere to stay and I will not hesitate to kick you out if you do not allow me to kiss my own girlfriend in my own house." This caused Piper to flash a smug smile as she held the older woman closer to her body enjoying the contact and the fact that she was standing up for them. It made her heart race.

"Fine, I will not say anything about it anymore." She responded with a scowl. "But can I say for the record that it is really creepy and wrong in my eyes."

"You can think whatever you want, just do not vocalize it."


Suddenly the doorbell rang causing all three of them to jump, though Piper was the one to actually get off the couch and start toward the front door in order to answer it. As she opened it a young man she did not recognize walked in entering the living room. She could not help but notice just how handsome the man was and considering that her and her girlfriend had a non-exclusive relationship there was no harm in enjoying the sight as she followed him into the living room. All of the girls looked toward him and Prue quickly stood from the couch in order to be polite, followed closely by Phoebe.

"Uh, hi. You must be Mr. Wyatt." Prue stated in a business-like fashion.

"The handyman?" Phoebe questioned in a flirtatious tone as she looked him over.

"Call me Leo."

"Gladly." The youngest said as she moved closer to him looking deep into his eyes, trying to show just how badly she wanted him. 'God he is gorgeous he would be fun for one night… Mmm..'

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