Yo, I'm back again. Anyway, as you may have read from the rather short intro this is basically the sequel to DoA so yeah I'm continuing it just as promised since I did pass and I am right now currently an R.N. (an unemployed R.N. still looking for work, but an R.N. none the less). Anyway, here's chapter… err… Prologue 1?


He stares upon the figure of the aged man that rested on the thin futon before him; the rasping of the old one's breath accompanied by the almost in sync heaving of his chest filled the small wooden house with the ominous signs of death. The sickly male's body and extremities were abnormally thin. It was as if he had not seen the sight of neither food nor water for weeks though a small cup of porridge could clearly be seen near his pillow. His hair that was once as black as coal had withered to nothing. His ribs were protruding, the veins that contained what remained of his life blood were visible as day, his mouth smelled of decay and his skin was as dry as autumn leaves. The man's blood-shot eyes stared back at him, its surface reflecting the image of his hair that was the color of blood, the bandages that covered most of his body and face, and the menacing scythe that he held in his hand. Anyone that didn't have a heart of stone or at least had the smallest shred of humanity in them would've felt pity upon seeing the sight of such a defeated figure. Yet his left eye, the only visible part of his covered face, gave no such indication. That left orb of his that seemed to have been a window into the endless abyss of nothingness refused to give even the tiniest glimmer of mercy or pity. They remained as they had always been – unfeeling, uncaring even in the presence of a person on his deathbed… a person whose continued existence in this world, no matter how faint it may have been, was a miracle onto itself.

Actually… that miracle was the reason why he came here.

After all… he had come here with the intention of putting out the miracle flame that kept this man alive and finally put him to rest.

That was his duty.

He had seen so many like this in the past before.

This one was no different.

'It's time, isn't it?' the aged man utters, his voice so broken that it could barely be understood.

He nods and upon seeing his answer the male's expression is torn between relief and sadness.

This man had staved off death's call even if it meant suffering many pain-ridden days and nights. He had denied himself eternal peace for he feared of what might become of the family that he would end up leaving behind. His loyal wife, the black haired woman who had fallen asleep beside him due to the heavy fatigue brought about by having to take care of him; his young son who had just come of age… what would become of them if he, the breadwinner of the family, were to leave them behind.

The aged man looks at him with pleading eyes, begging him to prolong his stay on this green earth.

He had seen that look before.

Many others had given him that same look.

This one was no different.

He shakes his head, denying the old one his request. This man had already exceeded the time that had been allotted to him. Most men, whether their time had come to an end or was cut short by an unfortunate incident, would immediately let go of this world without much fuss. But from time to time, there would be men like this one who found it hard to leave this world and defy the will of heaven itself. Whether it was because of earthly possessions, family, loved ones, revenge, unfulfilled dreams or simply fear of what lay beyond this life, he didn't care. It was all the same to him. They all had rules that they had to follow… even him.

He slowly raises his scythe as the aged man closes his eyes while clutching tightly at his wife's hand, the last words to be uttered by the male's lips whispered gently as he sees the blade brought down to claim his soul.


He stands at the edge of a far away cliff. Below him, not far from where he stood, he sees the small wooden shack that he had visited just moments ago. Though he was a good distance away he could still faintly hear the anguish filled screams that echoed within that pitiful shelter. The newly deceased male's spouse and son must have just found out about their beloved head-of-houses passing. Their screams however were soon drowned out by the cry of the cicadas that thrived within the confines of the lush greenery behind him. He turns to leave but…

'Is someone there?' he hears a feminine voice call out.

He looks ahead and sees a young nymph, a delicate female with hair the color of the deep ocean. Her fair skin shone like luminescent silk upon the lunar moons rays, a beauty that stood out despite the tattered and ragged yukata that she wore. But her eyes seemed to be an oddity. As enchanting as they were to look at, they gave not a single glimmer of life. They were empty… like his.

It didn't take long for him to notice how this girl stumbled as she tried to feel her way out of her surroundings with her hands. She didn't even seem to bother to look at where she was going. This girl… she was blind.

'Is someone there?' she calls out again and just the same he refuses to answer her. He stares at the girl intently, and with that simple gaze he is able to decipher the limits of this girl's life. Her time had not yet come.

Being that he had no further business in this place, he deems it best to leave without further ado. But as he was about to do so he feels the girl's hand grab his own, a gesture that catches him off guard but was not entirely new to him. Normally, people should not have been able to see him – much less touch him. His existence was supposed to be analogous to that of a specter, someone who watched behind the shadows unbeknownst to the living populace that went about with their everyday life. But there were people like this one who were exceptions to the rule, people who had the uncanny ability to attune themselves to the spiritual plane and thus could make themselves aware of his presence. Though rare, events like this had happened to him before. Unfortunately, such incidents never did produce any fond memories although he himself was not exactly the nostalgic type. All of those events had followed the same pattern, the moment that they came into contact with him and felt the aura of death that enveloped his existence they would quickly recoil in fear like a frightened deer running from a hungry lion.

This girl would probably do the same thing.

This one was no different.

But to his surprise this girl instead of running from fear gently tightens her firm grip on him, a gesture that prompts the apathetic look on his face to skew ever so slightly. The girl turns her head towards him and for someone like her who had not been given the gift of sight, it was disconcerting for him how she looked at him so intensely with those blind orbs of hers. But what bewildered him the most was the words that she uttered soon after…

'Why are you sad?' she asked, a query that greatly confused him. He was, after all, someone who shouldn't have had any sort of emotion to speak of. So for this girl to have asked such an odd question came as quite the surprise to him.

And then… as if this girl had not surprised him enough… she does the one thing that he least expected…

She smiles at him.

A smile so radiant that it would've outshone the burning sun. He had never seen something as beautiful as this.

'It's alright for people to cry when they feel sad. If you want to, I can sit with you and keep you company until you feel better.'

And with those simple words, his eyes that had for so long been empty and void of any life gave off a faint glimmer of light.

This one… was different.

As you can see from the title, this is basically the 1st part of a 5 part prologue series that will be the intro of this sequel. So why go through all the trouble of doing this and why can't I just jump straight to the 1st chap. Three reasons people: (1) NBA Playoffs are here so I just can't bring myself to do long chapters. (2) Still looking for a job. And (3) I'm pretty sure that this Prologue will be very "informative" down the line… in other words: THEY'RE IMPORTANT SO READ THEM DAMMIT! Well, Amigos until next time. RnR.


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