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Run faster…

I need to run faster..!

He chants these words inside of his head like a mantra, his unkempt black mane drenched in a mixture of sweat and blood. Though every part of his body ached and pleaded for him to rest, he drowns these cries out with those words.


Run faster…

I need to run faster..!

He scolds and belittles his efforts… himself. He pushes his body to the brink. He feels his physical frame approaching its limit. For weeks he had not seen the sight of food and so his tongue had shriveled up and become useless. For days he had not seen a single drop of water and so his throat felt dry like the desert.

He feels his body slowly breaking apart but his unrelenting will forces it to hold together like cheap glue putting the broken pieces of a glass vase in place, his fiery azure eyes reflecting his inner desire.

In front of him he sees the countless shadows that lurked within the hidden space of this long winding path that he had trekked for the past five days. Like Hyenas they lie and wait in the darkness, patiently watching… longing for him to show even the tiniest hint of weakness. But after days of waiting, their patience had finally grown thin as they now started to attack randomly in droves. His trusted sword had already been bathed by the blood of these filthy menaces, its blade stained by their crimson liquid.


Run faster…

I have to run faster..!

Again they attack without inhibition or fear of being struck by his great weapon, their shapeless forms baring their fangs at him. And in response his hand quickly reaches for the sword that was safely stored on his back. Like a madman he slashes, hacks, and stabs at all that came within the scope of his sight. Each swing is delivered with deadly precision, the ends of the pink ribbon that was wrapped around the hilt of his blade swaying with each fatal blow. But still he does not go unscathed as two of the abominable creatures manage to wound his already scarred body. Their jagged teeth bite down on the battered meat of his left thigh before he could exact his vengeance upon them by skewering through their thick underbellies with the tip of his sword. He couldn't help but wince because of the pain as he cursed these filthy creatures that dared to get in the way of his goal.

He had spent the better part of two and a half years in search of this place. He had braved through numerous storms and blizzards, travelled the unforgiving desert of the Sahara with nothing but a measly bottle of water as his only provision, and challenged the highest peaks that this world had to offer. He had dragged his travel weary body from one end of this earth all the way to the other.

And now, at long last, his journey was about to come to a close… He'd be damned before he allowed these insignificant specks to stop him.


Run faster…

I'm almost there..!

The path starts to widen and what was once a tunnel 15 feet in diameter had now tripled in size. The floor made of gravel and dirt that lay underneath his steel-soled boots started to become slippery as the blood from his wounds and the dead corpses of his enemies that numbered in the hundreds began to soak the floor. His legs that had barely tasted rest buckle not once but twice. Each time he falls he looks at his reflection that was mirrored in the blade of the sword that he held in his hand, his own image mocking him… telling him stand up… to not let all the pain and hardship that he had endured go to waste. He stands every time he falls. He rises to his feet in order to run again even though his legs cry out for rest, even though his wounds continue to bleed.


Run faster…

She's waiting for me..!

Finally he sees it, that shining gate of jade and emerald that served as the entrance of his destination. Like a beacon of hope it stood tall and sturdy just as that man of death had told him. Seeing such a sight almost brought him to tears as it assuaged the physical pain that he felt. In the back of his mind all he could think about was her

She had waited for him for so long… too long in fact.

But now it would all end here…

At last he would be able to keep his end of their promise.

His hand reaches out to the jeweled gate, its green hue reminding him of his beloved's warm emerald gaze.

"Aeris… I…-!"

He lay there on the stone floor, a full meter away from the emerald jade entrance that was once only a few inches away from him just seconds ago. His body had been unceremoniously thrown away like a ragdoll. A mix of surprise and shock was carved in his facial expression. He runs toward the gate again and just as his fingers were about to touch its surface made of jade he is suddenly flung to the other side once more.

Shock and surprise would soon be replaced by confusion… and then depression.

Again and again he would try to force his way through the closed gate, hoping, wishing, that he could but lay just one finger on it… but he would be denied with every try.

Desperation then turns into anger…

He slashes at the gate with his loyal sword. He pulls out every move, every technique that he knew until his own hands felt numb. But even with all of that, the prideful gate of emerald and jade remained closed, not a single scratch could be seen on its frame.

Thereafter, anger turns into despair…

It was all for naught. This road that he thought would lead him to the finish line of his quest was nothing more than another dead end… just another false hope to be added to a long line of many disappointments. His azure eyes begin to water as his own tears mixed with the sweat and grime on his face. He screams at the very top of his lungs, his voice echoing through this hollow bastion as he feels his parched throat seemingly about to rip.

For all that he had endured; fate still deemed him unworthy of her.

Had he not suffered enough?

Had he really… not suffered enough?


Her supple lips whispered gently to the air as her tired eyelids start to flick open. Her eyes start to refocus their sight and the once blurry image of her small one-bedroom apartment begins to clear.

Her view of the empty room was slanted which shouldn't have been that much of a surprise being that her head was now resting on her desk. Her finely shaped hands cradled her forehead, serving as her own makeshift pillow, and underneath those same hands were the somewhat crumpled pages of a rather thick book. On its left page was a wall of text whose letters were as small as ants. And on its right was a drawing of a human male that was turned inside out, certain bits of the picture was covered by strands from her disheveled blue locks. It was really no great wonder why she had ended up falling asleep having tried to read and cram so much information in her brain in just one sitting.

She raises her weary head from its resting position as her hands follow to rub her eyes. It was only then that she noticed the inherent wetness of her cheeks.

She must've cried in her sleep again.

Dreaming of that same dream… again.

"Forget me… and live happily for the rest of your life."

That was what he had asked of her. In her dreams those words and the recollection of their final meeting is played out in front of her repeatedly like some cruel joke from the gods. And though the frequency of that dream had lessened compared to how it was before, the impact of it had remained the same… no, it may have even gotten worse.

Time does not heal wounds… it only makes them deeper.

For three years she had tried her best to grant his wish and yet such an endeavor had proven to be quite the difficult task. Although she had made great strides and had finally resigned herself to the fact that he would never come back to her… never appear on that empty rooftop again… the pain of him leaving was still a great one. And just when she thinks that she is ready to take the healing of her wounded heart and pride to the next stage, that dream would always come and haunt her like a phantom granting her no rest… reminding her of what she had lost.

Still she had to keep on.

She had to move forward.

For both her sake and his as well.

He will never return to her no matter how much she wished.

But even though she wanted to forget, fate had deemed her unworthy of peace, tormenting her with dreams of loss and abrupt goodbyes…

Had she not suffered enough?

Had she really… not suffered enough?

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