Okay, this is my first fanfiction to arrive on here, although it is definitely not the first fanfiction I have ever written. I've written bits of twenty different ones, all with my OC, Arneia Sera. But this Narnia is one of my favourite books, and fanfics, so here you go!

All characters belong to CS Lewis, except for Arneia and Alrohar (and the brief mentions of Evanna and all the Narnia characters I may have made up like Daryll!)

I'll begin each chapter with some song lyrics that are accossiated with Arneia at each point.

BTW, Arneia's name is pronounced Ar-nay-a. A lot of people thinks it's Ar-nee-a.

I pray you'll be our eyes, and watch us where we go.

And help us to be wise in times when we don't know

Let this be our prayer, when we lose our way

Lead us to a place, guide us with your grace

To a place where we'll be safe

- 'The Prayer', Celine Dion

I stole softly through the trees, my cloak making only the faintest rustle on the crisp snow. l had already ensured that the deep hood of the garment cast a shadow over my face, although l knew the trees would be able to make a reasonable guess as to my identity. But l wasn't worried, l had been living among the woods long enough for them to report me would there be any point. At first they had but the Witch had not succeeded in finding me yet. l had no plans for her to do so any time soon.

As l flitted among the trees, a movement caught my eye. On the right. Not ten paces off. l kept moving, standing would leave me an easy target. A flash of orange again to the right.

I frowned slightly and, beneath the cover of my cloak, slipped a small dagger from my belt, the cold blade cool against my skin.

A small sound now caught my ear. l had one shot and l knew it but, after a century's practice, twas easily confident l could make this shot. I smiled lightly to myself.

A third flicker, the distance easy. In one quick movement, l flicked back my cloak with my left hand, my right sending the blade spinning into a nearby tree above some snow covered vegetation. There was a brief yowl as astoundingly quick reactions saved the creature from a lobbed ear, and a rustle from the dead white leaves.

My hands went to my swords, preparing to draw them, when a leopard slunk out of the woods.

l gasped, my hands instantly leaving my swords as l recognized the sleek, if slightly harassed looking, feline. l pushed my hood back in surprise, revealing my light skinned face, large bright blue eyes and long wavy blonde hair.

"Daryll? Is that you," l gaped in delight. l remebered him from several years, with a keen sense of smell if I recalled correctly. Actually, thinking about it, no wonder he found me...

The large cat purred. "My lady, it is good to see you again. I have a message for you, from your father. He wished to come himself but there was little time."

l nodded, trying to contain my excitement. "Go on." My father! He hadn't contacted me in a century!

Daryll paused, looking nervously around him.

"Don't worry, we're safe here," l assured him. l knew this part of the woods and that these trees would rather burn than give up their leader.

"Aslan has returned," Daryll confirmed, "and is making his way North to the Stone Table. Messengers have been sent out to seek out allies. I was sent to you. He wishes you to join him if you can."

"Of course, but I need to find Alrohar and collect some of my things," l said. "Daryll, do you want to lay low here until I return?"

"I would, but there are others I must find," Daryll said, "Aslan sent me to you first and then to scour the rest of Lantern Waste."

"Alright," l replied, nodding, pulling my hood back up. l couldn't wipe the vague smile off my face: Aslan was finally back, perhaps the Witch was going to be defeated at last...

"My lady, do you think this could be it?" Daryll asked, cocking his sleek round head slightly, his tail flicking in anticipation.

l paused. "Maybe. I was talking with Elrod, the robin, yesterday. He told me that twice now he has seen a human girl around Lantern Waste."

"A human girl?" Daryll gasped.

l nodded. l refrained from mentioning it to Daryll but could guess how it was possible. The wardrobe. "She's been meeting with a faun, Tumnus. But there's more. Another has been seen, a boy. He met with the witch. Elrod witnessed the end of the meeting and so heard nothing."

"Two humans in Narnia within a space of a few days," Daryll mused. "Do you know think it could be the prophecy, the four humans?"

"I don't know," l admitted truthfully. "But we can always hope." Hope. That was smething I was no stranger to, I've been hoping for a hundred years...

"Well, I will see your ladyship when I return to the camp," Daryll acknowledged, bowing his head to me. I smiled back and nodded my own, watching with my clear blue eyes as the leopard slunk away.

It was nightfall when l returned to the spot l had left Daryll at the fringe of the trees. The sun had set and the snow and my silvery cloak gleamed a little in the darkness. l turned to my horse. He was a tall, elegant stallion with a pewter grey coat and jet black mane. He wore an intricate leather bridle and saddle, and two saddles bags hung down either side of his flank

"This could be it, Alrohar," l whispered. "This could be the beginning of the end! For the witch anyway!"

Alrohar snorted gently and nipped playfully at my hair. l laughed and ticked his muzzle. l was given Alrohar when he had been a tiny foal, I'd been barely nine years old. I had reared him on my own and taught both him and myself to ride. We had a connection.

"Alright, Alro, let's go," I sighed, eagerly. I was looking forward to meeting my father again, seeing old friends, making new allies. Returning to the old Narnia I had grown up in, once, long ago.

I leapt up onto Alrohar's back and gathered the reins loosely. Alrohar needed only the lightest nudge in the ribs to understand my wish.

The darkness soon swallowed up the galloping stallion and his ghost rider.

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