Whenever you remember times gone by

Remember how we held our heads so high

When all this world was there for us

And we believed that we could touch the sky

Whenever you remember, I'll be there

Remember how we reached that dream together

Whenever you remember

'Whenever You Remember', Carrie Underwood

l stood in the centre of the near empty throne room. Since the coronation, fifteen years previously, l had finally begun aging again. It had felt incredible, although the Pevensies just gave me bemused grins when I said so. The blonde hair and blue eyes were still bright. My scars had faded but still marked me. A simple gold wedding ring sat on my ring finger, glittering in the light, as another title had been added to my name: Wife to the High King. l had refused the title of high queen, I was not going to be placed above Susan or Lucy.

Now l stood, discussing contracts with Tumnus, when there was a bang from across the room. Lucy and Susan raced through, Lucy dashing, Susan moving in a more dignified manner. Edmund and Peter followed, laughing.

l raised an eyebrow, a half smile on my face.

"Do I want to know," l asked as Peter wrapped one arm around my waist, still grinning.

"No, not really," he smirked.

"Didn't think so," l replied. l noticed their riding clothes. "Are you going out?"

"Yes, we're going to hunt the white stag, Riyan spotted it yesterday around Lantern Waste," Lucy said excitedly. Over the years she had grown from a small girl, to a delicate young woman with a fierce eye in battle, and she had become my close companion in war. Edmund was still slightly reserved but, now a handsome young man, was a fair and loved ruler. Susan's motherly nature and beauty had developed since her arrival in Narnia, and apparently there was often comparison between her and l.

"Come with us," Susan begged, "you'd love the ride!"

"But I'd hate the hunt!" l retorted. "Besides, I already have everything I could wish for!" l smiled up at Peter.

"Alright, well we'll see you this evening then, we should be back by then," Peter agreed. He kissed me gently, before being dragged away by Lucy by his arm. l laughed as l watched the siblings leave the room, joking and talking together. Everything was perfect!

Night fell as l stood on the balcony overlooking the courtyard. l was worried. They should have been back two hours ago, yet there had been no sign. l had sent out search parties but there had been no word.

A clattering reached my ears and l looked down to see Philip canter into the yard, followed by Damian, Rosa and Brook. They were riderless.

l forgot all etiquette and dashed down the flights of the stairs. They're fine, l told myself, they're one their way!

Reaching the yard, l ran straight to Philip. "Get them water," l called to the fauns working in the yard who raced to help. l reached Philip and gently stroked his tired, old face. He was breathing heavily.

"Philip, what happened?" l murmured. "Where are they?"

"We were in Lantern Waste," Philip explained between breaths. "We lost the stag, I couldn't keep up with the others. The High King found a light on a long pole, the lantern, I suppose. Queen Lucy started talking about Spare-Oom and led them into some fur trees."

My eyes widened. l could guess the rest. Horror ripped through me.

"They didn't come out. I'm sorry, we searched but-"

"Philip, it's okay," l said quickly. "You did all you could. No one could have done anything."

"But we don't know what's happened to them," Philip argued urgently.

"I do," l murmured. Philip froze. "They've gone home, to their old home. The one they forgot about." l turned to one of the fauns. "Remus, tell them to call off the search parties."


l swallowed. l would never see them again. Susan, Edmund. Lucy. Peter... l fingered the ring on my hand.

"The kings and queens have returned to their old land. They aren't coming back."

And so Arneia's 'The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe' ends, but I'll be following this up soon with the first chapter or Arneia's Prince Caspian! Hope you enjoyed it, please review!

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