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Alec sat angrily in his dark and dim domain. Oh, how he hated the skanky little bitch. The two-timing whore. The devious slut. Though, the funny thing was…Clary wasn't any of those things. But it was what made Alec feel less guilty for hard-core hating her, so he would continue to believe.

He ran a hand through his matted jet black hair and down his troubled face.

Okay. You just need to breathe, Alec. It's not like you didn't already know that they have… Alec gulped hard like he had a clump of disgust in his throat. A thing for each other… But that doesn't mean… AH HELL!

He slammed his fist down on his russet desk. You can't stand the bitch, Alec! Go get her! His thoughts raced like crazy and he was tempted to fly down the hallway to the girl's room right then, listening to no one, but his conscience. But he couldn't. He couldn't lose himself. Not yet.

He glanced down at his sweaty palms and relaxed them reluctantly as he winced in pain. He hadn't even realized he tightened them so forcefully. He tapped one foot on the hard, uncarpeted floor as if contemplating what to do next.

Okay… So you saw them… Alec rose from the black, rolling office chair to pace around his corridors. So you saw them… Right in front of your dark…blue eyes. You saw them…

He looked back towards his door, really tempted to fly down that hallway. But it wasn't her fault… He's just so damn attractive, how could any girl resist? Erm, or any boy?

"Oh, I'm not just angry with her," Alec replied, as if he and his conscience were having a legitimate conversation. He stood still in his room, looking down. "I'm pissed with him too."

He doesn't even know-

"I don't care!" Alec shouted a little too loudly than clamped a hand over his mouth and muttered, "I mean…GAH! HE'S JUST SO DAMN CLUELESS!"


Jace peeked his head inside the dark cloud's room. Alec hadn't even heard the doorknob turn or the door creak open. He wasn't that loud, was he? "Um, yeah?" Alec tried to bury the venom in his voice as he concealed it with a cough.

"Hey, you alright in here?" Jace opened the door fully and took a step in the doorway. "You were yelling."

"Yelling what?" Alec felt the clump return to his throat and hoped Jace didn't distinguish his exact words.

"I don't know," Jace shrugged, "But you were yelling. And generally people do that when they're pissed, scared or really really happy." Jace looked up and examined Alec's uneasy face. "And you don't look really really happy. So which of the other two is it?"

"Neither," Alec mumbled turning away and scratching the back of his head, "Look I just remembered something."

Jace raised blonde eyebrows. "Really? It's gotta be something good then if it made you yell."

Alec knew 'good' to Jace could very well mean something far from it. Like a demon successfully having its head cut clean off or something of the sorts. As long as it was interesting, exhilarating, exciting, dangerous…it was good for Jace.

Unfortunately, why he yelled didn't fall into any of those categories. Not for Jace's standards that is. "Um…" Alec searched his mind for an idea. Anything really to hide the truth. "That mundane's birthday is coming up! Yeah!" He smirked to himself for the quick lie, but also scowled because Clary's birthday is hardly something he'd get riled about.

Jace chuckled lightly, "Uh, that was yesterday, Alec."

Alec frowned. "Oh." It wasn't like he cared anyways. Why would he remember? Jace chuckled once more before he was about to exit the room and Alec mumbled, "So what you get her?"

"Hm?" Jace pushed the door back open and looked at his best friend, "What?"

Alec silently cursed to himself and regretted asking the question. No, no, no. He was supposed to stay away from this topic! His blue orbs glanced up at Jace nervously. There was no point of trying to back away now. "I said what did you get her?"

"Clary?" Jace raised a single eyebrow. "Maybe I didn't get her anything."

A muscle jumped in Alec's jaw. He knew what he saw. And he knew what Jace felt. Him not getting the mundane anything? Pfft! The idea made him want to burst out laughing. "Or maybe you did," Alec countered, "So what you get her?"

Jace smiled a bit as if there was no point in lying to Alec. He walked fully into the room and Alec's eyes watched him as he took a seat on his large, navy blue bed. "I got her a couple things. Nothing special, really."

"Oh, really? What you get her?" Alec asked dryly then rolled his eyes, tired of repeating this question.

Jace laughed a bit, "Why are you so interested?"

"Why do you keep dodging my question?"

"You can't answer a question with a question."

"That's what she says." Alec rolled his eyes again.

Jace made a puzzled expression. "What I said wasn't sexual at all. How could that be a 'that's-what-she-said' moment?"

Alec flushed a bit, "A meant the girl! That's what she says to you all the time, isn't it." He spoke it as more as a statement than an air of question.

"You mean Clary?"

"Whatever," Alec glanced away from him for a moment, crossing his arms.

"Well…I brought her some dinner." Jace spoke, drawing Alec's attention back towards him. "Nothing like one of those romantic dinners at a restaurant or whatever. You know-"

"Like most spoiled mundanes are use too." Alec finished.

Jace smiled a bit at 'spoiled'. Perhaps that was a jab at when the redhead girl accused Alec of being spoiled when she first arrived at the house. "Yeah. We went up to the roof and just ate some apples and stuff. Like what a kid packs in his lunchbox. I whipped up one of my amazing cheese sandwiches too. She seemed to really like it."

"Yeah, I bet she really seemed to like something else too." Alec grumbled under his breath.

"What?" Jace blinked. "Stop mumbling, Alec. I can't understand you."

Alec sighed heavily. "It's nothing. So what did you do after that?"

"Eh, we just went back inside. She went back to her room and I went back to mine. It was a long day, so we were exhausted, you know? Oh, and I told her 'happy birthday' before I left."

Alec nodded his head. "What else?"

Jace looked up at him. "What do you mean? Nothing else. We went to sleep. The end of this little tale."

Alec looked down at the blonde on his bed. Was he really just going to sit there and lie in Alec's face? "So…" The dark haired teen began reluctantly, "No…physical contact? I mean, it was the girl's birthday. You didn't grace her with a hug or anything."

Jace frowned ingenuously and shook his head, "No."

"Really, Jace?"

Jace glanced up at the black haired before he nodded his head. Alec's lips curled in tensely. Yep. He was really going to sit there and lie in his face. Alec thought about bringing it up. But he was already tired and stressed. Did he really want to start this now?

They were in an awkward sort of silence. Jace glanced at Alec then around the room then back at his friend, while Alec began to tap his foot looking rather uncomfortable or like he was about to blow.

"It's funny, this is your room, but I'm the one sitting comfortably while you're standing. Take a seat."

"I'm fine," Alec declined the offer before he saw Jace patting the side of the mattress beside him. He made it look so tempting. Damn it, Jace. He sighed, taking a seat next to him. Now it felt even more strange being less than a foot close to him.

Alec stared the opposite direction of Jace, staring out the large window in fact, before he turned to the low, smooth sound of the blonde chuckling. "I kissed her," he smirked softly to himself.

The teen stared at his best friend, like he wasn't already aware. "I know." He allowed the words to spill from his lips.

"She actually kissed me back too and- Wait. You know?" Jace turned to the black haired, surprised.

"Yeah," he sort of shrugged, his tone as lifeless as an android.

"I don't get it. Why did you keep asking me then? Edging me to say it."

"Why didn't you just say it from the get-go?"

"Alec, I told you, you can't answer a question with a question."

"You've been around her too much." Alec gazed ahead, breaking his robotic demeanor with an irritable expression. "So you kissed her, huh?" He spoke softly, more to himself than to Jace. The image of the two standing outside Clary's room, lips pressed harshly together and in an embrace, made Alec's veins bulge gently from his tightening fist.

"Well, yeah. I guess you already knew that. But when were you-"

"How was it?" Alec asked unexpectedly.

Jace narrowed his eyebrows, somewhat caught off guard by the question. He looked up at the ceiling. "Good. Really good."

Alec thought his teeth might break if he gritted them any harder into each other. "Well, of course, right?" He tried to find some bit of humor. "You were in charge."

"I don't know, man. She seemed to be getting into it a lot. I know this makes it sound like we had sex, but it wasn't just the kiss that was really good. She was really good."

…Oh, yeah. Alec definitely wanted to fly down that hallway and get his hands on that damn, annoying-

"So when did you see?" Jace interrupted his devilish thoughts.

"What?" Alec attempted to remain calm. "See? Who says I didn't just hear it from somebody?"

"The look on your face." Jace pointed out. And Alec thought he was doing a great job at 'keeping the game face' on. "I mean, just now. You looked like you were replaying the scene in your head. So…when did you see?"

Alec looked at him. He could only imagine what his expression looked like as he 'replayed the scene in his head'. Did he look disgusted? Pissed? Regretful? Sad? What was the interpretation of his face in Jace's eyes? "…I was going down the hallway… Looking for you in fact." Jace nodded his head, knowing Alec wanted to talk about his recklessness the night before. "Well, you weren't in your foyer, so I thought," I prayed not, "that you were in the mundane's room. Since you were nowhere else in the house, I went down her hallway and…I found you, I guess."

"You didn't say anything. I didn't even know you were there."

"What was there to say?"

Jace pondered for a second and shrugged. "When did you leave? Because when that pest of a mundane came out," Alec knew he was insinuating Simon, "I left back to my room. And I didn't see a trace of you."

Alec shrugged lightly, "I guess I'm fast. No, I just left when the door opened and you stopped, so maybe that's why you didn't see me."

Jace thought about it. He did have a brief conversation with Clary when Simon walked out. And Alec is fast. "Well, now you got your answer-"

"I'm surprised you didn't drag her back to your room, the way you guys were going at it."

"It was a kiss, Alec-"

"A make-out." He corrected Jace scornfully. Isn't the girl like fifteen? What the hell?

"Why does that upset you?"

Alec's scowl eased into a less tense expression and he sighed. If he was trying to keep his cool, he wasn't doing so superb of a job. "I don't know. Long day, I guess."

"Maybe." Jace glanced down doubtingly and Alec began to worry.

"Well, what are you thinking?" He forced the question out.

Jace sat quietly, his face telling that he was about to tell him, but for some reason he decided otherwise. Instead, he patted his friend on the back, "You need a girlfriend, Alec, so you don't get so jealous when I get them."

"I'm not jealous!" Alec blurted out, even though he was, but not for the reasons Jace was thinking.

"Sure you are. It's alright. I always wondered if my flaunting with girls bothered you." Jace stopped to ponder. "…Well, actually I never did," he spoke truthfully, earning a glare from Alec. "But it's alright. There are plenty of girls out there for you. You just gotta pick one and reel her in, then you won't feel so bad. Hey, maybe we can even double-date."

I don't want to double-date… Alec made a discontented face.

"But when it comes to the bedroom," Jace continued smugly, "The foursome is gonna have to go, my friend." He chuckled and Alec made a sickened face.

I definitely don't want a foursome… He kicked the back of his feet against the wooden bed frame.

"Hey, I can help, you know." Jace smiled and his golden eyes gleamed like he had a great idea. "Let's go girl hunting for a change."

"No thank you." Alec responded almost immediately.

"Why not?" Jace looked confused, but then shrugged. He was trying to be nice, but kindness was never really his thing.

"Because I just don't want to." Alec spoke, even though he knew Jace didn't really care much for an answer. "Wouldn't you rather go demon hunting? With all the gore…and the blood?"

Alec watched under his long, night eyelashes as Jace grinned, pleasingly. "Oh, hell yeah. But I do…enjoy girls too." He decided to stay away from the word 'love'.

"Well, I don't," Alec folded his arms across his chest before he wished he hadn't said anything when he received a puzzlingly look from Jace. Like his friend was gazing at a new life-form.

"What's wrong with girls? Your sister is a girl. Isabelle."

"I-I know that!" Alec stated, crossly. "That's not how I meant it. I mean, I just don't necessarily need one. I'm not looking for anyone right now, Jace."

Because I've already found 'em… The words rang in his head as he shook it. Jace raised an eyebrow and Alec stopped whipping his head around like a dog trying to part from a flea. Jace looked up before he nodded slowly. "Enjoy the single life?"

"Uh-huh." Alec spoke dully, "Exactly."

"Hm. Good idea, I guess. Love does just get in the way."

Alec's eyes darted to the side, "Then why do you-"

"It's not love. They're flings, Alec. For mere pleasure and entertainment."

Alec gulped at his harsh words. "Well, what about Clarissa?"

Jace paused, to Alec, for too long. "I don't know…"

Alec wished he hadn't asked. It only made the hole in his heart deeper. Maybe one of these days he'd learn to keep his mouth shut and his thoughts to himself. "Alrighty then," Alec exhaled as he stood up and walked slowly to his desk.

"Are we done here?" Jace's eyes followed his motion.

"You're the one who came in here. You can leave at anytime." Alec looked away from him and down at his table, pretending he was very interested in a black pen that lay across it.

"Okay." Jace spoke flatly as he rose up and strided shortly across the room. Alec didn't look up as he heard the doorknob turn and door shut briskly afterwards.

For a brief moment, he wondered how Clary could like a dick like Jace. But then again, why did he? But he knew Jace. Really knew him. Not like Clary or those other women who were vaguely familiar with him. Alec knew of his soft side. He was aware of Jace's coldness, but deep warmth as well. Nobody knew him like he did. Nobody.

So why was it that she- that mundane teased his heart when she just showed up and Alec's known him for seven freakin' years with no physical progress.

The sound of shattering glass echoed through the room as blood leaked down Alec's hand and pieces of an antique lamp lay on the floor like a jigsaw puzzle. I hate you…Clarissa Fray…

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