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Two weeks have passed… In which Jace thoughtfully reminded himself as he lay on top of his covers, staring up at the ceiling with his strong arms crossed behind his head. His expression was set into, now, a scowl. He had not seen has parabatai in two weeks. Two weeks? Really? Thinking the teen would've returned home by this time, Jace was worried, but he never was too concerned. As stubborn as Alec was he was also very practical. Jace was so sure that the thoughts of all my clothes are at home or I can't allow my family to worry about me, thoughts of those sorts, would pile up in the raven's mind causing him to return to the house in…less than a week. Or maybe that was Jace's own wishful thinking. He pondered before that maybe Alec had dropped by the institute a couple times without him knowing. Though, after asking of his whereabouts to other members of the house and no one knew, not even Isabella, that idea quickly diminished.

The sibling fretfully questioned Jace about what happened, but he never answered her. Just like he didn't answer Clary when he left the café' as she voiced where are you going and what's going on with those sad eyes of hers. What happened? He proved himself to be a two-timing jerk, that's what happened. Really, how could he kiss Clary back when he'd locked lips with Alec not too long before that. It must have hurt... He realized that now more than ever. He had hurt Clary. And Alec. But the man was the only one showing to want nothing to do with him anymore. Clary tried to get in contact with him. She came by the institute, unlike Alec. She tried to talk to him, unlike Alec. She showed concern over their relationship, unlike Alec. But she also was very whiny, unlike Alec. She proved to be rather clingy, unlike Alec. She was sort of…getting on his nerves, unlike Alec.

Jace had allowed the redhead girl to speak with him and she of course asked about Simon's earlier statement of "fooling around with this guy." Jace stopped and stared at her and while his usual retaliations of none of your business, we aren't together or answering with no response at all came to his mind, he instead saidIwas.

Why? Perhaps he wasn't in the mood to beat around the bush and make everything into some sarcastic joke to avoid the truth. After all, Clary deserved to know that much, probably more than anybody. Certainly more than Simon who he was pissed off at for knowing this bit of knowledge. Alec must have spilled the beans, he thought. But most likely not intentionally, like he said, the teen was practical.

Clary had just gaped at him in disbelief and Jace repeated his response. He knew he was never an expert on feelings, especially when it came to his own, but he did know he felt sorry as his heart grew heavy. The girl questioned him some more, insulted him and even shouted, concluding their conversation with an angry cry as she ran off. He hadn't gone after. He didn't plan on going after her. They heard everything that the other needed to hear.

He was every insult she threw at him, or at least he felt like it. An asshole, a cheater, heartless, cruel, selfish and so on… It was funny because he imagined Alec felt the same way about him. It made sense.

The blonde turned over on his mattress, sliding one arm under his pillow as his head sunk in to it. He felt tired and dead and regretful and lost. He didn't mean to hurt anyone he gave a damn about. He didn't mean to hurt Alec. God, how was Alec doing? Was he off somewhere pondering how to kill himself? No…Alec was too sensible for that…right?

Jace flung up from his bed, his eyes widened as he balled his covers in his fist. "He better be okay." He said firmly. By the angel, if anything happened to him, he'd-!

Jace whipped his head around as the creaking sound of his door opening interrupted his panic. Odd, it was opening but he saw no person walking through. Jace leaned his body forward, looking down at the floor to see Church slinking in the room.

"Church? I thought I closed my door all the- Church!" He jumped out of bed towards the cat. "Where is Alec, Church?"

The cat looked up at him for a moment before plopping his butt down on the carpet.

"Come on, don't give me that! I know you know, dammit. Church, please."

The cat stared at him again with those narrow slits for pupils before rising up and turning to exit right from where he entered. Jace started to grit his teeth together. "I swear, if this cat is just ignoring me-!" The blonde got out of bed to follow behind the feline. They walked down the hall, making a right turn and down another hall before heading towards the front door. "…I guess he really is coming through. Thanks Church." Jace smiled a bit and the cat swooshed its tail in response. Opening the door, Jace let Church out to take the lead once again as he walked out after him.

The walk was rather silent. Of course, he didn't expect his escort to uphold in conversation, but there were no cars on the streets or chattering people or even the sound of the wind blowing. The air was just cool and quiet while the only noise you could hear were the occasional birds chirping as they flew about. The unusual stillness caused him to think some more. What would he say when he'd find Alec? Ifhe found Alec? Would he apologize? Did he need to apologize? Of course he did… The blonde's heart clenched.

Would Alec even accept an apology? Why was he even setting out to find the man in the first place? Because he was his best friend? He couldn't stand for things to stay like this between them? True but…it felt stronger than that. It felt like he had more of a reason than that. Why hadn't he gone to chase after Alec weeks ago? Was it because he's been lying on his bed contemplating what to do for fourteen days? Contemplating what the hell is going on with his feelings? Or because he wasn't sure if Alec wanted to see him, despised him? Was it out of fear that his parabatai now hated him, loathed him? …He didn't think he'd be able to live with that…

Why did he have to go and mess things up? He had to find Alec. Alec has always been in love with him and now Jace h-himself-

Jace only lifted his head up from his inner turmoil when he nearly tripped over the cat who stopped in front of his feet, "Church, what the-!" He paused, blinking up at the large building. Wait…this ritzy place looked familiar… "…Magnus? Alec's been at Magnus's house?"

The cat swooshed its tail and Jace scowled a bit then raised his hand up and pressed the buzzer. It took a couple seconds before a voice answered, "Who is it?"


There was a pause. "And what do you want?"

"Alec." The teen answered frankly. Not intending for it to sound like he wanted Alec…not that he didn't. By the angel, he was confusing himself.

Magnus seemed a little surprised himself at the answer as he paused again, though a tad longer. "…Well, who is to deny you that." He finally spoke, seeming to Jace, with a little callous in his voice.

Jace was about to open his mouth in response when those large double doors began to open. The blonde haired teen walked inside the estate, leaving Church to turn around and wander off to where ever he pleased, probably returning close by the institute until someone opened the door for him to come in.

Jace found Alec, along with Magnus, sitting in the living room watching TV. Though on separate couches as the Warlock laid sprawled out on the longer sofa while Alec simply sat in the one person chair. It suited him; he was such a simple person, usually wearing simple clothes and keeping a simply messy hair style all to moderate his simply attractive looks. Jace imagined Magnus had magically conjured an assortment of clothes for him to wear these past weeks, so there went that need for him to return home.

…Aside from his family…Alec probably had everything he needed right here, with the high-class Warlock.

It was odd… The confident Jace never felt envious in his life, not even when Simon made his advances on Clary. He always felt superior to the nerdy teen, knowing the redhead girl was more than infatuated with him, so what need did he have to feel jealous? But Alec… He could see him going back to Magnus at any time. Jace knew he said the Warlock was just an attempt to ease the emptiness in his heart, but he also knew that the raven still cared about him, had cared about him. The dark haired teen could very well be done with Jace and return to the man that has always showed him love and kindness.


Was the thought suppose to bother Jace this much? He hadn't realized his fist balled by his sides until he winced from relaxing the tense muscles.

Alec was looking at the blonde, his eyes leaving the television screen long ago once he realized his parabatai was there.

Jace eyed the teen steadily from the open door frame. "…So…just at an extended sleep over?" His lip curled up slightly, though his voice wasn't nearly as cocky as it usual was when he gave his sarcastic "Jace" jokes.

It was somewhat awkward as Alec didn't know how to respond to the, perhaps, meant to be rhetorical question. Two weeks gone and that's what he had to say to him? The raven suddenly recalled what Magnus had said; If Jace really feels the same way about you, he'll be the one to take responsibility for his own actions. Stop going to him for a change in fear that he might not ever run to you.

Okay…so maybe he did actually go to Alec for a change, but when was the taking responsibility part going to happen? Because if Jace just came to play twenty rhetorical questions with him he might as well have not come at all.

"Um…no." Alec for some reason answered.

Magnus was leaning on one palm, looking back and forth from the parabatais. "Well, I guess I'll let you two be. Good luck," he didn't say his last remark to Alec in particular, like expected, yet just threw it out there.

Alec watched shortly as the Warlock disappeared up the spiral stairs before he turned back to Jace. It was so…awkward… The raven was about to open his mouth to fill the silence, to begin conversation, but why should he? If Jace really feels the same way about you, he'll be the one to take responsibility for his own actions. Stop going to him for a change in fear that he might not ever run to you. Why should he be the one to start talking? Jace is the one who came there; he should be the one to speak up if he had something to say.

The blonde seemed to catch on to this bit of stubbornness from the raven and his sudden blue-eyed scowl was helping portray that message. "Alec…" the teen began.

It reminded the raven of how he said his name at the café, before he had stormed out. "What?" Alec replied sharply, the memory was not helping in easing his scowl.

Jace frowned, looking like he was clenching his teeth from behind his lips. "About what happened…with Clary…"

"What about her?" That bitch, Alec thought. He made a truce with her, even willing to be friends and what did she do? Went and swapped spit with Jace. She knew he loved him, she knew. Hell, it seemed like everybody knew. Still…this vixen still locked lips with him and had the gall to look at Alec with those sympathetic eyes like "sorry."

Alec looked down at the floor. Who was he kidding? He also knew the girl was in love with Jace yet he still made-out with him on his bed, no problem. How hypocritical… He gritted his teeth together. And he had made it sound like to Clary that he was giving up on Jace, accepting the fact that it'll never happen the last time they actually engaged in conversation. So Clary couldn't be completely in the wrong. No. It was only their common love interest's; Jace.

"Alec, that kiss," Jace continued, noticing the increasingly angry expression, "it wasn't intentional. I didn't mean for that to happen. All I-"

"Not intentional?" Alec repeated lividly, jumping up to his feet. "Right because my tongue always flies into another person's mouth on accident. Whoops."

Jace scowled at the sarcastic remark. "I mean it wasn't intentional because I didn't kiss Clary, she kissed me."

Alec stared at him. She kissed him? Although that did ease his anger by a millimeter he was still more than upset. "So what? That means its okay for you to kiss back? No regret, huh? She did kiss you after all, so there's no guilt on your side, right?"

Alec was surprised to see the blonde's face sadden. "I did feel bad. I do feel bad. I know I messed up and…Alec, I'm sorry..."

The raven stared at the other boy, his heart kept clenching and unclenching in his chest. "For what? What do I have to do with you being with her?"

"Nothing." The blonde said and Alec's eyes widened for a second, for some reason, the blunt reply hurting him. "You have nothing to do with me being with her because there is no me being with her. Alec, Clary can be with Simon for all I care. Actually, I hope she does go to him, for her own sake, but I doubt that she wouldn't."

"…What are you saying? You are not going to fool me again with this 'I'm really not in love with Clary' act! You've always shown like you have!"

Jace stared at him. "…You're right. Maybe I have, but it's not like that anymore. Alec…" Jace surprised the raven as he glanced to the side timidly, a reddening shade coloring his cheeks in an adorably odd way. "I want you…"

Alec blinked multiple times. He was so confused. He didn't want to be hurt again. He couldn't be. "H-How? Since when?" He wanted to kill himself for allowing his voice to come out anxious and desperate.

"Since the only thing I've thought about has to do with you. Since I found out my previous labels on love were cowardly. Since you had my heart going like a hummingbird's wings. Since I actually contemplated my answer to a man's love confession. Since I decided to hell with reason! Since I realized how absolutely terrified I would be if anything happened to you. Since I compared me kissing you to sparks flying. Since I've never felt so shitty in my life until you saw me at the café. Since the thought of you going back to Magnus makes my blood boil. Since then, Alec."

The teen just stared at him. By the angel, if he started crying he would never let himself live it down. What was it about Jace that made him love him so much? What he had felt for Magnus just couldn't compare.

"I…" Alec began, biting down on his bottom lip as he broke off his sentence. He didn't know what to say.

Jace took a step into the room towards the teen. "If you're willing to give me a chance I can prove to you how sincere I'm being."

"T-This… This isn't…"

"This isn't a joke, Alec. You really think I would joke this far." He looked to the side, that unusually shy expression returning to his face. "God, I've never gotten this mushy in my life. How do you do it?" He looked back and smiled at the boy fondly.

Alec felt like his heart was going to explode. Jace rarely smiled so genuinely, his face usually played a smirk or a set frown, while both expressions looked stunning; when he smiled like that he just resembled an angel from heaven, golden locks and all.


"…Yeah? What do you say? Give me a chance?" The man walked in front of him and raised his hand to the other's reddened cheek. "Let's give us a shot and see where we go. Does that sound okay…?"

Alec fluttered his eyes close for a second and nodded his head against the blonde's warm touch. "Yeah… Yeah, I'd love that."

"Me too." Jace leaned forward and kissed the boy's lips surprisingly gentle. "Do you want to come back home now or…?"

"Is that even a question?" Alec smiled jokingly, his natural demeanor returning. He took Jace's hand softly and announced,

"Let's go home."

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