Johnny stood in the middle of his dressing room, gazing at himself in the mirror. His long, blonde hair spilled down his back in loose ringlets (he had wet it earlier.) Faint liner highlighted his eyes, a little glitter along his chest. His pants were sparkly enough, as was the thick golden-ivory coat hanging up on the walk next to the vanity. Crystal-studded sunglasses sat on the table, catching the light rather brilliantly. The faux-fur around his shins was soft, the sparkle-patterns on his pants just as brilliant. His muscles were primed and ready to entertain the masses.

The spotlight would be hot tonight.

Who said life didn't come full circle?

A knock on the door startled him, but he settled back down when he saw his master slip inside the room. He was already in his Heartbreak Kid gear, copper hair pulled back in a low ponytail. Johnny smiled brightly, turning and receiving an embrace fro his master. He had toned and grown over the years, but he was just a bit shorter than the older man.

"My boy" Shawn pulled away, gazing into that beautiful face "I haven't seen you in weeks."

"I'm sorry" Johnny mewled, rubbing his cheek into the hand cupping his face "I've been so busy. I had to meet Melina and Joey, all the training, the practice…I'd have rather spent it with you."

"I know" Shawn smiled crookedly "So, is the rumor I heard true? After 'Blaze' and 'Spade' and 'Superstar'…you've finally come up with a name for yourself?"

"Johnny Nitro" he smiled back, though much more sweetly "Do you like it?"

Johnny giggled as he was turned around, his master's arms wrapping around his waist as he faced with his own reflection.

"It's fitting" Shawn dropped a kiss on his sub's neck, still admiring his beauty in the mirror "You're even more beautiful than when I first saw you."

"Thank you."

"You deserve it" Shawn pulled away, putting his hands on his hips "Now get out of here, you're on in ten. Your groupie's waitin' on you."

"I told you, she's my friend" Johnny couldn't help but laugh, the adrenaline was starting to pump through his body "No reason to get jealous."

Shawn nodded, watching his sub take his heavy coat off the hook and swinging it over his shoulders. A few graceful movements and it was hugged snugly against his body. For such a large piece of clothing, it sure accentuated his body line.

"Well, here goes nothing" Johnny shot his master a wink, striding across MNM's dressing room "Wish me luck."

Shawn grabbed the forgotten sunglasses, "John!"

Johnny turned around, shocked at the name. Not once in almost six years had anyone called him 'John.' It always seemed too grown up for him, too somber. Shawn crooked his finger at him, then pointed to the floor in front of him.

"Come. Kneel."

Johnny obeyed the direct order. Even in all his ring gear and glitter, he knelt down at Shawn Michaels' feet. He leant forward, kissing the 'HBK' label at the front of the man's pants. The silver chain around the younger blonde's throat shined brightly against his dark skin. It was a symbol of his possession, and that gesture showed it.

"You're growing up way too fast" Shawn sounded like a proud father, but the mixture of lust and love in his eyes told the true story "But you deserve this push, you've worked hard to get to this point."

Shawn ran his fingers over his boy's face, palms cradling his jaw, "I'll help ya all I can, but I think you can make it on your own."

"I can do this" Johnny looked up at him imploringly "I promise to make you proud."

"You already do, glitter-doll" Shawn assured him, unfolding the sunglasses "Stand up, John."

Johnny obeyed, accepting the shades. He slid them on, puckering his lips rather cutely.

"How do I look?" he inquired.

"Beautiful" Shawn ran his knuckles over the younger man's pec, glitter clinging to his fingers "My handsome John."

With a last kiss, Johnny strode out of the room with his aura of confidence thrown around him like a cloak.

Shawn crossed his arms over his chest, cocking his head to the side as he thought over how much his boy was growing up on him. But 'Nitro' wouldn't stick, just the like others - it would fade.

/John…maybe, John Morrison./

The name would suit him soon enough.


Done! Totally done with this one. I didn't want to draw it out too much, I think it was rather perfect. Four chapters…that's quite enough. Hope you enjoyed it! I struggled through the last chapters, but the first one was pure fun. I wanted to put something with JBL or Hunter feeling JoMo up a bit.

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