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"Ladies and gentlemen, you are gathered here tonight to witness the unveiling of a creature, a creature that was said to be a myth by the Greeks. But today I will present to you a serafin." Gasps resounded around the whole room and people clamoured nearer to the stage where a huge cage stood covered by materiel.

Cameras were flashing as reporters stood around writing, getting ready for the biggest article of the century. My heart hammered in my chest. I had been waiting for a moment like this for the last five years. My father had died in the attempt to capture a creature like this five years ago when I was fifteen and I was eager to see this creature that my father gave his life for. This would the moment of a supernatural breakthrough. Aro stood on the stage a huge grin stretching across his face as he took hold of the edge of cloth and pulled it harshly.

The material pooled around the cage and I strained my neck to see inside. There was what I supposed to be a nest in the middle of it. It was like a mini forest in a cage. Nothing happened for a second and then something in the nest moved. I moved forwards in the crowd, I had to see this with my own eyes.

What seemed like a man stood up. Both of his wrists were chained and he was wearing loose black pants. His chest was bare and his eyes were as black as the night. His hair was the color of fire and his expression was dark. Everyone clapped in astonishment. This had sounded like a hoax in the making, but to see that it was real was a shock. Suddenly a camera flashed and there was a mighty whoosh and he disappeared. My mouth fell open as I looked at the glory that was his wings. They were black and were wrapped around his body like a cloak. He pulled them back away from his face and stalked closer to the bars.

His clawed hands curled around the bars and he hissed menacingly showing a pair of pointed teeth. People scrambled backwards in fright, but my feet moved forwards towards this beautiful, frightening creature. He pulled harshly on the bars and they groaned in protest before crumbling in his hands.

Everyone around me was screaming and running in the opposite direction, but my feet stood rooted to the spot. He pulled his wrists out of the chains and roared loudly. He turned to Aro who was stood on the stage as white as a sheet," Il salario del peccato è la morte, e la morte verrà consegnato." He stalked towards Aro and grabbed him around the neck," Per prendere ciò che non è tuo, è quello di rubare. Come hai rubato la mia libertà, mi accingo a rubare la tua vita" He threw him down on the stage and latched his mouth onto his neck.

Aro screamed and writhed as he was slowly drained of blood and my heart constricted painfully, would I be next?


The creature froze and detached his mouth before turning to look at me. I don't know what possessed me to speak, but I couldn't just let Aro die. The hall was empty as he just stared at me, his black eyes piercing my soul. " Perché mi hai fermato?" He hissed," ll male perirà sotto i miei fingetips, il sangue degli ingiusti sazia la mia sete, tu ancora mi fermano, perché? Non hai paura?"

I took a step back, my heart hammering against my chest as he jumped up and landed in a crouch in front of me,"Rispondi!" He hissed between his teeth. I opened my mouth and fished around trying to understand what he was saying,"Non capisco." I whispered stumbling on my heels and falling over on to my ass.

He stopped and cocked his head to the right before his wings folded themselves behind his back and disappeared. He stood up straight and offered me his hand," Prey tell me, what language do you speak?" His voice sounded like it had been dipped in honey. My eyes darted to the right to see Aro dragging himself to the end of the stage. I turned back to him,"I-I-I-english is good." I blushed and lifted a shaking hand and placed it in his. His hand felt like frozen marble and I gasped at the cold.

If he noticed my reaction to his cold temperature he didn't show it. He pulled me up and looked me up and down appraisingly,"Hmmm, I guess it wasn't all a lie." He circled me slowly running his fingers along my shoulders sending shivers down my spine,"W-w-what wasn't a lie?" I stammered. He smirked crookedly,"I was told that I would have a sacrifice, a woman sacrifice to do with what I pleased." His eyes raked down the front of my dress." Very nice." I opened my mouth, but no words would come out.

"Il sangue di una vergine è un valore doppio di quanto il corrotto" He murmured as he buried his face in my hair."W-w-what?"

He chuckled," I said the blood of a virgin is worth twice as much as the tainted." My blood ran cold," So you're going to kill me?" He pulled back and took my hand in his and led me towards the cage," No, there are other ways to make virgins bleed." I blanched," You mean sex?" He nodded and pushed me down till I was lying in the nest that was surprisingly soft and comfortable," Yes, I wish to fornicate with you." I jutted my chin out defiantly," And what if I say no?"

He chuckled," I wasn't aware that I was asking." He ripped my dress down the middle and threw it out of the way leaving me in just my underwear." Delectable." He murmured, the words rolling off his tongue like silk." It will be easier if you just give yourself over to me, I am your master and you will learn in time to serve me willingly." I nodded and he smiled," Very good." He flicked his finger over my bra and it fell apart.

He lowered his head to my breast and rolled my nipple around his tongue. I gasped and arched my back," Wait..." I murmured. He pulled his head back and sighed," Yes?" I blushed," What is your name?" He seemed to contemplate the question for a while," I have many names, but you may call me Edward, and prey tell, what is yours?"

"Bella, Isabella, but I prefer Bella." He nodded," Bella, what a fitting name." He bent his head back down and took my breast in his mouth. I could feel his two pointed teeth brush against my skin as he sucked and licked it. I writhed underneath him and moaned. He chuckled and I heard a rip as he got rid of the last piece of clothing on my body leaving completely naked underneath him.

He stood up and glided his hand down his chest to his pants. He undid them with skilful hands...claws whatever...and pushed them down and stepped out of them. He stood naked above me and with a whoosh his wings came back out. They shook themselves letting loose feathers fall before drawing back inwards. He hovered over me, his knees between my legs as his wings caressed my sides.

I opened my legs more as his narrow hips pushed forwards. He paused at my entrance and closed his eyes tightly,"Padre, mi perdoni perché ho peccato."He murmured quietly. His eyes flashed opened and his mouth descended upon my neck easily slicing through the skin. He pushed his hips forwards breaking through my hymen. I arched my back as a small scream of pain left my lips.

He detached his mouth from my neck and licked the wound. Fire went through my whole body and the pain between my legs disappeared immediately. I closed my eyes and relaxed back. He brushed some stray hairs out of my eyes and pulled back before thrusting back in. My eyes snapped open as electricity ran through my body giving me more pleasure than I thought was possible.

"Così stretta" He muttered through clenched teeth as he thrust into me again.

He started to quicken his pace up and I couldn't help the moans and whimpers that escaped my mouth. My breaths were coming in gasps and my lungs were begging for me to breath. "Oh...Edward." I moaned, wrapping my legs around his hips. He groaned and started thrusting deeper in me than before. I could feel the coil in my stomach winding up tightly." Oh God Edward...I'm so close." I whimpered.

"Come for me il mio amore, come for your master."

I clenched down hard around him and panted his name in a mantra. Never had I felt so much pleasure than I had with Edward. I felt like I was floating in the clouds as soft feathers brushed against my cheek and I relaxed into his embrace and fell asleep.

Translations ( Italian to English)

Il salario del peccato è la morte, e la morte verrà consegnato: The wages of sin is death, and death will be delivered

Per prendere ciò che non è tuo, è quello di rubare. Come hai rubato la mia libertà, mi accingo a rubare la tua vita: To take what is not yours is to steal. As you stole my freedom, I will steal you life

Perché mi hai fermato?: Why did you stop me?

Rispondi!: Answer me!

Non capisco: I don't understand

ll male perirà sotto i miei fingetips, il sangue degli ingiusti sazia la mia sete, tu ancora mi fermano, perché? Non hai paura?: Evil shall perish under my fingetips, the blood of the unrighteous sates my thirst, yet you stop me, why? Are you not afraid?

Il sangue di una vergine è un valore doppio di quanto il corrotto: The blood of a virgin is worth twice as much as the tainted.

Padre, mi perdoni perché ho peccato: Father, forgive me for I have sinned

Così stretta: So tight

il mio amore: My love

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