Written for 500themes LJ; 311 – For the child I will sing.

Title: A Voice Hoping to Reach

Author/Artist: unsugared aka Miracchin

Rating: G

Fandom: Digimon Adventure 02

Character(s)/Pairing(s): Ishida Yamato, flashback appearance of Takaishi Takeru

Theme: 311. For the child I will sing

Genre/s: Family

Warnings: Slight spoilers for the audio drama, 'The Original Story: 2 ½ Year Break; Yamato's track: As I Play the Bass'.

Words: 396

Summary: He sings, for that person far away. And now the painful waiting is over.

Disclaimer/Claimer: Toei, Bandai and the likes own this awesome-ness, and they are definitely not me.

His fingers move ever so gentle over the strings, his ears listening to a melody his mind has forever memorised. Yamato closes his eyes, ignoring those attentive eyes looking at him. Slowly, he takes a deep breath before letting it go.

With a nod, he signals to his bandmates to start. Soon, a soft, adolescent voice rings through the air.

"Hitoribotchi no shiisoo de"

His voice comes out smoothly, words gliding out of his mouth with ease. He is singing only one phrase – they are playing only one part for this –, yet he puts all his feelings and emotions into it.

"Mum and I will be moving to Odaiba soon."

"Daremo ga dareka ga kuru no wo matteru"

He almost has a smile on his face, yet restrains himself. This is not the time for it.

"We will get to see each other more often after this! I can't wait to see you again, onii-chan!"

The music from his bandmates surrounds him, helping him to delve deeper into the song, helping him to remember all those spoken words.

"Boku mo onnaji dakedo ne"

"A-and, I will get to see Taichi-san, Hikari-chan and everyone else again too! Next year is going to be so much fun!"

Again, another smile threatens to come out and again, he refrains himself. His younger brother's voice sounded older on the phone, but he knows, that boy is still the same.

Still the same bright, cheerful Takeru.

"Itsu demo hantai muki shite"

"… I really miss you, onii-chan. And tou-san, too. Do you miss me as well?"

The music has started to slowly down. And just as slowly, he sings the last phrase softly, with his heart going to the one person who matters the most right now.

"Suwatte itan da…" (1)

His voice reaches the end, the music slows down and finally, there is silence. Hands start clapping, and excited voices replace the silence.

Hearing those voices, he opens his eyes and only after looking at his bandmates' happiness does Yamato smile.

"Of course I miss you, Takeru. I can't wait to see you too."

'This song… will no longer talk about our loneliness.'

The Teen-Age Wolves is going to bloom, he is sure of it, and he is going to have his younger brother close by his side.

Right now, Ishida Yamato has all the right reasons to smile.

A/N: In bold are a part of the lyrics of Hitoribocchi no Seesaw. The song is taken from the Teen-Age Wolves' single, Tobira DOOR.

Rough translation:

On the lonely seesaw

Waiting for no one, waiting for someone to come

I'm the same but

I'm sitting on the other side


Thank you for reading and C&C are well-appreciated.