Ok so yeah it's short but I wanted this one to be short. Oh and I added the whole sseeing Edward like in the movie instead of her just hearing his voice like in the book. Tell me what ya think.

I shivered uncontrollably and stomped my numb feet trying to get feeling back into them as I scrabbled with the key trying to get it into the lock as the icy wind howled through the trees whipping my long hair around my face. The key finally went in and the door of my rusty old Chevy groaned in protest as I pulled it open. I blinked letting my eyes adjust as the light on the roof switched on then I grabbed my bio book off the seat where I had left I earlier.
A sheet of paper fell out of my book as I was closing the door and I made a desperate grab for it as the wind picked it up and blew it across the dark road.
"Shit!" I swore, placing my book and keys on the roof of my truck before hurrying across the road to collect the paper from where it lay fluttering madly, trapped against the stem of a dead fern.
I pulled my jacket tighter around me as I slowly made my way back across the road with the paper. A sudden light flared up out of the corner of my eye and I turned to face the light looking at the two circles, which were rapidly growing and moving toward me, with half lidded eyes.
Something told me I should move now while I still had the chance but my legs disagreed. Plus I didn't particularly want to move anyway. I was way past caring about something as trivial as my own life. Death was more than welcome to have me.
Maybe this was the light you saw when you died. This was my light guiding m to heaven... well to death then to heaven.
"Bella!" My eyes widened at the sight standing before me. My eyes roaming quickly up and down the perfect body lingering on the beautiful face framed by the messy bronze hair. He must have died somehow and now he was waiting for me. We would be together again. And we would have forever just like I ha. I smiled happily.
"Move, Bella! Move!" Edward yelled.
He was right; I needed to speed this up. I had waited long enough to hold him.
"I'm coming, Edward," I whispered as I walked forward.
"Bella!" This voice wasn't Edward's.
I turned quickly toward the house to say goodbye to the figure sanding in the open doorway. I had to tell my father I loved him, that this was what I wanted and not to worry about me but Just as I opened my mouth to speak something slammed into my side.
A car horn beeped madly
A bright light blinded me
A scream deafened me
Pain crippled me
Darkness fell over me

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