"I remember this day."


"You lied to me."

"I do not lie, mate."

"You told me you didn't love me, but you were madly in love with me" She teased.

"Enough woman."

"I should make you destroy with well."

"You would wish it gone?"


"Why?" He asked confused

"So you aren't tempted to throw me down it when I got into labor with this baby."

Sesshomaru snorts but placed his hand against the small of her back "Come my mate."

Of in the distance, Inuyasha and Sesshomaru's eldest son are sword fighting while Kagome's mother watches.

Inuyasha snorts "Io mom."

"Yes, Inuyasha?"

"You knew the whole time didn't ya?"

"Your brother came a few days before she showed up and I made him tell me everything."

"Made him?" Though she was Kagome's mom, he doubted she could make his brother do anything.

"He wanted my help, so I made him tell me nothing but the whole truth."

"K, what did he say?"

She looked at him "That she could change the world, save it, save you, save him."

Inuyasha blushed,

"He told me that her future was in the past, beside him, with him that she was his mate and he would die before living without her again that she was his to protect and that nothing would stop him from doing just that."

"And?" Inuyasha asked,

"And the rest is history" She smiled warmly.

Kagome's future had indeed been hidden in the past.