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Two Too Shy

Chapter 23

Esme's POV

Slowly breathing in the crisp, clean air on Isle Esme gave me the serenity I needed to calm me enough that I could talk to Carlisle. He had been pushing for answers about my time in captivity with Charles. I wasn't ready until now to give him those answers.

"Esme, are you alright?" he breathed into my hair as his arms encircled me.

"I am now. I'm sorry I needed time to collect my thoughts before I explained everything." I smiled, leaning my head against his shoulder.

Reclining back against the lounge, he asked, "And, Bella helped you do that?"

"Yes, she did. I just needed someone who would listen without them getting crazy."

"I would have gone crazy, wouldn't I have?"

"Yes, you would have. First, let me say, Charles never touched what's yours," I ghosted my fingers blindly down his cheek, "He preferred the type of abuse that hurts more than the physical kind. He was a master of psychological abuse that takes longer, so much longer to heal," I sighed heavily, "He successfully made me doubt my ability to be a mother, and that hurt more than anything else." I thought back to his malicious slurs.

"Esme, you couldn't even keep my son alive. What makes you think you were a good mother." He glared, evil glistening in his crimson eyes.

"You know nothing about what happened, and I have been more than a good mother to my family," I whimpered from the corner of the cave where we were hiding.

I quaked in fear when he stalked across the expanse separating us. Grabbing my hair in his fist, he tugged just enough to hurt, but not enough to dislodge my head. He needed to keep me alive so he could continually spew torturous slurs at me.

"You'll see they don't love you," he sneered spitting venom on my face.

Stroking my Carlisle drew my attention back to his serene features. "Esme, you raised a group of teenage vampires into a functioning family. Let's not even begin with how much care Edward required and still does. How could you ever doubt that you weren't a good mother?" Carlisle cooed, breathing into my hair.

"It's easy when you hear it enough." I closed my eyes and let the ocean breeze wash over me.

"Then, we'll just make sure you hear that you're a great mother enough to counter them out." Snuggling closer, I let his touch comfort me.

"He'll never make you forget about me! Does he know that? Will he still want you knowing you'll never forget about our time together? He hasn't wanted to touch you since you went back, has he?" Charles ghostly ranting voice rang in my mind.

In an attempt to keep him from seeing the fear in my eyes, I focused on watching the sea ebbing instead. "Carlisle, do you still want me the way you used to want me?" At first, he hissed slightly, but then sighed in resignation.

"More than ever, sweetheart. I am just waiting for you to be ready. I am not going anywhere. So when you are ready to resume our sex life, I'll be more than ready," he lightly laughed and kissed my hair.

"It's hard to believe it been a month since the wedding. No one's called. Do you think everything is all right at home?"

"Of course, they would have called otherwise," he chuckled.

If the nuzzling of my neck wasn't enough, the growing pressure against my backside told me he was telling the truth. We had never gone this long without being intimate. Pushing back against him was more than enough proof I was ready to pick up where we left off before Charles.

Turning into his embrace, I straddled his hips using my hands on his shoulders for leverage. Arching and grinding myself against him, I crushed his lips to mine. He let his feelings flow through his lips, just as I did and I couldn't stop myself from moaning into his mouth.

"Esme, I have missed you so much," he panted across my face as he leaned in to devour my lips.

"I'm sorry, forgive me?" I implored yet again.

"There is nothing to forgive, I love you," he breathed and crushed his lips to mine.

Bella's POV

Darting as fast I could, I sprinted away from the hunter. He was on the hunt and I was the prey. Silently he stalked closer as I took to the trees. I knew it was only a matter of time before he would have me cornered.

I could feel him getting closer as I bounced from one tree to the next. When I felt the branch I was on shake, I dropped back to the ground. Before I could sprint away, he reached out with his hand and ensnared me around my waist.

"Mine," he laughed, pulling me into his firm embrace.

"Yes," I gasped.

Turning into his chest, I stopped fighting. Truth be told, I didn't want to escape. Peeking up, I saw the gleam in his eyes before he attacked my mouth. There was nothing shy about the way he loved me.

He ghosted one hand up and tore open my shirt. The venom in my veins pumped even faster with anticipation. Moisture pooled in my panties as he rubbed his erection against my stomach. I wiggled against it wanting more.

With his finger, he tapped my forehead. I blew out a deep breath, I hated that he wanted to hear me when I was the most vulnerable. During regular activities or at night when we snuggled I didn't mind sharing my thoughts.

Placing my hands on his cheeks, I relented and let him in. 'Happy now?'

"Un hunh," he murmured against my neck where he was placing wet kisses.

He started pinching my nipples through my bra 'You're teasing me.'

"…yes," he breathed.

'Please? I need more.' Arching my back, I pushed against his palms.

"Me too," he mumbled guiding us to the soft ground beneath our feet.

He was still teasing me. He knew I couldn't let go and please him at the same time, or could I? In a bold move, I slipped my hands down to his jaw. The only contact I had now was my fingertips. Slipping them over his jaw, I glided them down his neck.

'Still in here, stud?'

"Keep going." He threw his head back and purred.

'Open your shirt,' I silently demanded.

Of course, he complied. But not before torturing me by removing it one button at a time. Once it was open, I traced his glorious chest with my tips and moved onto his chiseled abs. A moaned slipped from his parted lips when I reached his V.

'Unless you want me to stop, those jeans need to go.'

"Don't stop," he grunted, undoing them.

In a surprise move, I knelt before him never relinquishing my touch. I grinned when his manhood twitched in excitement. He had never heard my thoughts when I took him in my mouth.

"Really?" he gasped, looking down through his lashes.

Peeking up, "Un hunh," I purred.

"God, please…now…I need…," before he could finish I leaned in and took him into my parted lips.

"Christ!" his voice cracked under the strain.

'Have I ever told you what it feels like to pull your long, perfect, shaft into my mouth?'

"Never!" he groaned, swaying his hips.

'Did I ever tell you I love the heart shape of your tip when I swirl my tongue around it?'

I made sure to do it as I thought it. I wanted him to have the full effect. Burying his hands in my hair, he guided himself in and out in search of more. Moving my hands even lower, I left him flabbergasted when I caressed the soft fleshy sack below his erection.

"Please?" he begged when I tugged gently.

'You like this, don't you?'

"Yes, love, I do." His gyrating searched for more.

'Do you love me?'

"More than anything."

I knew he was a goner when his tender flesh throbbed against my tongue, "I…oh…um…yeah…ahhhh." With one last thrust, he exploded.

Just to torture him I made one long last lick from the bottom to the top. Seeing his body shiver in delight was absolutely the best thing in my world. The downfall to that was it also caused him to jerk away too quickly for my liking.

"Bella," he gasped, looking all lusty eyed at me.

Grabbing my hands back into his, he slid down to join me on his knees. Placing them back on his cheeks, he implored with his eyes for me to let him in again. Once I relented, he crushed his lips to mine and moaned.

"Your turn," he gutturally moaned.

Crawling over me, he forced me onto my back. Okay, so forced is an exaggeration. I would have flipped myself over to get my reward.

Moving his lips to my neck, he lazily deposited wet kisses across my shoulder as he removed the rest of my emerald-green blouse. As he kissed his way across my chest and settled above my right nipple, he slipped down my black leggings. His suckling on my pebbled peak had the moisture at my apex in overdrive. When he slipped them off entirely, he left one last kiss on my mound before moving back up my quivering form.

His hips parted my knees leaving me open to his loving thrusts. In one fluid motion, he slipped in. My eyes fluttered shut as I purred my need for more.

'Edward…more…please,' I internally moaned.

"I love you," he grunted as he started moving within my walls.

The slick, sliding of his manhood in and out started my hips to move and meet him. Grinding slowly and caressingly, his love shinned through every motion. I mewled, moaned and sighed with every thrust. Of course, he returned the favor.

"I love you, too."

'You feel so good. So deep. So hard. Will I ever satisfy your needs?' I bit my lip to keep it from trembling.

"Never. I will never get enough of you," he snarled, holding off his need for another release.

'I need…too good.'

He knew what I needed and slipped his hand between us searching out the release button. In four swift strokes, I locked down around him, pulling his release from his body with my own.

Slumping against me, we panted and sighed as our breathing slowed and a new peace settled in our bodies.

"They are coming home tomorrow," he whispered in my ear as he held me.

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