Ryuu To Taiga

"Taiga! I'm home!" Ryuuji called as he entered his and Taiga's home, the flat which Taiga had lived in while they were both in high school. They had lived there together for three years now, ever since their marriage when they were both 22. He entered the flat's kitchen cross dining room, and saw Taiga curled up on one off the chairs. She looked up as he entered, and uncurled to get up. Ryuuji put the bag of groceries, which he had just bought from the store on his way home, down behind the kitchen counter.

Taiga had got up and walked over to have a look at what he'd bought. She smiled when she saw plenty of meat was included. She always loved her meat, and lately had been desiring it even more. She bent down to rumage some more, but found that bending was a little difficult, as her slightly pronounced stomach was making it hard. Ryuuji laughed at her struggles, and Taiga spun round to glare at him. Unfortunately, she had not counted on the kitchen counter being in the way, and she banged her head. She fell on her backside, and Ryuuji had to stiffle another laugh. Taiga might have matured, and possibly was about half an inch taller, or so he said to her when she was down, but she was still the clumsy, hot-tempered 'Palmtop Tiger' that he had fallen in love with.

Ryuuji knelt down by her, and asked, "You alright?"

Taiga blinked hard a few times then looked at him straight, "Do I look alright? I just hit my head and fell over, after starving half the day, and I'm already having trouble doing anything, when I'm only four months pregnant! Stupid dog!"

Ryuuji smiled, "Well it can't be too bad if you're capable of arguing. Come on," he said extending his hand to help her up, "You go sit down, and I'll cook us some dinner. How many servings do you think you'll want of everything?"

Taiga got up without taking the hand, and walked to her chair again "At least eight," was all she said.

Taiga sat back and sighed. Ryuuji was busy cleaning up after the meal. It would have been enough for about six normal people, but Taiga had the eating habits of about three people normally, and a pregnant Taiga seemed to be like a black hole: nothing could escape, ever. Ryuuji eventually finished cleaning, after making sure everything was spotless, then sat down next to his crashed-out wife. He turned to her and asked, "So how was your day?"

"It wasn't so bad, apart from that stupid sub-editor deciding to leave a mountain of work to the last minute. I ended up having half the staff trawling through that pile of articles, and we only just finished it." Taiga had managed, how Ryuuji would never know, to quickly get the job of chief editor of a fashion magasine. He never thought that Taiga was that into fashion, but she liked her job a lot. Taiga turned to Ryuuji, "How was yours?"

"It was pretty good overall: I had some decent classes to teach today, and was able to catch up on my extra marking. You know that old school hasn't changed much since we were there," Ryuuji taught at their old high school, "Oh, but you'll never guess what has changed, Koigakubo-sensei got a boyfriend at last."

Taiga would have spat out her drink, if she had had a drink to spit out, "A boyfriend? How long have they been together?"

"A month or so. He came to meet her after school, so she introduced him to me. He's a nice guy, it might actually work out for her for once."

"Well she is 38, she should be in a relationship by now, unless she likes being single or something," Taiga said, with a smirk on her face.

"Just because we found each other while still young, doesn't mean everybody is bound to," Ryuuji pointed out.

"Yeah but 38 years without a boyfriend even, it makes you wonder if she was even trying."

"I suppose..." Ryuuji left it at that. He did not want to end up arguing with Taiga over something like that, for two reasons: first that she was always extremely stubborn, and second because she was liable to hit him with some blunt object, such as the wooden sword she still owned. The later had been more frequent since she got pregnant, as her moods were getting worse. Neither of them could wait until she had given birth, it would releave a lot of stress to both of them, although they would then have a baby to deal with, which would be... interesting with Taiga's attitude.

Ryuuji looked over at his wife. Taiga was leaning back in her chair, her left hand resting gently on her stomach. There was a look of contentment on her face, a slight smile gracing her lips, and her brown-blonde hair flowing around her. She looked beautiful to Ryuuji.

Taiga noticed that Ryuuji was staring, and turned her head, glaring at him, "Something wrong with me?"

Ryuuji shook his head. "Quite the opposite, you're just so good in every way," he replied, making Taiga blush a little.

Taiga snapped her head forwards again, "Well of course I am! Why wouldn't I be?" She tried to sound arrogant and high, but her blush and the slight shaking of her voice showed that she was quite touched by Ryuuji. Just like always, she tried to hide her true emotions when embaressed, but always failed in front of Ryuuji.

"You know Taiga, you look cute when you blush," Ryuuji said.

"W-what?" Taiga was bright red, "What are you saying? Me cute?"

"Yes, you cute. Does that hurt the tiger's pride that she's cute?"

"W-well..." Taiga looked away, trying to control her blush.

Ryuuji got out of his chair and knelt next to Taiga's chair, putting his arms around her, "Hey, you look hot, are you sick?"

Taiga knew in the back of her mind that he was teasing her, but it was still embaressing. "Stupid Ryuuji," was all she said as she turned to face him, but looked down at his chest.

Ryuuji used one hand to tilt her chin up, so she had to look at him, then he put his lips to hers. She was surprised, but quickly kissed him back. When he withdrew his lips, they kept their eyes on each others'. "One more," Taiga whispered, sending Ryuuji back to that night when they first kissed. He kissed her again, for longer this time. "One more," they kissed again, for yet longer. "One more," and again their lips met. "One more..."

"Before that, can I say just one thing?" Ryuuji asked. Taiga nodded impatient. "I love you Taiga."

Taiga smirked, "Of course you do Ryuuji, and I love you too." They kissed again. "One more..."

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