Ryuu Tou Taiga 4

"Ryuuji! It hurts."

"Come on Taiga, you an do it, I know you can," Ryuuji said, as his hand was nearly broken by his wife's strong grip. But knowing that the pain he was in was a mere fraction of what Taiga was going through, he kept his composure, and kept encouraging her. After all, she was the one giving birth to their baby.

"We're almost there... now push!" the doctor said, and Taiga did as she was told.

Just before Ryuuji's hand died from lack of circulation, Taiga's grip lessened, and the sound of crying filled the room, along with Taiga's heavy breathing.

"Congratulations!" the doctor said after he had done the essential checks, "You have a healthy baby boy."

Taiga stared at the boy for a few moments, before holding out her arms for him, and the doctor gently placed the baby in his mother's arms. Ryuuji watched as his wife held their child to her gently yet firmly. He smiled at his wife and son.

Taiga looked up at him, "Our little boy... I'm so happy..." Taiga had a massive smile on her face as she spoke.

Ryuuji sat on the edge of the bed by Taiga, and admired their baby. "He's finally here..."


"So what's his name?" Minori asked Taiga excitedly as all of the couple's friends stood around the bed, watching the mother and her child.

"We decided on Kawaji, it just stuck for some reason." Taiga replied happily.

"He's so cute... and so small and fragile..." Minori said. For some reason, Taiga's eyebrow twitched part-way through the sentence.

"Yeah, such a tiny bundle of cute..." Ami.


"He really is little, I wonder when Kano and I will..." Kitamura said.


"It would probably be a lot of trouble though, from such a little thing," Ami said smirking.


"Ryuuji, hold Kawaji for a moment would you," Taiga said, giving her son to the boy's father, then turning to the others. "He's 'small,' 'tiny' and 'little' is he? I suppose you think he takes after me or something?"

"N-no... that's not what we meant Taiga..." Minori said stepping back.

Ryuuji quickly took his son out of the range of Taiga's fury. He looked down at the boy. He was quite little, even for a newborn baby, but Ryuuji did not think it would make a difference.

"Don't worry Kawaji. I'll make sure nobody does anything bad to you. Not even your mother..." Taiga was at this point half-strangling Ami.

Ryuuji turned and watched the scene, laughing slightly. Then the baby started crying.

Taiga was instantly alert, and held out her arms to take him from Ryuuji. She then started muttering to Kawaji, "What's wrong Kawaji?"

The baby looked up at his mother and opened his mouth wide.

Everybody was instantly embarrassed, "W-we'll wait outside..." Ami said, before darting to the door, followed by Kitamura and Minori.

Ryuuji turned to his wife, who was sitting straight upright, holding Kawaji up to her chest, having raised her t-shirt to allow him to feed. She looked up at Ryuuji, both of them had a slight blush on their faces.

"Why is this so embaressing?" Taiga asked. "It's not like it's anything you haven't seen."

"Yeah... well..." Ryuuji muttered.

Taiga turned back to Kawaji, then said softly, "Ryuuji... I'm really happy now."

Ryuuji smiled, "Me too."

Ryuu Tou Taiga: Fin

A/N: That's it... not much else to say.

Oh, if you're interested, 'Kawaji' is a pun on the Kanji of Taiga's name. They translate to river, and the single kanji for river is pronounced 'Kawa.'


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