Grateful youth

Merlin was proud of himself. He had helped Lancelot after all. Thanks to him, the other man had a chance to make his greatest dream come true and become a knight.

The servant boy came into his and Gaius' quarters. He looked around old man's room but didn't find him there. Merlin thought that he had gone to see some patients. The boy smiled. Finally he had a while only for himself. He had finished chores for Arthur and there was no Gaius around who would ask him to do some other job. It was Merlin's lucky day.

He decided to go to his bedroom and take a nap or read the book of magic. The boy hadn't been learning new spells for ages.

The warlock opened the door of his room and frowned. It was strangely clean. There was no clothes on the floor or on the bed. Just like if it was not his bedroom.

Merlin was standing at the doors, truly amazed. Eventually he decided to come in. He wanted to close the door behind his back but he didn't have a chance. Lancelot did it. However it was not everything. That knight-to-be was wearing only tight breeches.

"Hello, Merlin," he said smiling in a very seductive way. However the sorcerer didn't notice it of course.

"Hello," Merlin said with surprise written on his pale face. "What are you doing here?" The boy didn't dare to ask why his friend stood in front of him, almost naked, behaving so oddly.

Lancelot smiled showing his white teeth. "I'm waiting for you, Merlin." He leant on the door, thrusting out his breeches lightly. Even Merlin noticed a little crown. But it didn't change the fact that the boy didn't understand anything at all.

"Why are you waiting for me?" he asked. "In that way?"

The handsome man laughed. "You were really nice to me, Merlin. You help me with making my dream come true." Lancelot started walking up to the boy slowly. "I appreciate it, you know? I am very... very grateful."

Lancelot was now very close to Merlin. "It was nothing. You saved my life after all," the boy said.

"I want to repay," the handsome man whispered. Merlin felt his warm breath on his own skin.

"How?" the warlock asked. It seemed really strange to him. He had never seen a man who would have been like this towards the other male.

"Gaius is not here," Lancelot said quietly. "He won't come back soon. We can have some fun..."

"Fun?" Merlin narrowed his eyebrows. "What kind of fun do you mean? I don't like hunting if you thought about it..."

"No hunting." The man looked at him carefully. "Don't you really understand?"

The boy just shook his head.

"Did you never have fun with the other man? No man on man actions?"

Merlin's eyes widened. "What do you mean by man on man actions?"

"Lots of things." The man winked. "It's dishonourable to be with a woman in an intimate way before you marry her. But men are sometimes so horny... we can give each other some pleasure, without women."

The sorcerer blinked few times. "You want me... us..."

"There's nothing to be afraid of," Lancelot assured him. "I'm sure you'll like it. I did it several times." He beamed. "I want it to be my repayment for you."

Merlin was shocked. He didn't know what to say. He even blushed.

"I'll be tender," Lancelot promised. "If you say stop, I'll stop."

The boy glanced at him. "I don't even know what I would do."

"We'll start with something easy. You won't need to do anything special. You'll be just relaxing and trying not to scream too much."

"Scream?" Scared Merlin asked.

"Only with pleasure that you'll be feeling. Will you let me do what I want to?"

The warlock was hesitating a while but finally he nodded.

"So first we should release you from that clothes," Lancelot told him. It took them a while before Merlin was sitting on his bed, cross-legged, wearing only breeches, not knowing what to do next."

Lancelot locked the door. "We don't want anybody to interrupt us," he said smiling. "Now..." the man sat by Merlin's side. The warlock noticed that the bulb was bigger than before.

"You have no idea how much you turn me on," Lancelot claimed. "But you don't look aroused."

"It's new for me... I'm not as experienced as you are." Merlin looked embarrassed.

"Calm down... lie down..." Merlin did as he was said. Then Lancelot put his hand on boy's naked stomach. He licked his bottom lip and leant down, placing a light kiss on his friend's skin. The boy shivered.

Suddenly Lancelot moved his right hand. It disappeared inside Merlin's breeches.

The boy gasped.

"You like it," the man said proudly. "I've got really skilful fingers."

"Yes..." Merlin agreed without second of thought.

Abruptly, Lancelot took away his hand.

"That's all?" the sorcerer asked, disappointed.

"No." The man smirked. "It will be easier without our breeches."

Merlin wanted to take them off but Lancelot stopped him. "First me," he said and stood up.

Merlin saw his friend's back. When Lancelot took his pants off, the boy saw his well-built bottom. However it didn't turn him on.
The handsome man turned around and showed his stiff cock to Merlin. The boy was a bit impressed. It was really massive.

Before Merlin could say something, Lancelot was next to him, getting undressed him completely. The knight-to-be threw boy's breeches behind. His eyes were focused on his friend's shaft. It was only half-hardened, not like Lancelot's penis.

"Your cock needs lots of attention," the man said. "How should we start...?" Suddenly he smirked. "I know..."

Merlin was lying calmly when Lancelot sat on his legs. The man was quite heavy but the magic boy didn't say anything.

"Let's try this..." Lancelot whispered with lust in his eyes. He started touching and jogging Merlin's cock with his own shaft.

Merlin gasped. The touch was incredibly hot. The effect was abrupt. The young boy started sweating and his cock seemed to be more interested.

"That's enough," Lancelot decided standing up.

"What?" Merlin's voice was very disappointed. The older man laughed. "That's enough with this. Just give a chance for my fingers and tongue and you'll see... you'll feel what they really can."

Merlin didn't know what Lancelot wanted to do with his tongue but he was willing to find out.

"Now you should sit at the edge of your bed," Lancelot told him.

The boy sat up and moved.

"Good boy..." Lancelot knelt in front of him, on the floor. He pushed his friend's legs so now he could see his prick perfectly. "Now I'll show you my gratitude for all what you have done for me," he whispered. Then the man took Merlin's shaft into his hand and started pumping it. His movements were strong and gentle in the same time. It was a new, strange sensation for Merlin. But the boy didn't mind because it was so relaxing.

Suddenly something changed. Lancelot started caressing the head of Merlin's penis with a tip of his own tongue. Wet saliva and hot cock were connected.

Merlin threw his head back and enjoyed a new found feeling. Lancelot took all boy's shaft's length.

"Oh... my... God..." Merlin gasped.

Lancelot pushed him a bit so he could crawl on the bed as well. He came off of Merlin's cock and looked into boy's eyes. He smirked when he saw the lust there.

The man started paying attention to the penis again. However he started to stroke his own member too.

There was one thing in sucking that Lancelot adored. There were the noises that his lovers made. Merlin, as an inexperienced young boy, moaned and groaned very loudly.

"God!" the boy screamed.

"Not so loudly," Lancelot reminded him, pulling out Merlin's cock for a moment. "Someone outside can hear that."

After a minute or two, Merlin came into the man's mouth and the future knight followed him, releasing his jizz too.

They breathed heavily, breathing the smell of the fresh cum.

"I can't believe... that you... haven't done it... before," Lancelot said. "I was doing so many other that kinds of things... I can teach you some tricks later, when we have some rest," he suggested.

"Sure," Merlin agreed. "Lancelot?"


"When did you do that last time? How was it?" The boy dared to ask.

The man smiled at the memory. "It was three months ago. I helped one woman. She had been attacked by wolves. Her son was very grateful." Lancelot took a deep breath. "He was only sixteen but... he led me in the fields and then offered me his little arse."

"Arse?" Merlin frowned. "What did you do with his arse?"

Lancelot sighed. "You are really so innocent... but I'll show you," he whispered in seductive way. "I'll be thrusting my cock into your tight hole," he promised.

Merlin shivered. It sounded strange and forbidden but also so hot. He couldn't help feeling that.

They both were lying, relaxing and talking a bit. It was already dark and the men heard as Gaius came back. However the physician didn't knock on the doors of the room where they were all naked. The old man must have thought that his ward and the guest were already sleeping.

Merlin and Lancelot were listening. They heard as Gaius went to bed finally. However they had to wait a while before they could start their dirty activities.

Between them there was no love. Merlin was just curious. The other man was showing him the world that he had had no idea about. And Lancelot was just a grateful and horny man. Merlin was so beautiful, innocent and inexperienced. It made the future knight aroused.

Waiting seemed to be like hours. In the end Lancelot slid on top of Merlin. His erection was rubbing against boy's thigh. "Just clog your mouth with a pillow when you are screaming, okay?" Lancelot whispered. Merlin just nodded. "Now lie on your stomach."

The boy did as he was said. Then Lancelot, without any warning, pushed his tongue into Merlin's arsehole.

"Ooohh!" the boy moaned.

"Be quiet, Merlin," Lancelot reminded him. "Use the pillow." The man came back to his work. It was a little bit disgusting but he didn't think about it now.

After a moment he stopped working with his tongue and used his finger. Merlin gasped with pain. "It'll be hurting that much just for a while," Lancelot promised him. He started thrusting with his finger and Merlin got used to that sensation. Then he added the second finger and the third one.

"I think you're ready," the man stated. "You know what... I want to fuck you looking at your face. Lie on you back."

Merlin felt like a little toy but he didn't complain. Lancelot leant down when the boy was finally lying in said position. "Put your feet on my shoulders. That will be easier," he said.

They looked really funny and arousing. Suddenly Lancelot thrust into Merlin with his cock. The boy groaned. It hurt him a bit but he liked that pain. Lancelot was like in trance. He was thrusting fast and hard, forgetting about the noise that Merlin made. They were really noisy and they completely forgot about the pillow.

"Lancelot... oh my God... oh man... faster... faster..." Merlin was moaning.

Suddenly he screamed really loudly. Lancelot reached such a spot inside him and it felt so good. "Fuck me... fuck me... fuck me!" Merlin begged and Lancelot did.

The fact that Merlin was just losing his virginity with him was so arousing. The boy was so tight. Lancelot thought that he could have sex with him every night. Merlin and his arsehole were so fuckable.

Merlin came first with Lancelot's name on his mouth. The other man was thrusting into him, watching his climax. The boy had such a long ejaculation. His white cum was everywhere: on the sheet, Merlin's and Lancelot's stomachs.

The future knight was still thrusting. He wanted to enjoy his friend's body, enjoy that hot ride as long as it was possible. But it couldn't last forever. And he came as well, screaming Merlin's name.

The boy felt a strange warm inside of his gut. He knew that it was Lancelot's cum. It was so odd to have it inside himself.

Lancelot lay on Merlin. Their bodies were sweating so badly and their chests were clung to each other because of Merlin's jizz. The older man smirked in a very bossy way. "It was hot," he said.

"Yeah..." Merlin agreed, blushing. "We were noisy."

"Fucking noisy," Lancelot corrected him.

"Gaius could hear something," the warlock was a bit afraid of it.

"Maybe... but we'll worry about it tomorrow. Now I'm too tired." He yawned. "Just sleep, Merlin."


The boys overslept and they had no time to wash themselves or clean the room. They just get dressed fast, not talking about what had happened and hoping that Gaius didn't know about their fun and would never find out.

When the men went out to introduce Lancelot to Arthur, Gaius came into Merlin's bedroom, looking for something.

He opened the door and the first thing that he felt was such an intensive smell. It was a mixture of sweat and... semen. Just as if someone had had sex there.

Then Gaius closed his eyes with realisation. It was so obvious.

"So that moans weren't my imagination or a dream..." he said to himself, shaking his head.

Gaius could not believe that the men did such a thing under his roof, when he was sleeping behind the wall. "These youths." He sighed. "They have no shame."

The end