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The wind swept through the night as two warriors walked through the wilds of Great Brittan. As man and wife, they trekked through the woods towards the sound of fighting quietly, yet as fast as their enhanced bodies could go. As they neared the edge of the wood, they saw what had brought them here in the first place be distroyed.

The huge wolf reared up to catch the woman in front of it, and tore her to shreds in an instant. Another body lay crumpled and forgotten on the ground before it. The creature didn't even hear the couple behind it until it was too late, a silver cross bow bolt piercing it's heart from behind. As it fell to the ground, it turned into a huge naked man with a scar-marked face and silvered matted hair, an ugly tattoo marring the skin of his left arm.

The woman walked over and kicked the body to the side after removing her arrow from it's back. She cleaned it while her husband checked the two who had been attacked. He slowly shook his head, sobbing a little at the loss of the last of his line lay before him. The woman walked to him and held him tight.

They were startled from their mourning by the faint cry that came from a bundle under a flipped over basket. They looked to each other and rushed over, picking up the basket slowly, to reveal a blond, one-year-old baby, crying loudly over being on the cold ground in the dark.

The couple stared in disbelief at the child and at each other for a split second, until the man reached down quickly and picked the poor little thing up. He held him close to his chest, a smile forming on his face as he realized that at least one of his own was still alive.

They had made their way back to the New Council building slowly but surely. Buffy had time to go over what exactly had brought her to this point in time. Everything that had happened two years ago when the First was destroyed, and how she'd knelt down on the edge, crying her eyes out for Spike. Then how he'd come back, a moment later, mostly human and grabbing her up in his arms. He had swung her around in joy, laughing and kissing her. A year after that they were married and living in England, at the New Council, training slayers to beat back the dark. It was bliss, until the news that they couldn't have children of their own came. Caused from all the abuse their body's had been through over the years.

That brought her mind back to the small form sleeping in Spike's arms. The little boy was related to him somehow, and they had barely reached him in time to save him. His parents weren't as lucky though. That had upset the two of them, they couldn't stand being too late. Spike had been trying to find any blood family left of his, and came up with two. A man named Lucy, or something like that, and a little boy named Draco, of all things. They had wanted to meet with the man and his wife about their family and how it had survived. To late, damn it all. If they hadn't run into that small nest before getting there, Draco's parents would still be alive.

They arrived home, depressed and yet excited at the same time. Buffy new that Spike would rather die again than let this little bit of his old family go. So they went and faced the head of their family, and boss as well.

When they entered his office, he smiled sadly at them, knowing that something had happened. After all this time, Rupert knew when his Slayer had failed, or at least thought she had failed. Then he took in the small bundle in Spikes arms and frowned slightly. He knew they wanted a child, but to steal it? No, the look on their faces weren't those of people who had succeeded in stealing. They looked like a couple that had fought a beast of some kind, and then took charge of the survivor, the child sleeping quietly in Spikes arms.

"So, I take it that the meeting tonight didn't go very well?" Rupert asked softly, leaning back in his chair, his arms loosely crossed across his chest.

"No, no it didn't." Spike said softly, sitting down slowly to not wake the child. "Werewolf got there first, killed the lil' bit's parents, for all that they fought back. So we killed him back, he had that Dark Mark on him after he transformed back after Buffy shot him."

Buffy placed a soft hand on Spikes shoulder, trying to understand what he was feeling. "Giles, is there any chance at all that we can adopt him? I mean, he is related to Spike, in a way." She sent a pleading look to her almost father.

Giles sighed, "Well, under the circumstances, and how hard you two have tried to have children of your own,"

He was interrupted as Willow and Dawn crashing through the door. They sprawled on the floor, blinking up at their friends sheepishly.

"So, are you going to adopt him?" Dawn asked first, scrambling up from the pile on the floor. She walked over to stand next to Spike, looking down at the sleeping child. "Aww, he's so cute!"

"Humph, as I was about to say that, yes Buffy, you and Spike should adopt him. We should probably have Willow make up the paper work, forged of course. Right now, since you're here Willow, would you be so kind as to do the magical binding so that he is their son in both legal and magical ways?" Giles took off his glasses, cleaning them.

"Um, sure, I can do that. I don't even need anything except for a drop of blood from each of you. If it's alright I mean." She had managed to stand and dust herself off. Walking over to them she grabbed a piece of paper off the table and took a small needle from a pocket in her skirt.

Spike looked at Buffy, surprised and amazed by her once again. "Are you sure love, I mean really sure? We would be bound together as a family this way. More so than our wedding vows even."

Buffy smiled down on him, her love for him showing brightly in her eyes. "Of course I'm sure darling. I want nothing in this world more than to have a family with you."

Giles smiled slightly at the two, remembering the wedding day as one of his more happy memories. Clearing his throat to get everyone's attention, he looked at them all to make sure he had it. "Now, what name does the boy have now?"

"His name's Draco Malfoy, Rupert. I don't know his middle name, 'cause his da didn't tell me." Spike said softly, wonder growing in his eyes. "I'd like to rename him something else, though we should keep Draco as a middle name. I don't want him to lose that bit of himself. Though his last name will be Prince, so I think we'll go for the name Buffy picked out before all that mess with the doctors. So his name will be Jason Draconis Prince" He smiled up at Buffy, his little Mrs. Prince as he always teased her.

Willow wrote down the name Draco Malfoy and below it wrote out Jason Draconis Price. She then drew a box about each name, surrounded by a triangle. In between the two names she drew three connected circles, one for each drop of blood. She pricked Buffy and Spike quickly and let a drop of each of their blood in one of the outside circles. She then took a careful hold on the baby's foot, pricked his heel quickly and let the drop of blood land in the middle circle.

"Mother I call upon you to bless these two, man and wife, with this child. He is theirs and they are his, through blood and soul. Body and mind they are one and three. Hear me Mother and make it so!"

A soft and warm breeze blew through the room, smelling of wet earth and spring. When it was gone, the paper before them showed a perfect adoption paper, signed and notarized twice it seemed. Once with a plain and ordinary seal, and once again with a seal from some ministry of magic that shined softly.

In a castle not that far away in Scotland, an old man sat behind a desk, reading. His head came up as he heard a sound from the lists cabinet that held all the names of students who would be attending school in the next twenty years. He stood and walked over to see who had been born. His eyes widened as the name of Draco Malfoy transformed into one Jason Price. "Well well, this is an interesting turn of events. I wonder how it will all pan out."