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The Babe With the Power

Dumbledore sat back down at his desk, humming to himself in a distracted way. He was just about to pick up his tin of lemon drops when his office seemed to explode in a wave of black robes. His eyes widening at the panicked look on his spy's face.

"Headmaster! They're dead, Luc and Cicy are dead and I cannot find Draco! Greyback killed them, then, something or someone killed him it seems right after! What am I going to do, he's my godson! I need to find him and whoever took him!"

Dumbledore's mouth dropped open in surprise. He had never seen Severus like this, ranting about in fear. He didn't understand why Voldemort had killed the Malfoy's, but he must have found out they're spy status. Which meant that he had figured out that Severus was also a spy.

"My dear boy, whatever are you talking about? I just found out that Draco's name has been changed, as he seems to have been adopted. The last name is Price, a very old pureblood name that hasn't been heard of in quite a long time."

In the warm morning sun, Spike walked about the front courtyard of the NIWC London Division with a sleepy and cranky Jason in his arms. Jigging him about gently as he walked, talking softly to his son. He knew that the child was still a bit traumatized by the loss of his biological parents a month ago, but he was starting to settle in.

"You know little one, if your grandmothers were still alive, they would spoil you rotten. I know Joyce would've loved you instantly, and my mum as well. You know, she used to sing to me, even up into adulthood. It was always so calming, maybe it would work for you my lad."

Smiling softly, and sadly, Spike began to sing. "Early one morning, just as the sun was rising. I heard a young maid singing in the valley below. Oh don't deceive me, oh never leave me, how could you use a poor maiden so?"

As he sang, Jason yawned, his eyes starting to close. Spike watched him finally fall asleep. Hefting him up higher in his arms, against his chest, he hummed the rest of the song as he walked back into the building. He hadn't noticed his wife watching him from the practice grounds, smiling brightly with tears in her eyes.

No one took notice though of the large black tomcat watching everything from the top of the wall that encircled the compound like school. He lay there, watching and being glad that cat's couldn't cry, even if it was in relief with a bit of pain. It had taken him forever to find his godson, with no help from the Headmaster. He was trying to think of a way to infiltrate this place when he was taken by surprise by another cat walking calmly up to him.

"Severus, did you find him?" A small tabby cat sat down next to him, her grey strips forming a spectacled look upon her face.

He flicked his ears at her slightly. "Yes Minnie, I found him. Now I'm just trying to figure out how to get to him and get him away from here and back home without dieing." He growled a bit at her in the back of his throat, baring one fang in a smirk, his tail twitching.

"Sev, I don't think that idea is a good one, though you could just stay in this form and be his pet. No, that idea isn't any good either. Perhaps you should just let them raise him, they seem to be a good family and love him dearly. Perhaps it's for the best."

"This isn't what Luc wanted! He wanted Draco with me if anything happened to him!" He yowled lowly, hanging his head in a show of pain and upset.

"I know Sev," she said calmly, snuggling up against him a little and licking one of his ears, "but you have been discovered as a spy. Think about it Sev, you are not in any position to raise a child. Let them be his parents, maybe even visit them in this form. In no time at all he will be going to Hogwarts, and then you'll be able to tell him who you are to him."

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