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Alex walked along the dark street next to Gene as the others walked along in front. Chris was exited that they were finally going to see what Nelson had done with the new Railway Arms. He smiled as Sharon linked her arm through his. He was over the moon that she had taken him back. He didn't understand why but he was pleased she had. Ray was slightly ahead of them, walking with Sam and Annie. He'd been surprised when Annie had offered to drive, saying she wouldn't drink. Sam had dismissed the idea as Ray laughed and joked. He was meeting Mia at the pub and was glad all the trouble with Keats seemed to be over. It was only Gene that was uncharicteristly quiet.

"You ok?" Alex linked her arm through his as he nodded.

"Never better Bolls" He stood still as she smiled slightly "Won't stay long tonight though eh?"

"Ok" Alex smiled as he slipped his arm from hers and wrapped it round her shoulders. Nelson was in the doorway of the pub as Gene looked up.

"Well, what do you think? My own little piece of Heaven in the big city" Nelson spread his arms wide as he saw his friends approach.

"Lovely Nelson" Sharon smiled as he opened the door wide.

"Thank you my darlin" He held the door a little wider so that the music from the jukebox could be heard. Gene winced as Girl's Aloud could be heard through the door. He had enough of that music when Molly had her friends over. Alex hugged him to her slightly as Sharon and Chris went to go in.

"You coming?" Chris shouted back to the group as Sharon tugged his arm.

"In a minute" Gene watched as Sharon leant up and kissed Chris on the cheek. Annie frowned as she saw Gene look at the floor.

"Guv?" She glanced briefly at Sam as the others laughed and catcalled at Chris who was blushing profusely. Alex smiled slightly.

"It's ok Annie luv, you get Sammy boy in there. And try not to let that lot get too pissed" He smiled as Annie rolled her eyes. Ray waved as Chris stepped behind Sharon.

"You" He pointed to Gene "Will always be our Guv! Likes of Keats never stood a chance" Gene shook his head as his rather exited team were ushered in to the pub. Only Alex remained in the street with him. She stepped away from him slightly smiling as the noise from the pub quietened down, now that the doors were closed.

"Gene" She smiled slightly as he stepped towards her "Are you ok? Really.""Never been better" He hoped the bravado was working. Alex nodded slightly; she knew he had wanted to meet Keats on his own terms. He hadn't expected him to turn up at the Nick She thought the meeting had shaken him, but knew he would never mention it. He pulled her to him and kissed her forehead.

"Might give it a miss tonight" She sighed. "I can't go in there" Alex was tired and really wanted to go home. Gene seemed as reluctant as her to enter the pub so she thought she'd try to persuade him to come home with her.

"Course you can Bolls. Its even got a saloon bar" He smiled as she rolled her eyes.

"Take me home Gene" He closed his eyes as she reached up and kissed him, pulling back abruptly when he froze. She frowned; it wasn't like Gene to freeze, if anything he'd try to take the kiss further. Then she heard the gun click as the safety catch was removed.

"You could still come with me Alex. It doesn't have to end like this" Keats pointed the gun directly at her head. Gene glared. He stepped slightly forward.

"Keats" He spat out through gritted teeth. Keats smiled back slightly manically as he held the gun directly at Alex's head.

"Now, now Gene" He smiled. His eyes never left Alex's. "You move another inch and I'll kill her. Blow her face off just like what happened to your brother" Alex narrowed her eyes.

"You coward" She almost whispered. "You'd kill me because you can't have me. You'd kill a pregnant woman and leave her oldest child without a mother. You really are scum" She held his gaze, more angry. Gene swallowed hard next to her.

"Its over Jim, put the gun down" He felt powerless to do anything, afraid that for once Keats would be true to his word.

"You don't believe that. Its him, he poisoned you against me. It's all him Alex" He stepped towards her as he spoke. Alex shook her head.

"No" She could feel the tears spring to her eyes, she desperately wanted one of her friends to leave the pub and see what was happening. "If you've hurt Molly. My baby" She sobbed as she suddenly realised how insane Keats was.

"Keats" Gene growled. He stepped in front of Alex as he saw a flash of activity behind Keats, suddenly the man was on the ground with the burly figure of Viv James pining him to the floor as Phyllis swore profusely.

"I am placing you under arrest for the possession of a firearm and threatening behaviour. You have the right to remain silent" Viv continued as Phyllis talked on the phone.

"You back then?" Gene glared at Viv as he helped him pull Keats to his feet.

"Yeah, that ok?" Viv suddenly realised that he may not have a place on the team anymore.

"More than ok Viv" He smiled as a police car pulled up. Viv smiled as Phyllis started fussing around Alex. Viv and Gene bundled Keats in to the back of the police car as Viv gave the PC driving instructions before getting in to the back of the car with Keats. Phyllis straightened her skirt.

"I only asked if he wanted to come for a bloody drink and see the new pub!" Phyllis watched as the car drove away. Alex laughed as she involuntarily touched the small scar just below her hairline.

"You ok luv, you're awful pale?" Phyllis fussed as Alex nodded. Gene walked back to the two women.

"Good timing there Phyllis" He smiled slightly.

"Well, I do 'av me moments. Bloody hell I need a drink" She laughed as she walked towards the pub. The music had changed from Girls Aloud to Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars. Gene yelled after her to start a tab and her first drink was on him. Alex wrapped her arms around herself.

"Molly will be at Ethan's now" She stared at her husband.

"Yeah, we'll ring her. She'll be ok. He was just trying to scare us" He rested both hands on her shoulders.

"Yeah, my baby" She brushed a tear away as Gene nodded. He knew how much she worried about Molly. The girl had already seen too much and was much more mature than a lot of kids her age.

"Way of the world Bolls. She'll be fine" He hugged her to him as she wrapped her arms around his neck, holding him to her.

"Take me home Gene" She whispered in to his collar.

"Thought you'd never ask" He kissed the side of her head as he spoke. "C'mon" He took her hand as they headed back to the station to collect the car. Gene was shaking slightly as they walked.

"Gene, you're shaking" Alex smiled slightly as he gripped her hand in his own.

"No I'm not Bolls. The Gene Genie does not shake. The rest of the world is moving" He declared with a certainty he didn't feel.

"Ah Gene Hunt, my hero" She whispered affectionately as they reached the Audi.

"Get in you soft mare, bout time we got you home" He opened the car door as she shook her head. Maybe, just maybe things were back to normal. Nelson had his little piece of Heaven in the city; the team were well and relatively unscathed. Even Viv was back. Alex smiled to herself as Gene drove off. Maybe just maybe things would work out for them. Watching the street lights as the other cars passed she couldn't help but think things wouldn't be quiet for very long. What had Gene said she thought? Way of the world? Well Gene's world was rarely quiet for long.

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