The first time someone had ever touched her and didn't hurt her, was when she was in the brothel in the red light district; the place that she ran too when she was hurt and needed to hide (she was not a working woman). She had just woken up after sleeping for three days, the wounds on her body had been some what more serious than usual. Taking up more chakra than she could have aforded to lose and causing her to pass out for several days.

Anyways she had just woken up, and pulled on a kimono that the madam had left for her to wear, a lovely white with red peony's on it, the colors offsetting her soft mid back length sivlery blond hair and her ruby red eyes, and clinging to the gentle curves of her Bcup breasts and her hips. She tied the belt loosly and picked up the ribbon that the madam and the girls had picked out for her on her last visit, a red silk matching her pretty eyes, and tied her hair back in a ponytail and left the room to see if there were any chores that the madam could give her so that she could repay her for her kindness.

She walked down the hall past the entrance and stopped outside the madam's private rooms and knocked like she always did.

"Come in child, I've been...." She opened the door and peeked in to see the madam, a handsome woman for someone in her early fourties, with grey laced shoulder legnth brown hair holding the shreaded fabric of her old clothes in her hands and glareing at the blood stained material like she'd like to stomp it into the ground for being difficult to fix.

"Expecting me?"

The woman looked up and did a double take as she saw her standing there. "Oh my, you look lovely. Just like a pure white dove!" The madam said happily as she threw the gaudy orange and black material aside and got to her feet and walked over to her and walked a little circle around her.

"Uh, madam..."

The woman seemed to realise that she was making her uncomfortable because she leaned over and lightly pinched her pale cheeks to add a little color to them. "Sorry, sorry, I know that your unused to such behavior in others but you really do look very cute-" Ivy said as she looked the fourteen year old over.

"Why you would wear anything so unflattering like before is beyond me."

"It's so that no one will realise that I'm a girl, miss Ivy." Ivy got a sad look on her face as she stared at the girl. Ah yes, thats right, she had almost forgotten that the girl in front of her was the nine tails container. And had to hide such things out of nessisarity or she would suffer much worse fates than simple beatings.

"I'm sorry Uzu, I said something carelessly again-" Ivy said as she looked at the floor. The blond laughed softly and waved the apology away. She knew that Ivy had'nt meant anything by it.

"That's alright Ivy. It does'nt matter. So are my normal clothes a lost cause." Ivy brightened some what before letting her expression darken again.

"Yes, yes they are, but have no fear child, you can wear that until you get home."

"Okay. Are there any chores that you would like for me to do?"

"Actually, I'm short a hostess. Think you can stand in the greeting room, look nice and be charming while serving tea?"

Uzu looked slightly uncomfortable for a second before nodding. It was a simple enough thing to ask. The only real problem she had with this particular task is that she would be in the presence of a bunch of horny guys that would try to cop a feel and bid on her.

"I don't have to sleep with any of them do I?"

"What? No, no, no, although if you see some young buck that takes your fancy-"

"Your so not funny right now Ivy." Uzu said with a laugh at their favorite private joke. Ivy simply smiled at the girl, she had been totally serious, but the poor child obviously felt that she didn't need any suitors or companions so she merely shrugged and sat back down in her plush lounge chair.

"What name will you go by while your working?" Ivy asked curiously as she propped her chin up on her hand and studied Uzu. Most of her working girls were named after jewels like, ruby, topaz, pearl, sapphire, and such.

But Uzu didn't look like a jewel, she looked more like a flower. A lovely, unsoiled, snow white rose or lily. She gasped and leaned forward in her chair excitedly, she had just thought of the perfect name!

"How about Lily?" Ivy asked happily. Uzu smiled and nodded then asked if she needed to know anything before she left the room.

Ivy thought for a second and told her to be careful around the shinobi that would be coming later tonight, thinking that it might be nessisary to warn her that some of them would be very interseted in her because she was a fresh new face that they had never seen before. Uzu gave her a nervous smile and told her she would be fine, though she doubted that she would actually be fine, and then said that she would be back once things died down a bit to bring her evening tea to her.

Ivy smiled and waved the sweet girl away, never really knowing just how much trouble she was about to get into.


Uzu stood in the greeting room, a nice place that was just a bit too big and a bit too crowded to be a living room, there were five men in bloody Anbu armor flirting with some of the girls, and three more shinobi had just walked through the door.

One of which she felt particularly wary of. Not because he was a bad person or anything, but because he was her jounin sensei and she was worried that he might recognise her. Still she smiled prettily and bowed to the three men respectfully as she welcomed them to Ivy's place.

"Welcome honored guests, please follow me and make yourselves at home." She said as she led them into the greeting room then bowed to them and started to leave when Kakashi's hand grasped her wrist, stopping her just a few feet from the escape that she desired.

"Your new here." He said as he looked the short petite girl over. She was a pretty little thing with wide innocent eyes and a tempting mouth. He came to the red light district to spend some time with the women here as most men often did when they had no one to enter into lasting relationships with, but lately he had become bored with using the women of this particular establishment. Having had his fun with the women he had been thinking of moving on to some other place, but now that he had laid his dark blue eye on this girl, he suddenly wanted to know what she tasted like.

Did she moan like the other whores when he touched her naked skin? Or would she grit her teeth and try to imagine herself to be in the arms of another? He was suddenly very curious to find out.

"I-I'm sorry master shinobi, but I'm not one of the girls you seek." He gave her a slight head tilt that she had become accustomed to interpreting as his silent way of saying 'oh yeah' or 'prove me wrong' he gave her that look all the time when she was using her hedge and her other name Naruto. It was irritating that he would use that look on her now too.

"I just answer the door." She said weakly as he drew little circles along the inside of her wrist with his thumb causing the skin there to tingle in a very distracting way. He smirked at her from under his mask and absent mindedly pulled a pouch full of coins out and dangled it in front of her eyes as if expecting her to care enough to suddenly lose her senses and let him use her in such a demeaning manner.

When she just stood there with a bored look on her lovely face he became even more intriuged. Was'nt this usually the part where she gasped in delight pocketed his coins and dragged him to the nearest bedroom or closet? Wow, she really is new at this. Kakashi thought as he made a soft humming sound and placed the pouch in her hand and wrapped his arm around her slender waist and picked her up.

She gave a soft shriek as he tossed her over his shoulder and walked down the hallway to his reserved room and unlocked the door and stepped inside and tossed her down on the soft cushioning on the large oak bed in the middle of the room and walked back to the door and closed and locked it as he stared at the wide eyed girl pushing herself upright on his bed.

"W-W-What the hell do you think your doing?" The girl fairly shrieked at him. He laughed at the peculiar look of outrage on her face, how strange for a practiced whore to looked outraged.

"I bought you, so for now just go with it." Kakashi said in an arrogant manner as he unzipped his vest and shrugged it off of his shoulders.

"I will not! Let me out of this room right now!" She demanded as she jumped off of his bed and walked over to him, looking very upset. He cocked his head to the side and wondered if the girl had a protector already. Or if maybe she simply had'nt been broken in to her new job yet. She was kind of mouthy for a working girl. But he liked spunk in his lovers. It was no fun if they didn't fight you over some things.

He chuckled and grasped her wrists. "Sorry, no can do. I'm too selfish to let such a pretty little thing like you leave me now." He said as he pressed his masked lips to her palms, it was true he was selfish. And right now he wanted to selfishly keep his newly discovered toy to himself. He would let her go once he became bored with her.

"Tell me your name."

"Why should I?"

"I need to know what to call you." And who to ask for the next time he was here.

She yanked her hands away from him and looked at her palms with a strange expression that made him think that his inital thought about her not being broken in to her new job, had been right on the money. Well, well, are'nt I the lucky one. He could train her to please him in bed and then keep her until he was tired of using her. It was'nt such a bad thought really. He was a very generous man, and an even more generous lover.

"I don't see why I should tell you my name, your very rude." She said though that had'nt really been what she was wanting to say. She had wanted to tell him that she simply didn't like him.

He chuckled and pulled off his headband and his mask, he was tired of arguing with her. He would simply love her body until she could'nt think and then get her name. He grasped her shoulders lightly through her dress and backed her back towards the bed and pressed his lips against hers.

Normally he didn't kiss his lovers on the lips, especially not one of her kind. It was mainly because he hated the faint taste of mans flesh and semen in their mouths, but oddly enough he wanted to kiss her. He wanted to know if she was as sweet and innocent as she looked.

Her eyes widened in what could have been shock or maybe alarm as he tried to slip his tongue into her mouth. She thinned her lips and refused to let him in, irritating the hell out of him and forcing him to grasp her face in one of his large hands and force her mouth open before fastening his mouth to hers again, making sure to dig his finger tips into her soft skin almost threateningly. He would be upset if she had brusies. He thought darkly as he slackened his grip a bit.

She made a soft whimpering sound as he loosened the hold on her face a little bit and slid his tongue into her open mouth and moaned when he tasted nothing but strawberry's and cream. Oh god she tasted so sweet. He thought as he pulled back to brush his lips across her own before he let go of her face and his hands went to the belt of her dress and deftly untied it so that he could touch her soft skin.

She stood there with a dazed expression on her face as he pushed the silk from her slender shoulders and stiffened when she felt the cool air in the room caress her naked flesh. She gasped and looked down at herself before raising her arms to cover her breasts and half turned away from him as her face turned pink.

He chuckled and gently pulled the ribbon from her hair and arranged the silky soft strands over one of her shoulders as he reached around to her front and gently pulled her arms away from her chest and kissed her nape. She was laying on the virgin act just a little too thick. There was no way that someone of her occupation could work in such a place and be a virgin, still he found her shyness some what charming. "Get on the bed, little one." He said in a husky voice, he was'nt sure that he could take much more foreplay, he was already so close to cumming as it was.

Uzu was frozen, she could'nt move. Her heart thudded against her ribs almost painfully as she stared at the bed in front of her with a terrified expression on her face. She so was not ready to let someone fuck her, even if he was her sensei. She wanted out of this room right now! "Let me go. Let me go please-" She begged as she turned to look at him.

Kakashi lifted his mouth away from her skin and gave her a strange look. Was that anger or irritation on his sinfully handsome face? She didn't know and frankly she didn't care. "Why?"

"I-I'm scared, please, please let me go-" She begged as she grasped his navy blue shirt in her small hands and looked up at him beseechingly as he gave her a cold look that chilled the blood in her veins as he reached up and grasped her hands.

He pried her fingers from his shirt and leaned down until they were eye to eye. "If your holding out for more money, just say so but drop the virgin act it's getting annoying." He said as he picked her up and once again tossed her onto the bed. She screamed and hit the matress hard as he followed her down, his body easily covering her own before she could move to get away from him. His mouth once again covering her own effectively silencing any other pleas that she might have made to get him to let her go.

He slipped his fingers inside of her panties and was slightly put out when he didn't feel any dampness, but that didn't deture him from his chosen course as he gently probed her entrance with his finger tips so that he would'nt hurt her. She pushed against his chest in an effort to get him to back off, something else that was a little off putting to him but not all that uncommon. Most of the women that he bedded did that at first, mainly because they felt over whelmed and frightened of him or his reputation.

Maybe thinking that because he killed for a living that he had developed a taste for doing such a thing and might decide to kill them next, whatever the reason was he paid no attention to it as he pressed wet open mouthed kisses along her neck and the gentle swells of her breasts before latching onto her nipples and suckling them one after the other, earning a haurse cry from his companion as she arched up off of the bed under him.

"Your breasts are very sensitive here." He said as he nipped at one of her pebbled nipples, he had never seen such pale colored nipples before. They were the same soft pink as her lips, and the color of her face when she blushed. It was odd. Cute, but odd.

She twitched and gripped the sheets on his bed and turned her face away from him and hissed as he slipped two of his fingers inside of her. She was a little wetter now, but not nearly enough, and she felt so fucking tight around his fingers, he would'nt last for very long once he was inside of her, her body would milk him for every ounce of little bit of semen his body could give.

She blinked back tears at the sudden burning sensation she felt between her legs as he pushed his fingers inside of her. Ow. That hurt. She thought as she gripped the bed sheets even more when she felt him start to slide his fingers out of her before thrusting them back in, the action was so sudden and unexpected that she screamed in shock then bit her lower lip to keep from moaning as he repeated the action several more times as he teased her breasts with his free hand and mouth.

She was starting to warm up to him, he could feel it in the way she started to relax her body for him and the way she lifted her hips up off of the bed in an effort to take his fingers deeper inside of her, he smiled a bit as he felt her clench around his fingers and leaned down to kiss her again. She looked so pretty with her face flushed that enchanting pink, and her lips and breasts swollen from his kisses and such. He kissed her tenderly as he withdrew his fingers from her pussy and smeared her juices on the inside of her thighs as he reached down and unfastened his pants and freed his impressive legnth.

"Ready or not, here I come." He said against her lips as he slowly pushed himself inside of her before she could ask him what he was talking about.


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