Marvel: Apocalypse


No one knew until it was too late.

Even the superheroes of Manhattan, usually always in the know about this sort of thing, were absolutely clueless. By the time they caught word of it, they could only save themselves.

It had started out as a sunny spring day in Manhattan. People were going about their business as usual. If they had known they were going to die that day, perhaps they might have done things differently.

But they were oblivious to this fact. Most of the citizens of New York were so engrossed in their daily activities that they didn't even see it coming.

Nine million human lives ended that day in a flash of blinding white light.

And just like that, New York City had been obliterated. What had been a thriving city only minutes before was now a smoldering ash of a ruin.

For those who had survived, the future seemed bleak. They were cut off from the rest of the world, and chances of long-term survival seemed low. Many challenges faced them, the worst of which facing the fact that they would have to work alongside their enemies to survive.

But they had no choice.

Otherwise, all would be lost.