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As the only demigod to kiss a vampire, I feel I'm pretty special. I mean, according to the huge "prophecy" I shouldn't even be alive. I, Isabella Marie Swan. And the only way to avoid the "prophecy" would be to become immortal. And I'm contemplating it right now. But I'm probably being confusing with my babbling. I should back up to a couple years ago when I found out what I am…..

Why did the librarian attack me? I know she doesn't like me, but actually, she no reason not to like me, I'm the only one that uses the library anyway. She had turned into some kind of creature, something that would plague your nightmares. What's funny is that, as soon as I was feeling a bit scared something happened, something I can't explain. It almost looked like someone appeared out of the fog of evil that surrounded the creature, that "someone" pulled out a sword, and then the creature exploded into dust. I ran as fast as I could back to my house, not telling anyone what I had seen, not wanting to be labeled as insane, but my efforts were futile, seeing that right when I started dosing off, someone jumped in my window….. Someone with black hair and green eyes that shone like the sea……

"Bella!" he shouted. That was strange. Why would he know my name? I wasn't famous, or special, discluding my dyslexia and ADHD. So why did he know about me? An insignificant person?

"H-how do you know my name?" I stuttered out. He didn't seem phased though, just happy I was finally awake.

"I'll explain later", he said,"but now you must come with me"

This, for some reason, sparked a bit of anger in me. Who was he to tell me, Bella Swan, what to do? He was a stranger, and until he explained something, I wasn't going anywhere.

"Tell me your name and where your from, and why you're here, our I'll scream to my mom." I demanded. He seemed surprised I could form coherent sentences, and I could hear him muttering about the fact that this situation was supposed to be easy, and that I was supposed to be confused after my attack….. WAIT!

"You know about my attack?" I screamed at him. If he knew about it, he could be the one who sent that thing! I could be in serious danger just by talking to him. I opened my mouth to scream and he, cursing, rushed over to my bed and covered my mouth. That was when ANOTHER creature came in the room through the window. This one looked like a bat, but huge, a bit bigger than a person. I looked at the dude (whose name I still didn't know), and we looked at the creature, and I decided to take my chance with him. I got behind him while he pulled out a pen (?). My skepticism was quickly squelched when he took the cap off and the pen, before my eyes, changed into a glittering sword, which I somehow knew was sharpened and Dangerous with a capital "D". He did a few fancy slashes and moves, while I was busy contemplating what I have ever done in life to deserve such madness, and thus I was covered in powder. I realized the monster was gone and deduced that it must have explode into the powder. The dude was breathing hard, but he looked okay. That's when I decided that he was good. After all, he had just saved my life…..

The days after the attack were horrible. Saying goodbye to my mom was the hardest. The dude (whose name I learned was Percy Jackson) explained to me what had happened, which was even worst. He said that I wasn't human, and the person I thought was my dad wasn't even related to me. His eyes were clouded with "Mist". I threw a tantrum after that explanation ( I was only 12), and that it was explained that mist was a substance that clouded the eyes of mortals from seeing the truth. Why had I seen the monster then you ask? Well that would be because I'm NOT human. Of course none bothered to tell me this before yesterday. But what am I if I'm not human? Well, after I was explained to about Greek Mythology being real (?), they told me that I was a demigod half human, half god. When I asked who my dad is, he hesitated before saying I had to be claimed first, and then I would know for sure.

I was then taken to Camp Half-Blood, where I had plenty of lessons and adventures. Met plenty of people…….And found my godly parentage. Of course I had to be so special I had not one, not two, but THREE godly. I stuck out, and I was something I hated being most: different, special, and prime monster food. To make things worse (which is really saying something. How could things get worse?), my three fathers were, of course, the Big Three. Don't I just LOVE my life? (For those who didn't get it, that was sarcasm)

Since then, I've been on plenty of adventure, been told about a prophecy that had the fate of the world hanging on my decision, which was pretty awesome (note sarcasm), and been shipped off to different schools to rescue more demigods, which was why I was in Forks in the first place, and why I had kissed and fallen in love with a vampire.

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