I guess the first thing I need to say is that I'm really sorry. Why am I sorry you ask? The answer would be that I just can't continue this story. The reasons being:

1) I can't stand Twilight anymore. Don't know what interest I ever had in it.

2) I've run out of ideas

3) I don't have the time

4) I also lack any interest in Percy Jackson anymore. I love the series still, but I just lack the interest to give anyone anything worth reading.

If you want to be mad, you go ahead and be mad. But this is what I'm doing and flames are not in any way appreciated. The story is up for adoption as long as you ask me. You can PM me or email me or even a review would work I guess. There, of course can be more than one person who adopts it, I just want to know so I can put your name up in an update. You can also just use elements of this story and write your own story. Anything goes, but please don't take my ideas without giving me some kind of credit.

Thank You for all the reviews. Again, I AM SOR EXTREMELY SORRY!