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It was obvious to Hiccup that Andrea would have had a promising career in hairdressing if she had not chosen to be a Squire. She was able to turn his tangled mess into something that was manageable and presentable for his wedding.


Even in his mind the word had sounded foreign. Previous to meeting Dreki – no, previous to reuniting with Toothless, he had never thought of spending the rest of his life with anyone. Now, he could not imagine an existence without his beloved.

Even so, he still had to look at this ring finger to affirm that this was really happening. He would vow to spend the rest of his life with his mate, and later that night they would join their life forces once again. It was hard to believe that one day would make everything as it should have been. They would start over from where they were so long ago.

Hiccup took a deep breath to calm his excitement.

"Nervous?" Andrea asked with humor tinting her voice.

He shook his head. "I have never been so un-nervous in my life."

Andrea smiled almost as brightly as Hiccup.

Hiccup had been chosen to be the "bride" of the wedding. He would be the spectacle that everyone would stand to observe while Toothless waited for him at the altar. During the process of planning the wedding, Hiccup had complained whole-heartily about his girlish role.

But as he looked down the aisle and locked gazes with Toothless, he chastised himself for ever bringing trouble about the matter. It no longer mattered how feminine it was, or how many people were staring at him. All he cared about was that he only needed to walk a few more steps before he would be forever tied to the one he loved.

Hiccup's father decided to decline the invitation to appear at the wedding, so he walked alone. Yet, he didn't feel alone. He felt his mother's presence beside him, and he knew that she was making fun of him for wearing such a horrendously white suit. The thought brought tears to his eyes and a wide smile to his lips.

This is it. Don't mess it up.

The closer he walked to the end, the more blurred everything became. Faces, music, the warm spring air, everything was clouded in a haze of bliss. All that remained clear was the smiling face of his soon-to-be husband. It was as if time stood still to recognize this moment, this monumental moment that would change the course of his life. It was almost too much to bear, but it was a burden that he was glad to have.

He gladly faced his mate and repeated the tired words that he had rehearsed for so long. Even as he said them, he knew the words were meaningless. Everything that had meaning, and ever would have meaning, stood in front of him.

"I pronounce you partners for life."

The cheering and clapping commenced, but he was far too deep into Toothless' loving embrace to notice. They shared another breathless kiss with the promise of many more to come.

The reception was held in Toothless's backyard. It was decorated in light hues of blue, cream and red; colors that according to the wedding planner symbolized their love, although neither Hiccup or Toothless understood why. Tables were scattered across the lawn with family and friends sitting around them, enjoying food, drink and conversation. Everything was bathed in the wonderful glow of afternoon sun.

Hiccup counted his blessings.

To see both Toothless and Balthazar standing under sunlight was the best wedding present he could have asked for. It was as wonderful as it was unexpected. During the early phases of planning for the wedding, a Dark-Hunter by the name of Nick had stopped by with a box that had held Toothless' soul. He said that an anonymous person had pleaded with him to try to convince Artemis to let it go, and he had agreed.

"Safe to say it wasn't easy," The light-haired man had said to Hiccup, "But, I was assured that the two of you were deserving of such."

Hiccup, who was much too confused to say anything to the strange man at the doorway, reached out for the box. However, just as he was close enough to touch it, he pulled away from the immense heat it created.

Nick chuckled darkly, "Yeah, it's as hot as lava, and in order for Dreki to gain his soul back, you have to hold the medallion inside the box over his mark." He pointed to the double bow and arrow mark on his face to illustrate his point.

Hiccup's eyes widened in surprise, but his newfound determination to make his beloved mortal did not waver. He reached for the box again, but Nick pulled away.

"There's more," Nick growled, obviously annoyed with the boy's impatience, "He has to gain his soul back while he is dying. Dying, not dead. It won't be easy. In order for Dreki-"

"Toothless." Hiccup interrupted sharply.

"For Dreki," Nick insisted, "to begin the process of dying, you have to look for a time when he is weak. When you see his eyes turn from black to their original color, that is when you strike him. As soon as this happens, you have to grab the medallion inside and hold it over the mark until the medallion cools. I warn you, if you drop the medallion before it cools, than his soul is lost forever, cursed to wander the earth for all eternity."

Hiccup narrowed his eyes. "I won't drop it."

Nick raised an eyebrow, but his expression suggested nonchalance. "Can you be so sure? Well, it doesn't matter now. It's out of my hands." Nick handed the box to Hiccup, who took it carefully. As soon as the exchange was completed, Nick walked away. Hiccup didn't wait to see where he went, and closed the massive door.

The box was radiating enough heat to be uncomfortable, so he quickly made his way to the kitchen counter, and set it down gently. Everything had happened so unexpectedly that the college student didn't know what do with beautifully adorned box. He decided quickly to go back to his business of cutting up vegetables for a stew he was making, and think of what to do with it later.

Just as he was daydreaming of a mortal Toothless, Hiccup missed the carrot he was chopping and landed on the side of his finger. He let out a bellowing curse as he cradled his gashed finger.

It didn't take long for his lover to respond to his pain. Hiccup could hear the hurried steps of his lover as he made his way downstairs and to the foyer. "Is everything okay, my love?" Toothless asked with exaggerated concern as he nearly flew into the kitchen.

Hiccup nodded as he instinctively put the injured finger into his mouth. Toothless gently took his lover's wrist, and tugged. The college student's mouth let go of the wounded appendage, and the dragon took careful inspection of the gash.

Hiccup smiled as he gazed upon the concerned expression of his lover. It felt wonderful to know that another being cared for him in such a way. He was about to tell Toothless that he was alright, and that the pain was nearly gone, when he noticed that his concerned eyes were no longer black, but a vibrant green.

My pain is his weakness…

Hiccup didn't waste the opportunity that presented itself. In the briefest of moments, Hiccup had plunged the knife he had been holding in his uninjured hand into Toothless' chest, and pulled it out.

Toothless' expression went from concern to confusion to disbelief in a matter of moments. He fell to the ground, shocked by the pain the stab wound was causing him. Normally, such an injury didn't faze him, but he was not aware that he had been weakened. The dragon looked upon his mate with a look of terrible fear.

Hiccup had to ignore the impulse to comfort him, and instead reach into the box on the counter. He took hold of the medallion inside. It felt like holding onto a piece of molten steel. The pain from the burn it was causing was maddening, but his resolve was strong. He kneeled beside Toothless before ripping his shirt, revealing the double bow and arrow mark on his shoulder. Just as Nick instructed, he placed the medallion over the mark, and watched as a golden ray of light entered it.

The seconds felt like hours, but Hiccup was not worried. He would hold on to the medallion, feel the burning of his flesh, for centuries if he had to. There was no way he would allow his beloved to suffer. No, not while the goal was so close at hand.

Finally, the medallion cooled. Hiccup did not dare to let go of it, not until he knew that it had worked. Only when Toothless turned to him with eyes as bright as the rising sun and with a smile that only Hiccup could receive, did he finally let go.

"Hiccup?" Toothless laughed with nervous joy, "What did you do?"

Hiccup embraced his mate tightly. "I really wanted to have an outdoor wedding."

The newlyweds were asked to approach the patio for a ceremonial last dance of the reception. The two were nervous to express their love in such a way. Their love had been somewhat of a private matter until very recently. Public displays of affection were few and far between, but the eyes that were on them slowly disappeared as the music began. They allowed themselves to melt into each other's arms and sway to the music.

"Heartbeats fast

Colors and promises"

Hiccup buried his head in Toothless' shoulder. "I can't believe this is really happening."

Toothless chuckled lightly. "I do, but I guess it's because I wanted this for a thousand years."

"How to be brave
How can I love, when I'm afraid to fall"

"I have, too." Hiccup whispered lightly in Norse.

"But watching you stand alone
All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow"

Toothless gently pulled Hiccup away from him. "Hiccup?"

"One step closer"

Hiccup smiled brightly despite the tears that were forming in his eyes. "That night, when I made you mortal, I began to remember."

"I have died everyday waiting for you
Darling don't be afraid I have loved you

Hiccup buried himself in Toothless' embrace once more. "Everyday I remembered something different. The good times, the bad times. I even remember things I wasn't there for."

"For a thousand years
I'll love you for a thousand more"

Toothless began to feel tears forming in his own eyes. Hiccup's memory, it was a miracle. It was more than he could ever ask. Good fortune blessed him so much by bring his mate back to him, it almost felt too much good will that Hiccup gained his memory as well. Yet, for all he had went through, he felt like he and his mate deserved some kind of compensation.

Hiccup wiped his lover's eyes. "Every time you thought I couldn't hear you, I could. I felt you, even when I was gone."

"And all along I believed I would find you
Time has brought your heart to me"

Toothless held onto Hiccup tighter. Without a word, his embrace spoke everything that Toothless wanted to say. He was relieved, content and happy. Everything came to place beautifully, perfectly. All he ever asked for, everything he could have ever wanted, he had. Forever.

"I have loved you for a thousand years, my love." Hiccup whispered in Norse.

"I'll love you for a thousand more"

The newlyweds bid farewell to their guests and set off for their bedroom. They were tired from the day's activities, but regardless, they were eager to pack for their upcoming trip. They were going to a little island off the coast of the United Kingdom, and staying for a week before catching a cruise from Rome that would take them around the Mediterranean for the month.

Hiccup had been worried about his studies, but Toothless had assured him that everything would be taken care of. Sure enough, Hiccup found a new laptop with high-speed internet capabilities sitting on top of his empty suit case.

"Toothless!" Hiccup shouted in surprised joy, "This is awesome!"

"It'll come in handy for the distance learning program I signed you up for." Toothless explained through his cocky grin. He approached his beloved from behind, and embraced him as hard as he could without hurting him. "A wedding gift."

Hiccup laughed lightly as his beloved covered his neck and cheek in kisses. "Thank you!" The college student spun in Toothless' arms to face him. "But, I have something better for you."

"Oh?" Toothless raised an eyebrow.

Hiccup answered his unspoken question by standing on his toes and planting a passionate kiss on his lips. Even if Toothless was not already aware that such a kiss was an invitation for more, the scent of his mate's desire would have made his intentions clear. His human lover was right; this was better.

Hiccup pulled away slowly, even as Toothless' lips sought his. "No, no, it's not just that."

Toothless made a whimper that would put a toddler to shame. "Why not?"

Hiccup laughed heartily. "Come on, Toothless! It's not like I deprive you or anything."

The dragon growled as a playful grin made its way to his face. "But, my dear, you forget that dragons have huge appetites." He tried to lean in for another kiss, but Hiccup's finger stopped him. Toothless made do with what he had, and lightly kissed the finger several times.

Hiccup chuckled in delight. "Don't worry. You'll get yours, but I want it to be different."

"Oh?" Toothless asked through the trapped finger.

"Yes, come sit on the bed with me." Hiccup took a step backward and sat. Toothless wasted no time in sitting next to him.

"This sounds serious."

Hiccup smiled, but his anxiousness made its way to his eyes. He took a hold of his lover's strong hands before speaking. "You have to promise that you won't say no outright, that you'll at least think about it."

Toothless raised an eyebrow, but he nodded.

Hiccup took in a breath to calm his shaky nerves. "Well," he began slowly, "We never really spoke about joining our life forces and-"

Toothless sighed heavily. This was a topic that he did not want to speak about. Yes, it was a pleasant idea to know that he would not have to live without his beloved. They would both live for centuries given the right circumstances.

But, what if they weren't given the right circumstances? He wasn't a Dark-Hunter anymore, but that did not mean he did not have enemies. As Balthazar liked to say, "You leave one war only to enter another." He had enemies, and his enemies would know Hiccup as a weakness. He did not want to relive the events of the past.

Hiccup's hand delicately touching his face distracted him from his thoughts. The younger man had a pleading look on his face; he wanted Toothless to understand his desire. "I don't want to live without you, and I know you don't want to live without me. The worse that can happen is that we face eternity together."

"It's not death that I'm worried about, Hiccup." Toothless sighed with frustration. "Volundr isn't the only person out there who wants me dead, and they'll come after you first. I don't want you to be in harm's way."

"Aren't I already in harm's way by being your husband?" Hiccup asked sharply.

It was true. Toothless had already been selfish enough to allow Hiccup to remain in his life. He would be a weakness regardless of whether or not they were bound. If Hiccup were to lose his life, he wanted to follow him. The next time, they would go together in blissful eternity.

Toothless gave his final answer in the form of a passionate kiss. Hiccup pulled away, a stern look was on his face. "Is this what you want?"

The dragon gave his human mate a softer kiss. "Yes," he murmured against his lips, "You're right and I don't want to live without you."

The two mates fell on the bed. They kissed, stroked and caressed. Clothes disappeared, and their exploration became much more intimate. They tangled themselves in each other; so close to the other, but never close enough.

Hiccup was caught in such a whirlwind of pleasure that his lover's intrusion into his body was a total surprise, but a pleasant one. "How," Hiccup hissed in bliss, "you are able to do that and not hurt me will forever astound me."

The dragon leaned in close enough for his lips to ghost over his human's ear. "I have to keep some secrets," he whispered, "or you'll get bored of me."

"Pfft, as if."

The couple chuckled lightly.

The dragon began to rock slowly within his beloved, taking his time to enjoy the warmth that surrounded him. It wasn't just a primal pleasure, but one of the soul, as well. The joining of bodies, the becoming of one, put him in a place where he truly found peace.

Hiccup mewled, but did not whimper. It was a nice pace; slow and steady. This was not about quick satisfaction, but about expression. They would pledge themselves to one another, and that was what mattered.

Toothless' marked hand clasped the scarred hand of his lover. That dragon's movements became a bit faster, more erratic. His body was trying to find a quicker end that his heart did not want, but his instincts were hard to ignore. Judging by the moans of his lover, Hiccup's instincts were just as hard to stave off.

"Hiccup," Toothless let out breathlessly, "I need to take in your blood, and you need to take in mine. May I bite you?"

Hiccup nodded, responding without a word. Toothless allowed himself to thrust a few more times before his sharpened teeth bit into the soft neck of his human. Hiccup cried out in a combination of sweet pain and disturbing pleasure.

The dragon only took what was necessary before he used a canine to cut a slit across his wrist. He offered the wound to Hiccup, he took it into his mouth without question. Hiccup found his lover to taste as he was; strong yet sweet.

Both human and dragon could feel the ancient energies of their bonding filling their beings, and it brought them closer to nirvana. It was not long before Toothless roared and Hiccup shouted in pleasure. It was the strongest climax that either one had experienced.

For a few minutes, they allowed themselves the comfort of each other's embrace. They were both at peace until Toothless reminded Hiccup that their flight would leave in less than a few hours.

They would soon see where they started, and where they pledged to never end.