"I better go, its getting kind of late." Cream said to Amy as she got off the jungle gym they were hanging on.

"Okay, Cream, see you at school!" Amy replied as Cream walked away from the park.

Cream was now a thirteen year old doe. She was about Amy's height. She ditched her orange dress, and instead wore an orange cardigan with yellow stripes on the elbows, with a white polo shirt underneath. She also wore black straight leg jeans, with orange Chuck Taylor All Star shoes, and sported a pair of frameless glasses.

She had a tuft of brown hair growing on her head between her ears, much like her mother's. Most of her naivety and innocence as a young girl was replaced with strong confidence and wit, courtesy of Sonic. She was still the most innocent of the gang though. Normally, she would have been accompanied by her chao, Cheese. But he came down with a flu, so he had to stay home.

Anyway, she walked away from the park and down the street, she passed Club Rouge on the way, to see Rouge the Bat sitting in front of the door, hiccupping and holding a bottle of Jack Daniel's whiskey in her hand, there were many other bottles of it scattered around her. Cream eyebrows furrowed, knowing exactly what this was, but being the kind rabbit she was, she went to see if she was okay.

"You okay miss Rouge?" she asked in the most polite voice she could muster. One thing that had not changed about her was her manners. She did not get a response right away, it seemed to take Rouge much more effort than it really took to look at Cream. She then smiled goofily and replied.

"Yea' I'm fine *hic*" Rouge slurred, obviously drunk.

"You've been on the drink again haven't you?" Cream said, disappointment evident in her voice. Cream somehow knew Rouge would be drunk like this, because this was the 10th time Cream found her intoxicated since the break-up between her and Knuckles. In her drunken fury she would often curse the red echidna for thinking the master emerald was more important than her. At first, she took it quite well, but she then found she wasn't complete without him. Everyone was worried for her, especially Cream.

"No, Cream… I, I , I'm not drunk… alright, I just have a stomach ache…" Rouge lied, but at that moment, she vomited on the doorstep to her club. Cream stepped away from Rouge, then closed her eyes and looked away, disgusted. Rouge then spoke again.

"See, I'm b, better now Cream, now please h-honey, I got to get to bed. *hic*" She slurred as she grabbed a nearby bollard on one side of the door to her nightclub, and pulled herself up, when she did, she stumbled forward, as if she tripped. She turned on the spot, still holding onto the bollard, and stumbled through the doors of her nightclub. Cream waited until she was sure Rouge was resting, this was confirmed when she heard a soft thump, and snoring. Cream then walked away from the night club towards her house.

She checked her watch and it read half past 9, she was 5 minutes late for her piano practice, so she quickened her pace. As she walked, she saw two figures, a hedgehog and a cat to be precise, sitting on a park bench, Cream raised her eyebrows in curiosity and wanted to get closer, already knowing it was Sonic and Blaze. She decided against it, thinking it rude to interrupt or eavesdrop and she was already late for something anyway. So she continued down the path, and at the end of it, was her house.

She walked up on the patio of the house and towards the door. She then heard her mother, sounding unusually angry.

"Right, you're talking rubbish! Explain yourself!" She yelled from inside, scaring Cream a little bit, she then saw two silhouettes in their kitchen window, one belonging to her mother and one she did not recognise.

"I'm not, I'm being serious, I want to make up for all the lost year's!" A deep but sophisticated teenage voice spoke back to Vanilla, confirming the other silhouette was a he. Cream was confused about this, wondering who the heck it was talking to her mother. Vanilla spoke, or rather shouted, again.

"Rocky, that's not a good enough answer, give me one good reason! Just one! Why I shouldn't chuck you out by the scruff of your neck!" Vanilla said, much more angry than before.

This 'Rocky' thought for a moment before replying.

"Well, I'm just not proud of what I did and I want to make up to you and Cream." Rocky said, and judging from his silhouette, he was twiddling his thumbs nervously. Cream looked at the silhouette, he looked so familiar, who was he?

"Cream, I know you're outside, come in." Vanilla said, with a sigh.

Cream jumped, but obeyed hesitantly , letting herself into the house. She then came into the kitchen, where her mother and Rocky were standing. She saw Rocky much more clearly now, seeing him as a male, chocolate furred rabbit, about 16, wearing a blue vest, with blue tracksuit bottom's and red sneakers. He also wore a little necklace, in the shape of a seven. Cream asked the question she had been wanting to ask since she saw him in the window.

"Who are you, exactly?" Cream asked, narrowing her eyes, as if examining him.

"Cream, you don't… remember me at all, do you?" Rocky replied, slowly.

"No, should I?" Cream replied, getting slightly annoyed. She saw no reason to be polite to Rocky if he angered her mother.

Rocky looked offended, but he replied

"I'm Rocky Road the Rabbit, and..." He paused for a moment before speaking again.

"…Cream, I'm your brother."

Cream stared in shock at him.

"Why?" She mouthed, memories flooding in her head faster than Sonic could run.

I'm beginning to like the rabbit characters in the Sonic series, so I decided to write a story centred at Cream. If you would like me to continue, don't be afraid to ask. Constructive criticism will be appreciated.

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Cream, Vanilla and other real Sonic character's belong to Sega

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