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"This was fun," Gary said, smiling at Dan. "We should do this more often."

"Hopefully the kids didn't demolish the house," his partner joked, hoping out of the car and opening the door for him. Gary froze half way out.

"Look at the other car," he said. Dan turned and gasped. The trunk was hanging half off the car, the hinges completely busted, warped out of shape. "What on earth did they do to it?"

"Hey!" a neighbor called out of her window. "Those kids of yours are good singers!"

The two men glared at each other. They were out singing in the middle of the night? Dan unlocked the door and stepped inside. The kitchen was a mess- a broken pepper shaker lay on the floor, brown powder all around it, a tub of ice cream sat out, the insides completely melted. The fridge swung open, one of the lights burnt out, and various assorted sweets sat on the counters.

"Rachel is so grounded," growled Gary. They headed down the hall, peering into the bedrooms they had set aside for boys and girls. No surprise that they were both empty. Half way down the hall, Dan tripped on an empty beer bottle.

"Alcohol?" they demanded simultaneously.

"They must be in the TV room," Dan murmured, breathing deeply. Gary slowly opened the door and they peered inside.

The lights were still on, many of the kids still in sitting position. But they were all fast asleep, and small unwilling smiles grew on the dads' faces as they looked them over. The Asian girl was asleep against the boy in the wheelchair, leaning back against his legs, a blanket in her lap. The Asian boy was curled up next to her, one corner of the blanket still clutched in his hand, her hand resting by his head. The boy whose name began with M was next to his friend, head on his stomach.

The blond, pregnant girl was fast asleep, her head on the shoulder of the boy with the Mohawk, the African American girl's head on his other shoulder. The black girl was also holding hands with the gay boy. Two girls in cheerleading uniforms took up the couch, the blond lying down with her head in the lap of the exotic looking one. Rachel was in the enormous armchair, curled up against the football player. Her boyfriend was asleep against the side of it, Rachel's hand curving over the arm and resting on his shoulder.

Gary and Dan exchanged a small look and backed out of the room, turning off the lights and shutting the door.

"Remember when we were 16?" asked Dan. Gary nodded, and the two men silently set about picking up the kitchen.

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