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"Wha-what are you doing Gakupo-san?" Kaito stuttered breathlessly.

"What do you mean Kaito-kun~~? I just wanted to share some of your ice cream~" Gakupo chimed into Kaito's ear, causing the latter to jump.

"Yes, w-well, if you wanted some of my ice cream you could have just asked…"

"But it always tastes sooo much better when you share!" cooed Gakupo, cradling up closer to Kaito - if that was even possible in their current position.

"I-I don't really think this is called sharing- hiii!" Kaito took a sharp intake of breath as Gakupo licked his ear gently.

"Of course it is, Ka-i-to-kun!" stated Gakupo matter-of-factly.

"Me-" pointing at himself "-and the ice cream-" then licking off a chunk from Kaito's cheek, "-are sharing YOU!" "Wha?"

"Now open wide~!" said Gakupo seductively, as he slid up from Kaito's bare torso, all the way up to his jaw line with one swift flick of his tongue. Licking up all the ice cream along the way, he saw Kaito's mouth open as he gasped, and used this chance to clamp his mouth on top. Kaito's eyes went wide with shock, being the innocent inner

child he was, not able to comprehend this situation. The sweet taste of his favourite Hagen Dazs melting on his tongue along with something foreign, wet, probing at every inch of his mouth, Kaito didn't know what to think of it. He didn't know how to react to this sudden intrusion and just froze there, mind unable to process. Even as Gakupo finished

and pulled up smirking, Kaito continued to lie on the floor, eyes brimming with tears – but for what reason, he didn't know.


Seeing two guys sprawled on the kitchen floor, one spread atop the other, some may have called this scene disgusting, some outrageous, some sickening, others might even despise it. However, at that moment, Gakupo couldn't care less what the world thought of this situation, for all that mattered to him was that he was beautiful – just beautiful.

Too beautiful for mere words, for here was the embodiment of beauty sprawled underneath him, his scarf and jacket strewn around him loosely, face flushed, eyes watering, and covered in vanilla ice cream to top it all off! Gakupo reveled at the sight of the helpless blue-head who was close to tears, his pale, flawless skin contrasting to the dark kitchen floor, and oh, how sensitive he was to every touch!

Just everything about Kaito seemed absolutely lovely to Gakupo and he wasn't afraid to show his desires. He couldn't hold back anymore or else he thought his heart would burst from the agony of not being able to touch him, to taste him, and to hear his delicious sounds that were like music to his ears – heck – to anyone's ears!

There was nothing to deny. Gakupo was undoubtedly infatuated with the man.

He was in love. And he wasn't good at starring an unrequited love.

Kaito had already become his once he'd laid eyes on him.