A Question for Data

Note: Just a random bit of fun I came up with while clearing out my bookcase the other day. Credit to Phillip K. Dick for his novel. I'm not sure if this has been done before. If it has, I apologise to the author(s).

Wesley Crusher stared out at the endless matrix of stars out of the front veiwscreen wearily. It was the middle of the night and he still had several long hours until 07:00 when the night shift on the Enterprise would finish. It wasn't his fault he'd been put on the Omega Shift, really. It was an unfortunate misunderstanding about the holodeck. All he'd done was take the safety protocols off for a racing programme he'd designed. Unfortunately, Transporter Chief O'Brian had been inside it at the time, servicing the generators. Wes's mother had given him a strict talking to when O'Brian had turned up at her Sick Bay with broken limbs from a collision with a 20th century Ferrari. And for a simple mistake he had been put on the 'dark side of the moon' as the Ensigns called the night shift, where nothing ever happened except ploughing through the infinity of space.

It was in this bored, sleepy state of mind that he turned to his companion at the helm. Lieutenant Commander Data was operating the control pad in front of him with is usual level of purposeful concentration. Data had actually volunteered for this shift. No doubt he was simultaneously processing a report while composing a symphony and listening to one and programming a new nutritional supplement for his cat. A question occurred to him.

"Data, do androids really dream of electric sheep"

"Excuse, me Wesley" said Data, turning his pale face up to look at the teenager.

"Do androids dream of electric sheep?" repeated Wesley.

"Wesley, it is a known fact that most androids do not have the capacity to dream. However, I have had a number of hallucination-like experiences. As I recall, none of them have included quadrupeds composed of electricity or driven by it. Why do you ask?" Data replied, frowning with slight puzzlement.

"Never mind, Data. Just look up Phillip K. Dick, okay?" Wesley said, turning back to his own controls. As he glanced at the controls a moment later, he was amused to see that Data was looking at the reference library of 20th century science-fiction literature.

"Ensign Crusher, increase speed to warp 7" commanded Commander Riker.

Invigorated by his joke, Wesley complied, turning back to the front viewscreen.

The End.

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