Hello! Okay, this is based off a slight spoiler I read. So the spoiler said something like… Chuck shows up in Paris, a changed man, and with a new girlfriend. Because Gossip Girl messed with my head and my Chair love, I'm going to take that and give it my own spin. This won't be a long fic, two, maybe three chapters. If you read my other stuff... I'm trying to wrap my head around the next chapter of I Told You, but I'm still kind of traumatized over the finale. I'm hoping that clears up soon and I'll write the next chapter of that fic, as for this one, the next chapter could be up in a few days, because writing it makes me feel slightly better about our Chair. Here we go…

Blair watched them from across the ballroom, nursing her glass of Dom. It seemed to her like she was watching a bad joke of a teen movie, but since they were in month two of this film, it seemed like the joke was on her. She and Serena had been having a wonderful, fun and free summer in Paris. Both Lily and Nate had contacted them because Chuck had fallen off the face of the planet for the past few months, but Blair's only verbal response had been, "What else is new?" and then she'd put it from her mind, assuring herself and Serena that he was probably sleeping his way through Asia, and he'd turn up eventually.

Wrong. Chuck had shown up alright; in Paris. And the Mother Chucker had a story to tell. He'd been drunk and stumbled out of a club, only to be mugged, shot, and left to die in an ally. He'd been found the next morning, taken to hospital and spent the whole summer being nursed back to health. By Anna the super nurse. This same nurse who was now his girlfriend, the same nurse whom he now claimed to love.

Blair's hand tightened on the stem of her glass before finishing it, and taking another. That was the other thing, Chuck said his near death experience had opened his eyes, and he was now a changed man. At first hearing, Blair had scoffed, Chuck Bass didn't change his stripes, but the proof was in his actions. Over the past two months Chuck had gone to great lengths to right wrongs and repair much of the damage he'd done in the past, and it seemed to be working judging by the throng of friends and family who surrounded him now.

He said that Chuck seemed like a different person, and to everyone he was. Chuck did things for people without and ulterior motive. He went to every family function without having to be coerced. He actually gave money away. But more than that, he seemed lighter. He smiled and laughed easily. He didn't leer or make snide remarks. He seemed like an upstanding kind of guy, and people were flocking to him. At first Blair had been suspicious of this new Chuck, sure he was up to something, but she had come to terms with it when it went on this long. She had even attempted to seduce and manipulate him several times to prove that he was still himself, but she'd failed. She'd tried to drive the girlfriend away, but she'd failed. She'd tried every trick and move she could to get to see the real Chuck Bass, but it seemed, now, that this was the real Chuck Bass.

She hated him. She hated his girlfriend. She hated Dorota for pointing out that Blair only hated her because she was the only other girl Chuck had actually ever dated. She hated everyone for loving this Chuck. She hated Serena for once again talking her out of moving to France. She had spent a great deal of time hating everyone and everything involved in this born-again Chuck. And what she hated the most was her final realization as she looked at this familiar stranger from a distance.

She licked her bottom lip the way she only did when she hated all her options, and she handed off her empty glass to a passing waiter. Turning on her heel she walked out of the building, texted as she got into her limo, and with resolve headed for her destination.

She got the key from the front desk, took the elevator up, and walked to the door. She almost didn't open, she almost walked away, but instead she walked into suite 821 of the Palace. Her face crumbled for a moment as she looked around. This had been the first place that had just been theirs. Fresh, it held no other lovers memories. Blair hadn't slept with Nate in that bed, and Chuck hadn't… well Chuck hadn't done everything with everyone in Manhattan on every surface of this room. It had just been theirs that summer. Blair still thought of it as the happiest time of her whole life. She loved Chuck Bass, and he loved her back. It was only a little over a year ago, and yet it seem like forever ago.

The drapes were open and city light flooded into the suite. She didn't turn on the lights, but went to the bar, poured her self a drink and stood at the window to wait. She had long since finished her drink when she heard a key card slide the lock. She'd texted him she'd left one for him at the front desk, and she shut her eyes as the light from the hallway briefly lit the room, telling her he had used it. As he shut the door, the room went back into shadows. She still didn't move, listening to him as he did a quick sweep of the suite before finding her standing by the window near the bed.


She finally turned towards him, and his breath caught as he saw the emotion in her eyes.

"Blair, I'm in a relationship… you of all people should know who I am when I'm in a relationship…"

The saddest smile in the world crossed her mouth at his words. She didn't know who he was anymore. This new Chuck was righteous. He should run away from what she had planned for them.

But tonight, even though all her other attempts had failed, he didn't leave. He didn't even back away from her, in fact he stood there, as she stepped closer to him. He didn't stop her when one of her hands grasped the collar of his jacket, and the other slipped behind his neck, before both pulled him to her in a hot, passion filled kiss. He didn't stop her when she stripped the clothes from their bodies, and to be honest he helped her. He didn't stop her when she pushed him back onto the bed, and he didn't stop her when they had sex in that bed for the next several hours.

Blair woke up very late in the night… or very early in the morning depending on how you looked at it. The first thing she felt was his breath on her face, but she didn't open her eyes, she let her body feel how intertwined they were. Arms and legs wrapped and tangled around each other, hands reached out even in sleep, and heads tucked close, it was as if every part of them craved being as near as possible to the other, and sleep was the only time they now allowed themselves to do it.

Finally she opened her eyes, and she stared at his perfect face so close to hers she couldn't miss a detail. It wasn't like she had to look; she had long since memorized every feature, every line, and every movement of every tiny muscle. She smiled, thinking how she'd had to in order to try to figure out what he was really thinking and when he was lying to her. She loved his face, and every part of him. Tonight she had needed to feel his hands on her, she had needed to touch him, and kiss him, and imagine that things were different. But they weren't, because while everything seemed familiar there were slight differences… his scent for one, was off. He still smelled of his same brand of cologne but now there wasn't the hint of scotch underneath it. This Chuck didn't drink. This Chuck's hands and face were ever so slightly rougher given that he didn't get manicures or shaves professionally. So even though there was so much the same, there was also so much that was different, and she'd known all along that that would be the case.

It had been nice to pretend.

Very carefully she extricated herself from his arms, and dressed while watching him sleep, making sure he didn't awaken. Finally, when there was nothing left to do, she came back to the bed and carefully perched on the edge beside him. She looked down at him, her eyes swimming with unshed tears, and smoothed his hair off his brow. Shaking her head, trying to clear it, she took a breath, moistened her lips and leaned in to very softly kiss his lips.

He had finally become a Prince Charming, but he wasn't hers, and she didn't even want him to be. She wanted her Dark Knight. She loved her Chuck Bass. But her Chuck Bass had died in an ally way in Prague. It was time to say goodbye.

TahDAH! Can I tell you when I read the girlfriend spoiler I wasn't surprised. I think Blair doesn't super care about randoms because that's just what they are. Random. I think an official girlfriend would KILL her, and that's why GG is giving him one.