I know I'm not supposed to put an author's note as a chapter, but I have been getting reviews asking when I'm next going to update. I promise I will eventually get around to this story, but I have a work in progress I'm concentrating on right now, and there are two more stories I want to work on (one of which is currently on hiatus). When those two are done, I will begin updating this story again. I apologize for the long hiatus, but I've kinda moved on to other fandoms (I still read Warriors, but I've lost interest in writing Warriors stories - sort of. It's hard when I know I have stories I have to finish but begin working on new projects instead. And I have an idea for a Warriors/NCIS crossover . . . The things my mind will dream up! *rolls eyes*).

In other words, it may be a few months before I can get around to this story, or I may update whenever I feel like writing a new chapter for Outcasts. Since I've noticed several, er, weak points in this fanfic, I guess I'll go back and revise it while working on aforementioned WIP (anyone else here watch/read 21 Jump Street? [The TV show, not the movie.]).