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Todd Manning and Cole Thornheart stood glaring at each other in different jail cells. They hated each other but were forced together by one person… Starr Manning. Todd's eighteen year old daughter and Cole's girlfriend. Right now they were both in jail because Todd was suspected of pushing Cole's mother Marty Saybrook down a flight of stairs and killing her unborn child. Cole went and beat Todd to a pulp and almost killed him.

"What are your looking at punk?" Todd Manning asked.

"I'm just trying to figure out how a person could push a pregnant woman down the stairs. What kind of a monster are you?" Cole answered.

"Oh please. You know the truth kid. But I will get away with it because I have Starr on my side."

"When Starr learns to truth she will be heartbroken and who do you think will be there to heal it? Me, I'll be there for Starr while you are shipped off to jail."

"She will never learn the truth because she doesn't believe you."

"What is the truth anyway?"

"Why would I tell you?"

"Because we are alone. No one would believe me anyway."

"You're right. Ok the truth is I pushed your mother down the stairs in attempt to kill her."


"Because I wanted to hurt you. I thought if you lost your mother again you'd realize how lucky you were to have my daughter."


"Who cares? All that matters is Starr will never find out that it really was me who pushed your mother down the stairs. "

They both heard a gasp and turned their heads. Starr was standing right there. Tears were forming in her eyes.

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