I Love You

A/N: This is my first story. Advice would help…. But no flares please. Thanks.

"Chai! Chai! Chai!"

Cars were honking. People were yelling. The heat was blistering hot. How on Earth could people live here? I slowly opened my eyes, and screamed; looking at two pairs of large eyeballs staring right at me.

I rolled off the bed and cowered into a corner of my room. The sun was so bright I could barely see. I squinted and looked back, where a teenage looking girl was sitting.

"Sorry, Aisha Akka. I didn't mean to scare you."

I grunted and went into the bathroom. The walls were white, with fungus in the corners. It was gross, but not unusual in India. The sink was a yellow color, matching with the tub and toilet. They had once been white, but judging by how many people came into this bathroom eating paan, it was bound to turn yellow anyway.

"Mummy said to get ready soon, Aisha Akka! We need to go out!"

What's with Indian people and getting up early? I thought. "Why? Can't you give me a break? I reach here just last night, freaking out because I was told Taiku was very sick. Then I came home to see Taiku looking perfectly fine!" I croaked, while at the same time ranting. Coming home was overwhelming for me. I hadn't been back in India since I graduated college. Home is one of those places I wanted to be only once in a while.

"Yes, Akka. I know. But, you know Mummy…." She trailed off, remembering the important rule of the household. Do not disrespect elders, anytime.

I sighed, and stepped into the bathtub, and turned the water on. "Why am I here?" I shouted over the roar of water.

"There was a knock at the door. "What, Mimi?" I asked. "You could have just yelled, stupid!"

"I will not yell. I will not tolerate being called stupid. If I had known they would teach this language..." I could not see who it was, but by the voice I could tell the person, who was not agreeing with America. "I would not of agreed to send you. Now hurry up. We are leaving soon."

"Sorry Mummy. Of course Mummy." Sorry my ass. I thought. Yep, you just met my mother. Great good old mum, whose goal in life was to make MY life miserable. I turned the water of, after showering, dried my self off, and took the day's clothes and wore them. It was a blue chuddidar (think fancy skinny jeans, but really long that there are folds at the ankle, and a fancy shirt with a fancy scarf.) I took as long as I could to dry my hair, and then clean up the room. Procrastinating is the number one thing I was good at. I opened the sunlit glass door, which leads out to my very own balcony. I was shocked it was there. It wasn't the last time I came.

"Aisha!" Mummy yelled.

"Coming Mummy!" I sighed. There goes my freedom

I walked into my living room where my very large and extended family were sitting. I was suspicious.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Well, Aisha… we have to talk to you" An middle aged man sitting on the swinging bench.

I ran to him and hugged him, the smell of Medimix soap wafted off of him. "Papa, its so good to see you." Papa was the only thing I missed in India. His smile was the greatest so far I had ever seen. But today he was not smilling.

"Aisha. We brought you here so you can get married."

I looked at him waiting for the 'just kidding!' part of the sentence.

But it never came. I looked around the room. "You're kidding right?"

It was like it was planned. Everyone shook their head at the same time. That's when everything went black.