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Chapter 1

The night on the desert is a wonder to behold. The dark sands below a travelers feet and the dark sky above with jewel-like stars cast a magical hue. Beyond a hill of sand, the red glow of many tiny fires chased away the shadows. Surrounding the fires were tents, camels, and people. The camels were tied to stakes driven into the ground and had all the comforts of hay and water at their disposal. Some of the people were not so fortunate.

Slaves. The people tied to similar stakes in the ground were slaves on their way to be sold in some far off country. Families were huddling close to each other as much as possible and shying away from the large, rough men who were their captors. Many of the slave traders sneered at the helpless people and many spat or kicked the defenseless merchandise. Those who were not torturing the prisoners were sitting around the campfires partaking in celebratory drinks.

Unfortunately for the slaves, the drunken men had decided it was time for some sport. A group of the slave traders marched over and began dragging the young girls away from their families. Shouts, screams, and crying rang through the desert. One lone girl, who had managed to avoid notice stood and walked as far away from her stake as possible. "STOP IT!" She shouted. All eyes turned to look at her, the whimpers of the women and girls the only sound. "Leave them alone!" The girl demanded, her unusual blue eyes flashing angrily.

One of the men broke away from his companions and sneered at her. "Who's gonna make us? You? Little girl?" His breath caused her eyes to water but she did not back away from his close proximity.

"If I have to." She hissed, her eyes narrowing.

He chuckled before striking her with the back of his hand. She fell over onto her side and shook her head to dislodge the stars that danced before her vision and to get the dark brown strands of hair out of her face. The man crouched down and lifted her head up by her hair. He grinned, showing off crooked yellow teeth, as he reveled in her grimace of pain. "How? You can't even protect yourself. How ya going to protect all of them?"

"Wait and see." She spat out. The wind began to pick up and the sand danced beneath the feet of everyone assembled, but not enough to raise anyone's awareness.

"Fatih! What is going on here?" A loud, commanding voice interrupted. The wind died and sands stilled. The man holding onto the girl's hair released his grip and stood up quickly.

Fatih motioned to the girl. "Just showing her to have some respect, Master Mahir."

The tall, broad man named Mahir walked towards Fatih. Motioning back towards the other men holding onto the women and girls he cocked his head. "And all these others? Are they too getting a lesson in 'respect'?" He punched Fatih in the stomach, causing him to fall over the girl still huddling on the ground. Mahir pulled the fallen man by the arm over to the fire and threw him roughly aside. Turning back to glare at the rest of his men, he said, "You will not touch the merchandise! Now tie them back up and get out of my sight!" The order was followed swiftly, leaving only Mahir standing by the glow of the crackling fire. His eyes fell on the girl who had returned to her lonely position by her stake. The blood that trickled down her chin from her bleeding lip was only a small hint at the bruise that would be on her cheek the next morning. He scowled. She would not fetch a good price if there were any blemishes. Walking over to her, he frowned deeply at the defiant glare her blue eyes gave him. "You are a slave now." He stated, "It would be best for your well being if you started acting like one!"

"I will not roll over like a dog." She answered, not taking her gaze from his.

"At least the dog lives." Mahir answered before turning and walking away.

The fires died late in the night, casting shadows across the caravan. The drunken snores signaled that all were asleep in the tents. The slaves slept fitfully, fearing that someone would be dragged off in the middle of the night against Mahir's orders. The girl who had defied her captors did not sleep at all. She sat with her back against the stake, her hands that were tied behind her grasping the rough wood. Her body twisted as she tried to pull the splintering wood from its place in the ground. She did not spare a moment to smile in victory when it came loose. Slipping the rope off the stake, she used the sharp point to try and saw through her binds. The rope fell away and she brought her arms around so she could rub soothingly at the raw flesh that had been eaten away by the pulling of the caravan's trek across the sands.

She stood silently from her seat and began walking over to one of the families. Shaking the father by the shoulder, she put a hand over his mouth to keep him silent. His eyes widened in shock to see her but nodded at her silent order that he remain quiet as well. Her fingers began tugging at the knot that bound him then they both started working on freeing the rest of his family. She moved on to the next group while the freed man hurried over to where the camels stood tethered. Once she saw that most of the people were free and on their way across the desert on camel back, the girl walked over to one of the fires and pulled a smoldering piece of wood from the ring. Stepping cautiously on her bare feet towards a tent, she poked her head in to see that the occupant was indeed Fatih. Jamming the stick into the fabric of the tent, she sneered. "Pleasant travels." She ran from the tent as it caught fire. She continued running for the only animal left that she could ride - a mule - as alarmed shouts began waking the men. She spurred the mule onwards across the sands in the opposite direction of the escaping slaves and right through the camp that was beginning to fill with the slave traders. The girl did not need to look back to know that she was being pursued. That had been her intent. She wanted to give the people a chance to get to freedom, even if that meant she gave up her own life.

The young woman turned to see that the few horses that the men owned had been mounted in chase. She prayed that she had enough of a head start that she could lose them. Returning her attention to where she was going, she did not notice the moment the atmosphere changed from the cool night air to an oppressive, magical presence. The mule knew. It skidded to a halt and began bucking madly. The girl tried to pull him under control but lost her seat instead. Turning, she watched the mule charge back towards her fast approaching pursuers. She refused to be taken back alive! Jumping to her feet, she continued running.

The men reined in their horses and watched her run. Fatih was one of the men who sat glaring after her. "Why don't we go after the little rat?"

"Because," Mahir answered coolly, "these are the Black Sands. I would not travel into that dangerous territory for the treasure of the world!" Turning, he glared at Fatih. "You have heard the stories of the undead that live there. And their sorcerer." The men grumbled their acknowledgment. Mahir returned his gaze to the girl that was stumbling onward. "If the heat of the desert does not kill her, then the monsters will."

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