Chapter 1: The Feral Clan

She moaned sweetly in his ear as he took her hard. Their bodies were sweaty from the previous hours of play and still he could not get enough of her. He plunged one more time and froze as his climax roared through him and her scream of completion filled his ears.

And just as suddenly he was awake, covered in his own semen and panting hard. His bedding was tangled all around him and just as sweaty. Checking the clock by his bedside he saw it was going on seven a.m., time to get up. He groaned in disgust as he pulled the sodden mess off him and made for the bathroom.

He sighed moodily as he showered and prepared for work. This was the fifth time he'd had that same erotic dream. He knew it meant he'd found his chosen one but due to circumstances he couldn't control, he hadn't been able to make his move on her.

It didn't help that their positions caused strife between them then throw in those insufferable SWAT Kats and it became nearly impossible to get her to see him in any light but the one she'd painted him into.

As Chief Enforcer, he had to be the heavy for everything that went wrong in the war against the omegas. A strong front was necessary to maintain discipline among his enforcers and keep their fear at bay, that meant coming across as gruff, cold, and unapproachable. Which he really wasn't! But no one knew that but his family.

Sighing again, he hit the dryers until his fur fluffed then quickly went and dressed. It was frustrating to say the least and he was getting really tired of playing the heavy, wanting that she-kat with every fiber of his being and not just her body.

Calico Briggs was smart, brave, as well as beautiful. A perfect mate...damn it!

With no new solution in sight, he went to work...resigned to face another hard day without relief and possibly having the object of his desire spat in his face again.

It was that weekend he chose to travel home to the large Feral estate hidden in the forest outside the north end of the city nestled in the mountain foothills.

Turning off the main highway, he followed a long, well maintained, road as it wound its way for several miles until he reached a rather nice two story building that was fairly rustic looking and managed to blend into it surroundings very well. Spread out from the left and right as well as behind the home were many smaller ranch style houses which gave the area the look of a small town which it was, in a way.

He pulled up the curved drive and parked in front of the main building. No one seemed to be about though he could see cars parked at the various residences showing people were home. Getting out of his vehicle, he looked around, as he did every time he came here, and breathed in the scent of the forest. This was where his heart lay, this was where he could lay his burden down for a time and be himself.

His family had come here more than a century ago and settled in this forest. The main house had been built with love and care then, as the family grew, more homes were built around it.

However, over the past two decades, more of the younger generations began living in the city but despite those desires, they all returned to the forest to visit or retire. Their roots were here and no other place would ever feel like home than this did. Surprisingly, none ever left to live in other countries, though they did visit for business or pleasure. The reason was, they were different from the inhabitants of this world so felt a strong need to stay together. It kept them safe.

The huge, heavy door to the main house popped open at that moment, interrupting his musings, and two young kits charged out yelling his name.


"Ohh, what have we here? And how are you two today?" He asked, smiling warmly, catching them up in his arms and hugging them tightly before putting them back down.

They giggled. The little male said excitedly, "we've been helping Nana bake in the kitchen."

"I can see that, it explains the flour on your face," Feral said in amusement as he tapped the kit on his floured covered nose.

"Come see! We've got cakes, cookies, bread..." the little female chattered on without stopping for a breath.

"Oh my! Well, I'll just have to take a peek won't I." He winked at them as they raced ahead and through the still open door.

The entryway was as rustic as the outside but skilled craftsmanship was clearly on display when one saw the beautifully carved, wide staircase, the intricately carved entry pillars on either side of the door, the hand made bookcases, rough hewn furniture with hand made, thick cushions gracing them, and hand woven, colorful rugs that lay everywhere. There were also many carvings of animals displayed here and there, done in loving detail.

The forest was on display, created by many loving paws making it a warm and inviting place to all who stepped through its doors. The sun brightened the interior from huge skylights placed strategically throughout the home's ceilings. All the smaller homes also boasted such skylights as sunlight was an important factor in the Feral's lives.

The smells of baking tickled his nose as he wended his way through the dining room and on into huge kitchen that could feed a crowd and did. A huge trestle table sat in the center of the flag stoned floor. On one half of it was the results of a morning's worth of baking. The other end was covered in flour and remnants of the kittens attempts to help the elderly female who was just pulling a tray of biscuits from the hearth style oven when he stepped through the arched entryway.

She turned to set it on the table then grinned merrily when she spotted him. She wiped her paws on her already flour covered apron, as she stepped forward to greet him. He met her halfway and received a strong hug. His Nana might be over a hundred years old but she was as strong as any half her age.

"Ah, good to see you home," she said in her beautiful tenor voice, her emerald eyes twinkling up at him.

"It's always great to come home especially when it smells so wonderful."

"Ah, you know its always baking day on Saturdays. I have no doubt you planned your escape from the city just for that," she snorted, giving her great, great grandkitten an amused, knowing look.

"You know me too well, Nana. Is my father or mother in the area?" He asked more seriously.

She gave him a concerned look. "No, I'm afraid they've gone off again for at least a week or two. You know how they are. Is there something I can help you with?"

"Perhaps...when you can give me a private ear later, I'd appreciate it," he said reluctantly. He loved his Nana but for this he had wanted to speak to his parents first however since he couldn't...her experience might be better after all.

"Of course. We will have a private chat after the evening gathering," She promised with another hug then shooed him off. "Now off with you so I can get back to work," she said warmly, turning back to her work.

Giving his cousins a secret wink, he snitched a cookie then left the room to the sound of their delighted snickers. He wandered through the house and out the back door, heading for a home that was set back in the trees to the right of the main building.

He could see, off in the distance, some of his clan working in the fields that grew the food they ate. Over the still morning air, he heard the lowing of cows and whinny of horses in the barns out of sight beyond the trees. The sights and sounds of a totally self contained and self sufficient society were welcome to his tired city senses.

But just because they shunned the city, didn't mean they didn't embrace modernity. There were all manner of the latest electronics and farm machinery around as well as some odd tech that wasn't from this world.

It was important to the clan to keep an ear out for what was going on around them. They were not insular by any means, that would make them vulnerable, so they sought out information in all its forms. Their youngsters went out into the world and brought back income, information, and new skills that benefited the whole clan. This made them strong, informed, and well able to care for themselves from any outside threat.

Those in power in Megakat City were well aware of this community but not where they'd come from nor who they were before they'd arrived in the area. Megakat City was little more than a large rustic town when the Feral's built their community.

Stories passed down by those encountering the rather closed society told of a community of skilled artisans, farmers, and hunters. But it was the other stories that made the towns people keep their distance...that the Ferals were unusually strong, warrior trained, and possessed some kind of odd powers.

Those that tried to bully, steal, or otherwise encroach on the rich lands the Feral's lived on, found themselves encountering weird things that terrified even the coldest, cruelest of them. This and other stories from family or friends of those who had never been seen again after visiting the Feral community for nefarious reasons, ensured the clan was never bothered much.

Modern times saw a temporary increase in trespassing but that was quickly nipped in the bud, reminding the current residences of the now grand city of Megakat, that the old stories about the Feral's was still alive and well. The current word on the street was, never trespass on Feral lands if you valued your life or sanity. Which seemed to work, as they never saw more than one trespasser a year.

However, the Feral's weren't so clannish that they didn't know the value of maintaining good relations with their closest neighbors or the city. So, it was customary for the clan to share the bounty of their land as well as earn an income from doing so. They did this by selling their homemade crafts, fresh fruits/vegetables and eggs at fairs and farmer's markets. They shared with their close neighbors the water that ran from a waterfall on their lands. Their youngsters were bright and talented which made them highly sought after in the job market and as mates.

The community made sure to pay taxes, vote, contribute to worthy causes, and fund raisers held by the Mayor and high society. Their elders attended council meetings to ensure none of their rights were ever violated and to maintain good ties with the city council members. In short, doing everything they could to be seen as a friendly neighbor that only desired their community in the mountains be left alone to live their lives in peace.

Though he found them rather odd and intimidating at times, Mayor Manx was perfectly willing to respect their wishes. They caused no harm (except for those that encroached on their lands) and paid their taxes on time and that was all he cared about. The mystique that surrounded the clan was a bit off putting but he was smart enough not to complain and was very careful in his dealings with his Chief Enforcer so as not to incur the wrath of the big tom's clan. Though that didn't really relieve the constant stress Feral was under working for the pompous and cowardly windbag.

Feral's musings ended as he reached the home and knocked once before entering. He looked around the warm and homey living space filled with sunshine but didn't see who he was looking for at first, then a figure walked in from a hallway.

"Ulysses! When did you get in?" The big, husky male asked warmly, coming forward to give the younger male a hug.

"Just a few minutes ago, Uncle. Could I speak with you a moment?"

"Certainly, nephew. Have a seat."

They both sat down on the comfortable couch. His Uncle Feders was his father's brother and an elder in the clan hierarchy. He was as powerfully built, as were most of the males of the clan, with dark fur which was their hallmark and gold eyes.

"There have been rumors Dark Kat has set up a hideaway in the mountain range just east of the clan holdings. Have you seen or heard anything recently?" Ulysses asked, getting down to business.

His uncle frowned. "This is the first I've heard of it, Uly. I don't have to tell you how upset that will make the rest of the elders to know we have an intruder this close and no one sensed it."

Ulysses scowled unhappily. "It seems he was very careful not to come under your notice. I'm certain he's heard of our reputation and that is exactly why he dared to plant himself so close. He thought it would keep anyone else from finding him," he growled in disgust as he realized that was exactly what the omega had done.

"I trust your insight on this, nephew, as you have more experience dealing with this criminal. Are you going to try and dig him out or do you wish the clan to deal with him?" His uncle asked, his eyes going hooded as he contemplated the thought of a hunt.

His eyes going dark and cold, Uly responded, "this criminal has used up all the breaks he's been given and deserves no more consideration. Frankly, I'm tired of him escaping justice as frequently as he does." He paused and gave his uncle a significant look. "I'd say, since he's been 'accommodating' enough to stray near our sacred ground, it is the clan's right to deal with him. And we have males still waiting their rite of passage, seems a perfect job for them, don't you think?"

His uncle gave him a grim smile. "I dare say you're right about that. I'll bring it up during the council gathering and set something up."

"Thank you. That will be a weight off my mind. I wish I could partake too, I could use the break. However, I can't be seen anywhere near there when he's...uh...dealt with."

"I completely understand. Think nothing of it. Now, how about bringing me up to date with the status of the city and the other criminal problems," his uncle asked, relaxing now that the serious business had been dealt with.

Feral sighed, nodded...relaxing his body, glad that nasty problem would be solved soon...he loved coming home.

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