Ch. 3 – The Hunting

Chrono and I were finally in the chairman's office.

"WHAT TOOK YOU GUYS SO LONG!" the chairman, Mr. Tio, yelled across the office, shaking the desks and papers. "Is there an excuse this time?"

"Yes, there is-" I was cut off by Chrono.

"No, there wasn't. I immediately asked her to come quickly but she hesitated and went to the bathroom talking to herself. Then I told her yo hurry up," he paused while laughing a little, "She said okay and wanted to kill me for no reason." I glared at him menacingly and willing for another killing plan on him. Mr. Tio, on the other hand, nodded and agreed with Chrono.

"Now, Rima, is there anymore of those 'there was an excuse' lies?" Mr. Tio asked. I almost choked on the part where he said "lies" because I've kept a lot of lies in my mind.

"No... there isn't," I replied, staring at Chrono again. I'll get you later, I thought devilish in my mind, and you know it. Chrono looked at me, probably knowing what I was going to do next, then quickly turned to Mr. Tio.

"Okay, the mission this time is to hunt down a monster that we couldn't classify." Mr. Tio cleared his throat. This has to be the first time Mr. Tio had never told us the details of a monster. I looked at Chrono and he nodded. That means that we have to accept it. I sighed and took a deep breath.

"Well, let's get it over with," I didn't sound as energetic as before.

"Don't forget to be careful. That monster can be dangerous," Mr. Tio warned us.

"Yes, Mr Tio," Chrono spoke. I had a bad feeling that something was going to happen. "Are you okay, Rima?" Chrono was staring at me curiously.

"Oh yes, I'm okay."

Couldn't be no more of you," he laughed, then turned serious, "But there's something that's not right about you." He stared at me cautiously. Now what am I going to say?

"You should tell him that you're like that." A voice appeared in my head. W-What are you doing in my mind, I thought. That was the same girl who was in my dream. "I am giving you answers for him. You should thank me for the answers." The voice was fading and I wanted to know more about her. Who are you, I tried thinking, and what do you want with me? "I guess it's time that I say it clearly. My name is Rose, and I am here to tell you that your life is in danger of dying," she paused, and changed the subject, "And your partner, Chrono, is waiting for you to speak." Wait, I thought, can Chrono actually hear you? "No, because I'm..." her voice faded again and I couldn't hear anymore sound in my mind.

"Rima? Can you hear me?" Chrono sounded worried and was waiting for a reply.

"Yes, I can hear you. That's how I'm like," I said the same words she did.

"Okay, tell me if you have any problems you have," Chrono smiled. I thought of what Rose said about me. I'm going to die soon? Yeah right. Like the heck I would. But what did she say about Chrono not hear me?

"Rima, we should get going."

"Okay, then. Let's get going," I wasn't that excited.

We got to the destination when we saw nothing but lots of trees.

"There's nothing here," I said, searching anything suspicious.

"Don't let your guard down. It could be hiding anywhere." We went deeper and found nothing but footprints.

"Whose footprints is that?" I asked.

"I guessed it's that mysterious monster," replied Chrono. Suddenly, something popped up and looked at me with glowing red eyes. It was a cat.

"How is it mysterious? It's just a cat," I pat the cat's head. It gave a glowing stare, and cuddle itself around me.

"Rima, that's not a normal cat..." Chrono started to back away from me and the cat. "Get away from it!" Chrono yelled.

"But why-" Suddenly, the cat gave a quick speed to a clear spot.

"Nice, Chrono. I never thought you notice me so easily," the cat spoke, and then turned into a human with cat ears and a tail.

"How do you know my name?" Chrono asked, confused.

"I heard about you from Rima," he looked at me and asked, "Do you remember me, Rima?"

"Yes. If I remember right, you're Kid, right?" I looked at him seriously.

"Yes. I guess you still remember me from your childhood days. I never thought I'd meet you again," Kid spoke in a mysterious way.

"Sorry to interrupt your fascinating talk, but are you the monster we're suppose to hunt down?" Chrono asked politely.

"Huh? What are you talking about? I'm no monster I'm-" Kid was cut off by me.

"Chrono, you just interrupted our talk. And no, he's not a monster, how could he have? He's my childhood friend." I knew that Kid never had a tail and cat ears that time. Kid didn't even look any difference. But how do I know him? I know I haven't seen him in person, but it was in my heart. Everyone was silent. No one spoke until I broke the silence.

"Chrono, I think we should-"

"Rima, watch out!" Kid yelled but it was too late. Everything went too quick. When I looked, my body was knocked to the other side of the forest. The last thing I saw was a dark creature.