Mokuba sighed, being the younger brother of Seto Kaiba wasn't really all that great. Being so rich and all people were afraid to come talk to him, with all the bodyguards. He was in middle school and almost no body talked to him. It got lonely sometimes. So he'd play that virtual reality game Gazuburo had came up with. Seto had fixed it a while ago. Sighing again, he went from the kitchen to the room with the virtual reality stuff.

As soon as he put the helmet on and it started up he felt better. He wandered in the forest for a while. Having played so often he knew the layout quite well. He saw a pixie flying around and stopped to watch for a moment. Eventually he reached the stream and sat down watching it. He heard a rustling in the bushes. He figured it was just a monster so didn't turn around. "Mokuba, what are you doing in here?" a slightly familiar voice asked. Mokuba startled, stood, spinning around. It was that boy, Noah. "I... I come here because I don't have anything to do," he answered. Noah looked at him, smiling. "You can come with me and we'll have loads of fun," Noah said. "Uhm... sure," Mokuba answered. Noah extended his hand towards the other boy. Mokuba took it and they were teleported.

"Wow!" Mokuba exclaimed, Noah had teleported them to a floating castle made of ice. "Do you like it?" Noah asked slightly nervous. "It's beautiful," Mokuba responded grinning at Noah. Noah blushed faintly and smiled back, they still hadn't let eachother's hands go. "So, what do you want to do?" Noah asked. "Uh... it doesn't matter to me," Mokuba smiled. "Want to come to the tower? The view is amazing," Noah asked. "Sure!" Mokuba smiled and still not letting go of Noah's hand they ran into the castle and up to the tower. "Wow! The view is incredible!" Mokuba exclaimed as he and Noah stood looking out at the ocean of which they were floating above. Noah smiled watching Mokuba.

Mustering his courage Noah stood beside him. "So... What do you want to do now?" he asked his eyes flicking to Mokuba. "Oh... I don't know, your choice," Mokuba smiled. "Really? Anything?" Noah inquired. "Yup! what do you have in mind?" Mokuaba asked turning to face the blue haired boy. Noah blushed but slowly leaned towards the other boy. Mokuba watched with interest. Noah's lips softly pressed into Mokuba's and Mokuba stood there a moment, shocked. Noah pulled away, blushing brightly. "A... Are you mad at me now?" Noah asked. Mokuba grinned and hugged the other boy from behind. "No silly! I was just surprised," Mokuba said. Noah turned around, "really?" "Yup," Mokuba replied and gently kissed Noah again. Noah kissed back loving the feel of the other boy's lips on his own.

When they came apart their breathing was slightly faster. "I'm sorry but I have to go, I'll be back tomorrow," Mokuba said smiling. Noah waved and Mokuba blinked out of existance.

Mokuba shakily stepped from the room and went to his bedroom. Had that really happened? Yeah it had. Wow..., Mokuba smiled and went to bed.